Tuesday, January 30, 2018

release the memo

If you're interested in telling Adam and Nancy how you feel, I have their phone numbers.

Adam Schiff  202 275-4716

Nancy Pelosi  415 393-0707

Leave a message.   MAGA


Wednesday, January 24, 2018

another rant

For the last couple of years I've heavily researched the leftist point of view.  I didn't make much progress by interviewing individuals.  Generally, if they support Trump, they'd rave about how he's making America great again and draining the swamp.  If I talk to liberals or Trump haters, all I get is orange hair, xenophobe, racist, bla, bla bla.  I've had better conversations with retards than liberals.  Retards will listen to you and try to formulate an answer pertinent to what you ask.  Liberals yell and scream and pound their fist on the table and yell over you to make pointless points, just like the guys on CNN.  This got me wondering why so many people see something one way and other people see the same thing completely different.

Where people get their information means a lot.  Their job profession also factors in, as well as their social strata.  Social workers  tend to lean toward the left because democratic administrations have a leftist agenda which means they get more money for their social programs.  This is pretty much all these people care about.
Republicans tend to be more fiscally responsible and tend provide less money to social programs, making social services less profitable and taxing the middle class less to share the wealth with their corporate buddies. 

On the extreme, those on welfare want more for sitting on their asses while giant corporations want more because they're corporate hogs. 

But there's something else.  If you think about it... Why do Trump haters hate Trump?  I'm serious.  What is it about Trump that makes people so crazy that they feel impeachment or murder is the only way to bring about the PEACE we've all been looking for?  Is it herd mentality?  Is it rational thinking?  What?  Do you really think unlimited immigration from third world countries is a good thing?  Is it about losing the free stuff?  Is it the orange hair?  Is it because he's a bigot and a racist and a woman abuser?  Is it because he called shit hole countries shit hole countries?  Is it social engineering, pitting one group against another using state run media, propaganda, Mk Ultra, biowarfare, GMOs, geoengineering, and our phones to keep us in a constant state of fear and loathing as a means of control? 

Invasion of the Body Snatchers is a movie about outer space aliens that invade a California town and turn people into automatons with the hive mindset of the aliens.  It was a popular movie.  There were two remakes.  The first remake had Spock and Keefer Sutherland's dad.  The movie was a metaphor for the spread of communism, which was pretty scary in it's day.  Another trend setter was Night of the Living Dead.  Zombies are the new metaphor for communists feasting on the brains of the normals.  Pod people aren't near as scary as slow moving living dead who want nothing more than to take a few bites out of you and spread their disease of mindless, unquenchable hunger, murder, and sloth.  That pretty much fits the bill.  It's estimated that, in the last century alone, 200 million people died from their own communist governments in an effort to maintain control.

"But socialism isn't communism."  Really?  Read the communist manifesto.  Socialism is the first step toward communism.  "This time we can make it work."  Yeah, ok.  I'll buy that for a dollar.  Name a socialist country that hasn't gone through hell and I'll buy a ticket tomorrow.  Fact is, communism sucks.  It's why Russia got out of that game and turned capitalist and it's why China is falling apart and it's why N.Korea is the worst place on the planet to live.  Venezuela has resorted to eating zoo animals, despite the massive amount of oil they have underground.  They got socialists running the show, who don't know shit about capitalism, and the result is borderline cannibalism.  It's a repeated trend since Marx.  Don't take my word for it.  Look it up.

Look, Communism, and fascism are the same thing.  Total authoritarian control becomes total corruption, where the few own everything and the masses own nothing with the force of state violence to keep the masses in line.  All governments do this to a degree.

The United States broke that trend and published a list of God given rights that no one can take away.  Freedom to say what you want, and the right to protect yourself are the first two for a very good reason... So you don't end up in a gulag for speaking your mind and a weapon to make sure they don't try. 

They broke another trend.  You don't have to do what your father did or be locked in a caste system.  As a free person you can do whatever you want.  As long as you don't fuck up someone else in the process, you're free to become a millionaire or a bum.  You can be the CEO of General Electric or beg for change in the subway.  You have that choice.  That's what capitalism is and it's the American way.  That's why socialism doesn't work here, like it does in Europe.

The American way has always been freedom to do what you want and carve out your own life.  To many foreigners, this is way beyond what they're used to and it's a bit overwhelming.  The natural fall-back is to do what you're told and form communities within communities, live much the same way as the country you escaped from, and vote democratic, like their new liberal masters tell them to do.  Vote for me and I'll set you free!  Only, it never quite works out that way.

There's upwards of 30 million illegal immigrants in this country that vote democratic.  That's the only reason the democrats want DACA and unlimited immigration.  They don't give a shit about you or any immigrant.  It's all about votes and staying in power to force their agenda of divide and conquer as a control mechanism.  It's as much survival to the left as zombies munching on your brains.  It's all they've got.  Without votes from illegals and dead people, democrats can't win an election.  Sad but true.  It's not the democratic party of thirty years ago, that's fer sure.
Europe has become a shadow of its former self and will never recover.  Post WWII social conditioning kept the masses asleep and obedient, unable to prevent the demise of their respective cultures.  I don't know what's worse, European leadership saying it's all a good thing or the citizens believing it.  Sad to say, the only thing that can save Europe is the same thing that started WWII, a Russian invasion. 

But the average Americans are like a combination of John Wayne, Bugs Bunny, and My Cousin Vinny.  For the most part, we're racists but won't admit it.  We break the law if we can get away with it.  If we like you, we're friends forever.  If we don't like you, we'll still have a few beers together.  Just don't expect to borrow my car.  We're opinionated, brash, loud, obnoxious, foolhardy, reckless, greedy, generous, well intentioned children with guns.  What Americans don't like is a cheat.  We used to openly kill guys who cheated at cards and the penalty for horse theft was hanging, and that's when we were a God fearing nation.  Nowadays, what fires most people up is getting cheated by our own government.  It's subtle theft at gunpoint through taxes, fines, and property seizure. 

Oh, God, do we have a lot of guns.  The U.S. military has more guns than any other nation and the citizens have more than that.  Because of this, foreign armies will never invade us.  A gun behind every blade of grass.  That's why illegal immigration is such a big deal at this time.  Invasion by way of individual people who don't have a clue they've been weaponized by a handful of leaders of the "free world."  As civilized people, we can't and won't shoot illegals.  Imagine a military invasion where the rules forbid doing anything to the enemy.  Hillary said it herself.  Democrats are easy to control because they're so stupid.

Two things really piss me off. 
1. There's high ranking people in the government who want more than anything to burn this country to the ground and turn it into a larger version of Haiti. 
2. There's American citizens who, more than anything, want them to do it.

As far as number one goes, we'll see ya in Gitmo.  As for number two, you poor, stupid, assholes.  You're our brothers and sisters but we'll hit you in the face with a shovel if you don't stop and think for once in your brain dead lives.  You're not revolutionaries.  You're not Che Guevara.  You're fighting the only force that's fighting the establishment.  You're fighting FOR the establishment.  What do you fuckin want?  Ya got gay marriage.  You'd think that would be enough.  What's that ya say?  You want everyone to acknowledge there's an infinite amount of genders?  Maybe your kids don't know what gender they are.  Maybe you're fucked up parents and are too stupid to reproduce properly.  Sorry.  There's only two, those with a dick and those without.  Ask your doctor.

Hypothetical question.  Let's say you just found out your best friend was a pedophile and a cop killer and he was running for mayor.  Would you vote for this friend as mayor?  Would you let your kids do a sleepover at their house?

Hillary must have been right when she said, democrats are easy to control because they're so stupid.

I lost some friends because they hate Trump and I don't.  Fine.  It's their choice.  If the deconstruction of America has more value than our friendship, good riddance.  We were never friends, anyway.  Nice knowing ya.

Don't ya realize this is the revolution and you're siding with the king who made your lives impossible?  In 1776 they'd hang you for less.             


Sunday, January 21, 2018

Q anon post decoded 1.20.18

Like it or not, the revolution is here and Q anon is bypassing the regular channels to give us Intel we'll never get from MSM or social media.  It should be no surprise that MSM and, to a lesser extent, social media are propaganda tools for the powers that be.

This video is just under 40 minutes but it's something even democrats might appreciate.  Ever hear the saying, know thy enemy?  You can be sure Trump has.

While CNN is asking questions at White House briefings like, "Will Donald Trump have two scoops of ice cream since he needs to lose 30 lbs?", Q anon is telling the world what's going on in real time.

Remember, we're all in this together.  

Friday, January 19, 2018

spooky2 update.

Just an update on the spooky2 mofo experiment.  The first day I ran this I felt like I was getting the flu.  Stomach upset, too hot and then too cold, a general feeling of being out of sorts.  Ya know... feeling sick.  I discussed this with Tammy and as I stared off into space, trying to formulate an answer, she  answered my formulation by saying, "Ya figured it out", meaning I put the pieces together as to why I felt like shit.  It was because the mofo hooked up to the spooky2  was detoxing me faster than my body could handle and the flu-like symptoms were a byproduct of that.
As the parasites were being destroyed, my internal systems were unable to cope with the flushing out of the dead parasite corpses and sickness set in.  Since it was pseudo sickness, my mind was able to over-ride it.

I'm feeling better now that I know the reason for my illness.

One of the reasons I hooked up spooky2 to the mofo was to get a rapid response.  I got that in spades.     

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Saturday, January 06, 2018

good news for the first week of 2018

Ok, this is about 40 minutes long but it will get you up to speed as far as the present state of affairs.  Go to WhiteHouse.gov to verify most of what this guy is talking about.

Among other things,

+There will be a financial reset.
+Debt forgiveness.
+Mueller is working on Trump's side.
+The feud with Bannon is theater. It's a distraction for the media.
We are in the middle of the 2nd American revolution.  What a glorious time to be alive.

Tuesday, January 02, 2018

getting colder

For the last week or so, the temperature's been no warmer than the teens and my heating system has been working overtime to keep up with it.  As I type this I can hear the oil furnace in constant run mode, even though the pellet stove has been running non-stop.  I'm not complaining.  I'm just now getting acclimated to the cold, like I always do this time of year.  But last week the single digits chilled me to the core and I found myself paralyzed with cold, twenty miles from home and unable to do anything but freeze and shiver from head to toe until the heater produced some heat.  I hate when that happens.

I completely forgot the short story I read by Jack London about a guy in the Yukon winter who had it much worse.  If you never read To Make a Fire, now's the time.

This guy, back during the Yukon gold rush, set out on an eight hour march to the gold rush camp in -75F weather.  I checked my outdoor thermometer and -70 is bottom line and will never come close to that.  This guy was out hiking in weather 100 degrees below freezing and all he could think was it was real cold.  Real cold?  70 below is like outer space cold.  That's like stay-inside-weather-in-Antarctica cold.  Well, guys back then were a bit tougher than they are now, I spose.  I wouldn't put my beer out in weather like that, let alone me and my dog.  Even his dog knew he was some kind of special stupid to be traipsing around in killer weather like that but he knew how to make fire and fed him so he went along with his retarded master's plan, unwillingly.

Short story much shorter, he fell through the ice, got his feet wet and failed to make a fire because his hands and feet were freezing and a big pile of snow that fell on his fire really fucked up his day.  He ran like an idiot with frozen limbs to pump blood through his system but he was totally unprepared to cope with wet feet, no fire, a temperature of 75 below zero, and base camp six hours away.

He died of stupidity.

It's now 10F and I was just outside having a smokie and a drink and feeling totally comfortable, basking in the warmth of the full moon and thinking about that Yukon asshole who thought it was a good idea to go hiking in -75 weather.  Granted, he was a better man than me, as far as putting up with the cold, but I'll wear a sweatshirt and boots in 10 degree weather and feel comfortable and t-shirt and sneakers for shorter durations.

Anyway... I heard the weather guys say the temps will drop to single digits by Friday.  When the weather guys are so specific about stuff like that, I can't help but call em out out, so I set up the PVC CB to set up a north north-west block to keep that cold Canadian air from dipping too far in this direction.  The intent is to send the cold to go some place other than here and keep the temps bearable.  I'll keep charting the movement.  Let's see what happens.