Sunday, April 22, 2012

society and state

One of the most vital concepts that needs to be addressed in American politics today is, the difference between a state and a society, because the line between them is steadily being erased via the state's aggressive attempts to control every aspect of our individual lives and war. . . Society consists of the many shared, common ingredients that make up American life: a shared history, religious convictions, common lore and cultural norms. Society is essentially a concept of peace.

The state, on the other hand, is an institution that asserts a monopoly on plunder and violent force. State is essentially a concept of power.

A society and a state function in radically different ways too. Society uses what Oppenheimer calls "the economic means" or cooperation; the state uses what Oppenheimer calls "the political means" or the use of force. Where society produces, the state plunders; where society works through agreement, the state enforces edicts. The state, therefore, is at odds with society, which is the host it feeds upon, until eventually consuming it whole.
Joe Sobran

Sunday, April 08, 2012


Last Sunday I fired up the pvc cb and the area has been receiving the nicest weather in memory for seven days straight.  Each day the sky was bluer than the day before and even the spring winds failed to blow in any clouds.

Maybe it's coincidence that the weather turned crappy shortly after I took down the cb and sky cleaner a few weeks ago.  Perhaps, it was just timely that 12 hours after I set up the sky cleaner and cb the low level shit clouds broke up, exposing the azure sky we have now.  No doubt, the three times it snowed since October and the total absence of chemtrails had nothing to do with all the powered orgone devices set on automatic. 

But... unless coincidence is 100% accurate and these orgone devices have anything to do with the extremely beautiful weather we've been enjoying this past year, I figure I can at least have a few bragging rights.

The last time we failed to have snow in April was just short of 30 years ago.  I figure it's time we have a snow-free April for 2012 and to help Mother nature out, I did another modification to the pvc cb.

The frequency generator powering this pvc cb is set at 14Hz and modified with a small amplifier to boost the signal amplitude.  A 4" galvanized top pipe houses a three foot length of 1" copper pipe filled with insulated orgonite with a 3" ST quartz crystal to direct the energy.  This setup can last about four days before the 9v batteries run down, but test show this device continues to work in passive mode long after the power is gone.

Considering the ring generator I'm using is a first generation, and incapable of working in passive mode, I can only assume the internal orgonite filled copper pipe is supplying the energy to keep the thing operating.  It must have to do with all the quartz sand and powdered metals I put in the mix.

At any rate, I'll let this run for another week and see what happens.

Or, did you REALLY want snow for April?


Thursday, April 05, 2012


"The object of reasoning is to find out, from the consideration of what we already know, something else which we do not know."
-Charles Sanders Peirce (1839-1914)