Wednesday, June 24, 2015

eggs, eggs, eggs

The last time I got eggs the cost for a dozen large eggs was $170.  Today that same dozen large eggs is $350.  That's like double from just two weeks ago.  I mean, WTF!  After checking several other places it became painfully clear.  The price of eggs has gone up faster than Bertha Butt's DD tanktop.  It seems there's an avian flu in the hen house requiring termination with extreme prejudice for millions of egg laying foul.

As this domestic foul holocaust is taking place, the price of chicken meat is going down.  I'll say that again.  The price of chicken meat is dropping faster than Suzie Rottencrotch's pretty pink panties.

But how can this be?  Is KFC buying disease ridden chicken corpses?  Does deep frying kill avian flu?  Well, maybe.  But there's a logical reason for the cost of chicken to drop.

It seems broilers (the ones we eat) are kept separate from laying chickens and are ready for human consumption when they reach the tender age of six months.  They keep the egg producing, laying chickens going for a year before termination.  For reasons no one knows, the broilers don't get avian flue while their egg laying sisters do, resulting in a broiler glut and a lack of layers both at the same time.  Adding to this imbalance, Asian markets aren't accepting American produced chicken meat because of our avian flu ridden chicken industry.

So, the cost of chicken meat has gone down 5 cents a pound while eggs double in price.  Uh hu...

At any rate, I visited a bunch of food stores today to observe shoppers and I can honestly say I didn't see one person buying eggs.  What I did see was a lot of eggs with high prices, ignored by everyone.  Egg shortage my ass!

I'm so tired of greedy bastards everywhere I turn around.  I'm sick of it and if you are too I encourage you to make a stand and stop rewarding these greedy bastards for their bad behaviour and don't buy their eggs.  Do without them for awhile and watch them drop their prices.  Eggs have a limited shelf life and if no one buys them they get tossed in the dumpster and their profit margin goes down.  They lower their prices to get you to buy but if we hold out for another month or two they lower their prices even more and dump that lot if it doesn't sell and lose more money.  After a few months of crappy sales they'll roll their egg prices back to 1979 just to keep afloat.  By October we'll have grade A large eggs going for 79 cents a dozen.

Yeah, dream on Babbs.


Monday, June 22, 2015

PVC CB update

It's been three weeks since I installed the solar panels for the frequency generator that powers the PVC CB and I have to say unusual things are happening with relative regularity.

In an earlier post I used two small solar panels to run the frequency generator that powers up the PVC CB in my back yard.  By doing this, the CB only operates when there's enough sunlight to power it up instead of the batteries that keep it operational for about a week and a half non-stop.  This set-up puts Mother Nature in the driver's seat.  More sunshine means more energy through the pipes.  Less energy output with cloud cover and no energy output at night when it's dark.

The first day I switched on the unit the weather changed to a mixed bag of sunshine, rain, sunshine, clouds, rain, and sunshine in a constant and continual shift from one extreme to another.  One minute the sky would be full of sunshine and dry air, followed by heavy humidity which morphed into dark clouds and rain followed by sunshine and white clouds.  More often than not, the change would be so abrupt the bright sunshine and low humidity would come out before the rain stopped, drenching the area in surreal otherworldliness.  This radical weather mix has been an ongoing thing every day since I switched on the unit.  It's been three weeks now and every day has seen bright sunshine, dry weather, humidity, thunder storms, heavy downpours, and bright sunshine with low humidity every single day.  I overheard two people talking about the weather the other day and one of them said, "If the weather doesn't suit you, wait a few minutes and it'll change."

I talk to a lot of people every day and I haven't met one person who felt the need to water their outdoor plants and garden hose sales are at an all time low.  The few people who know what I'm doing all agree I should keep this unit running.  "Every day there's something different", they say.

I'm not quite sure what to make of it.  Just today while at work I could hear the sound of heavy rain pounding the roof and going outside moments later to find only a few puddles that weren't evaporated by the bright sunshine and low humidity.  It doesn't seem to stop people from mowing their lawns because the grass is dry enough to mow within hours after a drenching rain.  And this has been an every day occurrence for three weeks with no end in sight.

I can only assume this is what a balanced weather system is supposed to be and it's what naturally happens when you let Earth do it's job and clean the toxic aerosol crap from our skies.  Earth does what it needs to function best without a bunch of pseudo-intellectual monkey men dictating how things should be because they think they control this planet.

I wonder what would happen if we had a few thousand of these solar powered CBs in operation across the continent, hidden in woods, deserts, mountaintops, back yards, and public parks.  Just set it and forget it and let Earth be the active participant in her own healing without the interference of human ego to mess things up.

Anyone care to get involved in a positive world-wide experiment?



Wednesday, June 10, 2015

look on the bright side of life

Word on the internet says the world economic collapse will hit on September 13, 2015.  That's less than four months away and most people did next to nothing to prepare for such a world shaking event.

By world shaking I mean fiat currency will become worthless, even if you managed to get your money out of the bank before they close their doors.  Food processing and transportation will grind to a halt, leaving supermarkets and convenience store shelves empty after day one.  The water will flow only as long as the electric grid stays up.  When the lights go out ya got four days to find water or die of thirst.  Most modern heating systems won't run without electricity no matter how much heating oil you have.  Even if you survive the long, cold winter your plumbing will never be the same.  Say goodbye to indoor plumbing and hello to backyard latrines and chamberpots.

A lot of folks saw this coming and started stockpiling in the event SHTF becomes a reality.  I did and all my friends knew about it.  I told them they can hang here when it all goes down.  All they need to do is add to the survival stockpile.  They all loved the idea but very few made an offering.
At one of our many drunkard fests, Nicole made it clear that when it all goes down she'll be coming to my house to get out of town and party here where it's safe.  I looked her right in the eye and said I would shoot her before she got to the driveway.  "But we're friends", she said.  "You wouldn't shoot a friend".  I'm serious, I said.  I'd put a round in the driver and when the car crashed I'd shoot the rest of you as you left the car.  Only those that contribute can come here and you didn't contribute a thing.  In a SHTF scenario, that means you're more parasite than friend.  I'll dispose of your bodies and keep your car and any valuables you might have and go make a sandwich.

But that got me thinking... It's one thing to lay waste to a car full of your unarmed friends and another to maintain a defensive position against a well armed pack of marauders coming to get your shit and lay waste to you.  In a total societal breakdown, sooner or later, no matter where you are, there will be a need to get out of Dodge as fast as you can and carry only what you need in order to survive.         

For most people around these parts, a world wide economic collapse would most definitely be a major inconvenience but the cities?  Fugetaboutit.  Think, Escape from New York.  Getting out of the city would be priority no. 1 and you better have a good head start and bug out bag if you want to stay alive.

A bug out bag is a small backpack with tools and provisions to survive a minimum of 72 hours in harsh or hostile conditions without external support.
Food, clothing, and shelter are the basics for human life on planet Earth and anyone can survive for 3 days with nothing more than the clothes on their backs for that period of time.  So, why bother with the hassle of putting together a bag?  Maybe generations of humans conditioned to depend on a cradle to grave support system turned us all into little more than domestic animals unable to survive without cell phones and toilet paper.  Take any domestic animal and put them in the wild and they'll become predator, prey, or independent.  The bag is designed to give you an independent edge and to keep you from becoming a cannibal or someone's next meal.

Off the top of my head I can think of two domestic animals that could survive independently in the wild.  Pigs and donkeys.  What do you think gives them an independent edge while avoiding becoming predator or prey?  Wild pigs are opportunistic omnivores.  They eat anything.  They're big and heavy with enough power in their jaws to break bones and their survival strategy is avoidance of danger.  Next to humans, pigs are the smartest land animal.  Donkeys are herbivores and can adapt to most environments.  They're used to guard sheep and goats against coyote attack and coyotes are their only natural enemy.  They don't like canines but enjoy the company of humans and get depressed without companionship.  They like to carry things on their back.

As far as my bag's contents is concerned, I think it reflects aspects of both pig and ass with a healthy dose of modern human tech.  I may add or delete items along the way.  It's always a work in progress.

The bag is a LAPG operator backpack, perfectly suited to hold a gallon of rum, a case of kippered herring, 1lb of trail mix, a stick of pepperoni, a dozen bic lighters in various locations so I always have fire at my disposal, first aid kit, bandannas (3), change of clothing, extra socks, sweatshirt, windbreaker, toothbrush and fluoride-free toothpaste, Mylar windshield screen, Mylar space blankets, wool blanket, warm weather sleeping bag, small popup dome tent, spirit heater, stainless mess kit, magnifying glass, electrical tape, 100' heavy cord, two water bottles, Vaseline, cotton, colloidal silver, LifeStraw, MP3 player, solar charger and extra solar panels, LED flashlights (4) in various places, 1 lb of tobacco in one ounce water proof baggies with papers, Milkbone dog biscuits, 1 lb of ground coffee, Coleman french press coffee maker, 3 rolls of compressed toilet paper, .40 caliber Glock and ammo, 12 gauge Mossberg with 20" barrel, 1 bandoleer 00 buckshot, 1 bandoleer slugs, slingshot, Bowie knife, folding knife, Swiss Army knife, tomahawk, folding saw, dressing stone, p-38, gloves, multi-tool, 10 ounces silver, dust masks, coffee filters, anti-diarrhoeal tablets, portable cb radio, am/fm/sw solar/crank radio, boonie hat, e-cigs with lots of vape juice, sunglasses, SAS Survival Handbook, chewing gum, dried fruit, shorts, sandals, and a half dozen plastic bags.

Most of this stuff is geared toward food, clothing, and shelter with defensive capabilities and light weight sources of entertainment like tunes and nicotine to prevent culture shock.  The rum?  If you ever find yourself in a situation where you had to abandon your home, your car, your computer, your wardrobe, your easy chair, your family photos, every possession you ever owned, and ran for the hills on foot with the sounds of gunfire and screaming behind you and the stuff on your back as your only possessions, I think you'd be very grateful to find a taste of home when you got to a safe spot.

A little melodramatic, you say?  Sure sounds like it.  That's the kind of crap a family of four would take for a weekend camping trip.  When the supplies run out and you're tired of roughing it in the wild, you head back to your hot showers, clean sheets, and the climate controlled environment that defines you as a modern, first world Earthling.

If you want to talk about survival let's get serious.  All you need is the clothes on your back, a good knife, and basic knowledge of finding food and water, self defence, and crafting a shelter.  That bag and everything in it will do nothing but slow you down, make you a target, and prolong your inevitable death for a few days, maybe.

In the event of nuclear destruction, zombie apocalypse, eruption of Yellowstone, the second coming, or alien annihilation from orbit the best you can do is to stay home with all your stuff and drop your last tab of acid at the appropriate time and pray for an extreme out of body experience just before you kiss your physical ass goodbye.

By comparison, an economic collapse would be a walk in the park and a good excuse to pop that bottle of champagne you've been saving.

Have a nice day!



Sunday, June 07, 2015

Monday, June 01, 2015

anti-nightmare orgonite

When I was asked to build a device for a woman in Indiana plagued with nightmares, I jumped on it.  I had originally planned to build a simple wine glass shaped generator of medium density orgonite but got sidetracked into building a somewhat more industrial powered unit with an inner core design that was nothing less than inspirational.

The inner core you see to your left is a pyramid with a mini-bunt torus shape made from an extremely high density orgonite mixture of 6 teaspoons black powdered iron oxide and 3 teaspoons sand per half pint resin mixture.  Between the pyramid and mini-bunt are two chunks of lapis, which allow a half inch gap between these two pieces.  The hollow center in the bunt is stuffed with crystals.  While building this unit I never expected this type of design to emerge.  I never planned or even dreamed of this type of configuration but my higher self insisted on it.  At one point, I disregarded this design and attempted to go on as originally planned, only to get an intuitional bitch slap in the form of higher consciousness nagging to do as I was told.  Ok, ok... I'll do it.  Damn these higher selves.  But, ya know that torus looks like it would do much better than a cone... Yeah, I had to talk myself into it after I wrapped my mind around it. 
(Thanks higher self.  You're ok, despite what I say.)  

The rest of the device was made up of medium density orgonite with aluminum curls, brass shavings, traces of black iron oxide, and some quarts sand to crank it up.
Don't be fooled by the small size of this unit.  Contained in this 5" octahedron form are two citrine crystals, two lapis stones, and thirty-two small quarts crystals at the points.  The citrine is there to keep the other crystals fresh and the other crystals are there to make it kick ass.

I figure this unit will either cure or kill so I decided to try it out for myself by placing it under my bed before sleep.

All I can say is I fell asleep before my head hit the pillow, followed by some rather intense orgone enhanced dreams.  Waking up every two hours only to immediately slip into REM sleep was one thing but going right back into the previous dream was most interesting.  It was as if I paused the movie long enough to go to the concession stand for more popcorn and returned to my seat without missing the best parts.

It's hard for me to judge if this thing can neutralize nightmares, since my dream states are anything but scary.  By comparison, it's my awake states that tend to generate daytime nightmares from this absurd reality show we call reality. 

Maybe I should make a big one for work.