Thursday, November 30, 2006

If I read Steinbeck in jr. high I'd be in prison by now

What does it take for you spineless lower sub-strata life forms to stand up and do something besides roll over and play dead? Huh?
I just saw the theatrical version of John Steinbeck's The Pearl and I concluded that these mexicans have alot more on the ball than you do.
These ignorant, water dwelling, primitive, social bottom feeders managed to totally beat and humilitate evil in their midst. Why can't you? Here these people are eking out a living by diving for pearls and you people go to Walmart and buy pears. Talk about pears before swine.
These ignorant half-breeds knew enough about evil to kick it out of their village, no matter how much they wanted the payola from the pearl. What are you guys doin? You're inviting it in the front door and bending over for it to inseminate your already pudrid alementary canal.
I'm not talking about everyone. Just the ones who follow the herd out each morning and back in the gate each night. The people who put up with "the way things are". Well, the way things are has turned into crap because you ARE the way things are. You've turned this world into a fat, complacent, non-thinking, fear-driven, hell hole of banality because all you want to do is go to McDonald's, buy recliners, make money and watch football on tv while you beat off to Jerry Springer. No wonder your wife thinks you're such an asshole.
What do I think you should do? How bout give up the cheetos and locate the nearest soup kitchen and go there and fill up some bowls for a change? Ya into selfish gratification? Try giving to someone else who's not aware of it. The karmic implications are huge. Ya want reward for your servitude? Ain't no better way. Ya wanna fix things? There ain't no better way than starting with YOU. Ya wanna fix the world, get off your dead ass and start doing things besides sucking your own dick, not to put too fine a point on it.
It's alimentary, Dr. Watson.