Tuesday, February 14, 2017

trump is hitler

I decided to switch teams.  I'm no longer a Trump fan.  I'm now an anyone but Trump fan and it feels good saying it.

It came to me like a lightning bolt.  Why am I wasting my time arguing with reason and logic when I can just yell and throw trash cans in the street?  I can hang with my progressive homies, SJWs, and BLM buds and raise hell like they did in the hippy days.  I can wear a mask and wave a Mexican flag while yelling "Let the Muslims in!"  I might even get to burn down a Starbucks or maybe a university.  I'll wear my pussy hat and kafiah with my larger than life Ruth Bader Ginsgurg button and hang with my feminist sisters yelling meaningless stuff to anyone wearing a red hat.  In time, they'll accept me as one of them and, with luck, let me apply electrical tape Xs to their nipples or maybe write feminist sayings on their grotesque, naked, lesbian bodies with a black magic marker.

Deep down in my heart, I know Trump is Hitler.  Everyone in Hollywood says so, even that guy who played Dr. Honeypot in the last few seasons of M*A*S*H*  He hasn't worked since the Alan Alda show but at least he looks better than Loretta Sweat.  I mean, woof, woof, but it's ok cause we're all equal... except for Trump who is Hitler.

That's right, haters.  We're all equal, which means Trump has more money than I do and since we're all equal, he must have stolen my share and I want it back.  It's not fair that Trump and all his buddies have more and we have less.  We're all equal and Trump is Hitler and he needs to be impeached.  We want him to pay his fair share and quit his job so we can get someone else in the white house.  Anyone but Trump.

I don't have to compare Trump to Hitler because Trump IS Hitler, but I can compare Hitler to Churchill, who Trump isn't.

Hitler was a better dresser than Churchill.  He was a better dancer than Churchill.  He was better looking than Churchill.  Churchill couldn't even say Nazi. he said Nauzees.  Nauzees... We weren't Nauzees, WE WERE NAZIS!  But not me.  I'm anyone but Trump.  We're all equal.  Except for Churchill and his cigars and his whiskey.  Hitler didn't smoke and he didn't drink which means Trump is Hitler.

Hitler wanted to kill all the Jews.  Trump wants to kill all the Muslims.  Hitler put all his Jews on boats and trains and sent them somewhere else.  Trump wants to do the same with everyone, especially radical Islamic terrorists, and he won't even let any terrorists into the country.  It's so obvious, Trump is Hitler.  They have it hard in the backward shit hole country they lived in for untold generations.  We're all equal and they have the right to come to American sanctuary cities, practice their religion, eat their special food, and teach us things.  It's diversity, folks.  It's what makes America special and Trump wants to ruin it because he's xenophobic AND he's racist, just like Hitler.  We are all equal and Trump has had a good job his whole life.  No jobs in the Middle East.  No welfare either.  They need our help to come here, get a drivers license, find a nice place to live that has Islamists in the neighborhood to make it easy to get their special food, and get to know their new American friends.  Trump doesn't want this because he is Hitler.  We are all equal. 

Diversity breeds contempt contentment.