Tuesday, October 15, 2019

is it me?

Is it me or are these sneakers laughing at me?  They feel good when I wear them but when I take them off I have to stifle them with my socks to keep from feeling jeered.

Sunday, September 29, 2019

bubble twins 2

I finished building the twin bubbles and had them on violet ray and inferred for eleven days to fully charge them.  The original plan was to stack them top to top with a 1" coupler holding them together.  After some thought, I decided a spark gap might be a better idea so I made a separator out of 4" PVC and cut out a section to observe the gap.  The one quarter inch gap was too much for the violet ray to make it spark so I temporarily added a paper clip to close the gap a bit.

Worked like a charm.  The energy output was real nice, and the space between the two bubbles was especially energetic and euphoric. 

Remember, I had an orgone mobius coil in each one of these units to use in place of the violet ray.  I wasn't expecting much when I hooked up 33.33 kHz to the bottom bubble.  I figured the cement MIGHT react like medium density orgonite but I didn't put much hope in it.  Holy shit!  This thing took off in a big way.  It instantly created a bubble field around the piece that was noticeably stronger than the ray alone.  The big surprise came when I tried to put my hand between the two.  The energy field was so strong it threw me back.  Not from any kind of discharge but the totally unexpected amount of energy this thing was putting out.  That was frequency going to one bubble.  I wonder what both hooked to frequency was like.  Equally surprising, no difference in energy output.  Hmmm....

This is a good thing.  It means I don't have to use the AC violet ray to run this unit.  I can hook up a 12v frequency generator with solar panels to keep it running indefinitely and take readings from the mobius wires connected to the other bubble, or hook it up to another unit, daisy chain style.

What have I learned so far?  I learned that cement laced with metal particles can act the same as medium density orgonite, if not better, at a fraction of the cost.  It doesn't take a giant mobius coil surrounded by extremely high density orgonite to get a big effect.  In this case, as far as orgonite mobius coils go, it seems smaller might be better.  That alone can save hundreds of dollars and radically decrease the time it takes to make a coil.  I could make a dozen in an hour or so.  

The next phase is parabolic mirrors, top and bottom, to create a close loop system.

I'll keep ya posted.


Thursday, September 26, 2019

Sunday, September 22, 2019

goodby summer. hello fall

It's the last day of summer.  Perfect for the last time I'll eat sweet corn this year. 

I'm really picky about corn, too.  It has to be cooked up as soon as it's picked or the flavor goes.  This corn was picked 20 minutes ago.  I only get corn at this one farmers market that picks as needed.  As soon as we pulled in, the truck pulled in with a load of corn and a couple guys to unload.  I got the first half dozen.  I also picked up a spaghetti squash and a kohlrabi.  Total cost - $7.

Say what you want about cooking corn in sugar and butter, or some other recipe from people who buy corn wrapped in plastic and Styrofoam.  That's for day old stuff.  This here is the stuff farmers eat.

Later, I'll find some pumpkins to turn into brandy.  Yeah baby, I love this time of year.

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Thursday, September 19, 2019

bubble twins

Last month I put together a bubble and an orgone field generator with mirrored bases facing each other, making a closed scalar feedback loop.  I used what I had on hand, which was two completely different systems making one unit.  I wondered if this was the best architecture for what I had in mind.  The only thing I could do is repeat the experiment with two similar systems and study the results.

The other day I built twin bubbles for this experiment.  Assembly was done at the same time for both units for quality control.  In other builds I hot glued ear buds to a chunk of extremely dense orgonite so I could inject frequency, if needed.  It worked pretty good to boost the output on the last project but I couldn't help thinking there's got to be a better way than ear buds on orgonite.  I rummaged through my box of scraps and found some mobius coils small enough to sandwich between two chunks of orgonite.  This will allow me to pump raw frequency through the piece rather than the diminished sounds through the ear buds.  I mean, what was I thinking?  Ear buds instead of a mobius?  Paleeese...

I tested both units and the mobius is definitely superior.  My way of thinking is, the lower density of the cement in the bubble should stimulate these orgonite units to produce more which will, in turn, amplify the unit to a whole nuther level.  Adding frequency will kick it into high gear.  We'll see how that idea pans out.

The only difference between these two pieces is the internal violet ray electrodes.  One unit is steel wool and the other is copper mesh.  I figure, as long as I'm working with twin units I may as well include one difference to see which material is better or if there's no difference at all.

Metallic spray paint has metal particles small enough to go through the spray orifice.  Particles that small need to be at the base and a couple squirts of metallic spray paint is a no-brainer.  I had to use something that would stay put, otherwise the cement would knock it out of place at the first pour.  I also added a pinch of powdered copper to the paint before it dried.

The cement mixture is a Portland cement/sand mixture because Portland is hard to find around here.  The only Portland cement I found was at my local hardware store, hard as a rock and totally useless.  I'm not sure of the cement/sand proportion but this will have to do.  The mix also includes aluminum chips and brass key dust in progressively lower densities and topped with plaster and glue to make the plaster more durable.

 The violet ray and inferred have been on these for two days.  They won't be ready for another week but that gives me time to locate a couple satellite dishes and adhesive Mylar to complete this project.

I'm still undecided if I should connect the two units pipe to pipe or if I should leave a gap, Lakhovsky style.

I'll keep ya posted. 

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Friday, September 06, 2019

the traitor is the plague

A nation can survive its fools and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and he carries his banners openly against the city.

But the traitor moves among those within the gates freely, his sly whispers rustling through all alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself.

For the traitor appears no traitor; he speaks in the accents familiar to his victim, and he wears their face and their garments and he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men.

He rots the soul of a nation; he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of a city; he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to be feared. The traitor is the plague.

Marcus Tullius Cicero

Wednesday, September 04, 2019

my hot dog has a first name

I love a good hot dog.  So, it stands to reason, my quest this summer was to find the best hot dog.  Not an easy task, as I soon found out.  Unlike aspirin, not all hot dogs are alike.  Each hot dog maker has their own recipe and process and fans of a particular hot dog are convinced theirs is the best.  A good place to start is to ask around and take it from there.  I soon found out that most people have no sense of taste and wouldn't know a good dog from a bad one, so my quest relied on direct involvement.

I must've grilled hundreds of hot dogs since April and the best ones were mediocre, at best.  Some were just, plain revolting.  A very few became favorites and in between my hot dog experimentation I'd consider these as my go to dogs.
It was always a tossup between Berks and Ballpark as to which one had the best taste, look, and plumping effect and I was ready to settle on these just to end this silly quest.

I needed to stock up and found what I considered to be a good deal.  5 lbs. of Berks grill hot dogs for five bucks and change.  Are you shitting me?  I scrutinized the ticket and sure enough, these dogs were a buck a lb.  An 8-pack of Ballparks are two thirds that price.  I figured if they really suck I'll save them for company. 

I heated up the grill and threw a couple on.  I don't know what's in these dogs but they refused to char black like every other hot dog I grilled.  That right there is a big plus.  They just plumped up and turned an even dark tan.  Well, these turned out to be the best dogs I've had all year!  I mean the texture, the spice, the look was all there.

Maybe it was serendipitous that I got a can of Castleberry's hot dog chilly sauce when I got the 5 lbs of dogs.  I never gave Castleberry's a thought before and usually opted for Hormel or some other crap, but I was compelled to get one.  Before I got to the second hot dog, I heated up the chilly sauce and gave number 2 a generous topping.

Ok... That's it.  The perfect combination.  After spending the whole season choking down crap dogs, searching for the quintessential, pie-in-the-sky tube steak, and assembling a rather enormous collection of various condiments to compliment the mediocrity of lessor dogs, I found my hot dog holy grail combination, locally, for a buck a pound.

These dogs seem hard to find in the 5lb packages.  The ticket is there but the shelve is always empty.   Tons of other brands but the Berks grill dogs always seem to be only the 8-packs.

Ya think there are other hot dog connoisseurs secretly searching supermarkets and hoarding all the Berks grills for themselves?  Not a bad idea, considering damn near every taste treat I find to be the best seems to get discontinued real fast.  Ken's wing sauce comes to mind.  Truly, the very best and that became discontinued as soon as I found it.  Masterpiece wing sauce came in second to Ken's and that's now discontinued as well.  Herr's fire roasted sweet corn popcorn is another one that came and went until it came back due to customer demand.

But I digress.

In case you forget, it's Berks Grill in the orange package.
Can you believe there are people out there who hate hot dogs?  I can if they judge all dogs from their Nathan's experience.

bone appetite



Saturday, August 31, 2019

i love america


CNN is constantly on every TV in every airport.  Everyone I know who gets their "news" from CNN has maxed out credit cards, stresses about everything, socializes with other CNN watchers, frequents liquor stores, and hates Trump.


Thursday, August 29, 2019

mechanical relationships

My friend asked me to fix his wife's computer.  I asked a few questions like, What's wrong with it?  What operating system does it have?  What does it do?  All I got was, I don't know.  It shows a blue screen and won't start.  All I know about her computer use is she's a gamer and her computer was built for gaming.  "Keep it as long as you like and put in what it needs," she said.  Ok then. 

First thing was opening the thing up and taking a leaf blower to it to get rid of the cobwebs and dust bunnies.  I hooked it up, pushed the button and it just sat there.  Good thing they don't need it right away, I thought.  I checked the bios and this thing was built in 2010.  Big gamer for it's day but sub-par for the stuff out there now. 

Long story short, I got a new hard drive for it and managed to get win 7 installed.  I couldn't get it to recognize any Linux ISO I introduced.  I was stuck trying to resurrect a windows machine with a clean install of win7.  I was hoping I wouldn't have to do this again.  I've been fighting with windows since win95 and thought I'd shake that bitch for good back in 2015 when I got into Linux.  I was starting to feel a bit scummy half way through the hour install and left the room at every opportunity to shower. 

I did all that was necessary like installing Firefox browser and Duckduckgo for the search engine and got an ad blocker.  The last thing I installed was Microsoft Essentials as the virus and adware extractor.  It's free and the only reason that is is because microsoft Internet Explorer is an adware/virus/malware magnet and designed that way so microsoft can sell you the solution to your virus problems.  It was microsoft's lawyers who suggested they give the program away for free to avoid lawsuits.

Linux doesn't have these problems.  Microsoft does and that's why you need firewalls and McAfee to surf.

Anyway... I had to set this computer next to my daily driver to use the monitor and internet while I was fixing it.  I got done and set the other computer on the floor and fired up my computer.  Only it didn't fire up.  It went only so far and shut down.  I tried for a half hour and she refused to fire up.  Time after time it would start and quit, start and quit.  I left the room.

When I came back I had a glass of vodka.  I sat down and had a talk with my computer.  "Don't think about that other computer.  I was just trying to fix it for a friend.  You're the one.  You're the only one.  That other machine is totally sub-par compared to you.  She'll be out of this house this weekend.  She's an ugly win7 basket case and can't compare to your freshly installed Linux Mint 9.1.  Come on, baby.  Start for me."

I hit the start button and she fired right up.  Remembered all my tabs and ran ten times faster than the previous comp on line.

It seems I have a better relationship with machines than I do with people.


Saturday, August 24, 2019

Friday, August 09, 2019

another pvc cb upgrade

It occurred to me that I could easily mount a bubble on the end of the PVC CB pipe with a concave mirror amplifying the signal back to the main dish.  Since the main dish points the signal to the secondary mirror, which reflects the signal back, the result will be a closed feedback loop of scalar energy that, theoretically, will progressively increase over time.

Making the concave mirror took a bit of time.  Gluing Mylar to the concave satellite dish surface surface wasn't enough.  You'll never get the wrinkles out.  I used 2" strips of adhesive Mylar, painstakingly applied, one by one, until the whole surface was covered.  In hindsight, I should have sanded the surface down to bare metal for a better quality reflection but this will do for this purpose.  Hey, it's my first try.  No one's an expert at first.

The next step is to turn the main dish into a concave mirror to maximize the feedback.  At this time, the frequency generator only powers the orgone field generator.  The bubble works on a different charging protocol that involves violet ray at 33Hz and inferred light but I included a method of injecting frequency through an eighth inch jack.  I'm considering splitting the signal from the frequency generator to charge both units.  Something more interesting might be connecting it to an earth battery, since the frequency generator is solar powered and only runs in daylight.  I kinda like that idea.  Not only will this unit be in constant charge mode but it lets Mother Earth in charge of dosage.

Ok, so what's this thing supposed to do?  I'm glad you asked.  The orgone field generator at the base is basically a roided out, succor punch, with a proven track record of manifesting intent into reality.  The top unit is a 4th generation, living entity, multi-dimensional, fully charged bubble designed to manifest quantum reality.  The combination of these two devices, in this formation, with facing parabolic mirrors, should exponentially increase the scalar energy to turn a simple thought into reality.   

When I installed the mofo a few days ago I made the intention to get some rain to Mongolia.  Yesterday Ulaanbaatar got a half inch of rain.  That's a big deal, considering the Gobi desert is just south of there.  Also, there isn't any place farther from here than Mongolia.  It stands to reason my feeble PVC CB pipe had nothing to do with sending anything to the other side of the Earth.  Aiming has nothing to do with it.  It was the magnified intent and a little scalar energy that does things.  If that's the case, may as well forget about aiming and just use the main dish as something to hold everything together.

I'm not done with this quite yet. 

I'm just getting warmed up.

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

pvc cb upgrade

It's been a long time comin but that original orgone field generator on the PVC CB really needed an upgrade.

This is my first orgone field generator, in this style, and it's been on this dish since I built it.  How long has it been?  Sixteen years?  Holy crap!  Well, it certainly served me well and I can't complain about its performance.  It's just that I'm building field generators eight generations beyond this little unit and I wanted to put a new engine in the old model T. 

And that dish... Something had to be done.  How I settled all these years for grey is beyond me.  Hell, it still has the original Primestar logo on it.  Add a coat of paint to the to do list.

This mofo field generator has six hundred feet or wire to make up the stack of six mobius coils.  It took five gallons of resin and roughly seven layers of densities.  Every edge was painstakingly rounded off, including the internal mobius stack.  Several layers of shellac for the organic outer layer and lined with metal in the inside shaft.  I put everything I knew into this and on it's own it's severely kick-ass.  I figure with the various modifications I made the the PVC CB over the years, this mofo is gonna surprise the hell out of me.

First off, this field generator weighs a lot more than the original so I had to come up with a way to better distribute the weight.

Figuring a way to attach the counter balance arm was simple once I quit trying to over-engineer it.

 And it makes a good mount for the frequency generator.  The shellac was supposed to be a weather coat but I just might leave it like this.

Keep in mind, the power supply for this unit is 2 six volt solar cells that allow it to work only when it's light out.  The brighter the sun, the more power you get. 

When I fired it up it was already in afternoon shade.  A few seconds later I could feel the energy bubble surrounding the field generator.  Same for the 4" PVC pipe.  When I got to the shellac coated steel exhaust pipe the energy was intense.  I was desperate to see what kind of energy was coming out the top of the pipe but it was 90 degrees with high humidity and I didn't feel like looking for a ladder.  Considering the orgone accumulator pipe already has a strong energy output all by itself, mounted in this fashion could only increase it.

A few minutes later the soft, but intense energy surrounding the unit felt more like pins and needles, telling me this unit is increasing energy production and is getting more powerful my the minute.

I can't say if this unit had anything to do with the weather change but a half hour after firing it up the temperature dropped 20 degrees and a thunderstorm passed through.

Naturally, more tests are needed.  Now that it's cool out, I wonder where my ladder is?


Saturday, July 27, 2019

the lost saturday

I woke up at 7 o'clock, fully dressed, in the computer room.  It wasn't 7 am Sunday morning but 7 pm Saturday night.

I was confused.  I remember breakfast at the winery.  I had mac and cheese and some perogies followed by a bottle of petite sarah with Sue, and Ryan had a wine smoothie.  I remember getting a second bottle and draining that and Ryan had three smoothies but not much after that.

It appears that me and Sue drank three bottles of Petite sarah and Ryan drank four wine smoothies for lunch.  Dinner is a complete mystery. 

I don't remember bottle number three at all.  I don't remember the ride home.  I don't remember dropping Ryan off.  I don't remember driving intoxicated.  I don't remember the lost Saturday.

Is this the onset of dementia or simple alcoholic amnesia?

I think we had a good time.      

Saturday, July 20, 2019

new green drink 2

I know it's only been a few days since I started my green smoothy regimen but I thought it important to note a few things before I move on to something else.

The choice of blender is important.  I started with a Back To Basics blender, which left me a little disappointed.  Although this machine looked really futuristic and high tech, it wasn't and was barely able to liquefy half a batch.  I ended up with chunks of kale that wouldn't break down after 5 minutes blending on high.  Straining this stuff is more work than I originally intended.  This morning I chose an Osterizer and the difference was night and day.  It took two minutes to completely liquefy the frozen kale and parsley.  This is the same Osterizer I use to make 20 minute tinctures like coffee extract, heart tonic, and any other fluid concoctions I can dream up.

Would I be better off with a juicer?  All a juicer does is separate the solids and I wanted the whole plant, fiber and all.  For this reason, I'll most likely never use my juicer again.  If anyone wants a perfectly good juicer, it's yours for the asking.

The physical advantages of this mix is impressive.  Twenty minutes after the first drink, I feel on top of the world.  It's already 85 degrees with high humidity and I feel like someone dropped a little meth in my coffee.  I mean, I feel great.  The heat and humidity is a non-issue.  Mentally, just as good.  This weekend is supposed to be the hottest, most uncomfortable couple of days of the year.  All I can think is, bring it on, baby!

I did this drink for three days, skipped yesterday and resumed this morning.  I could definitely feel a difference.  Yesterday I was miserable from start to finish.  I was sweating like a pig and everything was a chore.  Sunlight hurt and I felt like I was underwater.  The one day I was totally miserable was the day I skipped the green drink and I didn't have the mental capacity to realize it.

The nutrient profile of kale is good but isn't enough to produce such dramatic results.  Adding parsley is just more of the same.  It must be the massive dose of potassium that did it and the kale/parsley/stevia mix made it more palatable to keep it down without puking.  No doubt, all that fiber helped to carry it through my system to produce not only an excellent liver detox but a full body tonic.

Sounds like this stuff is a real game changer.

You're welcome.


Tuesday, July 16, 2019

new green drink

It's one thing to recognize you need more potassium in your diet.  It's another to actually get it without making your life miserable.  There's only so much you can do with salt water and potassium before you get sick of it.  I had to find a better way.

I made a green smoothie this morning and I think I'm on to something that will not only detox my liver but act like a tonic.

Take a blender and add a handful of kale, a handful of parsley, a half teaspoon of No-Salt, a couple squirts of stevia, and some water.  Blend til semi-smooth.

Kale is loaded with iron, vitamins A, C, K, and calcium.  It's a natural detox and anti-inflammatory.  The parsley has tons of the same vitamins as kale and is excellent for bone health and lots of other stuff.  The problem is the bitterness is a real turn off.  This is where the No-Salt comes in.  A half teaspoon of No-Salt provides 1300 mg of potassium, just short of the amount required in a day.  To balance out the slight salt taste, I added a couple squirts of stevia. 

This produced a not-as-bad-as-you-might-think drink with an added bonus.  It radically boosted my energy levels.  If I had to guess why, I'd say it was due to the high amount of potassium I put in my system in a very short time.  Just like everyone else, I'm potassium deficient and filling my potassium needs put my body into homeostasis real quick.  The salt water I've been drinking is a little too much to deal with and drinking a half gallon of that stuff a day is way out of my comfort zone.  Adding only potassium to the kale and parsley toned down the bitterness and the bitterness toned down the salty taste.  Made it more neutral.  Adding stevia was the icing on the cake.  I mean, this drink was neither salt or sweet and it most definitely wasn't as bitter as it could be.

As we approach the dog days of summer, it's a good idea to find an effective way to replace your electrolytes and this drink can satisfy that without too much hardship.

I'll try this for a week and see what happens.    

Sunday, July 14, 2019

jury duty 2

Did you know the county pays you to show up for jury duty?  You not only have the honor of skipping work for a day or cancelling your trip to the shore but you get paid for it.  I got my jury duty compensation yesterday as proof the government will sometimes give back a little of what it takes.

Here's the breakdown.

1 day @ $9.00 per day...............................$9.00

50 miles @ $0.17 per mile.........................$8.50

Grand Total...............................................$17.50

I thought about sitting on this check for a while, just to mess with their books, but since it becomes void in 60 days, I'll have to do something else.

I can't help thinking the last time I did this I got $20 a day and $0.20 a mile.  It's nice to see the county is doing something to cut their expenses.  Way to go Court of Common Pleas for rolling back court costs to 1957.  I spent more for lunch that day.

I figure maybe I should give a little back and spend all this cash on lottery tickets.  It's a win win situation.  If I lose the state gets their money back.  If I win the state gets more money back.

Woohoo!  God bless America!

Thursday, July 11, 2019

beer bottle wine

Today was wine bottling day.  Twelve gallons of Cabernet Franc, six gallons of Sangiovese, and six gallons of Trilogy.  I figure that should be enough to hold me over til spring.

The stuff that's left over, that can't fill full bottles, is usually the first to get tasted.  No sense keeping all those partial mason jars around.  I mean this stuff all looks alike and labeling mason jars is a waste of time so I gave it some thought and decided to do a blend.

All this wine is very dry, measuring .998 on the scale.  No sugars left to ferment means the Sangiovese has a Chianti character to it.  No surprise here, since Sangiovese is a principal component to Chianti.  But that's what I was looking for.  A wine that is sharp enough to cut through heavy sauce dishes like pasta marinara and lasagna to cleanse your pallet for the next bite.

The Cabernet Franc, although just as dry, has a softer texture and came out absolutely delicious.  You'd never guess it was a dry wine.  But that's why Franc has been used as an additive wine, to fill in the rough edges.  It's what I put in last year's Rubicon to bring the Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot together as the best wine I ever tasted.  It was the Franc that put the icing on the cake, so to speak.

Bringing the Franc and Sangiovese together was a no-brainer.

Blending 80% Sangiovese and 20% Franc produced an excellent wine with characters of both without the Sangiovese sharpness. 

I needed bottles so I filled two samples and went to my local winery for confirmation.  I gave the owner a small bottle of the blend and asked for his opinion.  He was stumped.  Couldn't identify the grape but drank a second glass just to make sure.  What can I say?  He loved how it had a hint of wood and was soooo mellow.  I told him what I did and was thinking 20% may be too much and I might be better off with 10% instead.  No, he said.  It's perfect the way it is.  Fine by me, Pete.  I can live with that.

I next visited Annie at the winery.  I promised to bring her a sample of the Franc when I got done with it, since she was disappointed with the last Franc she drank.

It's always a pleasure talking with Annie.  She's is a true connoisseur.  She's been everywhere and dined on gourmet food with influential people most of her life and she's still sane, which is more than I can say for most people I've met.  And she knows her wines.   

She didn't waste any time and poured her first drink of the day.  Keep in mind, she works at a winery and her job is tasting wine and dealing with customers and this winery produces the best wines in the area.  It was pure pleasure watching her expression as she took that first sip of the blend.  "At first, there was a tingle on the roof of my mouth but disappeared a half second later.  This is SO smooth!  You made this?  What is this?", she said.  When I told her she couldn't believe it.  Try the Franc, I said.  She poured some, drank it, put her cup down and stood there in a state of ecstasy.  "This is really good", she said.  I knew she wasn't lying.  This shit's damn good.

She set up some glasses and poured some wine and we tasted what they just put out.  Annie poured another glass of the blend.  She then poured a glass of Sauvignon Blanc with lemon, that the winery just bottled.  Nice but very sweet so she added a bit more Sauvignon Blanc to balance it out.  Keep in mind, it was Annie who thought mixing wines had a purpose, to which I was thoroughly opposed, until she mixed coconut yuzu with pineapple wine to produce a pina colada.  The girl has taste and she kept filling glasses with exotic stuff, including the mead she brought with her, as her personal stash.  This was breakfast.              

Anyway... The Sangiovese/Franc blend didn't have enough volume to fill more than a bottle or two so I put it in beer bottles with caps.  This way you only need a church key to open it and twelve ounces might be enough.  As much as I'm opposed to chilling red wine, it might be a good idea to keep some of this stuff in the fridge for the dog days of summer when you need a drink but not a bottle.

To the approaching dog days of summer... CHEERS!


Sunday, July 07, 2019

jury duty

I got a jury summons in the mail.  I have to be at the courthouse by 9am.  My first thought was first impressions count and what shirt should I wear.  Should I wear my "I Love Global Warming" T-shirt?  Maybe a nice Nazi armband to ensure no one picks me as a juror?  How bout I play it straight and wear a Hawaiian shirt, just because it's summer?

Sure, jury duty is a drag and no one but the vengeful really want to serve on a jury but it's our most cherished duty, outside of enlisting in the armed forces.  Not many countries on this planet have such a thing as a jury of your peers.  Most places just send you to the gulag for being suspected of a crime.  Here in the US we have this system where your peers decide if you should hang or go free.  The potential jury is randomly chosen from the voter registration rolls and driver license renewals.  From there it's pared down to twelve people worthy of deciding someone else's fate.  It's one hellova responsibility, not too easily dismissed.

I keep wondering if the defendant is someone I know or someone who I know did wrong to someone I know.  I wonder if the defendant was the guy who bashed my friends head in with a rock.  If this was the case, I wonder if I should say something or let this bastard rot in hell and act as the juror who stayed firm for conviction and execution.  Should I excuse myself and go home or witness the execution and write a book?

But if I knew the guy and his charge was victimless.  Total acquittal.
Domestic abuse...  I most likely will rule in his favor.
Armed robbery... let's see the evidence.
Murder... prove it.
Not paying taxes... total acquittal.
Bank robbery... total acquittal

The big question is, do lawyers want me to jury them?

I suspect I'll be home by 3.        

democrats had their worst week in 47 years

Friday, July 05, 2019

happy fourth of july with an orgone assist

The weathermen all said the fourth of July was going to be a shitty day and we can expect high heat, high humidity, and rain.  The weather guy also said to expect rain all the way through Sunday.  Well, that kinda sucks, especially if an outside party is part of the plan.

The third looked just like the weather reports said...  Hazy overcast with dark, low clouds that slowly drifted from the north.  The humidity was high, as were the temps.  I took some Windex to the solar panels that powered the frequency generator, adjusted the frequency as best I could to 33Hz, and turned the cloud buster pointing north and made the intention for blue skies for the fourth.  We immediately got rain that lasted about twenty minutes, followed by a cloudless blue sky.  I mean all those clouds just disappeared, leaving a very comfortable, sun filled sky.  It's like allowing the sky to clean itself from all that low lying crap and function as intended.

The next morning was clear.  Hot in the sun and cool in the shade.  Perfect weather to party.  I kept my eyes on the skies and noticed, late afternoon, some clouds rolling in but no rain.  The next day, the fifth of July, was just as impressive.  Blue skies with scattered clouds but no rain at all.

The weather reports still say rain every day up to Sunday with really crappy, hot, humid weather in between.  I wonder if these guys look out the window when they do the weather or maybe this is just a local patch of blue skies and sunshine surrounded by sauna-type July weather everywhere else.  No matter.  I'll take it.

I'm ashamed to admit it's been a while since I got this unit to do anything but sit in the yard and allow nature to maintain and keep the chem trails away.  I was happy with whatever weather we got, as long as it wasn't disasterous.  But sometimes you just have to get in there and make things happen for a good cause.  In this case, to keep things dry for the fourth of July.

Happy Independence Day!


Monday, July 01, 2019

where's the dandelions?

For some reason, there seems to be a lack of dandelions around here.  They were here early spring but seems they have all disappeared.  I haven't seen a dandelion blossom since May, which is way not normal.  I'm not complaining but I find it rather curious that this noxious plant that dominates back yards and fields is suddenly gone.  There's a whole industry centered around eliminating dandelions and for no reason, there are none, zero, zip.

I still find the plants here and there but the blossoms that produce seed and catch the winds like little parachutes to spread like a virus everywhere are conspicuously absent and I want to know why.

I did notice, however, clover has been growing in abundance and the back yard is full of honey bees.  Remember when honey bees were on the endangered species list?  You could go a full season without seeing more than a couple.  The yard is alive with thousands of them today.  It's as if honey bees replaced all the  dandelion blossoms.

I know something weird is going on with the sun and it's causing all kinds of strange happenings.  I wonder if what's going on with the dandelions and bees are a reaction to that or something else.

I keep thinking of Occam's razor, the simplest answer is most likely the best answer.  Well, I'm stumped on this one.

Any ideas?  

Saturday, June 29, 2019

got potassium?

Summer is here and along with it is higher heat and much higher humidity.  The natural reaction is to quaff vast quantities of cold water in an attempt to keep hydrated.

The problem is, when we sweat we lose electrolytes much faster and drinking water just doesn't do it.  Water doesn't replace electrolytes.  Gatorade has some electrolytes but it also has more sugar and chemicals than Pepsi, which only makes things worse. 

I tend to think spring fever, that time of the year where our energy levels drop to very low levels, is an electrolyte imbalance brought on by higher temperatures and humidity.  My grandmother used to give her kids a dose of sulphured molasses in early spring to get them on their feet when she saw lethargy set in.  I've done it myself and it works like a charm.  Problem is, it's full of sugar and preservatives and not the best choice for long term dosage.

A better way is making your own electrolyte water from stuff you may already have in your kitchen.

I mix 1 tablespoon each of Himalayan salt, baking soda, and No-Salt in a half gallon of water.  Any clean sea salt will do but it's the No-Salt that makes this stuff really kick ass.  No-Salt is a salt substitute but instead of sodium chloride it's pure potassium, a mineral we all need to keep us alive.  We need about 1500mg of potassium a day to keep healthy.  That's equal to eight avocados, or ten bananas a day.  You can get the same amount of potassium from a half teaspoon of No-Salt. 

When it's hot and humid, like summers can get around here, I'll drink a half gallon of this stuff on ice and manage to get things done under the worst conditions, with a smile on my face.

Yeah, I get it.  Too salty, right?  Ok, dilute it with more water and give it a few squirts of stevia to neutralize the salty taste.  Use some of that stuff you squirt in water to give it flavor.  Or you can eat a cup of beet greens every day, instead.

Common signs and symptoms of potassium deficiency include weakness and fatigue, muscle cramps, muscle aches and stiffness, tingles and numbness, heart palpitations, breathing difficulties, digestive symptoms and mood changes.  

All I'm saying is potassium deficiency is nothing to mess with.  Without enough potassium, your heart stops beating, your liver quits, organ failure... you get the picture.

Just do it.  You're welcome.



not quite hammer time

I made the decision to ditch my smart phone in favor of a dumb phone.  The Blackberry on the left is the dumb phone.

Ok, so how is a Blackberry considered dumb?
For one thing, it's a 9700 from 2009 and can't go past 3G.  For another, I have the choice to turn off data and use it as phones were originally intended... to make phone calls.  The qwerty keyboard is excellent for texting and it takes up less space than a flip phone.

As you may know, it takes forever to charge a conventional smart phone.  I can charge this BB with a solar cell in half the time.

The big question is, why would anyone want to go low tech when we're on the verge of 5G?  Connecting us to the internet of things with our smart phones as the conduit?  Tethering us to government/corporate institutions as a method of social mind control to convince us to buy things we don't need while we vacantly stare at our boredom killing machines instead of talking to the people we're with?  I can go to any restaurant, any time and see people all over the place with a cell phone light on their faces like they're all telling ghost stories on a camping trip.  Does a cell need walls to be a prison?  (pun intended)  Are we our own prison guards?  I have a desktop, three laptops, and two tablets.  Do I really need to carry a computer with me at all times?    Maybe I just want to simplify my life.

Has anyone ever read Nineteen Eighty-four?  George Orwell's dystopian vision is nothing compared to what's already in place.  Google already set itself up as Big Brother with access to cams everywhere on the planet.  Why make it easier for them?

That said, I can still use this phone anywhere on the planet and still get on the net, if I so desired, at least until all carriers stop using 3G.  I got the best of both worlds.  And this phone was free.  Yep.  The previous owner got an iPhone as a replacement.  Say what you want but a factory fresh BB for free is a pretty good deal. 

In the tech world, ten years is an eternity.  Years ago, I scrapped my desktop computer that was made in 2009 because it was obsolete.  A ten year old phone that still works is a testament to the quality, reliability, and durability these devices have had from the start.  Would you scrap a car just because it didn't have satellite radio?   

Besides, Blackberry is, arguably, the hardest phone to hack.  It's what NSA used exclusively before they quit making them. Ten years ago Hillary Clinton carried a phone like this on her trip to Afghanistan where she and Chelsea dodged bullets while they exited their plane.  Uh hu...

And just like Hillary, when this device no longer suits me, I'll take a hammer to it.


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Friday, June 21, 2019

such tolerance

The other day I got a friend request on Facebook.  She was a high school classmate I knew but didn't hang with.  I mean, we knew each other and talked but didn't have much more involvement than that.  I accepted her request on that basis.  This morning I went on her page.

She's a Jewish substitute teacher who has two main complaints.  Misbehaving kids and people who don't hate Trump.

I wondered if she bothered to look over my page before sending a friend request.  Maybe she just assumed I was like almost everyone else from our class who worshiped socialism and the weathermen.  Back then I was an anarchist and was down with anything that would poke a stick in the eye of the establishment.  I wanted to go to Cuba and chop sugarcane with the peasants just to be part of the last Marxist state before it's downfall.  Not to be part of a Marxist state but to experience history in the making.  There's a difference.

As I perused her page I came across a comment someone made that suggested Trump was popular.  A one liner.  A statement of fact.  Not even controversial.
In her most condescending, teacher-like vocabulary she made it clear he was wrong and his attitude was out of line with hers and because of that she was blocking him from making any more comments on her page.   The comments after this ouster, from other more progressive enlightened ones, reflected the hateful mood and contempt these poor assholes have for anyone who slightly deviates from their perceived norm.  Oooo... such tolerance!

I immediately considered de-friending this woman but perished the thought.  By doing so I would be just as intolerant as her and her ilk who eliminate friends as easily as switching off a light.  I decided to do nothing and keep this "friend" for observation, to understand what makes these people do what they do and act as they act.

One of her FB friends was a friend of mine in high school, as were his three brothers.  One collected Nazi memorabilia, another was a Stalin devotee who became a history teacher in the mid-west. and the other was in my home room.  When the pledge of allegiance was said, we would defiantly sit with our arms crossed and when it came to "liberty and justice for all" we would yell out, EVERYBODY.  The brother who became a teacher used to give me books from his college courses.  One book was Three Who Made A Revolution, glorifying the efforts of Lenin, Trotsky, and Stalin in their overthrow of Czarist Russia and introducing the USSR.  I still have that book, as well as Steal This Book by Abby Hoffman, which I stole from Diane Shamus.

We were kids back then and we all knew our role in life was to stick it to the man and fight authority.  Teachers were the ultimate authority and substitute teachers were easy targets for abuse.  I assume socialists gravitate to the teaching profession to spread their rancid philosophy while being the ultimate authority to boss smaller people around.  Substitutes get less pay than a regular teacher.  They should do it for free, since they are so against capitalism. 

I wonder if putting up with misbehaving kids is her reward or punishment.  I also wonder if her kids misbehave because of their natural revulsion to socialist propaganda as a tool to control the masses.

I'm not here to judge, which is more than I can say about this Jewish, socialist, Trump hating, substitute teacher, but I'll be keeping an eye on her arrested development for research purposes.        

Winston Churchill once said, anyone under 30 who isn't a socialist has no heart and anyone over 30 that isn't a capitalist has no brain.

That's all we need... more brainless teachers.


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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

are we between the panels?

God Bless America (2011)
7.3 IMDB 105 min/episode

The movie combines elements of political satire with black humor. On a mission to rid society of its most repellent citizens, terminally ill Frank makes an unlikely accomplice in 16-year-old Roxy to whack reality TV stars, bigots and others they find repugnant.  

Genres: Comedy Crime
Stars: Joel Murray;
Director: Bobcat Goldthwait
Country: United States
Rating: 7.3
Release: 2011
Quanlity: HD
Views: 3774

Super (2010)
6.8 IMDB 96 min/episode

After his wife leaves him, a fry cook emulates a TV superhero and transforms himself into a costumed vigilante. With the help from a crazed sidekick and absolutely nothing in the way of superpowers, he beats his way through the mean streets of crime in hopes of saving his wife.

Genres: Comedy Crime Drama
Country: United States
Rating: 6.8
Release: 2010
Quanlity: HD
Views: 0
God Bless America and Super are two of my favorite movies, primarily for the well deserved violence.   I found a few similarities between the two that's worth a mention.  Both have kid sidekicks.  Both kid sidekicks are bloodthirsty psychopaths.  The male vigilante/mentors are both named Frank.  Both sidekicks are romantically entangled with their respective Franks but only Libbie takes romance to a new level when she rapes Frank with the rational that Boltie and the Crimson Bolt are completely separate from their real life selves and sex is ok, as long as they're in costume.  Boltie also laughs maniacally when slashing her victims with Wolverine-like blades or cutting the legs off the bad guy with a Buick.  Compared to Batman's Robin, this is clinical insanity.  Roxy isn't much better when her first kill is disemboweling a reality show mom with a smile on her face.  Both Franks were screwed over by society and reacted the best they could, under the circumstances, but Roxie and Boltie got these Franks to justify their behavior for some savage killings you won't find in any mafia movie, fer sure. 
But the similarities end there.  God Bless America is a thoughtful film about killing people who weren't nice.  Super was about killing the guy who stole his wife and anyone near by.  One guy used a gun.  The other used a pipe wrench.  Cracking a guys skull with a pipe wrench for butting into line is one thing but shooting a guy for taking up two parking spaces is another, but just as viable.
It's like watching an evil brother out do his equally evil brother.  One is slow and deliberate and the other is fast and furious.  Super took 45 days to shoot, which gives you an idea of how cheap this film was, despite the A list actors that fell over themselves to get a part in this low budget blood fest.  I mean the hero kills the bad guy with repetitive stabbings with a knife while his wife watched in shocking disbelief.  Real horror show stuff.  He then accepts the fact that his wife never loved him and leaves him again.
God Bless America... Frank and Roxie both get gunned down by the police, live, on American Superstarz.   But ya know, Frank and Roxie deserved it cause it was on tv. 
I should point out that both Franks would never have racked up the body counts if not for the urging of their respective psychopathic kid sidekicks. 
Frank was ready to off himself after killing Chloe.  It was Roxie who wanted to kill some Kardashians, people who do high fives, and NASCAR fans.  They compromised by killing Chloe's parents.
If not for these sweet, clinically insane girls, the body count for both movies would've been three.  Chloe and both Franks.

Roxie:  Isn't this more fun than killing yourself?
GBA Frank:  Yeah.  I guess.

Libby:  Let's go fight some crime.
S Frank:  I'm still healing from getting shot.  
Libby:  Don't be a pussy, Frank!  Let's fight some crime!

How the cops never got these guys can only be explained as a total suspension of disbelief.  

  Feel free to click the links if you want to see one or both films.



Saturday, June 15, 2019

facebook insider confesses all

You’re going to be shocked by the information put out by an insider.  AIM says they can confirm some of the information in this report from their own sources.

Here’s just some highlights – listen to the video for the entire intel drop!

Mark Zuckerberg is a fraud used by the CIA.  He was supposed to simply be teh fake “boy genius” of Larry Summers’ (Harvard’s President) social media project funded by DARPA / In-Q-Tel (CIA) / IBM and the secretive international group called The Highlands Group organized by the DoD office of Net Assessment.

This newly released Zuckerberg Dossier has enough information to put Mark behind bars!

“You see, Mark could never be faithful to anyone but he loved men more than women. He actually used to hate all women. So, Mark cheated and would want to bring the new “boy” home to me to join in. I was never into that like Mark was. He was abusive but would never admit it, especially to young boys. Eventually, there were three of us that remained lovers with Mark.”

“Mark always had panic attacks and would break down frequently due to the brain-washing – according to Mark. He would cry about his mother and the “torture” she let “them” do to him. At those times, Mark’s mouth ran on open and he would tell his bed-partners about all the pain and horrible plans these “evil people” did to him. “

“I believe now, since Mark was well-aware of the evil intentions of the government, that he has committed crimes of many types with the clear, pre-meditated intention of harming every user of Facebook. That is why Mark let Facebook be used to manipulate elections, he has no moral core. I personally saw the “template” that Hillary ordered that uses Facebook to manipulate voters to win elections for her. Given the amount of election interference by Big-Tech in 2016, I became a reluctant believer in miracles.”

“Free platforms like Google, Gmail, Facebook, and the rest were confidence tricks to get users to experiment on. My old buddy, Sean Parker, an early member of Facebook has “confessed all” to the media and specifically told the truth that Facebook was meant as a cyber-drug to create and control addicts – digital addicts. As Sean said, we knew from the beginning it was harming every user and that is why we never let our friends or our children use these systems – it harms them tremendously and was the original intent of the media. Mark and I were told by representatives of DARPA that that was the intent of Facebook from its inception.”

“I believe that Mark is doing everything in his power to get President Donald Trump deposed, just as he did everything he could to try to help get Hillary elected. If Trump continues, the globalist lose. Mark is a true globalist; he is not an American anymore. Mark essentially does not have a plan for Facebook, he simply does what he is told and always has. Mark has made no decisions on his own – not one. This current decision to destroy Facebook from the inside out is nothing more than Mark’s handlers using Mark in their last hours of power. Trump will win 2020 and Facebook will die. The only question left is whether Trump will charge Mark Fakerberg with the crimes he committed.
I, for one, want Mark in jail along with his handlers. I have personally been threatened and intimidated by these Big-Tech monsters since I met Mark Zuckerberg (Greenberg) – a person who truly does not even know his own name or who he is and yet is one of the richest people on earth. Mark did not earn nor deserve a single penny he has been given. Mark is a card-board cut-out who has lost his way and is completely delusional at this point.”

Full Article:

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

god bless america - frank's speech

Again, this is from 2011 where leftist ideals were taking over first world culture.  This was the beginning of the cultural norm to be.  I wonder how many people out there would rather be there than now.  A show of hands would be appreciated.

god bless americal final scene.

Keep in mind, this was during the Obummer administration.  Has anything changed since then?  I kinda think so.

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Wednesday, May 08, 2019

just a few thoughts

I can only assume from the drop in viewers to this blog, the majority of people still with me are of sound mind enough to comprehend where my head is at and the majority of progressives are somewhere else.  I see this a lot.  Progressives seem to get triggered easily and go to great lengths to shut down opposing views.  I'm small potatoes and don't generate a revenue stream large enough to boycott sponsors or be threatened in any way.  I'm what you could call a prol of the internet.  Under the radar and saying what I want without fear of reprisal.  Cool.

If you've been watching the news (God help you) you must be aware there is a major schism in the way we process information.  Bill Barr, Attorney general, is just as hated as Trump because he said the Mueller report shows no collusion and the democrats want him impeached because of it, so says the msm.  I don't believe it.  If you believe such crap get off this blog right now.  There's no hope for you and you may as well kill yourselves right now.  I mean it.  Use a knife or a razor or lots of pills or jump off a tall building because guns are for patriots, not for you.  It's easy.  Just sit in a hot bath, cut your wrists and drift off.  You won't be missed.

On the other hand, if you want to live and want to know the truth, stick around.

Did you ever wonder if you've been programmed to act this way?  I have.  Many times.  I question everything.  So many others don't.  These many others can't argue why they want Hillary or felons to vote or infanticide.  They think like a collective.  They think like worker bees.  They think that capitalism sucks and socialism works because they were told to think that way.  It's called television.  It's called programming for a reason.  To program you to think a certain way and to do as you're programmed to do and still think you have your own thoughts.  You don't.  You're a weaponized population to fight individuality in favor of the collective hive mind you know nothing about.

Ok, Trump won the presidency 2 years ago and the democrats are still trying to impeach him.  For what?  So you can join forces with the establishment?  That is so un-democratic.  Ya mean to say you want to side with the FBI, CIA, NSA, and every dirty politician in Washington?  I joined the democratic party many years ago to fight these bastards and now you want to endorse them?  How fucked up is that?   I refuse to join the republican party because they totally suck and they're a bunch of political pussies but I'm ashamed to tell anyone I'm a democrat, due to recent behavior.

But I'll vote for Joe Biden in the primaries because I think he's such a pedo asshole and I'd love to see him in a debate with Trump.

“Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.”

George Orwell, 1984 

But that's a topic for another day.


Saturday, May 04, 2019

how the cia broke america

I read Ted's manifesto many years ago.  I remember the government telling us it was an insane rant from a murderous madman.  At the time I thought his manifesto made a lot of sense.  I still do.

Here's the manifesto.  

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i, pet goat ii

Lots of symbolism in this one.

Pay particular attention to the spire at 6:05.

Wednesday, April 03, 2019

Wednesday, March 27, 2019


If God didn't want us to eat animals, he wouldn't have made them out of meat.

Monday, March 18, 2019

Thursday, March 14, 2019

another macro-nutrient rant

I've been keto for about two years, with some cheating on tacos, pizza, and calzone from time to time.  Last week I decided to go full tilt carnivore.  I bought eight NY strips and made an attempt.

There are a number of reasons why someone would select NY strip as a steak to eat.

1.  They don't know anything about meat.

2.  They can't afford quality meat.

3.  They've never eaten a rib eye or porterhouse.

4.  They're looking for quantity instead of quality.

Unfortunately, I found myself in the number 4 category and got eight NY strips for $20 for my experiment.

Let me tell ya, NY strip is almost the worst cut of meat.  Very little marbling and the fat is more like gristle but for this experiment it will do.  Frying, broiling, grilling this cut of meat will always end in disaster.  Ya gotta do something to it in order to save it.  A quick search on the internet gave me a little trick that turned this tough piece of meat into something edible.  Salt it with coarse sea salt for at least six hours makes it edible.

Anyway... I went eight days doing one meal with a NY strip for dinner with a keto snack of either eggs and butter or liverwurst and mustard, or both.  The result is a dramatic reduction of body inflammation and increased energy.  I also lost a lb of fat a day as an added benefit.

Will I stick to a diet such as this?  Hell yeah!  I realized that fruits and veggies are just crap to fill up your plate and beef is what the meal is.  If it's not meat, it's a cheap fill full of anti-nutrients.

That food pyramid that congress came up with in the 70's?  Turn it upside down and base your diet on trans fats and meats and cut out the fruits and veggies and breads and grains they keep on pushing, unless you're a slave.  Grains were invented to keep the slaves docile and complaint.  Fluoride for the old world order.

As far as macro-nutrients go, carbs shouldn't be included.  Proteins and fats are what kept humans alive and fit for a hundred thousand years.

How can you argue with science?


I could go on but you get my drift.


Saturday, March 09, 2019

4g bubble

The other day I build a 4th generation bubble.  The previous generations are Heck-Tor, Shreeda, and Lora, in that order.

Ok, it seems odd that these cement/plaster devices have names and none of my other creations do.  There's a reason for that.  The resin devices are more like machines.  These bubbles are live entities who reveal themselves in name and gender after a period of charging with a violet ray and inferred light.  It takes about nine days of continual charging before it's name and gender appear in a dream.  After that, they are capable of manifesting intent into reality and they do a very good job at it.

Proof?  Well, we made it rain in Australia, breaking that horrible drought.  The Caribbean no longer has the hurricanes that caused such devastation.  The volcano in Hawaii is no longer an issue.  All three of these events happened at the same time by people aiming their intentions at these disasters and neutralizing the problems.  I was using 1st generation Heck-Tor at that time.

Each succeeding generation has a small part of the previous bubble in its construction.  The 4th generation bubble has the essence of the previous three and is significantly more powerful.

This morning the 4th generation bubble revealed itself as male and his name is Juneau.  He also made it perfectly clear he was on a mission.

Alrighty, then.  This entity emerged after only two days charge and it's already on a mission he was unwilling to discuss or I was unwilling to hear.  At any rate, this is one powerful device.  An hour after starting the charge, I could feel the energy blasting out the top of the pipe and crystal.  By last night, the energy field was the size of a beach-ball.  Today it's gotten way bigger and I'm equally thrilled and a little nervous.  Forbin The Colossus Project comes to mind.

There's a rather long laundry list of stuff in this unit but the main ingredients are shungite, amethyst, quartz, and neodymium magnets, with a placement designed to fortify each other.  Internally, I wired up two pieces of copper mesh to plug directly into the ray, which is basically a miniature Tesla coil.

The other piece is extremely high density orgonite with some ear buds hot glued to it to inject frequency.  This made sense at the time. 

I've yet to test the ear buds due to the large amount of electricity running through the system.  This thing throws sparks.    

Last night, Juneau was not only communicating to me as I slept but was doing the same thing to my friend three thousand miles away, at the same time.  I almost fell off my chair when she messaged me and confirmed the reality of the situation.

I did make a few intentions as soon as I started the charge.  Protect all electrical equipment, because the energy these things put out messes with your phone and computers, and to wake everyone up.  I also made an intent to turn 5G into a life enhancing thing that will benefit all mankind.

If a fourth generation device, or 4G, can do this much two days after birth, what do you think a fifth generation could do?

I'm going to find out.  Besides I can't help but build something with 5G as a generic name.


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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

freck suicide

[Freck turns on the radio]
Freck Suicide Narrator:
Charles Freck, becoming progressively more and more depressed by what was happening around him, decided, finally, to off himself. There was no problem in the circles where he hung out in putting an end to yourself. You just bought a large quantity of downers and took them with some cheap wine. The planning part had to do with the artifacts he wanted found on him by later archeologists. He had spent several days deciding, much longer than he had spent deciding to kill himself. He would be found lying on his back, on his bed, with a copy of Ayn Rand's The Fountainhead and an unfinished letter to Exxon, protesting the cancellation of his gas credit card. That way, he would indite the system, and achieve something by his death, over and above what the death itself achieved. At the last moment, he changed his mind on a decisive issue and decided to drink the pills with a connoisseur wine, instead of Ripple or Thunderbird. So he set off on one last drive, over to Tiny's Liquors, which specialized in fine wines, and bought a bottle of 2001 Azalea Springs Merlot, which set him back almost seventy dollars. Back home again, he uncorked the wine, let it breathe, drank a few glasses of it, tried to think of something meaningful but could not, and then, with a glass of Merlot, gulped down all the pills at once. However, he had been burned. Instead of quietly suffocating, Charles Freck began to hallucinate. The next thing he knew, a creature from between dimensions was standing beside his bed, looking down at him disapprovingly.
You gonna read me my sins?
[Creature nods]
Eh, it's gonna take a hundred thousand hours.
Your sins will be read to you ceaselessly, in shifts, throughout eternity. The list will never end.
[starts reading] "The Sins of Freck"
Freck Suicide Narrator:
Charles Freck wished he could take back the last half hour of his life.
[Creature continues to read] "... theft of fingernail clippers..." "... you did knowingly and with malice..." "... punched your baby sister, Evelyn..." "... December, theft of Christmas presents..." "... one billion lies..."
Freck Suicide Narrator:
One thousand years later, they had reached the sixth grade, the year he had discovered masturbation.
[Creature continues to read] "... November fourteenth, Percodan... Vicodin... Cocaine..."
Freck Suicide Narrator:
Charles Freck thought, "At least I got a good wine."

Monday, February 18, 2019

something off color

Q:  What's the hardest part about licking bald pussy?

A:  Getting the diaper off.

Q:  What's 18 inches long and makes a woman cry?

A:  Stillborn

If this kind of thing gets you triggered, get over it.  I laughed my ass of when I heard these.

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Saturday, February 16, 2019

lost pictures

Many years ago I worked in logistics loading and unloading trucks with a forklift.  Too often we would get loads that weren't secured properly, resulting in 53' of overturned pallets full of boxes that would take hours to unload instead of minutes.  To account for our lack of progress, I would record these overturned loads on my digital cam, put them on a floppy disk, and present them to my boss so he can send them to corporate in a vain attempt to convince them to use airbags to stabilize future loads.

The typical dumbass corporate response was sending us a box full of disposable cameras.

For those of you who don't know what a disposable camera is, it's a cardboard or plastic camera with a roll of 35mm photographic film sealed inside.  They were manual cams with a flash and battery that were designed to end up in landfills after the film was processed onto 5" x 7" sheets of photographic paper.  Processing would take anywhere from an hour at a One Hour Photo place to a week if you send it out.

I know...  going from digital to film is like going from flash drive to 8-track but that's the corporate way of fixing a problem.  See Business for an explanation of this phenomenon.   

That was then, this is now and I finally decided to develop the pictures in a couple of those disposable cameras I liberated many years ago.

Walmart sends out film to get developed so I went there.  As soon as I got the pics back I immediately regretted it.

Take a look at some of these pictures that didn't come out quite right.

 At first glance it looks like a bunch of crap pictures, which they are, but to have that many messed up pics from the simplest camera in the world is stretching the bounds of reality.

 You can see by the overhead lights this pic was taken inside a warehouse.  How did the lights show up but nothing else?
   I've been taking pictures since I was nine so I can rule out poor photography on my part.
 When these pics are shown full screen it's just a bunch of unrelated pixels.
 Made smaller you can see an image.  Looks like a torso.
 Since these cams were for work, I know better than to fill them with erotica but damn!
 Clearly, Walmart messed up these pictures on purpose and the only reason I can think of is their puritanical need to censor naughty bits.

 The question is, who took these pictures?
 I'm dying to know what these pics are and who took them.  I guess I'll never know.

 These cams sat around the house for years.  I also partied a lot back in those days.
 If I had to guess, I'd say someone picked up a cam and took some pictures as a goof and Walmart distorted them for my own good.

 Does that red part look like a naked girl to you?  Sure looks like it from here.
 Now, don't tell me you don't recognize this one.

Hindsight is always 20/20 and if I had any idea what was in this cam I never would've let Walmart touch it.  Walmart's policy is to destroy the negatives so retrieving anything close to the original is next to impossible.

There are other pictures that came out fine that Walmart deemed fit to print.  The distorted ones they left on the free CD.  Thanks, assholes.

What pisses me off the most is these disposable cameras are time capsules from 19 years ago with images never seen that can never be replaced and Walmart took it upon themselves to edit my property, following rules they made up long before the concept of digital photography, with all it's instant gratification, became a central core of the 21st century.

A word to the wise.  If you have some old film that needs developing, take it somewhere else and avoid Walmart like the plague.

At this point, all I can say is,

Fuck you Walmart.