Tuesday, March 26, 2013

JBS prophesies

Way back in the mid 70's I was at the fair with a bunch of friends.  As we walked from one place to another, I got sidetracked by a John Birch Society stand.  I looked over some of their material and asked a few questions about their organization and what they stand for and was getting some straightforward answers to my questions.  Just then, my friend, Ray came and said, "Hey man, get away from them.  They're the enemy."  Ray was a good guy but I questioned why a college student, such as himself, would be so opposed to information of any kind, especially if it had to do with knowing who your enemy was.  All I knew was the Birchers were extreme conservatives and Ray was getting a liberal education from tenured professors who taught how Davy Crocket was never at the Alamo and Castro got a raw deal.  Ray voted for Humphrey, married a Mexican girl, and became a prison warden after graduating college.

Just cause you go to college doesn't mean you know anything.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

spring morning reality check

The first time I saw this I wondered if there were similar discussions in Rome before the barbarians paid them a visit and turned their empire into a footnote.