Thursday, June 26, 2014

free orgonite

I saw a design like this on the internet a while ago and wondered how they made it.  I figured it must be very difficult to make, since the cost was something like $40.  
About a week ago I figured out how to make these things and the process isn't as difficult as I first thought.  In fact, it's falling-off-a-log simple and the small size allows a fast curing time.  The elegant doughnut shape means you don't need to engineer a way to mount it on a chain.  This is as simple as it gets in a 3D world.

Aside from it's primal sophistication, the best part is what's in it.  Black iron oxide, powdered quartz, and resin.  This unit has about a half teaspoon of iron oxide with a couple grams of powdered quartz crystal to ramp it up.  Ordinarily, I'd use crushed quartz sand but the smaller mass of this unit requires something better...  Clear quartz pulverized to the consistency of confectioners sugar.  I also threw in some wheat flour as an organic and to make it more pleasant to the touch.  The torus shape allows an energy signature similar to the magnetic field on an electric motor and is ideal for concentrating the max amount of energy from a small orgonite mass.  

Since this unit is made from extremely dense orgonite material and requires some kind of stimulation to make it work, I figure what better place than over your heart?  Your heart is basically an electric motor switching polarities from + to - that contracts and expands in waves to keep your blood moving.  An over simplification of heart mechanics but my point is it's enough to give this ring a bump to get it working.  There's also movement from breathing, moving, talking, and all those thousands of frequencies your organs crank out to the universe in a symphony that is unique to you alone.  

Just cause ya can't hear it doesn't mean we're not putting out a lot of noise.  I imagine any higher life form that can hear the frequency cacophony we're all emitting will probably interpret it as the primal scream wailing of sociopathic monkey-men in emotional blood lust agony.  No wonder they stay away from us.  

Anyway... as I was taking my morning shower, the thought came to me that giving these things away to anyone who asks would be the thing to do.  It's not only a karmic thing but gives me the opportunity to do some cheap research.  It will also be good for you by instilling and reinforcing the attitude that you CAN get something just by asking for it.  

Drop me a line and ask for a free ring and I'll send one to you free of charge.  Free means no charge of any kind.  No postage.  No handling.  Just, plain, free.  I'll even ship international.  These things are small and light weight.  How much can it cost to ship to the most desolate place on the planet?  Don't worry about it.  As I said.  It's FREE.  Free, that is, while supplies last.  

BUT... There's a catch.  If I send you one of these, just use it and try to let me know your experience with it.  That's all.  I know most people won't report back but some will and I'm just playing a numbers game here.  Throw enough mud on a wall and some of it sticks.  It's the reports I get back that count.

Besides, free is always good.


Friday, June 20, 2014

punkin 1

I was talking with a friend about orgone field generators and how the shape determines the energy flow.  Eventually, the discussion navigated me to free-form tangent mode, rambling on about the perfect shape for a toroidal field generator and I found myself in a vocal rant on orgone energy flow theory and the positive and negative aspects of various pastry cookware.  The idea of a bundt cake mold came to mind as quite possibly the perfect shape.

I thought about a bundt mold years ago and disregarded the shape, primarily because it wasn't smooth and I thought an angel-food cake pan showed more promise.  But the more I thought about it, the more obsessed I got with the shape and began to consider the decorative ridges going from the outside edge to the open center might actually help to structure the energy flow in that unique wrap around way only a powered up orgonite toroid can do.

While still talking and ranting about shapes and energy flow, part of my mind was doing an on-hand inventory of the materials needed for this project.

...bla, bla, bla, cascading densities...  
round cake pan, check.

...bla, bla, bla, mobius coil, maybe 24 gauge...
I still have that extra gallon of resin I bought last month, check. 

...It's the shape, man.  That toroid shape that makes it happen!...   
There's a spool of wire in the back room next to the pyramid molds, check. 

 ...And those ridges that go from large on the outside to small on the inside should direct all that energy to the business end, the center vortex, baby!...   
I know I saw a bundt cake pan in Kmart for under ten bucks.  Iron oxide, powdered copper, vasoline, check, check, check.

I couldn't wait to start.  And just as expected, the project was a sloppy, disorganized, chaotic, improvisational mess from start to finish.  Yeah, I make orgonite like I cook.  A pinch of this, a handful of that, a few last minute changes, some gravy stains, and a surprise every time.

This project was no exception.

This aint your regular bundt cake form.  This unit has a bottom half equal in mass to the top half and it took just short of two gallons of resin to produce.  The center of this thing is made from a thick slurry of polyester resin, black iron oxide and copper in a 6:1 ratio, some sand, and an internal mobius coil made from 100' of 24 gauge insulated solid copper wire.  The second layer is medium density orgonite made with a half teaspoon of black iron oxide, brass shavings, resin, sand, and about a dozen small DT quarts crystals around the perimeter. 

Kinda looks like a pumpkin, don't it?  If you can come up with a better name than punkin 1 I'm all ears.

You probably noticed a few light discolorations around the hemisphere and part way in the vortex.  Those used to be voids where the two hemispheres didn't quite form properly or where the resin cured too fast and produced cracks.
It happens.  The temps were in the mid 60's, there was lots of sand and powdered metals in the mix, and lots of resin poured at once, making this project much harder than I anticipated.  It doesn't help that this was my first big pour since last fall and I didn't have my act half together for something like this.
But, what the hell.  If everything was easy, we'd never learn anything.  In this case, I learned plenty.

Before I made any repairs to the voids I hooked up frequency and fired this thing up.  Twenty minutes later it just sat there, dead as a doornail.  Well, THAT sucks!  It took me a couple days and gallons of resin to produce a boat anchor.  And an ugly boat anchor, at that.

BUT...  (Yeah, I know that's a big but.  Everybody's got a big but, ok?)  At least I get to see if my edge theory works with a practical demonstration comparing a unit with a sharp edged bunch of voids with the same unit free from any kind of surface imperfections.  Some Bondo applied with a Popsicle stick and cleaned up with a dremel restored it's form.  I topped it off with a few coats of shellac as a sealant and organic layer and fired it up eight hours later.

It took about two minutes to charge up before I began to feel the energy field forming around this unit.  The smooth shape let the energy envelope the unit and concentrate in the hourglass shaped center vortex.
Unlike the other units I built, this one doesn't need a central core to put out the energy.  It runs great all by itself but way better with a big ass crystal.  It also does a good job supercharging orgonite and seems to display some pretty awesome manifestation capabilities.

Be that as it may, I still made plenty of mistakes.  This prototype may not be as kick-ass as I would like but I can use this unit as a learning tool.

For one, the inner core mass should have been more proportional to the medium density mass surrounding it, making it smaller and more powerful. 

Another thing that's been on my mind is the placement of the densities.  Do these units have to be extra high density in the center surrounded by progressively lower density orgonite?  What if the mobius coil fired up a medium density inner core that stimulated the extra high density material surrounding around it?

The pulsar I built earlier had the extra high density stuff on top to direct the energy flow like a laser.  Wouldn't a torus shaped unit like this be more like a hyper-dimensional, non-linear, inside out laser with the surface as the business end with the heaviest concentration in the center vortex?

Looks like the only way to find out is to build a punkin 2.

I'll keep ya posted.



Friday, June 13, 2014

comfortably numb

It seems my blog posts have been a little weak, lately.  An average of a post a month gives the impression I don't have anything to say or I may have slipped into a state of long term slothfulness.  Not so.  Well, maybe a little slothfulness with the excuse of R&R, downtime, or research so I don't take on the appearance of a total slug.

To be honest, I've been making orgonite as soon as the weather allowed, produced several gallons of high proof fuel in a colorful assortment of mind numbing flavors, managed to extract monatomic gold from sea water, developed a new design for a field generator, made some colloidal silver, produced some extremely cool extracts from 130 proof alcohol and herbs, and came to the conclusion our present form of government is a scripted reality show just as bizarre as Bob Dole in The Real World. 

"Bob Dole loves peanut butter! Bob Dole has never made a secret of this! Someone ate Bob Dole's peanut butter! If you want to chip in thats another story!"

The extracts came out of left field and opened the door to a level of herbal cures that border on awesome.  I thought the coffee bean extract made with 120 proof corn liker was the closest thing to legal meth but the antidepressant made from honey, vanilla, black pepper, aloe, and some homemade spiced rum totally blew me away with the first, and only, sip.  How can I describe it?  Imagine liquid black pepper smothered with creamy sweet honey and vanilla and hints of tropical rum leaving a comfortable capsicum burn from your mouth all the way down your esophagus.  The effect was the awesome part.  Within seconds after the first taste I could feel a distinctive endorphin rush I haven't felt since the last time I gorged myself on hot and sour soup, extra hot general tso's chicken, and an egg roll with real chinese mustard.  Sorta kinda comfortably numb.

That shit put me in a state of total bliss that lasted the rest of the day.  All I wanted to do was sit on the porch, watch the rain, and know full and well all's right with the world.  Doing it straight might not be everyone's cup of tea but I'll bet an ounce or two in a fifth of rum will alter the mood of any party.

If anyone's interested, let me know and I'll be glad to send a sample.

I would have included a few pics but that would mean getting up and doing something. 
How bout Polka Floyd instead?


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