Thursday, July 31, 2008

stupid is as stupid does

The jury is in. We're becoming dumber. Whether it's because of fluoride in the water, insipid TV shows, lifelong maintenance drugs started at preadolescence, increasing production and consumption of nutrition-less, prepackaged, HFCS-laden food, the elimination of a classical education, pandering to really dumb kids by lowering school standards for education, suppression of critical thinking in education, constant bombardment of extremely low frequencies, or a combination of these, has teetered the average Intelligence Quotient to somewhere between mildly retarded to moron, with no bottom in sight.

Another factor is dumb people are breeding more, while smart people are breeding less, or not at all. In the early '70's, the zero-population growth mantra was "No more than two," meaning zero-population growth can only be achieved if we produce enough offspring to replace ourselves. The dumb kids slept through that class, and went on to breed a massive progeny of kids dumber than their parents, who continued this population expansion with a breeding cycle starting at 12 years old.

Where smart people might become grandparents in their 50's, dumb people become grandparents by 24, with an average sibling rate of 6 dumb kids breeding 42 dumber cousins in a single generation.

Look around and you'll see all kinds of clues. It's and its are interchangeable. So are their, they're, and there, as well as are, our, R, and the pirate mantra, Arrrrr. And don't get me going on ask and ax. Just look at the insipid use of mixing upper case and lower case letters for nics and posts and you can see how language is a living, growing hyper-retarded expression of our exponentially retarded headlong plunge towards idiocy. And that's just simple communication. Have you driven on a highway lately? Idiots driving in the hammer lane as everyone in the slow lane passes them, driving in excess of 20 miles with the turn signal on, slowing down to pass vehicles only to exceed the speed limit by 20mph so no one passes them, Hummers, negotiating turns while using 2 cell phones at once... the list goes on. Have you ever seen a car on the highway with the gas pump hose still in the tank? I have... so many times that it makes me feel uncomfortable about the other drivers.

So, who are the smart people? Let's make a list...

Scientists? Engineers? Computer geeks? Politicians? Corporate executives? All the guys running the world, of which there are just enough to have lunch together at a large table? AAANNNK!

What makes you think these guys are smarter than you? Is it money, power, control? You don't have to be smart to have money, power and control. All you need is a big stick and a goon squad. That's not smart... that's thug control.

Look at the state of the world around you and ask yourself, if this world were run by smart people, wouldn't it be a little less insane?

I postulate the dumbest people in the world are the guys at the top of the heap, and they're getting dumber every day. I also believe the smart people who used to work for these dumb-asses to provide a semblance of smartness to their otherwise dumb-as-dirt ideas are leaving that scene and going underground. All the thugs at the top have to effect control is thug behavior, and without enough smart guys to stave off their gross stupidity, the system as we know it is destined to collapse under its own weight of stupid retards at the top of the heap.

You're probably thinking, "I'm not stoopid." Ok, let's see how you measure up to an 8th-grade education from 100 years ago.

Admit it, you're kinda stupid, ain't ya?

Saturday, July 26, 2008

it's only water

We all know fossil fuels suck but we need them to run our cars, heat our homes, transport our goods from other countries, and as raw material for virtually everything we can think of from clothes to trash can liners.

Since we've permitted oil to become the necessity of our core being, allowing the Saudis and the oil companies to equally share the massive grip on our balls with both hands, it's only natural they'd get together and squeeze a little harder and raise the cost of black gold to just under intolerable levels.

It's an old routine. First, create a high. Then cause addiction. Then raise the price of the addiction to the point the addict turns to crime to support his habit.

What's the difference between a petroleum fuel user and a heroin addict?

Let's see... Both substances come from the Middle East. Both are crucial to the well-being of the user. They both provide a magnificent high, at first, and then become purely maintenance. The pushers in both cases are making fortunes.

Well, what do we do about this addiction of ours? How about we use corn, a food, and convert it to fuel? Isn't that like a junkie using his food money to buy another fix?
Ok. If we convert corn into fuel we can count on roughly one bushel of corn equaling one gallon of fuel. Corn now costs about 4 bucks a bushel. Gas is 4 bucks a gallon. Where's the savings?

How about hydrogen as a fuel? It's the next big thing, the answer, the New Drug of Choice.
Just about all the car manufacturers have a hydrogen fuel cell car ready to market as soon as they get their infrastructure in place. In other words, they won't let their new hydrogen cars loose on the public until there are enough hydrogen filling stations in place to power these 300 mile limited cells. That's nice because our cars now have a 300 mile limit on a tank of gas. How convenient. Nothing changes. We just drive our brand new, permanently Earth-bound Jetsonmobile to the next hydro station for $4.00 a gallon. The smartest engineers in the world are working on a solution to make your life easier and free you from the burden of petroleum.
It's like freeing you from heroin addiction by selling you methodone as a replacement... at the same price.

Hydrogen comes from water. 2 parts hydrogen, 1 part oxygen. You know... H2O. The Earth is four fifths of it and the powers that be KNOW they can sell it to us for 4 bucks a gallon. Again, nothing changes.

I'm sure you're all geared up to stand in line at your nearest GM dealer the moment you hear the new hydro fuel cell car is out on the market, right? Only 30k and you can buy hydro gas anywhere you used to buy gas before. Nothing changes.

Has anyone heard of Stan Meyer? He managed to patent, among other things, a unit that can convert any kind of water into hydrogen fuel. It's a small device, about the size of an ice cooler, that can power a car to run solely on water. It might cost a couple gallons of water to go cross country, but we're talking about tap water, river water, sea water, any kind of water and it's all FREE.

If a guy like Stan Meyer, a high school drop put, can build a device like this, why can't anyone else? Others have. Bill Williams, Joe, as in "Joe Cell", and hundreds of other backyard mechanics with a drive and passion to improve humanity and free it from the shackles of forced addiction to a fuel our own government demands we buy only from the Saudis.

These guys don't have corporate backing or government contracts. In fact, many people who have managed to produce free energy have disappeared because the corporate world found out what they were up to. It cuts into their racket, and this organized crime network is extremely powerful and they'll do ANYTHING to keep control.

Picture this. A truly free energy system that could run any internal combustion engine would transform the world overnight. Great for you and me and everyone we know, but the big boys, the guys running the biggest business in the world, Energy, won't think it's such a hot idea and they won't roll over without a LOT of resistance.

Free energy is right around the corner but it can only come from individual effort. Don't count on corporations to help. They have neither the inclination, the vision, or the ability to do anything for anyone unless it increases their bottom line. Ditto, the government.

This, ya gotta do yourself, unless you like your balls in a vice, and settle to be a junkie, giving all your worth and future to a bunch of hacks that don't deserve it for a drug you think you can't live without.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Rollback prices ... yeah, right

There's no secret here ... I totally loathe Walmart. Every town that is blessed with a Walmart Super Center soon finds its Main St. businesses out of business. Walmart is run by a bunch of greedy, soulless bastards hell-bent on enriching themselves further at all costs. They treat their employees like dirt, and love the employee revolving door because new employees will work cheaper than people who know what they're doing. Walmart food sucks, and the meat is pumped with carbon monoxide to give it that fresh-as-blood look. Virtually ALL the merchandise in Walmart comes from China ... that Most Favored Nation Trading Status dictatorship that treats its workers with almost as much respect as Walmart treats its slaves. Security consists of old people and gimp greeters because they work cheap, and the government gives them kick-backs for hiring the unhireable. In fact, cheap is what Walmart is all about, and they lead the industry in cheap personalities.

Never in the history of retail merchandising has a company deserved to go down as much as Walmart.

Here's a few tips you can try on your next trip to WallyWorld.

1. Fill a shopping cart with perishables and leave it set somewhere.

2. Palm a small but powerful magnet and handle the video tapes.

3. Pay attention to the code an employee uses to page on an intercom. It's usually # and 4 numbers. Page Sam Walton to the Chinese toys dept.

4. Switch a few tickets.

5. Move some stock around the store, like bananas in the underwear and meat in domestics.

6. Get a bunch of meat, cheese, and chicken from the deli department and leave it sit in the clothing department. They'll think you're trying on stretch pants and leave the cart there for a day before trashing it.

Ok, so how is all this retail terrorism going to do anything positive?

Simple ... Correcting these issues will cut into Walmart's already swollen bottom line. They'll have to raise prices to compensate.

Just remember ... being a terrorist depends on whose side you're on.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

hot enough for ya?

If you want to show me just how stupid you are, tell me humans are responsible for global warming and we can do something about it by having less ... less money, less freedom, less autonomy, less critical thinking, etc.

Statistically, those in favor of the belief that humans cause global warming are the very same people who back either Obama or McCain as the lesser of two evils for president, think prescription drugs are cool and can't wait for Big Pharma to come up with a drug that can fix their disease of choice, are waiting patiently for someone to come up with a greener way to drive to work, think Monsanto is ok because they made the colorful wood paneling in their living room, actually think we live in a democracy and their vote means something, think high-fructose corn syrup is better than sugar, believe mainstream media has round-the-clock journalists that report all the news in an unbiased way, and think the government is there for them. (What a laugh.)

To a lesser degree, they favor Pepsi over Coke, margarine over butter, and salad dressing over mayonnaise.

At least you stand up for something.

But my biggest peeve, and the humans I despise the most, are the ones that see no difference in Coke or Pepsi, margarine or butter, salad dressing or mayonnaise, or who have no opinion, one way or the other, which way we're heading as humans because their tiny, little brains can't handle a single thought outside their narrow, little reality box of cell phone ring tones, shopping for crap they don't need, and fast food.

Why not save everyone the trouble and kill yourselves now?

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Hey! Wake up!

Hey sheeple! Time to wake up. Yeah, I'm talking to YOU. All you sleep-walking 'tards who think the most important things in life revolve around your job, your cell phone, carbon emissions, and who will be the next loser president, may as well just cut your wrists and take a hot bath because no one... NO ONE gives a rat's ass about you, because you're all a bunch of slack-jawed, mentally impaired, TV-watching, sleep-walking crybabies, and the United Nations has got your number, and it don't look good. You're marked for extermination and, like cattle going to slaughter, you're too stupid to do anything about it.

I probably lost most of you by now. No bother. You'll be dead in a couple years. Best you live it up while you still can. Why don't you go shopping? That'll brighten things up. While you're out and about spending money you don't have on crap you don't need, 'cause you're in hock up to your ears, you might consider getting a couple cases of Vitamin C and some B complex, because in about 6 months the UN will make all that stuff illegal. It's bad enough you have to eat crap that isn't fit to eat, but without vitamins and minerals ........ Why should I even bother telling you half-wits anything? It's all pearls before swine.

But if you want to do anything to forestall your inevitable demise, I suggest you stop being so goddamned complacent and apathetic, and start getting angry about all this. I don't mean to get upset. That's for your grandmother, who will die soon. I mean get really fuckin' PISSED OFF and do something besides bitch about the price of gas.

Wanna know who I think is behind this? It's the Queen of the United Kingdom, ol' Liz herself. That festering fascist bitch! Yeah, Queen Liz(ard). What a reptile ... feasting on the undead corpses of her own unwashed countrymen. It's all her doing. She says "shit," and GW Bush says how high. She rules the U.N., because it's HER little project, but she keeps her robes clean because everyone thinks she's just an old-money monarch, rotting away in that crazy Buckingham Palace with a dozen Corgis crapping all over the place cause she has hundreds of Corgi crap collectors just waiting to catch the next turd before it hits the floor.

Don't be fooled by her pomp and circumstance and funny clothes. She will eliminate everyone outside her immediate inner circle, and YOU ain't one of em.

I propose we firebomb the United Nations' building in NYC, NOW!

Here's a thought ... Why did the "terrorists" drive planes into the Twin Towers when it was the U.N. that caused the Middle East so much crap?

Doesn't anyone have a spare Cessna full of C4 with a dedicated driver?

On second thought, just go back to sleep.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

orgone hookah

I was in the middle of blogging a rant about free energy when a thunderstorm came by and blew the lights out and I lost my whole tangent. I hate when that happens, don't you?
After sitting around without lights for a few hours, I realized how grounded we are with electricity and all the toys that go along with it. Without TV, radio, computer, or lights you tend to occupy yourself by yourself. You have to entertain yourself since all your boredom fighting toys rely on electricity to function.

Then a thought came to me... Is it me or are the man-made things in our existence like power lines, bridges, and building foundations failing faster than before? I don't mean shoddy workmanship, although that's a big thing. I'm talking about the unusually rapid decay of all things from basic electrical circuits to old growth trees and everything in between. There was a time when the electricity went out it was because a major hurricane came through and knocked down a dozen power lines, and that was a big deal. Nowadays, the electricity goes down for 6 hours whenever the wind blows and we all just shrug our shoulders like it happens once a week after the guys pick up the garbage.

The Earth's frequency or rate of vibration was thought to be constant. When NASA started measuring this in hertz it was at 7.8. Now it is at 11.2,has been measured as high as 14 and is speeding up. I can't help thinking this higher vibrational rate is responsible, in part, for our rapid breakdown of all things.

All the more reason to think about increasing your gas mileage before we hit 15Hz.

I was thinking about the Joe Cell and how Joe accidentally managed to make his car run on zero point energy, or orgone. I believe Joe managed to achieve this, mainly because he was contacted by a few men in black who "convinced" Joe to stop his research and forget about his cell while they ransacked his shop and took everything that wasn't nailed down. The same happened to Bill Williams, who had just managed to adjust his Joe Cell to run his car with no fuel whatsoever. The men in black, in Bills case, were a couple of guys who "convinced" him to destroy his cell, his equipment, and all references to zero point energy or they'll pay a visit to his kid or wife or some other friend or relative they had documented in their files, after they take care of Bill. This just tells me Joe and Bill were definitely on the right track and this research is worth pursuing.

But not today. Today I started a project consisting of vapor jet principles with a little passive orgone, hooked into the PVC system of my car.
It's basically a hookah for my car. The coil draws in fresh air and bubbles around the TB on the bottom. When complete, the draw line will connect the jar lid with a T junction on the PVC line causing a vacuum, allowing the unit to act like an orgone hookah. This orgone rich vapor will then mix with the crankcase fumes and run through the carburetor as fuel.

Will it work? Damned if I know but at least I got all the parts I needed, since the lights were out I had no other choice but to go to the hardware store for parts. I'll just run a vapor jet with orgonite for a week or so and another one without orgonite and see what the difference is, if any.

I'll keep ya posted.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

cars of the future

I suppose it's the name that sells the car rather than the car itself, just as the cover of the book sells the book. You wouldn't want to buy a Ford Pinto, would you? After all, In the Portuguese slang of Brazil, pinto means "penis." It's rumored that some Brazilian car collectors wanted Pintos to park beside their Edsels.
Buick LaCrosse is another fine example of the name that sells the car. To Quebec teenagers, the car’s name means "Buick Jerking Off."
"Lacrosse" is one term for masturbation in Quebec street slang. "Se crosser" is a colloquial verb that means "to masturbate." "Un crosseur" is a Quebec swindler or a wanker. GM announced later that the car would be known in Quebec as the Buick Allure. Ah....... the allure of a masturbating Buick.

Since I feel cheated that I don't have my own flying car, even though we're well into the 21st century, I thought it would be a good idea to name a few flying cars of the future:

Sunday, July 13, 2008

if you stand up they'll have a harder time screwin' ya

The United Kingdom is a fucked up place.

Harry's Place is a U.K. blog containing news items and opinion and it's under attack in the UK Human Rights Commission as having published "harmful content". The only burden of proof this tribunal needs is "someone got upset". The net effect of this is free speech is stifled regarding Islam or anything else that might upset somebody. In the case of Harry's Place, some guy, an affiliate of Hamas, has decided he doesn't like Harry's Place reproducing other people's opinions about Islam, regardless of the fact that it wasn't Harry's Place's opinions in the first place.

About this tribunal...
1. They're appointed by some bureaucrat.
2. Rules of evidence don't apply.
3. This tribunal has a 100% conviction rate. If you're charged, you WILL be found guilty.
4. All it takes to go before this tribunal is an accusation.
5. There is NO appeal.
6. The person who makes the complaint doesn't even have to show up for the trial.

The result is Harry's Place might get shut down. What's worse is the guys running this blog will be hit with huge, life changing penalties in the form of thousands of pounds in fines and far worse, having to repudiate their own believes in public. Can you say "I love Big Brother"?

I mean, they'll have to stand before a public venue like TV or Internet and recite the crimes they were accused of, just like they did in Orwell's novel, "1984". Whether they did or not, they're still guilty.

This gets better. It's not just the UK that has this problem. Here's a list:
Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, Belgium, UK, Germany, France, Canada. These are the major players that try to get everyone else to submit to this drum head trial, kangaroo court, troika, name your metaphor for this end-run around the law to achieve their agenda of taking the law away and substitute opinion for precedent. Why don't we just scrap our judicial system and let a queen run things.
Wait a second... We DO have a queen running things.

Do you think for one second that the Queen of England, as the modern protector of the MagnaCarta ideals of freedom, property, and expression would allow unrestricted surveillance 24/7/365 over the population, the highest tech police state gadgetry on the planet that they use on their own people, and owner of one of the last three remaining city states(London)? Do you think for one minute she would allow that unless she wanted it in the first place?

This isn't your run of the mill, has-been, old money royalty with her ironed and powdered newspapers every morning. This is a manipulative queen bee bitch from a family of manipulative queen bee bitches who have convinced the rest of us that she's not. She's had the support of powerful people like the Rothschilds and royal dynasties dating back centuries who have kept her comfortably in power.

Don't believe me. Look this shit up for yourself. Use your brain for a change and open your eyes before it's too late.


Put your voice in for Harry's Place. Ya see, the more people that go to this link and voice a concern, the harder it'll be for these bastards to take us over.

Friday, July 11, 2008

homework assignment

This weeks homework assignment will be to keep track of George Bush, John McCain, and Barack Obama. My guess is they'll all participate in the Annual Bohemian Grove Extravaganza in California between now and July 27th.

What is Bohemian Grove, you may ask?

Well, in a nutshell, that's where all the major world decisions by the worlds biggest movers and shakers are made, and homosexual orgies are known to be part of the festivities enjoyed by the predominately "Christian conservative" leaders who go there. Former attendee Richard Nixon once referred to the Grove as, "the most faggy goddamned thing you could ever imagine."

Both McCain and Democratic candidate Barack Obama will be in California from Saturday to Tuesday, during which time both candidates are scheduled to speak at the National Council of La Raza, a racist Mexican separatist group that advocates a violent overthrow of the southwestern U.S. states.

In addition, according to an Arizona Daily Star report about a different subject, President Bush's schedule for next week has not been released, meaning Bush, a regular attendee with his father to Bohemian Grove in past years, could be set to make a visit at some point to mark the last year of his presidency.

McCain and Obama have been watched so closely, due to their run for the oval office, and their schedules were so tight that you could find their whereabouts down to the minute, except for those times when they don't want to be found, like when Obama and Hillary went to the Bilderberg meeting in Virginia last month. Ditto for GW's unreleased schedule.

What you need to do is pay close attention to what these three guys are doing. Check the news media. I'll bet dollars to donuts all the media will talk about is fluff, such as how Obama and McCain did so far with popular opinion and endlessly discuss who said what about who and crap like that. You'll not see McCain or Obama til after tuesday, or Bush for at least a week.
I'll bet all three of these guys are eagerly anticipating the annual group circle jerk and cracker eating contest followed by the corn-holing-of-little-boys-festival, while they all dress like women, felating each other while they perform a human sacrifice to their Canaanite god.

And you thought the President of The United States was a distinguished position.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

flight of the doomed

Phred and I were discussing free energy the other night over a bunch of drinks. We discussed Joe cells, Tesla coils, flying cars, and how his dad, a truck driver from way back, used a hydrogen device on his truck that cut his fuel consumption in half. Of course, fuel was cheap back then, and this device was just an experimental curiosity, but the tech existed way back in the '20's. That touched off my biggest peeve... Why the hell don't we have free energy flying cars by now, like the Jetsons?

Phred then said if he had the information and start-up capital, he'd build free energy cars and put all the other car manufacturers out of business. I said, "Phred, you can't build a car from scratch. It's against the law," He said, "Fuck em! I'll build the goddamn thing. Let 'em fuckin' stop me!"

Then it dawned on me. The only reason we don't have free energy flying cars is because the car manufacturers sent an army of lobbyists to Washington to hand over vast amounts of cash to our representatives to pass laws preventing anyone from building cars but them, and I just told Phred he couldn't build a car because The Government said so.

Ya know, Phred was right. Fuck 'em. Fuck those bastard whores of society. Where do they get off making laws designed to stifle any way out of this fucked-up situation they put us all in? The automakers could talk all they want about hydrogen cars and how they're working on the problem...BLA BLA BLA........ These are the same corporate whores that built and destroyed the EV1 back in 1997, shelved Charles Pogue's phenomenal 200mpg carburetor in the 1930's, and completely redisigned Bucky Fullers Dymaxion car into a cheap imitation of a futuristic-like lemon that never got off the assembly line.

Every single aspect of today's cars was NOT developed by the automakers (except planned obsolescence). From automatic transmissions to electric windshield wipers, you can thank the individual garage tinkerers for everything that makes a car a car. Do you know who invented the windshield wiper? Well, let me tell ya... it was a chick. It wasn't Henry Ford, the Dodge brothers or the Wright brothers, or even the Smith brothers. It was a chick named Mary Anderson, and she put it together in her own garage. If she can do it, what the hell's the matter with us?

And today, IF you manage to invent something like Mary Anderson did, you'll never get a patent for it. Big Corp has it all sewed up, from the Patent Office, to the judges, to the lobbyists, to the government, and back to Big Corp. Do you think Boeing would let a couple of bicycle repairmen like the Wright brothers build a better plane? In your dreams.

I humbly take my hat off to Phred, and I'm embarrassed that I became infected with sheepitude, quoting a law that not only I despise, but should be broken at every opportunity.

Whatever happened to our civil disobedient rights?

It's our Second Amendment rights to fight tyranny from the ground up. The fact is, any law, no matter how inconsequential it may seem, could have devastating consequences if left unchallenged. Case in point: Car registrations, i.e. license plates. You don't need to know whether your neighbor has a number on his car or not. The only reason we have a number on our cars is so THEY can make money off of us and exercise control. If we had challenged this law from the beginning, we wouldn't be in the position of having numbers on our foreheads in the near future.

So, get out there and challenge them, damn it!

And let's find some chick to build us a free-energy flying car.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

The Tourettes Guy

Nuff said.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Let's finish this....

In commemoration of this most holy of American holidays, I thought it fitting that we finish what we started back in 1776 and launch an all out attack on the British Empire... or at least The Queen of England.



Wednesday, July 02, 2008

it's hammer time

I got a new resin in the mail today. I tried a few things. Check out the progression.

I think the clear resin makes this stuff look real good. I'll continue to use the green resin for tactical stuff but for aesthetic purposes, clear can't be beat.

(laying out the pics on this thing is a pain in the ass. Next time I'll use a web page.)

minihowitzer II

I managed to get off a few shots of my latest project before my cam batteries died.

When I found these orb type vases for about 60 cents a piece last week , all I could think about was filling them with orgonite and smashing them into tiny shards with my Estwing claw hammer. It took several good whacks to even crack it. Next time I might use my Estwing 4lb. mini-sledge. Yeah, man... A manly hammer to lay waste to those dainty rose vases.

This device has a 3" DT crystal in the center surrounded by about 5' of copper wire in a counter-clockwise coil, like an elongated umbrella, and 4 crystals below pointing to the compass points, all embedded in a rather dense resin mixture of aluminum, copper, and titanium. I installed a bottom coil for a little extra boost, as you can see by the lower pic. The copper pipe is 1" x 6" and houses a herkimer DT.

The idea was to construct a personal, compact, passive orgone generator capable of interchangeable pipe crystals. I stayed away from exotic crystals and mobius coils. I wanted the purity of quartz with passive coils for direction and a copper pipe for future range adjustments. The upper flange surrounds the lower portion of the pipe with enough orgonite to stimulate the pipe crystal into action.

I figured with no orgone devices under the bed for several days I would be better equipped to feel any nuances from this unit.

The first several nights I was heavily influenced by dreams with a definite orgone flavor.

I found orgone enhanced dreams, from these devices, are very different from the regular run-of-the-mill dreams in that they tend to be more instructive and usually more repetitive, as if these dreams are telling you something important enough to pay attention to, and they tend to be relentless until you "get it".
For example, the first night I used this device I had a repeating dream of white cylinders that I thought were being adjusted in some way. The next night I had the same dream only it was made clear that it's not an adjustment dream but a comparative dream and once I "got it" the cylinder dreams stopped repeating.

For the record, the first couple nights, sleep came quickly and my energy levels were high the next morning but after a couple days my high, night-time, energy levels prevented me from getting to sleep when I wanted to. I think with this device I could easily get by with 3 hours sleep a night and still maintain 100% efficiency throughout the day.

More testing needs to be done. Any takers?

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

annie, git yer gun

Yup, it seems we're on the edge of something very economically disturbing. The big boys are very nervous about the coming months, and they have good reason. The carefully crafted economic system that's been morphing our futures for millennia is beginning to topple under its own weight.

Individual companies and corporations come and go, but business, i.e., the agricultural/industrial revolution, just like Old Man River, just keeps on goin', it don't know nothin', it just keeps on rollin along ... until now.

Wanna know what the economic future will look like? Just go to your local farmers' market and some flea markets, and you'll get an idea who the survivors of this great, economical upheaval will be. The people who can make a living providing needs and services without any government involvement, who can trade and barter on an individual scale. People capable of eking out a living without being hobbled by rules and regulations designed to siphon the lion's share of your profits to further enrich those who already own the world.

When currency becomes worthless, the money lenders will be the first to go, followed by everyone else who can't adapt to the new/old ways of survival.

We've devolved into a species that forgot how to take care of itself and had to invent a system that would grow and pre-package our food, build houses, cut hair, weave cloth, mass-produce shoes, and manufacture every toy imaginable to sell to people working for these industries because they forgot how to do it themselves. The survivors of this upcoming economic apocalypse will be those that relearn how to build a house, prepare a meal, and weave cloth without an army of carpenters, Chef Boyardee, or Martha Stewart.

My advice is to get together a stockpile of food with a long shelf life, a water purification system, a rifle for long range, a shotgun for home defense, a pistol for going to town for supplies, lots of ammo, and lots of orgonite for around the house.
And thank God the government didn't take your guns away.