Monday, April 25, 2011

end game

I was twelve years old when my father got me interested in chess.  About three times a week he would bring out the chess board and we'd play a few games at the dining room table.  I knew how to play the game but he knew how to play it better and kicked my ass every time.  Chess is a game of tactics and strategy that involves maneuvering your pieces in a long range strategy while concentrating on immediate maneuvers of attack and defense.  My opening and middlegame abilities were slightly less than my father's but it was my weak endgame that always did me in.

I knew it was a learning experience and the only way to improve your game is by playing someone better than you, but I was getting tired of losing.  I decided to do something about it.

The next day I had a talk with one of the guys in the chess club and told him I needed something to beat an experienced player.  We set up the board, discussed tactics and he showed me a strategy for a six move checkmate.
That night I challenged my father to a game and he promptly accepted.  Let's bet on it, I said.  Twenty bucks.  He smiled and said, "ok"  We set up the board, did the opening and middlegame, and got my ass kicked, as usual, in the final round.  Acting like a sore loser, I demanded a rematch and double the bet.  "If that's what you want," he said.  I guess he figured it was good for my character to pay him 40 bucks so he smiled and we set up the board again.  This time, I did my opening and put him in checkmate in six moves.  I was counting my money while he studied the board in shock and disbelief that his twelve year old son not only clobbered him in six moves but hustled him like Paul Newman.

I see the same scenario in the Middle East.  It's not a chance occurrence all these Middle Eastern countries are in a state of revolution.  This isn't the beaten down masses rising together to bring down the dictator du jour.  Clearly, this is an endgame move culminating from strategy made years ago by people who know how to play the game.  It all sounds like a universal cry for freedom but that's part of the strategy.  A revolution can't succeed without lots of support and if the dictator doesn't step down quick enough, the support comes from another country in the form of no fly zones, drone aircraft and military intervention.  Just ask Kadaffi or Gaddafi or Qaddafi or whatever his name is.

I should point out that I'm only a fair chess player and my victory required advice from someone well versed in that area.

Obama isn't a chess player but his Middle East gamesmanship has Zbigniew Brzezinski's finger prints all over it.

The difference is my adviser didn't use me as a facilitator in his chess game of world control.

I wonder what country will enforce no-fly rules over the USA when the revolution takes to the streets.


Sunday, April 24, 2011

Thursday, April 21, 2011

hindsight is always 20/20

I've been thinking about this design for a while but just wasn't motivated to make it until yesterday.  Maybe it was the warm sunshine that woke me from my dormancy.  Or maybe the gestation period for this idea had to be reached before I gave birth to it.  Perhaps it was a little of both.

The construction is a basic HHG with density gradations, only this one has a core of very high density orgonite in a pyramid shape with a single DT crystal.  Just below the pyramid is a chunk of lapis and some hematite and below that are four DT crystals at the compass points.

Earlier, I made several pyramids with a round core of denser material that just didn't work.  Even with a powered mobius these things just wouldn't fly.  I figured the powered orb center would drive the medium orgonite and the pyramid shape would direct the energy.  Alas, these things ended up on my coffee table as a constant reminder that it's an imperfect world and failures exist.

It's the shape that directs the energy and I began thinking about encasing a pyramid core in medium density orgonite in a wine glass mold.  The wine glass shape sends the energy out the top in a fairly wide, directed field.  Perfect for putting under your bed to see how it affects your dreams and sleep patterns.  I have no idea why I was fixated on the pyramid core, or even thought about how the combination of shapes is completely opposite of the previously mentioned failure, but it paid off and this unit severely kicks ass.

As soon as I poured the second unit I could feel the distinctive tingle of energy that only the larger powered devices produced and I knew I was on the right track.  I think I can improve this design by adjusting the densities with the low density orgonite at the top to increasingly higher densities to the base.

It seems the previous pyramid failure turned into a necessary step forward.


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

to bend like the reed in the wind

Four bucks a gallon?  What is this, Europe?

What can we do about it?  Nothing.  Just ride it out and get more credit cards for gas and food.  We eat and drive too much as it is.  Maybe if we walk more and eat less our collective obesity and depression rates will drop and we can save even more money by not needing all those antidepressants to keep us artificially happy.  We might even start walking to farmers markets for locally grown produce and learn to cook instead of nuking processed, corn-fed, chemical laden crap in the microwave.

Don't expect Washington to do anything about this.  Don't plead with the oil companies.  Don't go for the belief that Canadian oil in the pipelines will lower the cost of fuel.  Not all of the oil companies get their oil from the Saudis but they all hike their prices at the same rate, at the same time.  It's a double edge sword of greed and control that's slicing us to pieces and the guys in control won't give up any of it unless they're told to do so.  The federal government, greedy bastards that they are, are already addicted to the higher taxes from fuel and food and they see this as a sure way to constantly milk the unwashed masses more each day because we have no choice.  We have to drive.  We have to eat.

I see all this as the last gasp of a dieing economic system, holding hostage the things we're lead to believe are necessary for our survival, with not enough to go around as the rationale we're all brainwashed to accept.
It goes like this... Last December gas hit $3 a gallon and we were grateful it wasn't $4.  Four months later gas hit $4 a gallon and we still fill our tanks because it's not $5 yet.  We pay two dollars for a 16oz bottle of water that makes the price of gas look like a bargain, so we go to Walmart and buy shit made in China, that we don't need, because we don't go anywhere but home and work.  That is, if you still have a job.   Just wait til they have the same control over water.

I say fuck it.  Let the prices go to twenty bucks a gallon.  It'll only bring the system to a screeching halt when a one way ticket from New York to Detroit costs $15,000 because you'll be the only one on the plane.  Grocery stores will go under if California iceberg lettuce costs $10 a head, unless they sell only locally grown food.  Walmart will be forced to cut China loose or file chapter 11.
Me?  I'll ride my donkey to the farmer's market and get my produce with tax-free cash or barter, at cost.

We should learn to emulate Winnie-the-Pooh... to focus on simply being, rather than worry about doing. It is better to bend like a reed with the currents of life, accepting and flowing with life's vicissitudes. A staunch tree that tries to stand up to the currents will break when faced with a sufficiently strong gust of wind. 

"To bend like the reed in the wind, that is the real strength" -- Taoist proverb

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Friday, April 15, 2011

hope and change

A couple years ago I suggested stockpiling enough food to keep you and yours going for nine months.  At the time, I thought nine months was a long stretch but after reading how Europe wants their people to stop consuming milk and vegetables because of the radiation entering their food chain, I guess nine months is just about right.  It's not just Europe but the U.S. east coast has been showing some abnormal radiation readings and milk from grass fed cows are testing radioactive.  It's just a matter of time before our whole food supply is contaminated.

CRIIRAD, the French research authority on radioactivity, is now warning expectant mothers and young children to avoid drinking milk or rainwater. They should also avoid certain types of vegetables and cheese due to the dangerously high levels of radiation they may contain thanks to the radioactive fallout spreading across the globe, thanks to the Fukushima disaster in Japan last month.

On the other hand, the U.S. is having an economic meltdown and I'm hard pressed to guess which meltdown is worse.  Last Friday we avoided a government shutdown at the eleventh hour.  Yawn.....
This theater they put on is just as scripted as professional wrestling and everyone knows how it'll turn out but the unwashed masses who are convinced the major fuckups in congress are really trying to do what's right for the American people.  I have two words to say to that... Bull SHIT!  These guys are either brain dead morons or they're purposely and systematically trying to ruin this country and take everyone with them.  The law of averages say that flipping a coin will give you positive results half the time.  These guys haven't done one, single positive thing in a decade and we let these spendaholic buffoons in charge of the economy?  We may as well let an army of junkies in charge of our heroin because these guys don't know the meaning of moderation, let alone cutting back.  In the real world, these guys should all be executed for treason.

Needless to say, all this crap brought me down so I decided to do something about it so I bought a case of evaporated milk, went shopping for Geiger counters, scored a few bottles of potassium iodide, and decided to renew my carry permit.

As I walked into the sheriff's office the deputy said, "gun permit?" and handed me a clipboard with about twenty names, all of which specified gun permit as the reason.  I was number twenty one and it was only 2pm.  There was a cute blond getting her picture taken and her dad was next, followed by me.  A few minutes later another guy came in and then an elderly lady.  An interesting cross section of small town voters, all with one thing in common... We came to exercise our second amendment rights to carry a concealed weapon.

I asked the deputy if this many people applying for carry permits is common and he said, "Today it's been slow and steady."  He quickly mentioned it was pretty hectic all last week.  I figured the slow and steady day might supply less than 50 people with permits.  Hectic might mean 50 or more but a quick calculation gave me the impression there were about 250 people in any given week getting carry permits from this office alone.  Just before I left, I asked him one, last question... How do you feel about all these people legally packing as they go about their daily business?  He smiled and said, "It's great."  I don't think he meant his job was secure by processing an endless stream of paperwork but rather liked the idea that regular people were becoming proactive with a need to protect themselves, instead of letting the nanny state do it for them, after the fact.

It's reassuring to know The Oath Keepers was started by a group of sheriffs.

I left that office with a feeling of pride and optimism


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

don't panic


"Not only to see and find the Divine in oneself, but to see and find the Divine in all, not only to seek one's own individual liberation and perfection, but to seek the liberation and perfection of others is the complete law of the spiritual being."
-Sri Aurobindo (1872-1950)

Tuesday, April 05, 2011


On my way down the driveway, I was compelled to slow down and look behind the large pine at the north edge of the property, to see a ringneck watching me as he calmly strolled around.  By calm, I mean Hindu cow calm and not the least bit bothered by my appearance.  As I reached for my camera, I got the impression this wasn't a chance encounter but an encounter by design.  The pheasant was there to see me and to be seen by me.

This wasn't the first time a wild animal wandered into my space displaying a complete absence of fear.  It happens quite a bit, in fact.  Six years ago, a similar pheasant spent a few weeks wandering the property and every dawn we'd hear him yelling from his perch on the rock wall behind the house.  Later that year, a coyote shacked up in the hay barn for a week with a single deer outside the entrance acting as a sentry/companion until they both left.  Last year we ran into a turkey hen in the woods who followed us through the meadow, chatting in loud turkey talk, as if she had something important to tell us.  She'd visit the back yard from time to time that summer, always alone, always making eye contact, and always trying to say something.  Then, wander off to take a dirt bath in the field or disappear in the woods.  The deer twins show up quite often and last year we watched them stroll past the front porch, munching on winter wheat and not a bit bothered that there were two humans, a dog and a cat watching them less than ten yards away.  They had whole fields to roam and munch on but chose to linger close to their ancestral predators in a complete state of ease and contentment.  The other day I saw a red tail hawk sitting along side the driveway, watching me drive past.  Eight hours later, I came back to see the same hawk in the same place along the road.  As soon as it saw me it turned and took flight in a leisurely glide as if to show me it was perfectly capable of flight and grounding itself was a matter of choice.  Most recently, a single Canada goose calmly watched me through the kitchen window as I did the dishes.  Canada geese mate for life and are constantly together but this one chose to leave her mate at the pond while she came for a visit.

Now, if it was a flock of turkeys, soaring hawks, skittish deer, or the goose family going for a stroll it wouldn't be out of the ordinary but every now and then I notice one of these creatures display behaviors that are unusual, to say the least.

Native Americans took note of animal behavior and believed various animals would appear as spirit guides to help you along your life path.  Each animal represents characteristics specific to what you need to know at that point in time, and understanding what they're trying to say is like taking an open book test.  Imagine Saint Jude appearing before you, frantically speaking in Aramaic.

Theoretically, these Earth animals that show up could quite possibly be messengers from a parallel universe, showing themselves to you in archetypes relative to the information you're looking for.
A pheasant is a hardy bird that symbolizes warning and concealment and teaches about fertility and sexuality.  It feeds on grasses and grains.  A turkey is a symbol of sacrifice and giver of life.  The hawk, primal life force, fulfilling your souls purpose, the teaching of higher expression of psychic ability and vision, the big picture.  I won't get into every archetype but you get the picture.  It's like learning math from a math teacher instead of someone skilled in history. 

So, what did I learn from all this?  Maybe the hawk implied I don't have to stay in the clouds and I should ground myself from time to time.  The turkey might be saying I should give a little more of myself.  The pheasant might be suggesting I focus more on my love life and eat more grains.  As for the deer and coyote... It seems the barnyard theater of predator/prey non-compliance they performed pointed out how even natural enemies could not only coexist but trust each other to the point where the deer protected the coyote, keeping it safe until it was able to leave. 

I'm aware many people don't get any of this and think I might be stretching the bounds of reality by implying various woodland creatures are delivering personal messages from a parallel universe.  If that's the way you really feel, let me remind you 2012 is right around the corner, accompanied by some heavy changes, and if ya don't wake up and get with the program, you'll be ill equipped coping with the new reality you were born to be part of.

Like it or not, we're all in this together.  Only stupid people fight in a burning house.

Can ya dig it?



Sunday, April 03, 2011

sometimes less is more

Imagine losing everything.  Not just your car keys but your car, your home, your job, your phone, your wardrobe, your bank account, your ipod, and everything else that defines you as the person you believe you are.  Can you imagine experiencing total loss?

Most people on this planet don't have to imagine total loss.  Ownership of a few meager possessions has been the norm for the vast majority of humans, and the occasional loss of those possessions is an accepted part of their life cycle.  Gain a little, lose a little, life goes on just as it has for countless generations of humans.

Of course, you can't miss what you never had.  The more you possess, the more you stand to lose, and the more terrifying the concept of total loss can be.  Simply put, the things you own end up owning you.

If you want to control the masses, give them more to possess, make them believe they can't live without them, and take them away if they get out of line.  It's the carrot and stick on a larger scale.

This system of control has been around for a long time and it's so embedded in our collective conscientiousness that life without constant amusement is unthinkable.  Food, clothing and shelter have been effectively augmented with TV, ipods, cell phones, climate control, and rapid transportation as requirements of modern life that can be taken away by the very system you bought them from.

Our fear of losing our stuff is the primary reason we do what we do.  We work jobs we don't like and buy things we don't need to fill up our larger-than-we-need houses, that we'll never own, in a feeble attempt to convince ourselves that spending our hard earned paychecks on buying and protecting all this worthless crap is the true path to happiness.

As I said, the more you have, the more terrifying it is to lose it.  Now, who has more to lose than the top 2% who rely on this system for their own personal survival?  They invented this system so that you can spend your life working very hard to provide them with possessions like power, control, and world ownership.  They've been doing it for so long they can't imagine not having complete control over the whole planet and everything on it.  Wouldn't their loss be more profound to them than your car being repossessed or your home going into foreclosure?  You bet it is and it scares them shitless that people are finally waking up to what they've been up to all this time.  They're protecting their assets the only way they know how.  By tightening control, replacing leaders of foreign countries with their own puppets, the systematic destruction of healthy economies to secure natural resources, coercing governments to make and enforce ridicules rules that enrich a few and cause misery for the many, creating opposition and hatred between ethnic, cultural, religious, and social groups through mass media as a smokescreen to hide their true agenda, not to mention countless wars and millions of lives lost and ruined.   

Here's a thought... What goes around, comes around.  The laws of karma dictate that all debts are paid and all wrongs are righted and there's a heavy karmic debt that needs to be rectified before we advance as a species.

I don't know about you but that makes me feel pretty good.