Thursday, September 12, 2013

up yours bill

My first computer was a Packard Bell windows 95 with a massive 2 gig hard drive.  After learning the basics, I quickly learned how to format a hard drive after deleting a few too many programs I shouldn't have.
It's been an ongoing battle with Microsoft ever since, and like most windows users, I spent more time fixing my computer and less time computing.

When I got repeating messages from Microsoft saying my win xp software was counterfeit I thought it was just another virus that managed to get past my award winning microshaft security systems and began treating it like any other bug...  Search and destroy.  Microsoft Essentials, the best security software on the planet, according to Bill Gates, was giving me the same message and refused to do the one thing it was designed to do.  The last full scan started on Sunday night and twelve hours later it was still dragging along sucking up ram and allowing any adware that came along entrance through the front door.

Searching the internet, I found this was a common problem caused by a buried program in all windows operating systems with the sole purpose of analysing your computer and alerting Microsoft if it finds any unauthorized upgrades to their os.  It seems my computer tech upgraded my system from xp to xp professional three years ago and it waited until now to rat me out.  I saw this happen with win98 when xp first came out and most people just bought a new computer with a new operating system to solve the problem and blamed it on the computer store who installed the bogus system. 

Microsoft law... Only a Microsoft authorized version of an operating system can be used on one computer.  You MUST buy an authorized os for each computer you own.
Every time Microsoft comes out with a new and improved os they weed out the older versions and do their best to turn them off to force you into buying the latest version for a few hundred bucks.

Well, fuck that!  Life's too short to play this game with this out of control bullshit corporation.  This is how Bill Gates became richer than the sultan of Brunei, by exacting monthly royalties from everyone on the planet to use his crappy operating systems that need constant upgrades and repair to keep them stumbling along on the internet super highway.

To be honest, I thought my last blog entry about overdosing Bill and Melinda Gates with LSD, strapping them naked to the hood of a car, and driving them off a cliff in front of their whole family was the reason I was targeted to be fucked with.  Could be a coincidence but there's nothing I'd put past that rancid, evil, nazi-security enforcing corporate empire from hell.

Let me make this perfectly clear....  Fuck you, Bill and everything you stand for, and that goes double for that gold digging whore you call a wife.

That's when I decided to dump windows and do a clean install of Linux.
I considered a double boot system using windows 8 and Ubuntu but the thought of polluting my computer with microsoft filth made me feel like a reformed crack whore turning tricks for my ex pimp's brother on sundays.  I figure if linux is good enough for China and the NSA it's good enough for me so I downloaded a free installation disk, dropped in a virgin hard drive, and fired it up.

I won't get into the three day ordeal of learning a new system language in order to fix my initial mistakes but when the smoke cleared and the problems were resolved my new linux machine severely rocks!  It's clean, simple, adaptable, and plug ins are one button easy. 
It's also the basic system NSA and most government departments use to keep their files unhackable and virus free.  It's also the system China chose after Bill Gates and Steve Jobs sucked Chinese ass for months in hopes they could exponentially expand their bottom lines.

Two reasons China went with linux.  Security and cost. 
With Microsoft, a few hundred bucks for each machine that needs a new operating system every now and then for thousands of government computers or linux for free with no cost or need for upgrades. 
Although free is pretty good, it was the linux architecture that makes the system virtually hack proof and impervious to viral attacks that closed the deal.  Hmmmmmmmm... tough decision.

Besides, the vast majority of servers are linux based.  When a pc gets a virus it's a pain in the ass to fix and your machine could go down for days or weeks but when some major servers get infected it could shut down a continent.

Gee, why do you think all those servers dumped microsoft for linux?

At any rate, with my computer problems out of the way, I can concentrate on more important issues, like orgonite, scalar devices, and ORMUS.

Stay tuned.

Thursday, September 05, 2013

The War on Consciousness - Graham Hancock (Removed TED Talk)

In theory, the TED talks concept is a good one.  Smart people sharing thought provoking ideas in a short, easy to understand format on subject matter most people would never consider looking into.  The TED talks I managed to see were somewhat less than inspiring and sounded too much like mainstream science touting itself.  When I saw the TED talks video on Bill Gates spewing his new world order ideas on population reduction by way of forced inoculations as an answer to sub-standard drinking water in third world countries, I almost puked on my keyboard.  Hey, don't take my word for it.  Look it up yourself.  I'll guarantee you'll think twice about the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  Bill and Melinda should be inoculated with a large quantity of LSD, strapped naked to the hoods of two cars and driven off a cliff in front of their whole family.  Just my opinion, ok? 

At any rate, Graham Hancock apparently stepped on some smart guys toes when he did this TED talk, and for less than honest reasons, it was removed by two anonymous TED guys as an act of censure.  I guess talking about attaining a higher state of consciousness goes against the mainstream science grain.

Fuckin egotistical bastards. 


Wednesday, September 04, 2013