Wednesday, August 24, 2016

it's a good thing copper is down

I finally managed to finish the new column and thumper.  I could've built this thing in a day if I didn't have to cobble it together piecemeal, but a lack of available time and inclination forced me to stretch this project out and complete it in a month.
Since I chose to build this free-form, unrestrained from conventional planning and blueprints, I had to take my time and conceptualize each step before making any cuts or permanent soldering.  The result is a multi-component unit that fits together perfectly and works better than I thought it could.  The downside is my planning.

The column is 2" by 38" long, packed with copper mesh for additional surface area.  3/4" copper pipe goes straight down to a 1/2" reducer to the thumper with an outlet to the liebig condenser.  This set-up produced a consistent 175 proof from start to finish.  The problem is running the main boiler as close to 174 F as I can and still keep it hot enough to run the thumper, which requires hot vapor to bring that vessel up to a minimum of 174 F to produce the vapor to pass through the liebig to condense to liquid.  Cranking up the heat on the boiler will only produce more water vapor, reducing the proof.

Sad to say, the design is overkill.  By that I mean a thumper on a full reflux system is like back up lights on a jet aircraft.  Ya see, a system running full reflux is already producing clean, high proof alcohol.  A thumper on a system like that can't make things better but can limit it's potential.

Conclusion... Thumpers are an excellent way to maintain a consistent proof and flavor throughout a run on a pot still but on a reflux still?   Fugetaboudit.  It's like driving a Formula 1 to work.   

Then again, if I didn't build and run this thing, I would never know for sure.  It's not a total loss by any means.   Thanks to SharkBite, the quick disconnect method I found, I can still use these components for other uses.  The use of steel washers to strengthen the base of my copper/stainless solder points was purely insightful and I cleared my garage of a lot of loose copper.

Looks like another trip to the hardware store.



Saturday, August 13, 2016

what's with this keshe pain pen?

I heard about the Keshe pain pen a few months ago.  Ebay has them for upwards of 50 bucks but the construction seemed simple enough.  Rather than shell out 50 bucks for a total unknown, I decided to build one and take it from there. 

The object you see to the left is my first pain pen attempt.  I used what I had on hand.  A fairly long piece of twisted 14 gauge copper wire for making tensor rings. 

After twisting the cable around a steel rod and fitting the center cable, I nano coated it with a MAPP gas torch and slid it in a test tube.  The design calls for a substance called GANS, and since I didn't have any, I used ORMUS as a substitute.  GANS and ORMUS are completely different in every way but they look similar and it's what I had and I figured using ORMUS was better than nothing.  I figure it's like making a hot dog, substituting salsa for ketchup.  Not the same but good enough.

I was impressed enough with the energy output that I built two more to repeat the experiment.  The second one was identical to the first with only single wire instead of cable, and just as the first, twisted clock-wise.  The third was identical to the second with a counter clock-wise twist as the only difference.

As far as energy output, the first and second units were almost identical as the strongest, and the third one, with the counter clock-wise twist, produced next to nothing.  I gave the second one away but the prototype has been sitting on my computer desk, undisturbed, since I made it.

That was then and I didn't give the pain pen a second thought, even though I developed a severe pinched nerve that sent a numbing feeling of low current down my right arm.  A combination of work ethic and lack of available time kept me from a chiropractic adjustment, and I just put up with it, thinking I'll get around to seeing my chiropractor when I get the time, if it doesn't fix itself before that.  Yeah, typical procrastination.  The same thing I give everyone else hell for.  

Well, as I was sitting at my desk this morning with my first cup of joe, I looked at the pain pen prototype and figured, what the hell.  I held the business end about 2" from my right elbow and moved it in little circles around the area.  Within 30 seconds I could feel a distinctive magnetic field.  Not a lot but a just there feeling.  I tried the same thing on my shoulder and wrist for just a few seconds while reading an article.  It was the area around the thumb that I felt the tingle the strongest from the pen.  Not thinking much about it, I drank my coffee and went to get another when I realized that numbing feeling I had in my arm was gone.  That was four hours ago and I feel quite good, in a general sort of way.  Even that lower back pain is gone and I actually feel taller, as opposed to the troglodyte posture I assume before I become semi-vertical.  All this from using this pain pen for something like two minutes.

I believed the pain was a result of a pinched nerve followed by inflammation.  Reduce the inflammation, reduce the pain.  That's understandable, but what about this pen?  Does this pain pen reduce inflammation?  Does this pen fix the problem or only the symptom?  Pain has one function, to tell you something is wrong.  Am I cured or are my pain receptors turned off?  I don't know.  I'm just asking. 

I discounted the placebo effect since I never expected anything to happen.  But I then realized I never gave this pain pen any kind of real test because I didn't have any pain problems to try it on when I built it.  I felt a tingle, followed by low level amazement and moved on to other projects. 

Against all common sense, I have to admit there's something very dramatic about this Keshe pain pen.  If I could get such results from a device, sloppily thrown together from spare parts and substitute fluids, think what I could produce if I built one the proper way that Keshe suggests.

Looks like I'll be travelling this tangent for a while.    


Wednesday, August 10, 2016

election of the living dead

There's a new president in town and his name is Trump.  That should be enough.  Post title, publish, and move on.

But Hillary keeps hanging on like the nightmare that won't go away.

In the past six months I met one person who said they were voting for Hillary and that was a woman who thought Marco Rubio was a viable candidate, until he dropped out.  And that's Hillary.  The candidate with a vagina and experience suitable to take us past the outer level of hell to socialistic political purity as she levels the playing field to an all inclusive, diversity nirvana... or somesuch bullshit.  Ya gotta be a braindead zombie to be a Hillary supporter, but there's still 10% of the population shambling the American avenues who still want that crazy bitch in the oval office.

Did I say crazy bitch?  I really meant to say crazy, fuckin, criminal bitch, cause that's exactly what this political whore of iniquity is, and that goes double for her cuckold, Bill, the serial rapist and ex-prez of these eunited states.

"But Bill Clinton was the president of the US and Hillary was his wife, the first lady.  You should have more respect, especially since Hillary had to endure Bill's constant and continual philandering."  Yeah, right... As Bill put it, "Hillary got more pussy than I ever had."

But I digress.

I'm not here to spread shit about the ex-first family, although it would be totally easy.  I'm here to tell it like I see it.

If I was a paranoid, self-deluded, sociopath with delusions of godhood who just landed in the White House for a four to eight year term, the first thing I'd do is go through the NSA and CIA files and get the goods on every politician in Washington to use as leverage.  I'd create a network of loyal followers and place them in the highest levels of government.  I'd set up a hit squad to deal with troublemakers who can't be bought or coerced.  I'd make trade deals and pass laws that would benefit those who bankrolled my campaign while enriching me and restructuring the economy as part of the long range plan.  I'd also sell off federal lands to the highest bidder, just because I can.  As a lawyer married to a lawyer I'd set up a charitable foundation to launder the billions of dollars from donations and various schemes on a world-wide basis, to avoid taxes and disclosure.

Not many people are aware that most of the U.S. parks and monuments don't belong to us anymore.  The United Nations (of which most member countries are now our enemies) controls most of our U.S. National Parks and Monuments including Yellowstone, the Everglades, the Washington Monument, the Statue of Liberty, Thomas Jefferson’s home at Monticello, the Brooklyn Bridge, Yosemite, and the Grand Canyon – to name just a few.  We still pay for maintenance and upkeep but they don't belong to us.
How did this happen?  This was done while Bill and Hillary were in the White House and you can bet the farm the Clinton Foundation got a nice profit from it.

George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton have been business partners since Bill was the Arkansas AG.  If you ever did cocaine in the 80's there's a high probability it came from the airport in Mena, Arkansas under the protection of Bill Clinton, who had total control of that state, and the CIA under George Bush.  Tons of cocaine that came through Mena was distributed throughout N. America with CIA federal protection.  This kind of CIA involvement made Bill and Hillary Clinton invulnerable to any kind of arrest - for life.  I suspect the Mena operation alone provided CIA funding for decades, turned the Bush family into a dynasty, and gave the Clintons a clear path to the White House.

With George Bush as a partner and buddy, getting the dirt on anyone and everyone would be fairly simple.  As president, you have access to damn near anything you want.  George already had extensive files on key figures from their involvement in child prostitution rings and other nefarious activities, complete with photos, phone records, video tape, audio recordings, manufactured evidence, etc.  It wouldn't surprise me if daddy Bush had a film of the JFK assassination from a different angle, never before seen by the public.
Nixon had an enemy’s list.  The Clintons had full dossiers on all the players, listed as Friends of Bill and Enemies of Bill.

Armed with that kind of arsenal, Hillary is now running for president as the chosen one.  The deal was made eight years ago when she was told to step aside and let Obama have first turn at bat.  Why do you think she didn't run four years ago?  Simple.  It wasn't her turn.  Now it is.

It doesn't look good for Hillary, though, in 2016.  This theatre called the presidential race, was supposed to feature Jeb Bush as the Republican contender with Hillary as the winner on election day, and Jeb as the presidential hopeful eight years later.

What happened?  Trump happened, that's what.  He systematically eliminated all sixteen GOP hopefuls, in record time, and took the nomination unopposed.  The powers that be didn't know what hit them.  The GOP, Trumps own party, publicly stated they'd rather have Hillary, a democrat, as president instead of Trump.  The GOP boldly stated Trump would never win the nomination because only the party masters choose who to nominate and your vote doesn't count.  Obama came out and said Trump will NEVER be president.  Against all odds, Trump is on his way to the White House and even the Bush/Clinton combo can't slow down this runaway train.

In any other election year, I'd say it was just another reality theater show for the masses, with the illusion your vote counts and you actually have a say in choosing the president.  The outcome was pre-determined years ago and every actor in this play auditioned for the part and was handed a script.  Nothing is left to chance at this level of government.  So, when a giant fly, like Trump, lands in the ointment, the people involved in this production melt down.

He's a billionaire so he can't be bought.  He funds his own campaign.  He's not tied to any special interest groups.  He doesn't drink, smoke, or do drugs.  He has nothing in his past to be used for blackmail.  He's not a career politician so they can't threaten his career.  He's clean in every way, well protected, and fights back three times harder when attacked.  He talks the talk and walks the walk.  His fans love him, his enemies hate him, but they all play by HIS rules when he shows up.  Trump is a true patriot alpha male, armed with superior business acumen, the constitution, and street smarts as his weapons and he's gonna win YUUGE.

How do you fight a guy like that?  Even though Hillary is the chosen one, they still need popular opinion to justify her win.  Presidential elections may be sham theater to give the illusion of democracy, but if 80% of the population votes for the other guy and she still gets the win, the whole world will see the cards up the puppet master's sleeve.

A card was already past the cuff when Obama gave Hillary a lift to the next campaign stop on Air force One, moments before the FBI said she didn't intend to let classified documents get hacked while on her personal server.  She was just too stupid to know any better, according to the FBI, and suggested no indictment.  Yep, Obama's approval ratings dropped a few points when it was discovered the day before that Bill had a secret, private meeting with the Attorney General who was supposed to indict Hillary.  The fix was in from the top down and now everyone knows it.   

It's not easy to get public opinion on your side when the whole world knows you're a liar and a cheat and thousands of your party supporters leave the convention hall as soon as you accept your nomination.  If public opinion isn't on your side, pretend it is.  Get the media to crank out bad stuff about Trump.  Take every non-PC remark he says and put a spin on it.  Make Obama slam Trump whenever he's in front of a camera.  Hire more Cointelpro flunkies to troll the internet with comments about Trump's hair and his rabid racist, xenophobe, islamophobe, homophobic, misogynistic, bully behavior and how he's not fit for the job as president.  Make it look like Trump supporters are low-information rednecks and something's wrong with you if you don't hate him.  Exaggerate every mistake Trump makes and interpret everything in the worst possible light.  Skew the polling results in Hillary's favor.  Create the illusion you're more popular and steal the election through electronic voting hacking and multiple votes from dead people and illegals.
Typical 21st century American politics.

But this election is different than all others before it.  The mainstream media is no longer considered the neutral messenger of truth, informing the masses with unbiased research from Pulitzer prize winning journalists.  It's become abundantly clear the MSM has morphed into a propaganda tool for the people who own this country.   The Jack London journalists have been replaced by Winston Smith clerks, regurgitating controlled AP pabulum as a social engineering tool for Big Brother.  In case you haven't guessed, the people running this country REALLY want Hillary as the next prez and they won't take no for an answer.

The big question is, why is Hillary running and why do the powers that be want her to win?  The Clintons have billions in assets, a half dozen multi-million dollar estates they hardly get to see, all the friends money can buy, a free pass to do whatever they want.  These two should retire to a lavish lifestyle from the endless, generational fruits of their labor, instead of fighting for the most stressful job on the planet.  Hell, just the stress and pressure of campaigning is taking it's toll on both of them.  Bill looks like death warmed over and Hillary appears to be brain damaged.  On the other hand, Trump seems stronger and livelier than the day before.  He has the energy level of a man half his age with three times the endurance.  With Bill and Hill it's drugs, make-up, and a tightly controlled media providing the illusion of good health.  At this time, it's even money if she doesn't croak before the election.  So, what's so damned important about Hillary winning the White House?

Could be all those favors promised to the special interests who supported her campaign through the Clinton Foundation.  Maybe Obama needs Hillary to be prez to put him on the Supreme Court or heading up the U.N.  Quite possibly, winning the presidency is literally a matter of life or death to save her sorry ass from multiple indictments and prison.  Maybe the New World Order needs a puppet as world leader to continue their agenda of world control.

Or, this presidential race could very well be the fork in the road where one path leads to a never ending 1984 Orwellian nightmare of bleak prosperity, endless wars, endless austerity, and the end of human rights as we know it.  The other path is a course correction, taking us back to the main road leading to innovation, prosperity, self worth, independence, and spiritual fulfilment.

The popular attitude toward presidential elections is it's a rigged game.  The winners are chosen years before the event and your vote doesn't count.  It's bread and circuses for the masses to give the illusion they have a collective say in who the new boss is... same as the old boss.  The lessor of the two evils, the ultimate battle of the red and blue.  A four year event just about as interesting as TV bowling with a winner no one wants.  No wonder most Americans stay home on election day and masturbate.  At least they get a little something for their effort.
But I'm pretty sure this presidential race isn't going as originally intended by our overlords. 

In this corner you have the establishment contender, Hillary Hellhound Clinton, a brain damaged, old lady with a penchant for lying, a political track record of enriching herself while destabilizing the middle east, and some serious mental and physical issues.  Her only claim to fame is sleeping with the president, which entitles her to the highest office in the land.  She hates America and American culture and will do whatever her special interest owners want, providing she makes profit from it and they let her live.  Future plans for America include signing off on TPP, effectively eliminating 80,000 jobs when Boeing establishes plants anywhere but here, and disarming the American citizens.

And in this corner is the champion of the masses and establishment gate crasher, Donald The Real Deal Trump, a genius level businessman with a track record of success that spans generations who wrote the book on business strategy, high finance negotiation, and winning.  He has billions, is totally independent, avoids political correct bullshit, and goes for the jugular in every fight.  Future plans involve immigration suspension from terrorist infected countries until proper vetting is established, building the wall, lowering taxes, downsizing government, rebuilding manufacturing infrastructure to attract business, and reducing political corruption.

Let's get it on!