Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I was talking with a female friend of mine about how language isn't the best form of communication because we all perceive words differently, even if the general meaning of specific words are known.  For example, the word "chains" could mean tire chains to European Americans while African Americans might picture slave chains, and it's the emotional reaction to some words that can lead to misunderstanding.  The same misunderstandings through cultural differences are also present in gender differences.

No way, she says. Boys and girls brought up in the same culture will have the same definition of a word because they learned it the same way.

Ok, says I.  What comes to mind when you think of the word relationship?
After some thought, she said:  "The relationship between a man and woman or friend or a special person you care for.  Your lover.  The one you are attracted to that makes you feel so good to be with you can't live without them.  Family, your relatives, anyone you're related to by blood."

I said, what about how things relate to other things?  The relationship of subatomic particles in a constant state of attraction/repulsion that keeps them together but always at a distance?   Or the attraction relationship between the Earth and Moon with gravitational forces strong enough to change weather, alter oceans, and make people crazy, with just enough repulsion, in the form of inertia, to keep them from crashing into each other.  If relationships were attraction without resistance we'd all be part of the Suns mass speeding toward the center of the universe in a reverse big bang.

Then it dawned on me... Attraction alone is only half a relationship.  Attraction without balanced repulsion can only result in crash and burn.

Does YOUR lover repulse you? 
Or would you rather have the big bang?   

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

are christians mad or do they just look that way?

A friend of mine once suggested I find a good church to set me straight.  I asked what kind and she said hers was great and had the areas wealthiest and most successful businessmen as members.  I asked if this church also had a lot of hot babes, to which her response was, NO!  I then said, if you can go to a church filled with wealthy businessmen, I want to go to a church full of hot babes.  It's only fair.

She never brought the subject up again.   

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

orgonite discoids

What you see here is four orgonite discoids in various stages of completion.  Just like anything else, practice makes perfect, and I've been practicing with this design for a about two weeks.  The front two are the latest versions and are significantly superior to the prototype.  The original was based on cascading densities of orgonite with a center orb consisting of micron sized particles of iron oxide and aluminum with a vertical DT crystal surrounded by medium density orgonite in a discoid shape.

One improvement is the substitution of pulverized quartz crystal in the center orb instead of a single crystal.  The logic is more crystal surface area to compensate the larger surface area of the powdered metals and an even distribution through the dense resin matrix.  I also added more metal to the medium density orgonite to passively stimulate the inner orb.  The extremely high density orgonite won't work without some kind of stimulation, while medium density orgonite will easily transmute DOR into POR in a passive mode. 

The pleasing shape is a surprise benefit.  As noted earlier, you can't leave it alone.  Picking it up and rolling it around in your hands is an automatic response.  You can't simply hold it.  You're compelled to feel its surface, roll it in your hand, and constantly change it's position while your fingers and palm explore its edgeless form.

I'm inclined to think it's the movement that gives this unit the extra push to make it work to it's full potential and this energy is absorbed through your hand, triggering a mild endorphin release.

This definitely needs more research.

I'll keep ya posted.


Wednesday, March 09, 2011

what can I do?

I gather a lot of information from a number of sources, mostly pertaining to our current situation, what got us here, and how to make this reality better than what it appears to be.  History can be a great tool to understand why things are the way they are, which explains why the powers that be eliminated the classics from our education system years ago.  History always repeats itself and knowledge about how people in the past defeated their oppressors is information the slave class doesn't need to know.  It's a control thing.

Sometimes I wonder if I'd be better off being dumb, illiterate, and sedated, like the majority of my citizen brethren. 

I don't want to go through a detailed list of what's wrong with our world today.  Everyone knows what's wrong.  Our food isn't fit to eat, our water isn't fit to drink, our air isn't fit to breath, and we're forced into a doomed petroleum system that requires constant wars and toppling governments to install new puppet dictators to replace yesterdays puppet dictators to keep the oil flowing.  On top of all this, our elected representatives, against the vast majority of their constituents wishes, hand over the treasury to the richest corporations in the world in an economic coup d'├ętat. 

As if that's not enough, our asshole president and his trillion dollar stimulus package did nothing but decrease the value of American currency so we can all look forward to paying $5.00 for a gallon of gas this summer with no increase in pay.  That is, if you have a job in the private sector.  In reality, the only jobs the stimulus package would truly “create” — as opposed to help “save” — would be 600,000 new jobs for bureaucrats.  Past stimulus plans have usually failed to do much to revive the economy, despite their enormous cost.  Japan tried it in the '80's, the "lost decade," building virtually unused bridges and airports located in districts of powerful legislators.
And don't get me started on Homeland Security, the Patriot Act, or NAFTA.

If our elected representatives performed this well in the private sector they'd all be on welfare.

I've come to realize a few truths:
Democracy in this country never existed. 
Our republic is in name only.
Both the White house and congress have a consistent track record of doing the exact opposite of what the American people want them to do.
Both the White house and congress have a consistent track record of making things worse than if they did nothing at all.

It stands to reason, both the asshole in the White house and our asshole representatives are either working for someone else, who is coercing them to constantly and continually pass laws that serve no other purpose than to destroy the constitution they swore to uphold and usher in a socialist state, or Washington is run by a bunch of totally retarded psychopaths who get off by causing misery for everyone while filling their bank accounts.   
Did I leave anything out?  If the answer is "no," you're not paying attention.  You can either go back to sleep and think everything is fine or do something about it.

"But what can I do?  I'm just one person and the government is so big."

I'll tell ya what you can do.  Get an envelope and stuff it with monopoly money or I.O.U.s and address it to

The President
The White House
Washington, DC

and drop it in the nearest mailbox and feel good about doing something patriotic besides piss and moan about how no one's doing anything.  If you want to be anonymous, use someone elses return address.  Use a reverse lookup in the white pages.

Don't forget the stamp.  The Post Office is going broke, too.

That will at least put some newly hired bureaucrats to work opening up all that mail.

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

obama wants higher gas prices

Erick Erickson of Human Events says the recent rise of gas prices is a political, not an economic, calculation.

Gas prices continue to go up.  When George W. Bush was President of the United States, Democrats constantly demanded he open the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to help lower prices.  Some even wanted a temporary suspension of the gas tax.  With Obama?  Crickets.

Why the hypocrisy?  It is very simple to understand. 

The left knew that George W. Bush was not a fan of their green agenda.  The green agenda consists of coal powered cars, urban living, and punitive measures to stop that mythical force known as global warming . . . or climate change depending on what day it is.

Barack Obama buys the agenda hook, line, and sinker.

The left could use gas prices as a political wedge issue against George W. Bush because they knew he did not actually want higher gas prices.  Barack Obama, on the other hand, wants higher gas prices.   His Energy Secretary, Steven Chu, wants the same.  Chu is on record saying, “Somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe.”  Therefore, gas prices will go up and the left will silently cheer the economic disaster befalling us.

There are two reasons gas prices must go up.  The first is to get people into coal powered cars.  Coal powered cars can only be driven around 40 miles before they must be plugged back into the grid for more coal power.  If everyone moves to coal powered cars, the drivers will be forced to live closer to cities.

Living closer to cities will increase urban density and decrease the supposedly anti-environmental impact of strip mall exurban utopias.  In the liberal reorganization of society, only farmers should live in rural areas.

Once urban density is increased to European levels, then Barack Obama and the left can finally make a viable case for high-speed rail.  There are, after all, two things high-speed rail supporters admit they need for viability: (1) high urban density and (2) high gas prices.  Hmmm . . .

See, it is not a conspiracy on Barack Obama’s part.  There is no secret.  This President and those he surrounds himself with actively want high gas prices.  They either do not care or are oblivious to the fact that high gas prices will wreak further havoc on the economy.

They look at Europe with its high gas prices and high-speed trains and they see nirvana.  They willfully ignore the high rate of unemployment among the young, bankrupted social welfare programs, and growing immigrant slums. 

These people are not fools. They want a world where we all live in big cities and use the sun and wind to run our lives — a return to the 14th century with 21st century hygiene. To get that to happen, gas prices must go up.

Barack Obama does not care about what is happening in the Middle East. He does not care about the cost to you to fill up your car with gas. Because the more you pay through Mid-East turmoil and inaccessible American oil deposits, the sooner his future of coal powered cars and high-speed trains can arrive.

This is an Obama created crisis he wants to make sure does not get wasted.  That you and I are forced to relive the golden age known as the Carter Administration is not his concern.

Aside from Steven Chu's quote, the rest of this article is conjecture on Erickson's part but it reminds me of something I read about shortly after 9/11, as well as a number of sci-fi movie plots.

Soylent Green was about a future society where everyone was crowded into urban centers.  Rural farm land, where food was produced, was owned by the Soylent Corporation and off limits to everyone.

Escape From New York was about Manhattan Island becoming a walled up, maximum security, roach motel, prison.

During WWII, Herman Goering had plans to turn Poland into his personal hunting preserve when all the Poles were successfully resettled to the cities.

The Trans America Highway and NAFTA is a reality signed by GW Bush, Vicente Fox, then president of Mexico, and Paul Martin, then Canada's prime minister, in Waco, Texas, in March 2005. 
The 1,200 ft wide road would include ten truck and car lanes, a high-speed railway, and oil, gas and water pipelines.  The superhighway would be so wide that critics say it would be too expensive to construct overpasses except in the cities, severing tight-knit rural communities.

A highway system with a limited number of exit and entrance ramps could effectively control the free range humans who refuse to go to their collective cattle barns.
Perhaps Erickson is on to something...

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

yours for only $29.99!

I passed the gas station today and saw the cost for regular jumped to $3.45 a gallon.  Sounds like it might be a good time to market these things so I got out my crystals and resin and put together something I've been thinking about for the past couple months.

It's hard to see from this pic but there's a central orb in the middle of this discoid that's comprised of powdered aluminum and powdered iron oxide in a 3:1 ratio with a vertical DT quartz crystal with 3M resin.  I chose the 3M resin for it's fast curing and high shrink rate.  It's also the only stuff I could find at Lowes at the time.

The rest of this device has aluminum and brass shavings, top and bottom.  The clear resin, not only shows its construction, but gives it that pleasing appearance that makes you want to take it home.  I have to admit, you can't just look at it.  It draws you in and before you know it, it's in your hand and you can't let go.  It must be the discoid shape that makes it so pleasing in a tactile way.  Or maybe it's because it cranks out so much positive energy it triggers an endorphin response.

What makes it work, you say?

The inner extremely high density core won't do anything unless acted on by some external force.  The medium density orgonite surrounding it is enough to stimulate the inner core to work.  An interesting effect I wasn't expecting... if you spin it on a table top and then hold it in your hand you can feel a slight vibration.  I can only assume the spinning is the outside force allowing the inner core to activate.  For a passive device, this thing rocks!

I think I can still make it better by using pulverized quartz in the inner core resin mix instead of the single DT crystal.  Adding more crystals and metal shavings to the medium density will ramp up it's ability to nudge the inner core to work without having to rely on outside stimulation.

Of course, it'll take on a much different look and might not be as pretty. I'm even willing to make custom devices based on the individual.  I figure $29.99 might be a good price for this piece and I can accept payments through paypal.

It seems business and art don't mix. 
Any business agents out there willing to work with an orgone artist?