Sunday, May 27, 2018

cookies my ass

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Ya know, this is one of many reasons I hate Google so fuckin much.  Does anyone doubt that Google, Yahoo, and Facebook are all run by the CIA?  Does anyone think the EU is an organization devoted to the betterment of humanity?
Hey Google, if you're listening, suck my ass.

culling the herd

I was talking to a friend the other day and she said she needed health care to fix her condition.

Her condition happens to be a fasting blood glucose level of 237.  That's pretty fuckin high.  I didn't get into what meds were prescribed  but had tons of questions as to her diet.

"I can't drink black coffee so I add lots of skim milk and lots of raw sugar."

I can't hold myself back and tell her that raw sugar is still sugar and with a fasting blood glucose level of 237 those numbers will pivot through the roof.  Skim milk has way more lactose than heavy cream and lactose is another name for sugar.   Natural sugar is still sugar.  Duh!  I tell her that stevia is a good sugar substitute and won't spike her B/G levels.  She insists it tastes funny and it's not as natural as sugar.

"I also eat lots of raw fruits and vegetables."  And that means you're eating lots of sugar and carbs with a little fiber.  

The dialog goes back and forth until I realize this woman is in total denial that her condition is her own fault and she blames GMOs as the culprit. 

She's killing herself through stupidity, blaming GMOs instead of the natural poison she consumes.  Natural and organic may be good but arsenic is also organic and natural.

What's down is up and what's up is down.  If the FDA, the ADA, and the AMA say to do this, I'll choose to do that because those guys don't have much of a respectable track record when it comes to health.

When I finally told her she could drop her B/G numbers to normal, without meds, and lose 30 lbs in one month by eating one meal a day consisting of all the bacon and cucumbers she could eat, she said that bacon wasn't GMO free and there may be pesticides on the cucumbers.

That's when I smiled and thought to myself, "die bitch, and your little gall bladder, too."

I've totally lost my patience for stupidity and realize that the majority of human deaths are caused more by ignorance and the failed allopathic system we have in place, rather than blind chance.

This may be nature's way of culling the stupidity from the human herd.  Who am I to question such wisdom?


Thursday, May 24, 2018

who's the establishment?

I'm a little confused.  Aren't the Democrats traditionally ant-establishment?  My whole life it was Democrats are for the working guy and the Republicans are for big business.  Labor unions always voted Democrat while business owners and Wall Street voted Republican.  Big business IS the establishment.  The military industrial complex IS the establishment.  The FBI, CIA, NSA, ATF, and the rest of our three letter government institutions are all members of the establishment.  All these institutions have one thing in common.  They want Trump out of office.

Why do you suppose the vast majority of the American establishment, Democrats, Republicans, union leaders, mainstream media, social platforms, teachers, students, liberals, millennials and  every other generational block are so down on Trump?

Could it be that Trump is the only president we've ever had that was voted into office by the people instead of someone selected by unknown members of the establishment?

Clearly, Trump represents the most anti-establishment president we've ever seen and the liberals are going absolutely ape-shit because of it.  The left and the right both get their news from mostly the same sources and we all have the ability to read between the lines, considering MSM is, and always has, worked for the establishment.  Can't you see we're being played? 

What's so hysterical about all this is that Donald Trump is a New York Democrat who ran on the Republican ticket because the DNC is too crooked to allow a real peoples candidate to lead the party.  (Bernie Sanders comes to mind.)
The RNC, on the other hand, follows the rules enough to allow a guy like Trump to win the nomination.  He knew this way before he tossed his hat in the ring.

To all the lefties, MSM watchers, and Trump haters out there...

Does it bother, you just a little, that being anti-Trump means you're in favor of endless wars, bleak prosperity, police state, the abolishment of lawyer-client privilege, the end of the constitution, mob rule from the top with total immunity for those "in the club" and 100% surveillance for everyone else.  Higher taxes, longer prison terms, bigger fines, more regulation, and more boots stamping on human faces with no end in sight?

Look, I've been fighting the establishment my whole life.  I know my adversary when I see it and it aint Trump.  It's the rest of the government you have to watch.

Think for one minute.  When did you decide to side with your oppressors and fight those who are fighting for your rights and freedoms?  It's not the 70's anymore. 

Who's the puppet master that has us all at each others throats?  No sane person fights in a burning house.  You've been conditioned to do this and it's time to break your imperial conditioning.  Cut the strings.  Time to wake up.

 Remember... We're all in this together.  

long lost sake

While trying to organize the garage to make room for thirty gallons of wine, I came across a sealed bucket of sake, buried in a pile of pails I use for ferments, molds, and anything else you need food grade buckets for. 

I made this stuff a year ago and got discouraged with its progress so I just stowed it away, as an uncompleted project, and forgot about it.

I had every intention of tossing it until I opened the bucket and realized this was the real thing.  A bucket of naturally aged sake from polished white rice made in the traditional Japanese way.  I went through a lot of trouble making this stuff.  It would be a crime to not try and salvage it.

One whiff was all it took to evoke memories of long summer days at the underwater bridge at sulfer creek, consuming vast quantities of fluids as we lounged in chest deep jacuzzi-like effervescence and wallowed in our care-free existence.  We were all jobless bohemians back then.  Barefoot and broke but we always had money for fluids, gasoline, tobacco, and other fruits of our charmed, Huck Finn existences.  The beverage of choice was sake.  It's the only drink that's best served warm and we weren't into ice chests, even when the temps matched our body temperatures.  It was the perfect drink for the circumstances and we went through cases of the stuff.

I won't get into how sake is made.  Let's just say it was the most difficult and time consuming alcohol project I attempted and I'm not eager to make a second attempt.  That said, I now have a much deeper respect for the Japanese culture.  Sake is only ONE thing they can do with rice and water.

Anyway...  I need to wait a week or so to let the isinglass clarify the sake before I bottle it so I decided to design a label.

I considered using Full Metal Alchemist as the icon but perished that thought and opted for Samurai Girl instead.

Ya like?


Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Monday, May 21, 2018

Monday, May 14, 2018

sandwich time

At the risk of sounding like a misogynist, I think the radical left sound like a bunch whinny women, and more specifically, like a bunch of ex-girlfriends I used to date.

Think about it.  You have the males of the tribe.  Doesn't matter which tribe.  Just a tribe.  You have a leader and followers, mostly men.  Men are geared to building fortresses, building armies, protecting the homeland, protecting the women.  Protecting the gene pool.

You have women.  Protecting their children by any means necessary.  Women don't care about anything else.  Nationality, ideology, race has nothing to do with the female psyche.  Women side with the strongest male she perceives to secure her gene pool. 

Roman women would hook up with the first barbarians at the gate because they were so manly.  A cursory glance through history will tell you all you need to know.  Helen of Troy is a good example.  Can you think of others?
This explains why girls prefer the bad boys over the good guys.  It's in their genetic structure to choose mates that exhibit brutal behavior because brutal men are true leaders. who can provide for their offspring and themselves.

Expand this theorem to the political level and you have a system doomed to fail.  Take a look at Europe under the leadership of women.  Angela Merkel wishes she had a real man to take her by control.  She opens the gates and allows the men of her dreams to flood her country.  Tall, dark, handsome men of breeding age with a low i.q.  It's the answer to Angela's prayers, that so many available and unclaimed men are actually in her country, she can hardly contain her enthusiasm.  German girls blush with excitement as they hear about the Cologne rapes and rush to pass out roses to the new real men of their nation.  Angela's lust is satisfied by proxy with the thought of German girls getting gang raped by her ideal of what a real man is.  What a sick bitch.

The other European nations, with female heads of state, welcome their share of foreign real men to inseminate their gene pools.  Rape is now legal in Sweden, as well as most other Europen nations under the EU banner.  The EU leadership couldn't be more pleased, except for a few Eastern European nations with male heads of state.

Look, I don't care if a woman wants a great job that pays a ton of money.  If she can do it, let her have it.  But I draw the line when it comes to electing a female as head of state solely on the fact that she has a vagina.  Recent history tells us a female head of state will side with the enemy every time.

I'll go qo one step further.  In this male/female dichotomy, everyone right of center seem to think like men.  Those left of center seem to think like women.

On one side there is logic, reason and the belief that man is destined for higher things, a Renascence, an awakening that will propel mankind to higher dimensions.
On the other side is the victim mentality that demands they should be taken care of because they're incapable of doing things for themselves and fervently want and need a communist state to do that for them because they can not do for themselves, or care to, and expect the state to take care of them.  At the same time they want to break that glass ceiling and put in a woman, any woman, who can carry the torch of womanhood and prove to the world she is equal to a man, and totally fuck things up.

Those on the right want to do it themselves and not be hindered by rules and regulations.  The left loves rules and regulations and wants everyone to abide by them because they believe what they're told.  

In the middle is a woman, any woman, who can do as well as any man, no matter what field or discipline, as long as she gets a very cool job telling other people what to do.

I say bullshit.  Lock em out for pure impudence, if nothing more.  Let em work in a weld shop or pick up garbage for a few years so they develop a work ethic and then, maybe, let them sit at a desk and do monotonous work before they even consider a cushy job telling others what to do.  Maybe then, women can be equals in the work place.

As far as female heads of state... We've seen what that got us.  A middle East invasion of Europe.  Lord only knows what this nation would be like if Hillary got the White House.  I mean, single handedly she totally fucked up the Middle East while she was Secretary of State.  Imagine if she was POTUS.

I know it's not politically correct to say this but this world wouldn't be nearly as fucked as it is if women were to stay home and make cookies instead of get into politics.

Now, go make me a fuckin sandwich.


Sunday, May 13, 2018

Sunday, May 06, 2018

mr. liquor

Making rum is easy.  A gallon of molasses, water, yeast, and about two weeks later you spend several hours distilling it. 

It's this last part that I'm having a hard time coping with lately.   
When it's running good, it's boring as hell.  When things go wrong, it's panic time.  It's especially bad when you're sequestered to a dingy garage with nothing to do but watch the jars fill up, one drop at a time.  The most exciting part is replacing the jars.

Doing it on the patio is a different story.  Lounge chairs, tunes, fluids, a fridge full of stuff and a grill to cook it on.  One is a job, the other is a vacation.  Hell, I can even make orgonite while I wait.

That's why I decided to hold off on distilling until the maple trees green up and provide cover for my nefarious acts.  I haven't been slack, Mr. Walker. (Thunderdome reference)  I have about four finished ferments ready to go and all I need is the intent.

But... ya know, I just gotta see what this new rum recipe tastes like so I cobbled together a mini-still.

The boiler is a 1 liter Erlenmeyer flask, 3/8" copper tube, and a plastic vinegar jug for the condenser.  The burner is a Coleman stove.

It took ten minutes to make rum with this thing.

Ok, I had a few problems running this thing for the first time but once I got it straightened out, it produced some seriously fine rum.  At least I know what to expect when I run the rest through the big still.

This unit is the perfect size for turning that crap wine, you can't seem to give away, into brandy.  It also makes an excellent water distillation system when the economy finally crashes and your only water source is a ditch.  I'd prefer a flask twice the size but this could easily handle a single bottle of wine with no problems. 

With a little ingenuity, I think I can replace the Coleman stove with a butane burner, shorten up the copper and modify the condenser to make it the size of a Mr. Coffee. 

A kitchen appliance for the drunkard in your life.