Sunday, October 25, 2020

Monday, July 06, 2020

why the past matters

Sunday, June 07, 2020

deep state psyop 2020

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

debunking the narrative

The Covid Family X experiment is done.  Everyone survived with some symptoms to nothing at all.  Of course, the whole family was scared shitless, due to the insane amount of broadcasted propaganda they all had to endure.

This is the way it's supposed to be.  It takes about two weeks for a virus to cover the Earth and the vast majority never knew they even had it.  Some were sick for a few days to a few weeks but they're all the better for it.  We are designed to absorb viruses that our bodies use to build up our immune system.  It's as simple as that.

Unless your health is severely compromised or you have underlying respiratory problems, wearing masks and social distancing is the very worst thing you could do.  It keeps us from developing our own immune systems to fight off infection.  We survived 100,000 years instinctively doing just that.  This is the first time in history healthy people were coerced by our governments into doing the opposite of what nature intended... Cowering in our homes wearing masks with non-stop programming by the legacy media.

If you think your immune system isn't strong enough or you're fearful of exposing yourself to a faux pandemic, you can build up your immune system with vitamins D,C, and zinc.  Get outside and walk in the sun.  Stop being a victim.

Take some time and pay attention to what this woman says.  Then ask yourself why the brightest medical minds in government want to ruin the economy and put your life at risk.


Tuesday, May 05, 2020

corona family x 2

It's been like three weeks since I've been monitoring corona family x.  That poor family, locked away like a crazy uncle in the attic.  Three generations sealed in a house filled with corona virus fumes.  Nothing to eat but leftovers and pantry treats and the occasional goodies left on the doorstep by neighborhood good Samaritans.  Lepers in their own neighborhoods.  Diseased freaks re-inhaling death from China, locked away in home, with blinds closed and TV on, watching and waiting for the newest news about their horrid condition and death.  Oh, the humanity!

Only this house of multi-generational coronial infected victims seem like normal American shut-ins.  No symptoms outside of overweight and lethargy.  Certainly not enough to go to the hospital and have a tube shoved down their esophagus. 

I suspect the government is feeding us bullshit.

Thursday, April 16, 2020

ballad of joe

Monday, April 13, 2020

corona family x

Every morning I turn on the radio to NPR for my daily dose of propaganda.  For awhile now, there doesn't seem to be any news outside of corona.  All they do is talk about it, interview "experts" to fire up the masses with panic and fear porn and how it's Trump's fault.  Yesterday they had a doctor on who said he took Hydroxychloroquine for his corona virus and didn't feel a thing, like it was just as good as nothing.  I'm thinking, "You're not dead, ya stupid bastard."  Yeah, this is my daily routine.  Judge me.

I realize no one really knows anything so I decided to conduct a study.

I found a family who tested positive for the virus.  Three generations in one house and all but one contracted it.  They watch TV and play games on their phones, have various ranges of health issues, and three generations so I can study the effects age has on this condition.  At this time, the whole house in on lock-down.

Ok, on the surface this sounds like a cold thing to do, secretly experiment on a bunch of people unfortunate enough to catch this virus.  If I could help I would, but since I can't, the best I could do is pay attention from a distance, take notes, and get the answers I'm looking for.  I'll get updates on their conditions from others they know to keep myself out of the picture.  I'll call them FAMILY X. 

Of course, they have no idea I'm doing this and I intend to keep it that way.   Considering the total bull shit that's flying about COVID-19, I'm sure I'll learn far more about this virus than what NPR decides to tell me.

I'll keep ya posted.