Sunday, November 30, 2014

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

bumping the storm

Starting tomorrow, November 26, we're supposed to get hammered with 6 inches of snow from the noreaster coming up from the southern US.  At least, that's what all the weather men are saying.  And I do mean ALL of them, as if every, single one of these guys looked out the window, researched their Farmer's Almanacs, and came to the same conclusion as to how much, when, and where all this snow will be dumped.  No straying from the herd here.  These weather guys all swing in the same direction and stick to their collective prognostications every bit as solid as the Ferguson protesters.  The core of human herd mentality for your mass media entertainment.

Anyone who has landed on this site in the past can probably guess this has something to do with weather, and right you are.  I mean, whenever the weatherman says something like 100% chance of this or that, I take it as a challenge and start looking for fresh batteries to fire up the cloudbuster and do my best to reduce his weather forecasting average to less than 40%.

I brought up a weather map of the east coast and, sure enough, there's a massive noreaster heading this way from the south and it's going to make getting around a little ugly for all those folks travelling for Thanksgiving.

What you see on the left is the configuration I've been using instead of the original cone for the central core.  This device is a 1" diameter copper pipe, three feet long, filled with insulated orgonite with a 3" DT crystal taped to the business end with aluminum tape.  The 8' galvanized stove pipe (not shown) completes the CB.

A frequency generator set at 14Hz powers up the field generator, which happens to be the same one I've had on this unit since I first put it together five years ago.

Has it really been that long?  I can't believe I not only have the same basic design but the same damn parts!  It just goes to show how versatile this thing can be.  I must've swapped out every part a dozen times attempting to improve it while keeping the same field generator, even though it's five generations behind the stuff I'm working on now.  I suppose I should consider a field generator upgrade but that can wait til spring.  I got some nasty weather to deal with and turkey day is the day after tomorrow.

Around 4pm, I fired up the CB and pointed it south south-west in an attempt to divert the storm away from this area.  According to the weather maps, it looks like I'll be adjusting the dish a little more to try and bump this storm east of here before going to bed.

Sorry Philly.

I'll keep ya posted.