Wednesday, June 29, 2011

exchange program

I've been wondering about the concept of evil and why evil people are so obsessed with doing evil things.
Take the guys ruling the planet, for example.  Are they truly evil men, obsessed with doing evil things for reasons unknown to non-evil people?  Do they get off on it like a serial killer gets off on having sex with dead prostitutes?  Is it like some kind of high, like winning the lottery or doing street drugs?  Or is it something else based on information we're not privy to?

Let's think about this for a moment.  These guys pulling all the strings have been collectively working on this plan for hundreds of years.  They own think tanks full of the smartest guys in the world working out solutions to problems we're not even aware of.  They have the latest super computers analyzing scenarios for every possible situation and step by step contingency plans to achieve the results they desire.  They control the world's media and control us by letting us know only what they want us to know.  They control the worlds military to make "adjustments" when certain government leaders don't tow the line.  They own the worlds economy, all economic instruments, natural resources, markets, land, most of the the food, all of the energy, alien technology, and everything else they feel has value.

How can a small group of people, with unlimited privilege and resources, seem to go out of their way to create such misery, suffering, and destruction on a planetary scale for reasons kept secret from all but the highest of their own miniscule ranks?  It must be a hell of a plan if millions of innocent people through history had to suffer and die without the benefit of knowing why.  I mean, do cattle need to know why they're fattened up with corn for six months before they're lead to slaughter?

I seems to me it's a simple case of non-communication.  The upper 1% of humanity can't imagine what life is like at the lower strata and everyone else can't imagine the pressures the guys at the top of the heap have to endure.

I propose we have an exchange program and allow the masters of the universe to temporarily join our ranks and live among us and learn our ways and understand our wants, desires, and thoughts of what we perceive as a perfect world.  They can go to our public schools, attend our PTA meetings, join our bowling leagues, shop for groceries, pump their own gas, shop for ill-fitting clothes at the mall, and luncheon at one of the many popular fast food joints specializing in laboratory meat and tasty frankinsalads, to understand where we're coming from and to appreciate us as one of their own, and that we're all the same and want the best for our families to progress to the highest level we can.  The extreme few in this exchange program can hob nob with the upper echelons of world politics, exchange views of current events, dine in perpetual 5 star elegance with the movers and shakers of the world, and truly know what it's like to suffer the burdens of the immense wealthy and understand why they do what they do.

Since I have the freedom to do what I want, unlike those low-life 1%er wannabes, I can say what I want and I'd rather live in a trailer park in Canada than kiss your queens ass.

Your days are numbered, and you know it.
Don't bother trying to suck up to us.  We'll just piss in your faces and laugh about it.

How do you like me now?


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

for what it's worth

Several weeks ago I fired up the Jupiter 2 and held my hands over it, anticipating the tingle as it charged up.  After a few moments, a thought came to me to make an intention to market this stuff.  So I did.  As I stood with my hands basking in the energy field, I made an intention to market choice orgonite pieces and special orders to people who could use and appreciate them and to fund research for ongoing projects to learn and understand what it's all about.

The very next day I got a chance call from a friend who makes his living networking and promoting health products who thinks he can sell 100,000 discoids the first year.  The thought of setting up an assembly line operation, mass producing thousands of these things in a slave labor factory setting, bothered me, to say the least.  It's the American dream to make tons of money, but as anyone involved in orgonite can tell you, it's not the lure of money that compels someone to spend their free time scrounging supplies and working late into the night working on unresearched ideas.  It's the art, man.  What would Van Gogh do?

Anyway, since then, I received orders for discoids, wine glass HHGs, an orgone blanket, powered succor punches, plans, construction help, and a custom field generator to power a cloudbuster in a desert region on the other side of the planet to improve living conditions.  It was this last request that lead me to a bit of unexpected information that made the picture a little clearer.

He said he was looking for the spiritus mundi for his alchemical project and thought my field generator might produce this force, as well as make it rain.  Loosely translated, spiritus mundi means the thing that connects all living things.  Damn, that's orgone, prana, chi, ki, lifeforce, the force from George Lucas Star Wars fame that the good guys had and Darth Vader had the dark side of. 
He also mentioned scalar energy and his confusion relating the two.  I had to take a double take of all this.  I can certainly relate to his scalar/orgone energy confusion.  They seemed to be two separate entities.  One, (orgone) representing life force, and the other, (scalar) representing some kind of earth energy I couldn't relate to.  It seems scalar energy functions differently from the energy we are familiar with.  We turn on a light and we use electrical energy from a power plant or other source that produces electricity that's transmitted through wires that they bill you for on a monthly basis.  Scalar energy is different.  It's faster than light and doesn't need wires.  It goes through anything without disruption and won't degrade no matter how far it travels.  It sends the exact amount of energy required to make something work.

In an orgone based, scalar producing device, your thoughts become part of the process and direct the desired outcome with scalar energy as the facilitator.  The orgone matrix amplifies the signal.

It seems Tesla's Wardenclyffe project was based on scalar energy and was designed to provide everyone on planet Earth with all the energy they needed for free.  He tested it in Colorado when he lighted electrical lamps miles from his lab.  Naturally, J.P. Morgan, the guy who backed Tesla and held his patents for collateral,  wasn't crazy about giving everyone something for free so he pulled the plug before it was built and kept the patents.

It seems orgone is life force and scalar energy transmits it.  I always knew my powered devices produced scalar waves organized from a chaos field translated through a crystal but I didn't really get it until now.

Ya wanna know the secrets of the universe?  Ya wanna know the meaning of life?  Spiritus Mundi, the energy that connects all, is orgone, chi, prana, lifeforce and it's transmitted and received by scalar energy from someone sitting next to you or a pan-dimensional being a universe away.  The big secret that's been kept from you, that you were programmed to not see, is your input trumps everything else.  You can make this reality any way you want, and if it's all fucked up, you have no one to blame but yourself.

Don't blame me.  I'm just the messenger.  If ya wanna kick some ass, go see J.P. Morgan.  


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

the constitution is still a contract

So, Obama went on TV and showed the world the birth certificate he spent millions of his own dollars to suppress.  Just as the experts were proving it fake, the mainstream media was filled with Obama taking credit for assassinating the boogieman, who was dead since 2002 and kept on ice to be thawed out for political reasons when the time is right.

Most people I talk to see this for what it is.  A diversionary tactic to keep the birth certificate issue buried while trying to increase Obama's approval rating for his run for a second term.  The sad part is we are now able to see the man behind the curtain and don't care.  We've become so accustomed to being played and lied to that we accept it all without even getting upset, even though we recognize these staged series of events as calculated to manipulate pubic opinion in their favor.  In other words, we've become a nation of apathetic, accepting, conditioned boobs who see death as another reason to party.

First, Obama says there is no birth certificate because Hawaii destroyed them all after they computerized the system.  Then he says they faxed him the birth certificate.  Let me point out, a PDF file can't be faxed.  Anyway you slice it, our president is a liar.

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”   Joseph Goebbels

I worked many jobs in my life.  Some were low paying shit jobs and some were union.  The union jobs had a thing called a contract, which was a document that spelled things out like pay scale, benefits, hours worked, what the company can do, what they can't do, and what they have to do.  It leveled the playing field and kept the company from turning the job into a low paying shit job.  It also kept a steady work force and made the company more profits by keeping the best workers.


No company wants to be told what to do, so every now and then they'd try to get away with something.  The company lost every battle they fought with us.  We were like jailhouse labor lawyers. We knew the contract, chapter and verse, and weren't afraid to go toe to toe with anyone, no matter what their rank.  We were scrappy, determined, fair, and loud but we were empowered by a set of rules and followed them to the letter and god help any member of management who broke them.


The constitution is a contract between the people and the federal government.  Looks like the company is turning our union job into a low paying shit job without benefits.


Did I hear someone say unions were bad?  You're either management and like it this way or you're too apathetic to reason properly. 


Isn't it about time someone files a grievance?     

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


In a post few months ago, I said I was willing to part with some of my 4" wide discoids for the low, low price of $29.99 to offset the ridiculously high cost of fuel to operate my present form of vehicular transportation, The Exxon Valdese.  Apparently, there are actually people who not only read my blog but are willing to purchase some of my creations.

If you happen to be one of these fine people, you can rest assured I wasn't kidding.  You'll get your stuff as soon as it passes my rigid quality standards.

One such device that passed QC is the object to the left.  I call it Jup2, a miniaturized version of the Jupiter 2 prototype.  It's also a colloquial, 2 syllable expression often used in this neck of the woods. 

Like Jupiter 2, it has an internal torus of resin, crystal dust, and micron metals of iron oxide and aluminum in a 4 to 1 ratio, with a 60' mobius coil.  The internal torus is covered with about an inch or so of medium density orgonite and the whole thing has a final layer of resin.  This layering of progressively less dense material is enough to stimulate the inner torus and allows it to work in passive mode.  Fire up the mp3, or frequency generator, or even bang it around and it's off and running.    

This unit has a few refinements such as a removable copper plate that throws the energy right out the top, a pre-programmed mp3 player that plugs directly to the internal mobius coil, an AC wall adapter, and a car adapter.  Not shown is the central core made of the same material as the inner torus encasing a 2" DT quartz crystal.  I also improved the top orb by adjusting the density and adding a vertical  DT crystal.

I was wondering about plugging the mp3 directly to the mobus.  In my previous experiments I tapped into the mobius by way of the right and left negative wires going from the ear buds.  Reason being, a mobius has little to no resistance and directly plugging  into one would be the same as crossing all the speaker wires together.  I wouldn't try this on your home stereo without some kind of resistance, but I've had an mp3 plugged directly into this unit for the past week with no problems, no signal degradation, and a strong energy output you can feel across the room.

Jup2 is a custom international order with a price tag of $199 and will be shipped this week. 
This is a one-of-a-kind piece of art that functions as a stand alone succor punch that picks up and integrates the users intentions and manifests these intentions into reality.  And it's portable.

Isn't that worth 200 bucks?


Sunday, June 05, 2011

it's just a game

Many people believe we pick our parents and potential life path before we're born.  We select the parameters, choose an avatar, and get lost in the game as we advance through various levels pursuing whatever the payoff may be.  It's just a game, and when it's over we have the option to go for another ride with a whole new set of parameters.

If this is the way things are, and there's reason to believe it is, it means your life is more than birth, death, and a bunch of random stuff that happens in the middle, like a century long drunkards walk.  It means you chose your life and designed the conditions to create the personality required for this life-ride.  You also chose to not remember any of this in order to totally immerse yourself into this reality of senses, emotions, experiences, and unexpected adventure that makes this game the hit of the universe and all dimensions.

Our memories aren't completely blank.  We might get the feeling there's something more to all this and look for answers by employing some of our boredom killing inventions like religion, literature, drugs, amusement parks, TV, midget wrestling, and thousands of other methods used to ferret out the specific information we need at the specific time to advance to the next level.
Looking for meaning but getting lost in the method.

Like the excitement an amnesiac might feel who finds himself in a situation that triggers a fragment of a distant memory, we get high from our man-made metaphors that allow us to recognize fragments of our initial programming.  Every trip to the amusement park expands our consciousness by showing us the nature of the game and how we all buy the ticket and take the ride.  It's an experience shared by everyone in the park, indicating we're not alone and it's all fun.  Computer games are a metaphoric abstract of your initial programming that requires an avatar of your choosing to learn the importance of gaining knowledge by acquiring the proper tools and information to complete the game.  Our man-made culture seems to be brimming with coded information in the form of books, movies, TV shows, gum wrappers, billboards, and to a lesser extent, popular music, containing potential clues to your very own personal big picture. 

If we designed this life by choosing our parents as our primary programmers, knowing our choice would determine the quality of this life, why would you choose parents that would condition you to become serial killers, mass murderers, or bottom feeders the world would be better off without?
Why do you think Grand Theft Auto sold over 100 million copies world wide?

It's your game, man.  Too late to bitch about it now.  Relax and enjoy the ride.