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Friday, September 21, 2007


I stopped at Radio Shack today to pick up a few parts. I didn't want to stop there but, in many cases, they're the only place in town to get electronic items. It's more like a toy store with a few bins for spare parts in the back.

Never mind they didn't have any circuit boards or wire, but when I asked the kid who was waiting on me about diodes he gave me a blank stare and said, "I don't know anything about that stuff. Go to the Radio Shack by Walmart. They know all about that stuff".
Fine... This kid works in a store that sells electronics and he doesn't know what a resistor is. Who hires these people, anyway? So, I went to the Radio Shack near Walmart, where the guys are all smart about electrical stuff and asked to see an IC breadboard socket. They had two and both packages were open. No big deal. I asked if they were ok and one of the smart guys said, "I dunno". I said, then let me use your ohm meter and I'll check it out. He opened a drawer and even though it was sitting on top of everything, he started digging through it like it wasn't there. "There it is," I said. "That yellow thing." I took the instrument and set it for resistance, fired it up and the digital numbers started going through its paces like I woke it from a deep sleep. "Maybe it needs batteries" said one of the two electrically smart guys, as they stared while I checked conductivity. I'm starting to wonder just how dumb that other kid was to think these guys were so smart. When I was done I asked about diodes and the smarter of the two cheerfully guided me to the diode bin in the back of the store.
Ok, I'm a little rusty as far as electronics go and I completely forgot the resistance color code but I know when a diode has a cathode line it means something as far as polarity goes, so I asked Einstein. His reply...."I don't know anything about that stuff." Well, I figured it out by reading the back of the package and showed him how to answer another customer who might ask the same question. All I got was a slack-jawed stare and I could swear I saw neon green sub-atomic particles orbiting the genius kids head. I said, you don't know much about the stuff in this place, do ya? To which his reply was, "Not really, but I can debug and secure your network. That's what I went to school for."

Then it hit me.
Everyone knows how to push the buttons but no one knows what makes em go. Here we have a place called Radio Shack that used to be run by geeks who knew everything about electronics and then some, and now we have the very same store run by total fools who only know what they were taught in school and nothing more and none of them has ever been taught anything about electronics. Just warm bodies who aren't even interested in the nuts and bolts of the products they sell.

Ok, I'm just a regular guy trying to expand my knowledge base and reality tunnel by building a few gadgets and I can't find anyone who knows more about electronics than me and I forgot more than these guys will ever learn. And it's not just Radio Shack. It's everywhere! Go to any burger joint and talk with the jerks behind the counter. 7 out of 10 will tell you they don't like burgers and try asking for a half dozen Chicken McNuggets. They come in 4, 6, and 8. Not a half dozen.

We've become a service oriented nation and the service sucks because most people treat stupidity as if it were a virtue. You won't find any good electronic technicians because those that have the skills are working for large corporations or the government, not for themselves and certainly not for you. Ditto for all specialized jobs as well as the whole scientific community. Eventually, all specialized stores will disappear because it's not cost effective to keep in stock parts that no one buys because they don't know what to do with them, and the Radio Shacks will become just another toy store that sells the same crap you can find anywhere else, that is if they can stay in business. Try asking someone in Walmart a technical question about anything in any department. You'll just get the same vacuous look as if everyone there is working in someone else's department that day.

Example: Every town had a dozen shoe stores until Walmart came. After all the stores that measured your feet closed, Walmart decides to cut back on their shoe inventory because most styles and sizes don't sell. Now all you get are mall shoe stores that sell the same D width, regular crap that everyone else sells because there isn't a choice anymore, and the salespeople don't know anything about footwear for the same reason Radio Shack employees can't tell the difference between an LED and electrical tape.

The scientific community used to think the dinosaurs became extinct because of over-specialization. I tend to think the opposite is true of humans.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

who needs a drill anyway?

So, what did cavemen do if they needed to twist wire for a mobius coil? They did what any semi-upright biped would do. They hooked the wire to a post and hand twisted it with a chop stick.
I swear I can feel this succor vibrate when I hold it.

Although the area around this house has had far less rain than anywhere else this year, the grass is green and lush and growing like crazy, but only in a 10 yard radius around this house. There are some areas of the yard I didn't mow for months. Only the lawn in the immediate vicinity of the house grows 8" in 5 days. I wonder if it has anything to do with all the orgone devices?

frustration mounts

Not serious frustration but frustration just the same.
I got everything together to build an SP. I got the wire for the mobius coil from the cat 5 wire I found in the garage and the frequency generator is complete. All I need to get started is my drill to twist up the wire to begin assembling the mobius coil.

I can't find my drill. I just used it the other day and now it's nowhere to be found. In my search I found my microscope, 3 rolls of electrical tape I gave up for lost last year, and a supply of checks I gave up for lost 3 years ago. I'll give myself a half hour to find it before I make a trip to the hardware store. I'm going to be irritated if I have to buy another drill only to find the old one in a few days, like my electrical tape.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Friday, September 14, 2007

do I really have too much time on my hands?

Investigations into orgonite have begun to yield some interesting results. It's clear now that certain mediums, materials and designs are more effective than others. I found the clear plastic resin doesn't work nearly as well as the fiberglass resin, and smaller copper and aluminum pieces work much better than the slightly larger bits I used in the past. Also, copper coated steel BBs just don't seem to have the punch. It might have to do with their spherical form.

Trial and error, with myself and unknowing people as guinea pigs, provided my preliminary data.

My first conical shaped HHG was a mixture of medium-fine shavings of copper and aluminum in a fiberglass resin matrix with a single crystal, which I placed under my bed for 3 nights. I didn't tell my g/f, but she seemed to have the same effect I had, i.e. high energy levels and intense dreams. I had to stop this experiment after the third day because... you know how women are when they don't get enough sleep. I decided after that to reserve placement of HHGs under the bed for punishment reasons (not that I mind. I love the energy and dreams).

I used this same HHG on Mary's kid. She was staying here for awhile, and I get my guinea pigs where I can, so I placed the HHG on top of a bookshelf on the first floor directly under her bed on the 2nd floor. The results were dramatic. She reported 3 days of vivid dreams involving a crystal accompanied by high energy levels, which resulted in a cleaning frenzy.

I used this procedure with other shapes and densities with varying results, which at least proved to me I'm on the right track.

Last night I charged my cloudbuster with a rather large Herkimer diamond and a lemurian seed crystal to see what would happen. We were supposed to have rain all day today, starting this morning, but the sun is shining. You can see the front trying to move in, but it seems to dissipate within a mile of the house. The cloudbuster is made of the same material as the HHG, only much larger.

As soon as I'm convinced what has the most effect, I'll move on to bigger and better things other than dreams. Stay tuned.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

big feet, little feet

I was wondering about how the whole world seems to going green, as if it's a new trend or something. Like, PC on steroids. Carbon footprints and how to make them smaller for the salvation of mankind on Earth, the preservation of coastline villas and the North Pole seems to be the talk of the town.

Al Gore, the godhead of the climate change movement, has a monthly electric bill that surpasses most third world countries GNP, demonstrating he has a demonstrably large carbon footprint. Your average Aqualung, homeless, jobless, soup-kitchen-refugee, by comparison, has an extremely tiny carbon footprint.

At first glance, it seems Al is one of the greatest greenhouse gas emitters in this hemisphere, stomping around the world like a giant, carbon Godzilla, slashing and burning his message of a clean environment while his private jet alone pollutes more than 10,000 Hummers in need of a tune-up. But Al has Carbon Credits in his back pocket, which allows him to pay for the excess greenhouse gases he generates, and that makes things all right.

Carbon credits create a market for reducing greenhouse emissions by giving a monetary value to the cost of polluting the air. This means that carbon becomes a cost of business and is seen like other inputs such as raw materials or labor. In other words, buying carbon credits is exactly like buying indulgences in the 16th century.

As Johann Tetzel, a Dominican friar selling indulgences, by order of The Vatican, in the 16th century once said, as he set up his shop in the local church, "I have here the passports... to lead the human soul to the celestial joys of Paradise." The fees were dirt cheap and if you bought one of these passports (credits) you were guaranteed a fast-track trip to Heaven.

So, with carbon credits, you can reduce your carbon footprint to that of an Aqualung and be able to burn Styrofoam and tires in your back yard and still be welcomed in any lecture hall, touting the need to drive hybrid cars and stop smoking so that the insurance rates don't go up on the beachfront property of your friends.

I see a business opportunity here....

For a mere $1,000 I will sell you one carbon credit witch will grant you the ability to dump the human waste of a family of 4 in the nearest stream AND burn your surplus car tires in your back yard for one year. In return, I will get 6 human beings (provided by Jenny Craig) to walk treadmills to produce electricity which I will sell back to the local power company and invest in green technology, like windmills.

Or would you rather buy a seat at Gods right hand? Al? Anyone?

Monday, September 10, 2007

the internet must die!

Not if I can help it.

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press 1 for english

If this bill ever passes, I think I'll become a Mexican citizen.

Even though this bill wasn't passed, it shows what total assholes our representatives are for almost passing it. The Whitehouse was in full support of this bill, which doesn't surprise me in the slightest, considering GW and his staff hasn't done one, single, thing in their 2 terms that didn't include pissing on his countrymen and our constitution. He also said anyone not in favor of this amnesty bill is unpatriotic. Talk about Orwellian double-think... What surprises me is Obama and Hilary both voted for this bill, knowing they still have some constituent asses to kiss before they do their big run to the oval office. If this administration and this congress would have pulled this kind of crap 100 years ago they'd be dragged out of their offices and shot.

When did the American people lose their balls?