Tuesday, January 03, 2012

democracy. aint it cool?

Democracy seems to be one of those words that strike a chord in Americans like patriot, freedom, and liberty.  I think it was Ben Franklin who said, democracy is great until the people realize they can use it to rob the treasury.  I'm paraphrasing here but the concept is correct.

What we have going is democracy in action.  The 51 percent have decided they don't want to pay taxes so the remaining 49 percent will.  The 51 percent consist of the lowest levels of our society as well as the upper 20 percent.  Big business and the independently wealthy all have lawyers and accountants working out angles and loopholes to avoid taxes.  The lowest levels of our society don't have to pay taxes and have free money given to them.  Congress?  They don't pay taxes of any kind and retire on whatever salary they'd get if they stayed in congress, regardless if they were at retirement age or not.  And they can still get another government job and pension that pays them, along with any other government pension, as long as they live, as well as any other package they got along the way.  Sure beats social security.

With all these people getting a free ride, it's up to Joe Blow tax payer to foot the bill for these deadbeats to keep the system going.  The middle class, who just so happens to be anyone dumb enough to allow their employer to take money out of their paycheck, foots the bills the poor and wealthy don't want to pay.

Is that about it?  Is that a good interpretation of democracy?  Sounds more like socialism to me.

From each according to his ability, to each according to his need? 

This explains why all those bankers, financial institutions, and major corporations got all that bailout money.  They needed it and congress, as acting representatives for the working class, had the ability to give it to them.  And why not?  Congress has been feeding from the taxpayer trough for so long they feel entitled to perpetually satisfy their gargantuan needs, so it's only natural they feel a special kinship for these high end parasites and are more than happy to give away someone elses farm.  Our representative form of government created this caste system of congressional need that's constantly satisfied by proxy.  The Federal Reserve, a private corporation owned and run by international bankers and as much a part of the federal government as Federal Express, got on-board and created trillions of dollars out of thin air for the largest banks in Europe without so much as a nod from congress.  No wonder that bunch in The White House are so eager to give social security benefits to illegal aliens.

Not to worry.  The working class can handle it.... as long as we're still able.

Next time you hear a politician say democracy, substitute socialism and the words take on a different meaning.