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good news for the first week of 2018

Ok, this is about 40 minutes long but it will get you up to speed as far as the present state of affairs.  Go to to verify most of what this guy is talking about.

Among other things,

+There will be a financial reset.
+Debt forgiveness.
+Mueller is working on Trump's side.
+The feud with Bannon is theater. It's a distraction for the media.
We are in the middle of the 2nd American revolution.  What a glorious time to be alive.

Tuesday, January 02, 2018

getting colder

For the last week or so, the temperature's been no warmer than the teens and my heating system has been working overtime to keep up with it.  As I type this I can hear the oil furnace in constant run mode, even though the pellet stove has been running non-stop.  I'm not complaining.  I'm just now getting acclimated to the cold, like I always do this time of year.  But last week the single digits chilled me to the core and I found myself paralyzed with cold, twenty miles from home and unable to do anything but freeze and shiver from head to toe until the heater produced some heat.  I hate when that happens.

I completely forgot the short story I read by Jack London about a guy in the Yukon winter who had it much worse.  If you never read To Make a Fire, now's the time.

This guy, back during the Yukon gold rush, set out on an eight hour march to the gold rush camp in -75F weather.  I checked my outdoor thermometer and -70 is bottom line and will never come close to that.  This guy was out hiking in weather 100 degrees below freezing and all he could think was it was real cold.  Real cold?  70 below is like outer space cold.  That's like stay-inside-weather-in-Antarctica cold.  Well, guys back then were a bit tougher than they are now, I spose.  I wouldn't put my beer out in weather like that, let alone me and my dog.  Even his dog knew he was some kind of special stupid to be traipsing around in killer weather like that but he knew how to make fire and fed him so he went along with his retarded master's plan, unwillingly.

Short story much shorter, he fell through the ice, got his feet wet and failed to make a fire because his hands and feet were freezing and a big pile of snow that fell on his fire really fucked up his day.  He ran like an idiot with frozen limbs to pump blood through his system but he was totally unprepared to cope with wet feet, no fire, a temperature of 75 below zero, and base camp six hours away.

He died of stupidity.

It's now 10F and I was just outside having a smokie and a drink and feeling totally comfortable, basking in the warmth of the full moon and thinking about that Yukon asshole who thought it was a good idea to go hiking in -75 weather.  Granted, he was a better man than me, as far as putting up with the cold, but I'll wear a sweatshirt and boots in 10 degree weather and feel comfortable and t-shirt and sneakers for shorter durations.

Anyway... I heard the weather guys say the temps will drop to single digits by Friday.  When the weather guys are so specific about stuff like that, I can't help but call em out out, so I set up the PVC CB to set up a north north-west block to keep that cold Canadian air from dipping too far in this direction.  The intent is to send the cold to go some place other than here and keep the temps bearable.  I'll keep charting the movement.  Let's see what happens.   



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hang em high

Just watched a video by bpearthwatch who went through the Annex. The executive order says that they can seize the assets of anyone connected with any of those people in the annex. There is one name that appears time and time again in the Annex. His name is Dan Gertler, he’s an Israeli, he runs various Diamond mines but he also has a foundation called Gertler Family Foundation. If you go to their website two of the many names connected with that Foundation are Clinton Foundation and the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. I think Hillary, Bill, Chelsea and Microsoft may be on their way to prison... and they will be broke.... Maybe the US won’t have to pay for the wall after all, Trump can use these corrupt people’s assets to pay for it! The Greatest President in US History, Hillary was probably right when she said they would all hang, on election night....

Susan Douglas


a new holiday os

Statistically, the majority of computer operating systems used by individuals are Windows based.  67% of the visitors to this blog use Windows, which is a fairly good representation of the operating systems used world-wide.  Linux systems come in second at 13% with the rest trickling in with single digits and ipad picking up the rear at 1%.

That said, I've been running Linux on my machines for years and in that time found my worst computer days at least equal to my best days using any of the Windows operating systems since Win 95.  Unlike old cars and radios, all Microsoft operating systems are engineered to become obsolete, unstable, and unusable only a few years after roll out.  They do this by cutting support of the OS, making it impossible to receive updates.  Like turning off the life support to a much loved friend, and there's nothing you can do about it.  Try installing Win 98 and see how far you get.

Anyway, because Microsoft Vista became obsolete and unsupported, I installed Linux systems in three laptops this month alone.  Two for friends and one for the laptop I picked up for a bargain, partially because a new MS OS would cost a few hundred.  Hell, you can get a damn good, used laptop for the cost of a Win 10 OS, doubling the cost of your investment.  Hardly worth it.

Aside from the laptops, I swapped out four Linux operating systems on my desktop this month on a whim.  Arch Linux, Solus, Mint KDE, and Manjaro all looked real good but I settled on Linux Mint 18.3 as my daily driver.  I guess I had to go through extremely complicated to extremely simple to realize the Linux system I used when I first switched from Microsoft was the best fit for me.  That's the beauty of Linux.  It takes more time looking over the thousands of free operating systems than it does to download and install an OS.  Installation takes about ten minutes.  It's like shopping for shoes.

But Microsoft... You're locked into a proprietary system with a pre-determined lifespan, designed to force you to buy bigger RAM, bigger CPU, bigger hard drive, and bigger headaches when it slows to a crawl after a couple years of use. 

Why would anyone buy a Toyota if it ran like shit and got .5mpg in five years when you can get a new car for free that gets you 100mpg with a lifetime of free maintenance?

I love this OS.
Take a look at this desktop. 
The minimalist look is clean and extremely functional.  From the desktop I can access personal files, system settings, and something like 33,000 programs for everything from Audacity to Wine.

It doesn't look like much but I can run this thing for weeks with 50 open tabs and multiple running programs without a hint of CPU overload.  It does everything I want it to do with extreme efficiency.  It's fully customizable for what you want to get out of your computer. 

I suppose the reason I went through so many operating systems this month was complacency.  I wanted something different, a challenge.  I wanted something simplified but not simple.  I wanted a challenge but not something with too steep a learning curve. 

I find it interesting that the system I love the most is an upgrade of the one I originally had.

Isn't that the way life is?  Maybe we should be thankful for what we have and know that this is what we really need, right now.

I never thought this would turn into a holiday philosophy, but so be it.