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I was driving home from work the other day when a thought came to me.
How cool would it be to have Superman as a neighbor!  We all have these little problems from time to time that require jumping through hoops to overcome.  Big problems for us but a walk in the park for Superman.  He can easily lift your car off the ground so you can stand up while changing your oil and chit chat while he's doing it.
"Hey Superman, I'm about to clean the chimney.  How bout a hand?"  Childs play... He'll just fly to the top of the house and blow the dirt down the chimney and test it out with his heat vision.

Even though he'd gladly help out in a neighborly way, I don't think I'd feel right imposing on our friendship by asking him to do my chores.  He has his own chores to do, like mowing the lawn and dead-heading the roses.  Ok, so he can run at light speed but his mower blades can go only so fast and that means the man of steel has no choice but to take his time and stroll behind his push mower like any other property owner.  

Just like anyone else, I'll bet Superman really needs some R & R from fighting crime 24/7/365.  Just because he's an alien in a strange world doesn't mean he should be expected to jump up and fix every little emergency that comes along.  Superman needs a vacation too and I'll bet he would love to hang out with humans, other than Jimmy and Lois, and just let his hair down and be himself. 

Superman doesn't smoke, drink or swear and that might be the reason he spends all his time working at the Daily Planet pretending to be human.  As if journalists don't smoke, drink or swear.  That just shows you how hard it must be for a total alien to blend, even for the man of steel.  He never gets to hang with his peer group because he has no peers.  They all died when Krypton blew up.  Superman stands alone as a super hero pretending to be human, where all the other super heroes are humans wearing masks when they transform.  The only time he can truly be himself is when he dons his tights and cape, gets into his alien god character and flies off to serve his adopted race, helping those too stupid and weak to help themselves.

I think all Superman needs is some real people to hang with who won't ask him to do tricks.

me:  Hey Superman, I'm having a little party next door.  Wanna stop by for some burgers and beer?

Superman:  I don't drink.

me:  Why not?  It's not like you'll get drunk or anything.  You can drink a river of rum and still fly a straight line.

Superman:  I don't smoke, drink or swear.

me:  Do you eat clams?

Superman:  I love clams.  I'll be right over.

As the steaks are charing, Superman makes his entrance by gliding over the tree tops and does a soft landing in the back yard by the beer cooler, where one of the guests offer him a beer.  He looks at it as if he's using x ray vision to see what's inside when someone says, "Go on, S man, crack it open.  It's not like you'll fly into trees and piss your tights."  Soon, the man of steel slam his first of many Yuenglings and lets out a belch that downs three walnut trees in the meadow, raising gales of laughter and rebel yells from the semi-inebriated party guests.

The only fly in the ointment is Superman's zero tolerance for law breakers.  No one dares fire up a joint while this alien top cop is hanging around and Superman's total memory recall has already pulled a rap sheet on every felon at this gathering and he's making everyone nervous with his pointed questions about overdue library books, oxycontin sales, meth labs, and talks of revolution 100 yards away in the basement with all the doors and windows closed while the living room music was up full blast.
It's obvious.  This guy is potentially dangerous, in a very extreme way.

Soon, the idea of partying with Superman doesn't sound like a good idea.  This guy, with his super hearing, super eyesight, and total memory recall is worse than a party full of NSA agents on steroids.  His invulnerability and super strength ensures he always gets his way, usually bypassing the judicial system and depositing lawbreakers in the prison of his choice.  A lifetime of superior intellect and zero tolerance for lawbreakers, with never so much as a challenge, argument, or disagreement from any human as to how he dishes out his single-minded form of immediate justice, produced an alien super being, secretly living amongst us, who has never experienced any kind of opposition to his will.  In short, a bully disguised as a good guy who dresses funny, with little more than a code of conduct preventing him from laying waste to the entire planet.

Now that I think about it, I'd prefer Superman to stay as far away from humanity as possible and thank god his little space ship crashed in Nebraska instead of Nazi Germany.

By comparison, Lex Luthor would be more fun to hang with.

It seems Superman needs Jimmy and Lois more than they need him.
Truly, a stranger in a strange land without a hope of ever knowing what being human is like.  No peers, no friends, and his closest relationships are a couple of nosy reporters who talk about him behind his back and worship him for what he can do for them.

I find Superman to be a pitiable creature and he has my deepest sympathies. 



Saturday, December 14, 2013

stuff up the cracks, highway star

I was surfing Jon Lord and through tangents and torrents I ended up with this little Zappa gem that cycled me down to a simpler time of love and death angst.

But, then again, Jon Lord had his own version of love and death angst in the form of a Hammond C3 organ driving through Marshall speakers in an effort to match the attack and volume of Blackmore's guitar in Highway Star.

One is white port and lemon juice.  The other is speed and black Afghanistan at 40 bucks an ounce.

In case you're wondering why they don't make music like this anymore... They're all dead, leaving the rest of us with survival angst.

I tried playing both of these tunes at the same time, thinking it might have the same effect as mixing cocaine and heroin.  It doesn't.  But don't take my word for it.  Last I heard, music is still a legal high, so experiment away!
So, what'll it be?  Sedation or adrenaline? 

Thursday, December 05, 2013

smithsonian flash mob

This one brought tears to my eyes.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

I finally got this damn thing finished

I've been working on this pulser, off and on, since July and I'm happy to say it's finished.  Well, the pulser is finished but I still have the electronics to complete, and something tells me building the circuitry will be a walk in the park compared to building this unit.

I can't take credit for this design.  That credit goes to Jon Logan, one of the greatest orgonite engineers pioneering the fringes of orgone bioenergy.  It's proper name is 2nd generation Orgone Field Pulser II Mobius-driven Bioenergy Generator.  Pulser for short.

From the start, I had problems building this thing and it seemed I had to redo each step before moving on to the next.  The internal reflective chamber was larger to accommodate the 7" crystal which required larger molds for each stage, which required scrounging larger molds with the required slope for this specific project.  When the mold melted before the chamber casting was set, spilling sticky medium density orgonite all over my work area, I put this mess on the back burner for a few weeks until I decided to start over from scratch.

In the meantime, I built a few field generators and a bunch or orgonite and everything just blissfully flowed.  That told me it wasn't me but this pulser I was obsessing over that made me doubt my skills and made building it such a chore.
The second time around, things came together much easier and within a few days the casting was complete and ready for clean up.  The paint job was not only the final organic layer but gives it a real kickass look.

The Interior of this unit is a hollow reflective chamber housing a mobius wrapped 7" crystal with a mini orgone accumulator at the base.  The base, chamber, and nose castings all have specific orgonite densities designed to attract bioenergy through the base, compress and amplify it in the compression chamber, and send the amplified quantity of bioenergy through the top pipe.
This thing will run on it's own in passive mode but stimulating it with frequency brings out the beast and the last two nights of this unit running on 432Hz produced the best nights sleep I've had for a long time.

One reason it took so long to complete this project was the addition of mono atomic gold in the nose cone.  If you can grasp the potential this unit is capable of, you'll agree the addition of mono atomic gold is way more than a necessary component.

There are many more goodies in this package like hematite and gold at the accumulator base with a pair of SBB coils to direct energy and various powdered crystals at specific locations with an assortment of curing frequencies but that sort of detail would require a web page rather than a simple blog.

If you want the nuts and bolts on how to build one of these you can find out here.

All that needs to be done now is building a radionics panel to run this thing.

Just so ya know, I have no problem mixing resin, building molds, and making orgonite in any shape. So when I say building a radionics panel is a walk in the park compared to building this unit, I don't mean to say soldering tiny parts old school is fun.  I'm saying the pain in the ass job of soldering tiny parts old school is easier by a long shot than building this pulser was.

If you plan on building one of these, let me know.  Just don't ask me to build it for you, ok?


Wednesday, October 30, 2013

jumpin jesus a new ball park.

Let us define the measurement of known scientific facts in the year 1 A.D. as "one jesus," or "1j," using the name of the celebrated philosopher born that year. 
It took roughly 40,000 to 100,000 years to accumulate the sum of 1j, since that's about how long homo sapiens have been on this planet.
It took 1500 years for the sum of human knowledge to double to 2j.  The next doubling came in about 250 years.  Now we have 4j as the sum of human knowledge in the year 1750 A.D.  The next doubling took 150 years, and by 1900 we had 8j.  The next doubling took 50 years so now we have 16j.  Ten years later we doubled again to 32j.  The next doubling took seven years, bringing our sum to 64j.  The next doubling, six years, so by the year 1973 we had 128j.  By 1982 we had 512j in our information coffers and there's no reason to imagine the acceleration has stopped.  In fact, the sum of all human knowledge has begun to double by nanoseconds by the early '90s.  
We live in accelerated times, and information is doubling faster than we can blink-- and it's increasing.  If you compare all the information that's out there to what we know as individuals, you can easily see we know nothing at all.  Anything you compare to infinity is always zero.  Every field is so absolutely full of increasing knowledge that we had to develop sub-fields in order to try and make sense of it.  There are so many specialties in medicine, banking, architecture, electronics, that even the specialists can't keep up with it all.   All this information is out there but even the Internet, a small sliver of exponentially expanding information, is beyond our capability to be mapped.  An even smaller bit of specialized knowledge, our phone calls and emails that have been collected by intelligence agencies, amounts to a stack of hard drives that can reach the moon.

And what was happening during this Jumping Jesus phenomenon?

6,000 years ago, Priest kings suddenly appeared and took control of the world as we know it.  A small group of royal-political families and banking elite families took control of the world.

Money was introduced as a tool of enslavement.

Rothschild, Rockefeller, Morgan, and a few other families own all the banks, own all the governments, and control all the money, resources, and assets of the world.

And what did all this knowledge get us?

We are all born free on our planet but we cannot move around freely.  We cannot live where we choose to.  We have to follow rules and laws that we did not agree to.  We have to work to pay taxes.  The restrictions are endless.

Every socio-political system has failed us.  Humans everywhere live in misery.  There seems to be no happy outcome to the political and economic mess of the planet.  Every year, every month it gets worse.  More poverty, hunger, homelessness.  Global economic collapse is imminent.  One third of the worlds food goes to waste because poor, starving people have no money.

So what.  You might say it was capitalism and the monetary system that helped propel us to this negative utopia where we all have to work jobs we hate to make money to maintain our climate controlled environments and to buy sub-standard food and crap we don't need to keep the system going in a downward spiral of bleak prosperity while enriching the elite few?  That's exactly what I'm saying.  And with the present system in place it's never going to get any better than it is right now.

Let me go a step further and say we are not physical creatures doomed to this existence of following the leader in a blind, drunkards walk over the cliff like mindless lemmings.  We are more than that.  We're spiritual beings trapped in this meaningless existence by the rulers of this planet through coercion, propaganda, laws, and a passive-aggressive police force state to keep us in place to maintain their system of control.

If the Jumping Jesus phenomenon is correct, why aren't we smarter?  

We are.  We just don't know it yet.  Humanity as come to the point where normal thought processes are no longer efficient enough to handle all the data we receive.  Intuition is emerging as the new human thought processing app with reason and logic serving as validation mechanisms.  We've gone from instinctual hunter-gatherers to inventive problem solvers to mindless consumers.  In spite of our cradle to grave social programming and everything we see around us, we all KNOW this isn't the way things are supposed to be.  That's your emerging intuition whispering in the background while your brain is preoccupied with the scripted fiction we're trained to believe as reality.

When you play in someone else's ball park you play by their rules.

You can't win this game if the royals, politicians, and bankers change the rules whenever it suits them.  We've never won a game and never will.  We're not meant to win but we're all brainwashed into thinking we might win one this time. 

Maybe it's time to play in our own ball park for a change.      

Sunday, October 13, 2013

back in the orgonite saddle again

It's amazing what's happened these past few weeks.  While I was immersed in my own projects like the north west field generator, the pulsar project, ORMUS, and an improved batch of absinthe, it seems those guys in Washington have all gone completely mad.  It's as if the system is imploding and I'm not sure if it's by accident or design.

The naval yard outside DC had a few problems with a contractor.  It seems he was being controlled or influenced by extremely low frequency electromagnetic waves before he embarked on a bloody shooting rampage at the Washington Navy Yard.

Members of a Washington DC Swat team who the BBC has learned were ordered not to respond to Monday's Navy Yard shootings have yet to be contacted by the authorities.
The Capitol Police tactical response team was told by a supervisor to leave the scene instead of aiding municipal officers, sources told the BBC.
Meanwhile, the department has installed a new leader of the elite unit. No reason has been given for the decision.
Gunman Aaron Alexis killed 12 people.

It wasn't until this shooting that I realized why military bases are such easy targets for mass killings.  Guns weren't allowed on military bases since the Clinton administration.  I never knew that, did you?  I mean, these are military installations.  They're called armed forces for a reason.  Without arms, or weapons, soldiers become service personnel.  Sounds like something you'd call uniformed waiters.

The federal government is on semi-shutdown, meaning non-important government personnel are on furlough, or in private sector terms, vacation.  Non-important means federal parks, social security, federal landmarks and memorials, health and human services... you know, all that stuff that only affects real people.  Not to worry.  All those government employees on furlough will receive back pay for the time they were off, making this a paid vacation for them.  The reason the federal government is on semi-shutdown?  Obama wants obamacare and no one else does.    

And this is just the home-front.  Earlier the commander in chief was on the brink of starting WWIII because he wanted to bomb Syria.  For the first time in history, the American people gave Russia's leader a higher approval rating than the US president.   

Just when you think it can't get any crazier, it gets crazier.

Last week a woman from Connecticut was murdered in Washington DC by capital police and secret service for getting lost near the white house.  She was supposedly in communication with Obama, via radio waves in her head, and drove to Washington with her one year old child in the back seat.  After capital police stopped her car they put a dozen bullets in her head and congress gave them a standing ovation for a job well done.

Well, I can't be bothered by this absurd federal reality show.  I got some orgonite to make.

What you see here is a field generator that didn't quite measure up to my stringent standards.  After building and testing this thing for a week or so I decided to do a complete do-over from scratch and put this unit on the back burner.

It's constructed of an inner ring of powdered red iron oxide, resin, and powdered brass with a mobius coil made from 60' of 18 gauge magnet wire.  The second layer was of a much lesser density of black iron oxide, play sand, resin, a pinch of DA salt, and a half gram of ORMUS to boost it's potential.  The last layer was clear resin and powdered selenite.

In all intents and purposes, this thing should've really taken off but the energy field I felt just left me flat.  I'm not quite sure what to make of it.  Checking it out with my gauss meter, I could clearly detect the toroid shaped energy field surrounding it and going off the scale six inches above the center, showing the energy was directed straight up.  Swapping cores showed some cores worked better than others but still nothing to jump up and down about.  It seemed this thing wasn't going to perform any better no matter what I do so I opted to go back through my notes and work out a better plan.

Although the energy field in this unit felt extremely weak, it seemed to alter my dreams while sleeping.  It took on, for lack of a better term, a velvet feel.  While this thing was humming away downstairs, I could feel the difference in my dream-state and each morning I'd wake up to one line revelations that encapsulated the essence of that night's adventures.

Still, I wasn't convinced and set out to build another one using my first PVC CB field generator as a base.

The mobius was built using insulated wire instead of magnet wire and was suspended in the mold using wooden popsicle sticks.  On the outside of the mold I taped a dozen rare earth magnets at the midway point to magnetically align the iron and made a single pour in five stages.  The mixture consisted of a dense slurry of black and red iron oxide in a ratio of 6:1 with a pinch of DA salt and a half gram of monoatomic gold.  At the half way point I let the mixture gel and added fourteen small DT crystals around the mobius perimeter, along with small brass particles and aluminum to keep a metal presence near the coil.  The final layer consisting of clear resin, trace amounts of iron oxide and powdered aluminum, and powdered selenite.  An amped 432Hz frequency was pumped through the mobius until the resin set.
All I can say is night and day!  This new and improved model is every bit as impressive as I wanted it to be.  The energy flow is obvious and you can feel the energy form around the ring maxing out over the top.  The center cone copper pipe extends past the base and contains a small orgone accumulator made up of three laminations of steel wool and electrical tape with a chunk of hematite and a SBB coil at the base to help direct the energy.  Embedding the accumulator in medium density orgonite completes it.

The reason orgonite is so much safer than an orgone accumulator is because orgonite will transmute DOR (dangerous orgone) into POR (life enhancing stuff), where an orgone accumulator will attract and concentrate all orgone energy, DOR as well as POR.  The reasoning behind installing a miniature orgone accumulator at the cone base is to attract POR like a sponge and transmute it as fast as it can, right out the pipe.  Since this device was designed to eliminate chemtrails and bring out some blue sky in Seattle, WA, an old school accumulator seems like the best way to pack the biggest punch in a smaller package.

Will it clear the Seattle skies?  I know during the few weeks I was working on this project the skies around here have never been bluer and the air quality has never been better.  Each day was nicer than the day before.  The day I unplugged and shipped this unit, the sky started to turn overcast and progressively shittier with each passing day, while it looks like the rain stopped in Seattle.

I wonder if I should make a unit for those guys in Washington?  I hear a hard rains a gonna fall.

On second thought, fuck em.


Thursday, September 12, 2013

up yours bill

My first computer was a Packard Bell windows 95 with a massive 2 gig hard drive.  After learning the basics, I quickly learned how to format a hard drive after deleting a few too many programs I shouldn't have.
It's been an ongoing battle with Microsoft ever since, and like most windows users, I spent more time fixing my computer and less time computing.

When I got repeating messages from Microsoft saying my win xp software was counterfeit I thought it was just another virus that managed to get past my award winning microshaft security systems and began treating it like any other bug...  Search and destroy.  Microsoft Essentials, the best security software on the planet, according to Bill Gates, was giving me the same message and refused to do the one thing it was designed to do.  The last full scan started on Sunday night and twelve hours later it was still dragging along sucking up ram and allowing any adware that came along entrance through the front door.

Searching the internet, I found this was a common problem caused by a buried program in all windows operating systems with the sole purpose of analysing your computer and alerting Microsoft if it finds any unauthorized upgrades to their os.  It seems my computer tech upgraded my system from xp to xp professional three years ago and it waited until now to rat me out.  I saw this happen with win98 when xp first came out and most people just bought a new computer with a new operating system to solve the problem and blamed it on the computer store who installed the bogus system. 

Microsoft law... Only a Microsoft authorized version of an operating system can be used on one computer.  You MUST buy an authorized os for each computer you own.
Every time Microsoft comes out with a new and improved os they weed out the older versions and do their best to turn them off to force you into buying the latest version for a few hundred bucks.

Well, fuck that!  Life's too short to play this game with this out of control bullshit corporation.  This is how Bill Gates became richer than the sultan of Brunei, by exacting monthly royalties from everyone on the planet to use his crappy operating systems that need constant upgrades and repair to keep them stumbling along on the internet super highway.

To be honest, I thought my last blog entry about overdosing Bill and Melinda Gates with LSD, strapping them naked to the hood of a car, and driving them off a cliff in front of their whole family was the reason I was targeted to be fucked with.  Could be a coincidence but there's nothing I'd put past that rancid, evil, nazi-security enforcing corporate empire from hell.

Let me make this perfectly clear....  Fuck you, Bill and everything you stand for, and that goes double for that gold digging whore you call a wife.

That's when I decided to dump windows and do a clean install of Linux.
I considered a double boot system using windows 8 and Ubuntu but the thought of polluting my computer with microsoft filth made me feel like a reformed crack whore turning tricks for my ex pimp's brother on sundays.  I figure if linux is good enough for China and the NSA it's good enough for me so I downloaded a free installation disk, dropped in a virgin hard drive, and fired it up.

I won't get into the three day ordeal of learning a new system language in order to fix my initial mistakes but when the smoke cleared and the problems were resolved my new linux machine severely rocks!  It's clean, simple, adaptable, and plug ins are one button easy. 
It's also the basic system NSA and most government departments use to keep their files unhackable and virus free.  It's also the system China chose after Bill Gates and Steve Jobs sucked Chinese ass for months in hopes they could exponentially expand their bottom lines.

Two reasons China went with linux.  Security and cost. 
With Microsoft, a few hundred bucks for each machine that needs a new operating system every now and then for thousands of government computers or linux for free with no cost or need for upgrades. 
Although free is pretty good, it was the linux architecture that makes the system virtually hack proof and impervious to viral attacks that closed the deal.  Hmmmmmmmm... tough decision.

Besides, the vast majority of servers are linux based.  When a pc gets a virus it's a pain in the ass to fix and your machine could go down for days or weeks but when some major servers get infected it could shut down a continent.

Gee, why do you think all those servers dumped microsoft for linux?

At any rate, with my computer problems out of the way, I can concentrate on more important issues, like orgonite, scalar devices, and ORMUS.

Stay tuned.

Thursday, September 05, 2013

The War on Consciousness - Graham Hancock (Removed TED Talk)

In theory, the TED talks concept is a good one.  Smart people sharing thought provoking ideas in a short, easy to understand format on subject matter most people would never consider looking into.  The TED talks I managed to see were somewhat less than inspiring and sounded too much like mainstream science touting itself.  When I saw the TED talks video on Bill Gates spewing his new world order ideas on population reduction by way of forced inoculations as an answer to sub-standard drinking water in third world countries, I almost puked on my keyboard.  Hey, don't take my word for it.  Look it up yourself.  I'll guarantee you'll think twice about the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  Bill and Melinda should be inoculated with a large quantity of LSD, strapped naked to the hoods of two cars and driven off a cliff in front of their whole family.  Just my opinion, ok? 

At any rate, Graham Hancock apparently stepped on some smart guys toes when he did this TED talk, and for less than honest reasons, it was removed by two anonymous TED guys as an act of censure.  I guess talking about attaining a higher state of consciousness goes against the mainstream science grain.

Fuckin egotistical bastards. 


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this explains a lot

“What you think upon grows. Whatever you allow to occupy your mind you magnify in your life. Whether the subject of your thought is good or bad, the law works, and the condition grows. Any subject that you keep out of your mind tends to diminish in your life, because what you do not use atrophies. The more you think of grievances, the more such trials you will continue to receive; the more you think of the good fortune you have had, the more good fortune will come to you.” --Emmet Fox

Thursday, July 04, 2013

a soldier's last words

We actively or passively support the Debt and Death Paradigm.
We have it in our power to end it.

Stop cheering for the propaganda.
Stop the hero worship.
Stop funding it.
Stop joining it.
Stop it.

"I Am Sorry That It Has Come to This": A Soldier's Last Words

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

what would tyler do?

Years ago, I was talking to a workmate about movies.  He was more than just a guy I worked with.   He was an Irish version of me... a volume of useless information and trivia with a healthy dose of defiance.  He was the one who suggested I watch Fight Club, based on the book by the same name written by a guy named Chuck Palahniuk.  He said it changed his world view.  When it came out I thought it was nothing more than a pugilistic, angst-ridden, violence fest.   Little did I know it was exactly what my soul needed.
I read the book after I saw the movie and was amazed how the dialog translated from book to screen so well.  Chuck Palahniuk was the movie consultant which made the movie more of a director/author collaboration.   The biggest change was the ending where the bombs went off dropping all those buildings that contained everyone's credit information.  Chuck had final say but admitted Fincher's ending was much better than his and, thank god, they kept it as the grand finale.  The lovers holding hands, watching the destruction of society's financial institutions followed by a single frame of a big cock was uplifting, to say the least.

The book went into more depth but that's the literary trade off when you translate the written word to a two hour photo play and I can accept that from a director who's focus is on box office sales.  The message got through, propelling everyone involved to cult status and adjusted the minds of the masses just enough to embrace defiance and controlled anger against authority as an acceptable weapon in the revolutionary arsenal.  The book stimulated the movie but it was the movie that moved the masses.   On it's own, the book would've had little more circulation than literary circles and a few revolutionary readers.  Sad to say, most people regard book print as dead and get their info from mediums that don't require reading.  This is one of those movies that got people to learn how to read again.  They say reading and the moveable press was one thing responsible for success of the French revolution.   Looks like it's making a come back.

Narrator: He was *the* guerilla terrorist in the food service industry.
[the Narrator looks at Tyler, who's urinating in a pot]
Tyler Durden: Do not watch. I cannot go when you watch.
Narrator: Apart from seasoning the lobster bisque, he farted on the meringue, sneezed on braised endive, and as for the cream of mushroom soup, well...
Tyler Durden: [snickers] Go ahead. Tell 'em.
Narrator: ...you get the idea.

I wonder if Margret Thatcher got sick after discovering she ate waiter cum five times at her favorite restaurant.  I wonder if Brad Pitt had dinner at the same place.  I'll bet he has.  What a total, personal invasion!   What a revolting thing to do to the upper classes who dine in 5 star restaurants, never really knowing what the unknown, faceless people behind closed doors are doing with their food... until now. 

Did you ever see Super Troopers?  If you didn't, you need to, if not for any other reason but the fast food scene.  

Two cops walk into a fast food joint.
"I'll have a double cheese whammy burger with a liter of cola."  The kid at the counter talks into the mic... "A double cheese whammy burger.  It's for a cop."  Even this dense cop knew they were going to spit in his burger but was helpless to do anything about it but get in trouble with his superiors for trashing the restaurant.  At the end of the scene he ate his burger and said, "fuck it."

I, for one, refuse to send anything back to the kitchen at any restaurant.  Rule # 1 for living a relatively sane life... Don't piss off the people who make your food.  I personally saw my friend, a chef at the time, wipe a toilet rim with a steak before cooking it for an asshole he didn't care for.  After that I cooked my own steak or went to steak houses that had an open grill.

"We cook your meals, we haul your trash, we connect your calls, we drive your ambulances. We guard you while you sleep. Do not... fuck with us."
Tyler Durden

Oh man! No wonder the people in charge are installing cams everywhere and recording everything we do.   It's not to catch terrorists or would be criminals or bail jumpers.   It's to make sure no one pees in their food and laughs at them from behind kitchen doors.  How else can you explain how Ed Snowden, NSA contractor and dissident, managed to leave the country with tons of secret documents, totally undetected until he spilled the beans on a TV interview from Hong Kong.  That's right, they were watching the White House kitchen staff for unauthorized urination.

I think I'm on to something here.  If all this data collection was to catch criminals, how come they never seem to catch anybody?  Why didn't they use this info to catch the underwear bomber, the Boston bombers, or the Aurora shooters? Because they were more interested in eating clean food rather than catching someone shooting up the unwashed masses.  The Aurora movie theater had cams all over the place, just like everywhere else.  That info was never released but a pic of a guy standing in a tray full of lettuce at a fast food joint got someone's attention and the perpetrator was arrested immediately, using high tech tracing methods and shoe recognition software. (That last reference was a joke)  I can see these NSA guys frantically going through emails and phone calls because one of them dined with Maggie Thatcher last year.  And you thought they gathered all that data on you to protect you.  HA!  They just want to catch the little bastard that jerked off on Clinton's Big Mac.

You can bet the farm waiters across the country never read the book but saw the movie and felt their efforts to spread their bodily fluids on celebrity food were not only validated and accepted by their waiter peers but felt it was their civil duty to do so.  This scares the shit out of the guys who can't do anything for themselves.  Rockefeller would starve to death if he had to prepare his own meals and it makes me wonder about Howard Hughes' quirky habits of eating only Campbell's chicken noodle soup, saving jars of piss, and touching nothing without a fresh kleenex.  Why do you think waiter applications quadrupled at all the restaurants around Capital Hill.  It wasn't for the tips.  Or was it?  

A word to the wise.  When dining at one of these congressional hangouts, dress down and ask for clean food.

Anonymous, the headless hacker/pranksters who took down $cientology a few years ago, emerged around the same time Fight Club came into the public consciousness.  The similarities are pretty amazing, only Anonymous practices mayhem on the internet and showed themselves as a force to be reckoned with. The Fight Club concept of individual cells acting independently for the greater cause was taken to another level by Anonymous... Individuals acting independently for the greater cause.  Our own government hijacked this very same concept in the form of fictitious terror cells made up of foreign terrorists within our own system, causing terrorist acts and mayhem for the greater cause... which just so happened to be Tyler Durden's greater cause, to bring it all down.  Looks like our government did that all on it's own.

It's psy-ops warfare and the similarities are so close we have to ask ourselves if the post 911 world is the result of Chuck Palahniuk's book/movie or if Chuck just tapped into the emerging individual consciousness that's acting as a catalyst to allow humanity to shake off their oppressor chains through pranks and defiance.

I know enough about the powers that be that when they say black they really mean white.  When they say terrorist cells they mean the faceless members of project mayhem, Anonymous, patriots, free thinkers, intellectuals, and all those people out there with guns that can't be tracked.  It scares the shit out of them that there are so many invisible factions of humanity setting their sights on THEM instead of the Middle Eastern boogeymen they constantly show us.  Picture Berlin toward the end of WWII with the advancement of the allied powers approaching from every direction while the enlightened elite hold up in their guilded bunkers, with a drink in one hand and a suicide pill in the other.

Plans within plans. Oil is only a secondary goal for the hostilities in the middle east.   The real goal is to control the hearts and minds of middle eastern men by swapping out one puppet dictator for another.   It's also the last place on Earth not under new world order control.  The turmoil in Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan are the result of divide and conquer.  The oldest trick in the book and it's worked great, until now.  I wonder if the guys who dropped the twin towers were influenced by Chuck's book.  Hmmmmm....

The only difference between a patriot and an insurgent is location.  The only difference between a terrorist and a freedom fighter is which side you're on.

Do these thoughts make me an enemy of the state?

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

beer fueled critical thinking

I was living in Scranton, Pa when I learned that city had the highest consumption of beer per capita than any city on Earth.  I know.  That's a bold statement, but true.  Munich and Berlin didn't come close to the amount of suds Scranton guzzled and that statistical fact filled me with pride and I did my best to help keep that record.

I was a freshman at the time and maintained an apartment a block away from the university with a couple of roommates.  Some of my classmates were locals and were familiar with ways to find lots of free ice and cheap beer but even they were unaware the student union provided beer at wholesale prices, with no deposit for the keg or tap.  Beer sales were run by seniors and every Saturday the student union basement was filled with half kegs of beer for the weekend.  We used to wonder what the couple quarter kegs were for until a grad student got one for some kind of big bash.  After he left you could hear a few chuckles and comments like, "I'd get one of those for Monday Night Football."    

Our free keg ice came from the cafeteria at Marywood College, until they asked us to leave, but not before we made friends with some of the students.  The Marywood student body was primarily female and everyone we talked to was most eager to party with us.

We had the dubious honor of tapping the first keg of the fall semester with a lively mix of freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and about thirty-five of the cutest girls Marywood had to offer, creating a ratio of three girls to every guy, and we became instant party legends.  As time went on and the parties grew, we realized a half keg wasn't enough and decided to tap a second keg in the living room, reducing the beer wait by 50%.  We not only had the reputation for having the most babes, the most beer, and the most fun, we consistently drained our kegs before anyone else, forcing us to seek out more parties for our beer swilling guests.  We would get tips on where the parties were, how many people, and how much beer they had and estimate how long they'd party til they kicked the keg.  Based on gathered information, we'd decide where to go first, followed by a string of other parties in order of estimated beer quantity and party endurance.  With glasses half filled with keg remnants, we'd grab the girls, pile into cars, and start the drunkards invasion in a follow the leader parade of inebriated revelry.
When a bunch of guys you don't even know come to crash your party with a whole bunch of beer drinkin babes, they always get in.  We never paid for what we drank and we'd stay til the beer was gone and move on to the next place until there was nothing left.

We never realized our pre-planned campaign to liberate all the beer from other parties was right out of Sun Tzu's Art of War and a few Greek classics.  We learned all we could about the enemy, their strengths and weaknesses, amount of fluids, and rates of consumption, before we launched our attack.  We never even considered the Trojan horse tactic when we put the prettiest girls in front of the door just before it opened.  Our back-up battle plans were the result of beer fueled conversations before the guests arrived and were never meant to be taken seriously until the second keg was on the verge of floating.  Only four of us knew of any contingency plans but a floating keg was like a starters pistol and without warning, we'd grab the girls, the last of the beer, and anyone up for an adventure, and hit the campaign trail in search of golden nectar.
Ahhhh... The benefits of a classical education.  Our teachers would be proud.     

That's what Scranton was.  Beer swilling capital of the world where the party didn't get started til the first keg was half gone.  The beer was plentiful and cheap and came from breweries within walking distance from each other.  Drunk driving wasn't a crime and college students were never hassled or carded and the university sold you the beer below distributor prices.   
Those days are long gone.  Marathon binges are out and sobriety is in.  The carefree, unbridled, disobedient, teenage baby-boomer generation got replaced by a series of cradle to grave, conditioned, obedient, kids who accept their nanny/police state existence as normal.  Town cops routinely raid college parties and jail anyone who gives them lip or doesn't answer their questions fast enough.  Metal detectors, campus cops, zero tolerance, cams everywhere, and rule infractions are handled by police arrests and jail time.  I know a college sophomore who was tackled by three members of campus security for the high crime of crossing the lawn with a can of beer.  Even though this guy was pre-law, he had absolutely no concept of his constitutional rights and dutifully accepted his fate.  What's next?  Intensive interrogation followed by forced labor on a collective farm?

I know... It sounds like the older generation bitching about the new, like every preceding generation since Aristotle, but Aristotle is no longer part of school curriculum and critical thinking has been replaced by doing what you're told by systematic conditioning from birth.  The rebellion of youth, historically viewed as a right of passage to adulthood, is now considered unacceptable and punished by time outs, arrests, detention, jail, and a criminal record.  Play is structured and organized by adults, competitive sports emphasize group effort where every kid is a winner, no matter how physically inept.   Failure, once considered an essential step to individual success by learning from past mistakes and exercising critical thinking to overcome future obstacles, is all but eliminated from the equation, to spare the feelings of potential underachievers and make everyone feel good about themselves, as their collective group I.Q.s drop faster than the twin towers.

 If Aristotle saw what was going on today he'd never stop throwing up.      


enemies of the state

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

learning lessons

The longer you live, the more people come into your life.  Some make a lasting impression and others come and go without so much as a name or face you can remember.  Every one of these people come into our lives for reasons so mundane we fail to notice the ripple effect they had on our life paths.

Granted, most people we meet are just faces in the crowd, like extras in a movie, with no real purpose but to fill in scenes and have as much impact on our lives as background scenery, but it's the supporting actors who provide detail and steer the plot line to it's inevitable conclusion with such subtlety we never see it coming.

Ingrid was in my life since my late teens.  I don't recall specifically when we first met.  It was like she suddenly appeared and it felt as if we already knew each other and never had to go through that getting to know you crap.  We were simply friends, or so I thought..

About a month ago I decided to see what she was up to so I did a search.  What I got was a notification of her death.  It seems she died three years ago this October in a town not ten miles from where I live.  No information as to cause or surviving relatives or illness.  Just a notification that she's dead, dead, dead.

I've lost many friends and relatives in my life due to death.  I'd shed some tears, grieve, feel sad, accept it as a part of life, and move on.  But the news of Ingrid's death put me in a state of low level grieving for a month and I can't seem to shake this feeling of sadness.  The occasional passing thought of Ingrid has been replaced with a non-stop flood of memories and I can't seem to get her out of my mind.  It's not like we were close friends.  We ran with the same crowds when we were teenagers and didn't see much of each other after that, except for a few chance meetings.  I can't shake the feeling there's a lesson to be learned before I move on.

We all ran in crowds back then, going from one party to another and making things up as we went along.  Ingrid shared an apartment with another girl and we'd sometimes end up there after a night of raising hell.  More often than not, they'd invite me to stay after everyone else left and the three of us would hang out and party and have a lot of laughs.  Sometimes we'd grab the girls and go off for an adventure with no destination but to sniff out some parties to crash.  Many times we'd find ourselves in a strange house, partying with people we didn't know, and Ingrid was always by my side.  If there was only one chair, she would insist I take it, preferring to sit on the floor next to me using my leg as an armrest, raising feminist eyebrows and unmentioned masculine approval at the sight of such subservient behavior.  But her subservient posture was her way of thumbing her nose at conventionality.  She was the most level headed person I knew and she knew I knew that, just as she knew me better than I knew myself, and I knew that, too.  Without discussing it, we knew all about each other.  I saw who she really was and she saw that in me and that was the foundation of our friendship. 

We had a few chance meetings through the years.  The last time we met she was sitting on a bench in an amusement park.  I casually sat down next to her and said hi.  She beamed as she saw my face after all those years and we immediately picked up where we left off, basking in each others auras as we chit chatted and drank in each others faces.

The news of her death brought me more than sadness.  The realization of the absolute finality of it all ripped a hole in my soul and a feeling of irretrievable loss.  I can't help thinking Ingrid was a relationship that never blossomed.  Even more so, a soul-mate not recognized until it was too late.

I wonder if she knew that on her death bed.  I wonder if she knows now.  I wonder if I'm just deluding myself.

All I know is my family, friends, and everyone I know can drop dead tomorrow and I'll get over it.  Why am I still grieving a month over a relatively insignificant death?

I wonder what the lesson is.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

just another gun rant

I never cared to be told what to do.  My earliest recollections concerning authority figures was ignoring them.  As time went on, and I listened to what they were saying, my attitudes toward authority ranged from ambivalence to disobedience with healthy measures of defiance and anger.  I was the angry young man and I wore that label as a badge of honor.

As my life progressed, I learned to navigate the icy waters of modern society with tools like compromise, duty, empathy, and understanding different viewpoints.  I guess I got tired of rocking the boat and fighting over petty bullshit and settled for playing the game, no matter how stupid it was, with the knowledge that I was still right unless logic and reason changed my mind.  The dictionary term was liberal and I was that to the point of libertine.

I don't think of myself as a liberal anymore.  The people who took over that term are far from free thinkers and lovers of freedom but authority worshipers with a disdain for rational thought.  Liberal went from individual freedom for all to slavery to the nanny state.  I could never align myself with the political liberals of today anymore than I can enjoy the rest of my life in prison.  Talk to a liberal sometime.  They all follow the leader and are just as easy to control as one dog can control a herd of sheep.  Thoughtless, mindless, dumbed down zombies waiting for the mailman to bring their government checks and believe anything their puppet masters tell them without question.  The liberals who actually make money think they can solve the worlds problems by inviting starving, poor people to their table for dinner and feel satisfaction that they did something.  

Then there are conservatives.  Republicans..... I used to spot republicans on the street as easy as spotting a toupee.  They had a certain vibe about them that yelled stuffed shirt authority.  These are the guys who hold the belief that they worked hard, overcame obstacles, and made it on their own, and so should you.  No nanny state for them and they hated how their taxes went to support generations of people who refused to work.  They wore blue collars (Archie Bunker) and white collars (Donald Trump) and their stick-up-their-ass attitudes made me sick.  Conservatives encapsulated all that was wrong and boring in the world.  When I think conservative, my mind flashes pictures of Nixon.  Conservatives, after a sumptuous meal, will let a few starving, poor people finish off the table scraps... in another room.

I differ from both these groups in ways they'll never understand.  I value my freedom as equal only to my sense of self preservation.  I know true freedom is also the freedom to starve to death and I accepted that long ago.  I'd rather die a free man than to live as a slave in comfort.  I could be wrong but I tend to believe the starving poor don't want to eat at anyone's table.  I'd much rather dine at the table of the starving poor in their own home, if they don't mind me bringing dessert.  

Blue collar and white collar are the two working groups in this country, just as bogus as democrats and republicans.  It's always a choice of two opposite points of view in a constant cycle of problem-solution-resolution with just enough compromise to barely satisfy the majority.  I had no problem choosing sides and stood with my union brothers and sisters on picket lines and filed countless grievances for the company slaves.  Going toe to toe with authority, beating them into submission with the contract, and transforming their work slaves into free individuals, by showing them how to stand up and fight for their rights, was my mission.  We transformed the work place from a slave plantation to an operation full of pride, brotherhood, and a refusal to take company shit anymore.  Once the company got the message and played by the rules, business improved, profits increased, wages went up, and everyone was happy.

Unlike a union contract, which comes up for negotiation every couple of years, we have the constitution, designed as a permanent, unalterable contract between the federal government and the people, which clearly states what the government can and can't do.  It also spells out quite clearly and specifically, the rights and privileges of all men, and no government can alter these carved in stone rights.  The rights are simple.  I'll say what I want, I'll defend myself when attacked, get off my land, don't fuck with me for no reason, and the president has to be a natural born citizen.  The liberals invalidated that last one and it was around that time I started to pay attention to these walking dead, owl worshiping, pseudo-intellectual, vegan whores of stupidity. 

My skin crawls when I think of these self proclaimed authority figures telling me how to live.  They're not rich, they're not politicians, there's nothing special about them except they think their president is the reincarnation of Jesus and they're his disciples, pall parroting the chosen one, without the slightest idea what he's talking about.  Hope and change for the first time in their short, putrid lives.      

The merger of big government and big business was a match made in heaven... for them.  Big business relies on the consumer to improve their bottom line and Washington makes laws to keep it all going.  Constantly increasing taxes is nothing more than a government control game they play.  Who gets all those tax dollars is another story but it's not about getting the money as much as punishing the citizens as an ongoing exercise in control.  The big business/government merger is loaded with advantages neither had before.  Government can borrow some tricks from big business like product placement and repetition.  The lapdog liberal media does whatever it's told and, just like TV ads, bombards the masses with a never ending, programmed assault, complete with fake, bluescreen, Hollywood movie-type news feeds,and actor eyewitnesses, until the masses believe the fantasy.  Name three, never ending, noteworthy, bill passing events of 2012 and I'll bet they all feature an AR-15 "assault" rifle with a hundred round "clip" that should be banned because it scares the crap out of most liberals.  Just my opinion, but I'm pretty sure these three "mass murders" were scripted, staged events and carried out by people on the US government payroll.  The AR-15 is nothing more than the product they chose for their market research to test the waters.  How many different Sandy Hooks did you hear about last year?  Product placement... repetition... These are business strategies developed in the last century to sell cigarettes, toothpaste, and Tang.  Now, they want to sell you something else.  Gun control.  And the brain dead masses are starting to buy it with the same religious zealotry as global warming and voting for O'bummer.   
And herein lies the rub.  Convince the people to give away their rights and they will lose them forever.  No do-overs.  No government wants the citizenry to have any rights.  The only thing preventing the government from total despotism is the constitution and believing it's meaning.  That, and a nation of 300 million citizens with twice that many guns at their disposal and no way of knowing who has em.  Ask any Texan why everyone is so polite in Texas.  It's because you don't know who's packing.
As much as I despise republicans, they stick to their guns.  I don't know one republican who wants a gun ban but I know plenty of liberals who do and the words they choose are identical to the crap I hear from the liberal,  MSM, talking heads.  As if they gave up thinking for mimicking those smarter than themselves.  The reality is, they're all as dumb as a sack of hammers. 

Most liberals by now know we won't give up our guns so they came up with a compromise.  A new law (as if we don't have enough already) requiring background checks to make sure the bad guys can't buy one.  I heard a liperal on the radio today explaining how this brainstorm of a plan will work.  He said criminals won't buy one if they have to be checked so the only place they can go is the underground market and those gun prices are at least three times higher and before long, the bad guys won't have any guns because they cost too much and there won't be enough to go around.
Is that the way most liberals think?  I mean, OMFG!  I know retarded people who can punch holes in that theory, and they expect average Americans to buy this load of horse shit?  Really?  Really?  REALLY??? 

After Bush shredding the constitution, followed by O'bummer to finish us off, it seems the 2nd amendment is the only advantage we have left and the only thing keeping Uncle Sam from going postal on our asses.
So, who's pushing this anti-gun, carbon footprint, save the children, save the planet, save the oil, lunatics who can't tell the difference between freedom of choice and freedom from choice, agenda?
Do I have to say it?
I'll give you a hint.  These are the people who have been asking the same stupid question for months.  "Why would anyone need an assault rifle with a hundred round magazine?"  To which my answer is... Why does anyone want a corvette?  Why would anyone want to go out for dinner?  Why would anyone want to look at porn?  Because it's rock n roll fun, you liberal asshole!  Go listen to some folk music, hippy, and stay out of politics.

Look, I know some of you out there are liberals.  Some are republicans.  Who's kiddin who?  There's a cross section of humanity representing every race and religion on the planet reading this and I truly respect every one of you and I'll stand up and defend your right to say or do anything you want with every fiber of my being.  I may disagree with you but I'll still fight for your rights.

That said, I'll make you a deal.  I won't push for laws forcing you to unwillingly carry a gun if you don't push for laws to limit what little freedoms I have left.  Deal?


Monday, April 08, 2013

orgonite self improvement

I was talking with my neighbor about the relationship between manifestation and the alpha brain waves produced when in a meditative state.  We threw things back and forth about karmic rules and limits and the subject of self curing came up.  She believes only exercise and proper nutrition can burn fat, increase muscle tone, and cure disease, while I feel the same results can be achieved through a properly placed intent.  After all, our personal bodies are closer to home than anything else and if a simple intent can get my asshole of a boss to find another job, self improvement should be a walk in the park.

Australian Psychologist Alan Richardson made a little experiment. He took a group of basketball players, divided them in 3 groups and tested each player’s ability to make free throws.  The first group would practice 20 minutes every day.  The second would only visualize themselves making free throws, but no real practice was allowed.  The third one would not practice or visualize.
The results were astounding. There was significant improvement on the group that only visualized; they were almost as good as the guys who actually practiced.

But what about making an intent without visualization?  Could a simple request manifest reality without constant mental gymnastics to make it so?  Can a well placed intention work like switching on a program and let it run on it's own in the background?  I decided to find out.

The next day, I held my hands in Jupiter 2's orgone energy field and made the intent to lose thirty pounds and increase positive health.  I've maintained a consistent 200 lbs for the last 15 years and figured any weight loss should indicate success.  

That was two months ago and I forgot the intent as soon as I made it.  I didn't attempt to adjust any part of my lifestyle and went through life as I always had with constant snacking between semi-regular meals and a total lack of conventional exercise.  A lifetime of using my body as a tool, working with hot steel, cold concrete, and horrible outdoor weather conditions left me with a train wreck of a lower back and chiropractors as my primary physicians, with the majority of my work days spent in the vertical position.
Only when I bent over to pick up my pen did I realize I had a freedom of movement I haven't felt in years.  No pressure or back pain no matter how many times I bent at the waist.  It wasn't until I started getting compliments from acquaintances about my appearance that got me to look into this.  

It wasn't the flexibility of my lower back as much as the lack of restriction and I realized the layers of accumulated fat between my abdominal muscles and internal organs must have reduced while I wasn't looking.   Picture a bathroom door where the door knob hits the wall when you open it.  Put a basketball behind the door and it puts pressure on the hinges, just as easily as a lever can let you lift a car.  Now I know what my chiropractor meant when he suggested I lose a few pounds.  It wasn't the extra weight but the restriction it had on my lower back hinge.

I thought about this and remembered the original intent I made months ago.  I was shocked to discover I lost 20 lbs and looked at my diet for some answers.  Pizza, stromboli, calzone, BBQ ribs, Italian meats and cheese, kielbossi, cheeseburgers, ice cream, Chinese buffets, rum, fried chicken, custard pies, and the occasional cake, were all consumed in abundance with my appetites dictating the next meal.  My all day, in-between meal snacks consisted of dried Italian meats, celery, raw cabbage, olives, smoked kielbossi, ham, and just about any kind of finger food I could fit in a container with lots of sea salt.  Let's just say my appetites were in a constant state of abundant satisfaction.

The only thing different from the intent I made two months ago was the addition of two nutrients, magnesium oxide and green coffee extract, in doses too low to make this kind of impact in such a short period of time.  Even finding these nutrients and the compulsion to try them falls within the time frame of the original intent, as if being guided in that direction.  All I know is, each day I stand naked in front of the full length mirror reinforces the idea that something dramatic is going on and it's not a conscientious effort.  It's not just the loss of restrictive fat with increased mobility but a feeling of full body improvement on a daily basis.  I feel taller, quicker, and mentally sharper than before and I can't help thinking if a simple request can bring these kinds of results, how hard can it be to re-write DNA to eliminate all disease?

Can it be that simple?


Tuesday, April 02, 2013

absinthe experiment #1

It's one thing to theorize about how absinthe can release inhibitions and another to prove it through experimentation.  What better way than to gather a group of unsuspecting drinkers for an absinthe party and study the results?

I never intended to use this gathering of people as test subjects and I never considered studying the results, which makes this experiment all the more credible because I had no preconceived notions as to what to expect.  It was simply a party with a case of absinthe as the offered drink, followed up by inputs and observations from the people in attendance.  Not everyone was drinking absinthe, which made the absinthe abstainers serve as a base-line average to compare with those who invoked the green fairy.  The results were interesting, to say the least.

The absinthe was produced using the original Pernod recipe with the addition of a larger quantity of wormwood, giving it a higher thujone count than even Czech absinthe.  The proof was 160, reduced to 45 to 50 proof by addition of ice water, which made the alcohol content equivalent to a stiff highball.  The primary difference was the selection of herbs.
The day after, I was told there was some extremely stupid talk from the absinthe drinkers that could only come from a total lack of social filtering.  I've been to countless parties fueled by booze of every variety and found myself in situations where massive quantities of alcohol washed away all inhibitions but I've never seen a collective transformation this dramatic in such a short time.  I won't give all the details of what happened that night because there are some things best left unmentioned and I'm pretty sure I know more about what happened and everyone else just has only a few bits and pieces.  I noticed only those who drank the absinthe dropped the walls of conventionality and took all the craziness in stride.  Only the wine, whiskey, and rum drinkers, the baseline average, found offense to such extreme, unbridled openness.

This experience got me thinking about cabaret life in the good ol' absinthe days when all those uninhibited artists, writers, can-can dancers, and ordinary people got together to wallow in unrestrained freedom.  Under such conditions, everyone's true self emerged and no one cast judgement.  Social restraints were put aside and unconventionality was the norm.  No wonder the world changed.

Our politically correct 21st century has conditioned us to be something we're not.  Homemakers became domestic engineers, garbage collectors became sanitary specialists, and people with handicaps became handiable and it was all taken as a big joke.  When personnel directors became human resource managers I could see where all of this was heading.  We came to believe our made up titles that gave us a fake feeling of pride that defined us as what we do as opposed to who we are.  Individual thought is replaced by group think and speaking your mind is acceptable as long as it falls within the guidelines of PC.  We went from crime, to hate crime, to hate speech, and thought crime is in the works.  Our social PC conditioning is so successful we almost lost the capacity for rational thought and have to look over our shoulders before telling a joke that might offend someone.  Male and female co-workers are forced to treat each other as androgynous or lose their job from a mis-read compliment.  We're no longer individuals but just another resource to be replaced as easily as changing a light bulb and the threat of poverty keeps us in line.

This careful conditioning succeeded in creating in each of us a social personality acceptable to be shown in public.  A facade personality with a set of fake values and fake thought processes constructed by you with elements of your personality that falls within the strict guidelines of the newly established norms of conditioned society.  Our original personality, formed by thoughts, emotions, and experiences of our personal lives, is still there as a running program but submerged and hidden from view, like the crazy uncle you keep locked in the basement.

The PC facade personality might say, "I'm not a racist."  While the original, submerged, core personality might say, "I'll never let my daughter marry a (insert race or national origin)."  Two diametrically opposed statements, equally valid and believed as truth, from the same person.  Hmmmm.... Sounds a little like multiple personality disorder to me.  George Orwell might call it double-think.  Add some major trauma, like 911, and you could possibly compartmentalize these separate personalities to operate as master/slave hard drives on your computer.  Kinda smacks of MK ULTRA, don't it?

Anyway... It seems drinking absinthe has the unique ability to temporarily erase inhibitions, override our social programming,  release our submerged personalities, and expose our true self, free from social restraints.  Imagine a cabaret filled with artists, writers, royals, and commons swilling absinthe and partying like equals while the can-can dancers are flashing bare legs to the unbridled, cheering crowd as the band plays faster and louder.  Everyone is drinking absinthe and nothing is too bizarre for this crowd.  Sounds like some of the parties I participated in before everyone got so serious about everything.  

Keep in mind, the age of absinthe was the age of Freud and the belief that man's core personality was an irrational, violent brute bent on mob rule and self destruction and had to be controlled through psychoanalysis and conditioning.  Of course, Freud was an idiot but his ideas scared the hell out of the ruling class and absinthe was the monkey wrench in the machine and was soon outlawed.  Besides, man's nature isn't the brute Freud believed but a spiritual being with the capacity to grow, adapt, and recreate the universe at will.  It's this soul, this dormant personality that drives man to the stars.  It's also what distinguishes a free man, as opposed to a slave.

Judging from my limited observations, it appears absinthe not only lowers inhibitions but deconstructs social conditioning, eliminating guilt and its ugly handmaiden, shame.  Appropriate guilt can function as social glue, spurring one to make reparations for wrongs.  Excessive dwelling about one's failures, however, is a surefire recipe for resentment and depression.
Know anyone on meds for depression?

It's just my humble opinion, but I can't help thinking absinthe does the same as orgonite.  It wakes you up, frees your soul, and uncovers vistas you never knew existed.  Absinthe is much more than the sum of it's parts and the effect it has on human brain chemistry is nothing short of instant, fluid enlightenment.

Anyone up for a little experimentation?


Monday, April 01, 2013

going back to basics

My first attempt at making absinthe ended in putting the finish herbs of hyssop and melissa in the wrong container, resulting in a gallon of 150 proof green alcohol that tasted like fresh mowed hay.  Although I successfully created a rather fine absinthe by putting the finish herbs in the proper jar, I was still stuck with a gallon of green alcohol that was neither here nor there and not knowing what to do with it, decided to store it out if sight in quart jars and wait for inspiration.

Well, this Easter morning the inspiration struck and I decided to make a quart of cough syrup from the green fluid.  It suddenly occurred to me that before the FDA deemed natural medicines illegal, every cough syrup and cough drop contained Coltsfoot to suppress coughs.  I know where to find Coltsfoot but since it's too early in the season, I opted to use a combination of Comfrey and Yerba Santa to soak in the green, 150 proof solution for about a week.

The Yerba Santa has been used by native Americans to clear bronchial passages and to relieve asthma.  Smoking or drinking it in a tea works equally well, so infusing it in an alcohol based solution should be a no-brainer.  The Comfrey just seemed to stick to my hands as I was going through my herbs, searching for my bag of Coltsfoot.  I always knew Comfrey was good for skin problems, healing broken bones, and was primarily a topical medication but most herbalists don't recommend using it internally.   I figured Comfrey was the ingredient I needed and the fact that it stayed in my left hand while searching for something else only proved my higher self had already done my thinking for me.  Seems some research is in order.

"The FDA advises against taking Comfrey internally, due to the presence of trace amounts of pyrrolizidine alkaloids (PA's).  In contrast, data published in the journal, Science, by noted biochemist Bruce Ames, Ph.D., of U.C. Berkeley, would indicate that Comfrey taken internally is less toxic or carcinogenic than an equivalent amount of beer.  It is probably NOT wise to make Comfrey, or beer, a significant part of your regular diet for an extended period of time."

Call me a contrary, but if the FDA says the sky is blue I'll assume they're full of shit.  These are the same people who say 35mg of vitamin C is enough for a day and Prozac is harmless.  Besides, I drank enough beer in my life to send Scranton to rehab and beer isn't a significant part of my diet.  It'll take more than the opinions of a bunch of bureaucratic, big pharma whores to throw a wet blanket on my inspiration campfire.  The FDA mission statement is to ensure no natural substance shall have any credibility in the health care fields and they'd outlaw sunshine if they could get away with it.   I'll get my information from sources in the know, thank you very much.

A little more research revealed the ancient Greeks used Comfrey internally as a digestive aid and Pliny the Elder praised it's use.  At this point, I figured if a Greek can do it, I can do it.  As it turns out, the Greeks were only the first to document the medicinal qualities of this amazing plant.  Comfrey has been around for thousands of years as an internal as well as external curative and lots of guys through history, much smarter than the combined intelligence of the FDA, extolled the virtues of this marvelous plant.  If it's good enough for Culpeper, it's good enough for me.

Perhaps the reason there's such a tremendous increase of respiratory illnesses, as well as every other illness known to man, is because the only medications on the market come from a test tube as low grade poisons that only provide temporary symptom relief instead of curing the problem.

I'll perform a few clinical trials next week.

Stay tuned.


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

JBS prophesies

Way back in the mid 70's I was at the fair with a bunch of friends.  As we walked from one place to another, I got sidetracked by a John Birch Society stand.  I looked over some of their material and asked a few questions about their organization and what they stand for and was getting some straightforward answers to my questions.  Just then, my friend, Ray came and said, "Hey man, get away from them.  They're the enemy."  Ray was a good guy but I questioned why a college student, such as himself, would be so opposed to information of any kind, especially if it had to do with knowing who your enemy was.  All I knew was the Birchers were extreme conservatives and Ray was getting a liberal education from tenured professors who taught how Davy Crocket was never at the Alamo and Castro got a raw deal.  Ray voted for Humphrey, married a Mexican girl, and became a prison warden after graduating college.

Just cause you go to college doesn't mean you know anything.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

spring morning reality check

The first time I saw this I wondered if there were similar discussions in Rome before the barbarians paid them a visit and turned their empire into a footnote.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

absinthe from an undisclosed location

Many years ago I saw the movie Madam X, staring Lana Turner.  The plot line was she married an upper crust guy and her mother in law forced her to change her identity and disappear, where she roamed the world in a drunken haze of despair.  Her drink of choice was absinthe and toward the end of the movie she confessed to being an absinthe addict.  She spent a lot of time guzzling the stuff in Mexico, implying absinthe was still legal there.

Considering Lana Turner was a long time absinthe addict, she seemed ok without it.  A few bags under the eyes and an obvious tired look about her but she still had a memory and looked pretty hot for an old lady.  I asked my father if he could get some of this stuff so I could try it and he said it's against the law and can't be had.  Bummer.  What was it about this absinthe that separated it from regular alcohol?  Where are the beer addicts, gin addicts, or rum addicts? What would possess the world's governments to get together and ban one specific type of alcohol?
Madam X had the worlds best alcohol at her fingertips, from Dom Perignon to Viennese rum and money was no object.  She could globe trot anywhere she wanted, in relative luxury, but ended up in Mexico, presumably because absinthe was available.  Why would she prefer absinthe as her drink of choice, knowing it was addictive and almost impossible to get?    

This was the first time I heard of absinthe and before the movie was over I wondered how a young boy, such as myself, could manage a trip to Mexico for a taste of this apparently, awesome stuff.

This was the beginning of my mild obsession with absinthe and one way or another, no matter how long it takes, I'm getting some.  Since absinthe was illegal, I was left with either getting it through underground sources or making it myself.  Not being very motivated to do either of these options, I settled on learning what I could and bide my time until the opportunity to try this stuff presented itself.

In the mid 1800's absinthe was THE drink and took over the whole industry.  Gin and vodka sales plummeted while absinthe distilleries went into overtime to keep up with demand.  So, why was it suddenly made illegal?  Rumors of Van Gogh slicing his ear off with a razor, after one of many absinthe toots, suggested it made you crazy.  Vince was crazy long before absinthe but what about the rest of the artists of that period, that changed the world for the better, without cutting off body parts?  Art, music, and literature were all stretching the limits of innovation and creativity and absinthe was right there fueling the inspirational fire.  If not for the absinthe swilling, literary giants, extolling the virtues of the green fairy and keeping the mystique alive, this amazing fluid would have vanished through the mists of time.

Thujone is the substance in wormwood that gives absinthe that distinctive character and credited as the creative trigger.  Pernod is absinthe without wormwood and that stuff might put you on the floor but it'll never make you fly.  Ouzo emerged as an absinthe substitute, replacing wormwood with opium to make it legal.  Never mind that ordinary garden sage contains more thujone than wormwood or that opium is a narcotic.  Absinthe was the root of all evil and had to go.     

By all accounts, absinthe seems to reduce inhibitions while increasing individual awareness.  It's becoming clear why the powers that be had to make this stuff illegal.  An open and aware population won't make good slaves and, one by one, the nations of the world banned absinthe.  By 1915 the US, and most of Europe, made absinthe unobtainable, just in time for the first world war, followed by a constant and continual, world-wide, never ending flow of suffering and mass slaughter lasting a hundred years with no end in sight.  Coincidence?  All the more reason to get my hands on this stuff.

The 1990's saw a revival of absinthe and by the early 21st century there were more than 200 distilleries producing absinthe.  Of course, the US just had to screw things up by regulating food and beverages that contained wormwood must be thujone free and the importation, distribution, and sale of absinthe with a thujone count higher than 10 parts per million was strictly prohibited and subject to seizure at the discretion of customs.  

Pardon my French but that really fuckin sucks!  Land of the free, my ass.  Sixty bucks a bottle for some over-priced Sambuca knock-off with a fancy label and artificial green tint makes me want to take a baseball bat and go Carrie Nation on their bureaucratic asses. The only way an American can get a taste of the real thing is to go to Europe and drink it there or know someone in US Customs.  Thanks to the EU, you can go to any country in Europe and buy real absinthe but the land of the free, home of the brave, U.S. of fuckin A bureaucrats regulate the shit out of anything and everything that comes close to quality or simply ban it for less than bullshit reasons, while China floods us with lead paint toys and anti-freeze dog food.  Decades of patiently waiting for the green fairy, only to have Uncle Sam offer me a bottle of thujone-free absinthe with a sixty dollar price tag, left me with a bad taste in my mouth and disdain for my nanny state government keepers.   Yeah, I'll take that bottle and shove the broken end up your red, white, and blue ass, motha fucka.  Thanks for nuthin.

“I was not designed to be forced. I will breathe after my own fashion. Let us see who is the strongest.”
Henry David Thoreau, On the Duty of Civil Disobedience 

If you want something done right, do it yourself.  Without going into too much detail, I collected the equipment, procured the herbs, made some mistakes, did some corrections, got my ducks in a row, and created, what I consider to be, a duplicate of the absinthe Henri-Louis Pernod produced in the late 1700's, with an estimated thujone count of 40ppm.

The traditional method to prepare absinthe consists of dripping ice water over a sugar cube suspended over the absinthe, in a 1:3 ratio, developing an opalescent louche of somewhat milky fluid with hints of mother of pearl green.  This final step alters the chemical structure to release the green fairy, a muse believed to inspire creativity and heighten awareness.  Absinthe is a relatively unpalatable, high proof, bitter concoction that requires dilution to transform this noxious fluid to an oral symphony in a class of it's own.          
The complex herbal layers leaves a delicious, lasting impression on the taste buds and I could see how seductive the green fairy was to anyone who drank it.  No hallucinations, madness, or drunken insanity but it triggered a wave of creativity that resulted in a bottle and label design and an abandonment of my company's dress code, wearing jeans to work instead of slacks.  Along with the jeans came an emotion frowned upon by the corporate world but relished by me... Defiance.

The effects from absinthe are somewhat interesting.  The complex herbal extracts in combination with alcohol seem to alter brain waves toward alpha, 9 to 14 cycles per second.  The same alpha brain waves we experience in a state of meditation, sitting in a garden, or standing too close to my orgone field generator.  Alpha is also the primary brain wave operating in six year old humans when learning languages, social skills, tying their shoes, learning to share, mathematics, and everything else rapidly learned at that age that serves as the foundation of what they become as adults.

More study needs to be done on this stuff but I suspect drinking absinthe chemically amplifies alpha brain waves, allowing manifestation of personal intent by a temporary elimination of inhibitions and dropping the walls of social conditioning.

Absinthe seems to be a remnant from the alchemical days before man-made chemicals replaced natural sources as medicine.  Although the natural method is gaining popularity, the US is still heavily controlled by allopathic medicine and the pharmaceutical industry that drives it.  It's a minor miracle absinthe made a come back after being banned for a hundred years and it's reemergence only came about from the coalescing of individual nations into a one world government with one-size-fits-all laws.  Thujone is still heavily regulated in absinthe but those laws will change as the door opens wider. 

We can't have a one world order full of creative, highly aware people and still maintain a police state.  Perhaps absinthe is one of many corrective actions by the universe to counter tyranny and help steer us toward enlightenment.

At least my mild, decades long obsession has been satisfied and I can see why Madam X was so fond of Mexico. 


Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday, January 13, 2013

guns, guns, guns

It's a new year and the gun grabbers are going full tilt boogie in their campaign to disarm the American public and eliminate the 2nd amendment.  The mainstream news media is pushing hard to convince the public that taking away our guns is the only way save our children and move forward as a civilized society.  As if crazy people and criminals obey laws.

Personally, I don't know a single person who believes disarming the public will reduce crime.  Even those who have no desire to own a gun are opposed to the idea of putting a sign in their front window saying their house is gun free.  Quite the opposite, many people living in remote areas or bad parts of town display fake security system signs or a picture of a revolver with the slogan, security by Smith and Weston.  Even the loudest and most influential of this gun grabbing elite have carry permits, armed body guards, and unregistered weapons for self protection.  Nancy Pelosi has two handguns and she's one of the loudest ant-gun hypocrites pushing to disarm law abiding citizens.  Everyone knows, even dyed-in-the-wool liberals, when you outlaw firearms only outlaws will have firearms.

History tells us the last step to take over a nation is to take away their guns.  Hitler, Stalin and countless despots just like them, instituted gun control, followed by gun confiscation as a final step before rolling in the tanks.  It's a little known fact the Japanese considered launching a full scale attack on America's mainland in WWII but perished that plan because every American citizen was armed to the teeth and very eager to defend their turf with some very heavy civilian resistance.  Imagine what the history books would say if the general population was unarmed and had to rely on the less than adequate US defenses before the war machine kicked in.  Has anyone ever wondered why the US has never been invaded?  Has anyone ever wondered why gun control is saturating the news lately?  

This latest gun grab effort is simply one of many facets of the Hegelian/Marxist dialectic that's been reconstructing our society for generations by creating a problem, showing an opposition to that problem and after debate, committees, and public outrage about how someone has to do something, they present the solution they were aiming for in the first place.

For example: If (A) my idea of freedom conflicts with (B) your idea of freedom then (C) neither of us can be free until everyone agrees to be a slave. 

Today this Hegelian dialectic is active in every political issue that encourages taking sides. We can see it in environmentalists instigating conflicts against private property owners, in democrats against republicans, in greens against libertarians, in communists against socialists, in neo-cons against traditional conservatives, in community activists against individuals, in pro-choice versus pro-life, in Christians against Muslims, in isolationists versus interventionists, in peace activists against war hawks. No matter what the issue, the invisible dialectic aims to control both the conflict and the resolution of differences, and leads everyone involved into a new cycle of conflicts.

What we're witnessing in this latest gun grab attempt is the Hegelian dialectic in action by creating a problem, showing an opposite and equally retarded scenario, and compromising on a solution nobody wants but accepts because it was formulated by sham committees to give it the look of democratic legitimacy.

Has anyone ever wondered why we only have two sanctioned political parties in this country?  Why it's always one single group at odds against another single group?  It's more than divide and conquer.  It's the implementation of a simple formula to steer public opinion to a predetermined outcome, one step at a time, having no one to blame but ourselves because we made the collective decision to trade our freedoms for slavery through controlled groupthink by way of the mainstream media.

The implementation of false flag operations has been successfully used to alter public opinion for many years.  Pearl Harbor, the Gulf of Tonkin, and 911 were successful in getting us all fired up about kicking some global ass.  Japan, Vietnam, and Muslims were all single components in this formula with war as the solution.  This formula works so well, false flag operations are set up and employed in other areas of our lives with such subtlety we never see it coming. 

The Sandy Hook shootings was one such false flag operation to open the door for gun control.  The shootings never happened.  The people interviewed were actors and it was a controlled reality show drama from the beginning.  Columbine was also a staged event, as was the Aurora movie theater massacre, the Gabrielle Gifford shooting, and many other events designed to look like the real thing.  I saw Gifford the first time she went to congress after the shooting and rehab and I'll be damned if I could see any indication she was shot in the head.  I saw parents of dead children laughing and joking before interviews, not realizing the cameras were on.  I saw Wall Street protestors in one news clip only to show up in other scenes playing cops, politicians, eye witnesses, or faces in the crowd at other publicized events.  These are actors with makeup and lighting to alter their appearance with scripted lines for the camera.  These witness actors set the tone with pre-writen details of events for the media as undeniable truth.  Early televised interviews with fabricated details provide the foundation that becomes the official version and anything differing from this version is dismissed or never reported.  911 had many of these script reading actors in the streets of New York providing fake details and observations to every news agency on the scene with a calm and directed ease that only seasoned performers could pull off while mass confusion, chaos, and trauma engulfed the area.  These calm and cool actors provided the details which became the official government version of 911 with no room for doubt.

Why can't Sandy Hook be a hoax?  I saw Obama on TV wiping a fake tear with his middle finger.  I saw a father of a murdered child joking and laughing and then shake it off, take a few deep breaths, get into character, and pretend to fight back the tears with dryer eyes than Obama.  This is the kind of acting we see on soap operas, not in real life.  Losing a child is the worst kind of hell you can imagine and talking about your recently murdered child with such tearless, calm resolve is totally unrealistic and an insult to any parent put in that situation.  Of course, the raw footage was edited and showed only a distraught father describing how wonderful his daughter was and this was one day after the shooting.  I saw a lot of interviews of parents with dead kids from this hoax.  I saw lots of bad acting but not a single tear from the bunch.  No bloodshot eyes from crying, no sniffing running noses, no look of grief stricken sadness, and no tear soaked faces in hands.  If this isn't a hoax, Newtown, Connecticut must be populated by zombie psychopaths with a severe lack of human emotions.

It gets better... Newtown, Connecticut is also the east coast hub for the Church of Satan.  Yeah, no shit!  These are the people who think kidnapping, mind control experiments, and child sacrifice rituals are cool.  Stephen Barton, Aurora theater shooting survivor, lives five miles from the Sandy Hook school.  He was home when the hoax happened and is now living in New York pushing for extensive gun control with mayor Bloomberg.  Nancy Lanza, teacher at Sandy Hook elementary and mother of the alleged killer, was found dead in her home before they identified her son.  The school's website lists the teachers and administrators by name and Nancy Lanza is not listed.  After the authorities found Adam's mom they found his destroyed computers, effectively rendering any information retrieval useless.  The long gun the shooter used to kill all those kids was found in the trunk of his car after he shot himself.  There were at least four men fleeing the scene shortly after the murders.  One caught outside the school, one in the woods, and two in a van.  It has now been verified in an audio clip reviewed by theintelhub.com that, at the very least, police officers on the day of the shooting believed that there were multiple suspects fleeing the scene in a purple van wearing ski masks and, possibly, nun outfits.  Hurricane Sandy, Sandy Hook, NJ, Sandy Hook shooting, an island in the Pacific named Sandy that mysteriously disappeared, and the Aurora Batman movie showing a map and section of Gotham City named Sandy Hook, waiting for destruction, all happening in a few short months.  As anyone who knows anything about Batman can tell you, Gotham City is the comic book name for New York City, just 79 miles from the Sandy Hook shooting.
(Just a side note... the next hurricane that will come along is named Draco.  Hmmm...)

“The probability of a certain set of circumstances coming together in a meaningful (or tragic) way is so low that it simply cannot be considered mere coincidence. ”
― V.C. King

At a time when everyone has the ability to instantly record events as they happen, it's hard to make a cover story stick.  With all those video cams and cell phones capturing every detail of the operation, I'm amazed no one recorded any blood.  

Sniff..sniff..  Smells like bullshit to me.  

Ya think?

New Jersey is pushing a bill to require all gun owners to pass psychological evaluations in order to keep their guns.  The bill also requires inspection of the gun owners home to make sure all weapons and ammo are secured and accessible only to the psych evaluated gun owner.

This bill, and others like it, are antithesis to the thesis of crazy people killing our children.  The synthesis will be somewhere in the middle, most likely some kind of feel good measure restricting sales of "assault rifle" cosmetics like folding stocks, flash suppressors, and clips holding more than six rounds, as the Clinton administration passed shortly after a previous false flag operation.

Or we might end up like Hungary just before the revolution.

Stay tuned.