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The Financial Pandemic

In 1918, the world suffered a pandemic that wiped out more than 50 million people. In 1981, AIDS was discovered, and since that time 25 million people were left in its wake. Bird flu is the latest pandemic du jour being manipulated by the powers that be in hopes of reaping vast profits.

We now have a pandemic in its infancy that will dwarf any physical virus that ever reared its ugly head, whether natural or man-made. It doesn't have a name yet, but I feel I should have the dubious honor of selecting a suitable name, since I'm the first to discover it.

Let's see ..... swine flu has been taken, as has mad cow disease. I'll get back to that later.

The pandemic I'm talking about is a financial meltdown. Sure, we've heard it all before... It's just a recession, or inflation, or a stock market crash, or depression, or any other name the powers that be wish to give it to make it seem as though they have it under control. Guess what. They don't have a clue. Dr. Frankenstein had infinitely better understanding of his own future when he plugged in his monster than these nitwits do.

Picture Dr. Frankenstein as the international financial elite, and his monster as the current financial meltdown. Only his monster is still on the table.

Let's back up a bit.

A few millennia ago, when the world was populated by nomads and hunter-gatherers, some people came up with the idea that they could claim land ownership and enslave the nomads to till their fields so that they could have a life of leisure, free from the toil of life... for the land owners. The landless peasant work-slaves gave up their leisure to provide their masters with possession and the good life. Greed was developed at this moment in time.

Eventually, a schism developed between the haves and have-nots. The haves owned land, which was the only source of food. They also owned real cool digs, babes, liquor, and armies to protect their wealth. The have-nots had nothing, hence the expression.

In time, the haves found newer and better ways to increase wealth. One of these ways was the invention of money, followed shortly thereafter by taxes. If you were a have-not and wanted to survive, you had no choice but to live on the haves' land and work your ass off tilling fields, hauling stone, bowing and scraping when the lord of the land came by, AND pay the guy you were working your ass off for. It was the beginning of the company store.

Fast forward to 2009.

Nothing has changed. Sure, we have plasma TVs, cell phones, McDonalds, and Days of Our Lives, but what do we really have?

There is no such thing as a have-not who owns anything, except a few baubles and trinkets. (Hence the expression.)

But wait a minute... I have a house and a car and a beautiful wife. I have something, don't I?

NO. What you have is an illusion. You may own your house that you pay your whole life for, but you don't own the land. If you own the land, why would you need to pay taxes on it? Did the haves in 1300 pay taxes on their land? You can bet their serfs did... and that makes you a serf, only you have an invisible landlord.

Here's a tidbit of information for you. The present-day haves can trace their lineage back to the feudal lords, and beyond that, to the agricultural revolutionaries who invented slavery and artificial ownership. That's a long time to keep this family tree on one branch. The only way to keep it all in the family is through interbreeding, and we all know the pitfalls from that incestuous practice. Did you know Queen Liz considers herself the last pharoah and Barry Obama is in her bloodline? Yup, and he's related to the Bushes, too.

There IS a genetic difference between the haves and the have-nots. The have-nots don't have a genetic predisposition to rule the world -- but the haves do, and I postulate that it's this predisposition to rule the world (greed) that provides the petri dish for this HNDN-1 virus that is only now getting ready to escape the laboratory, hell-bent to destroy its makers.

Here we have AIG, the people who invented credit default swaps and other market-derivitive schemes designed to clone phoney money for the sole purpose of getting more from the have-nots... and they never had to own any land in the first place! And these very same guys that toppled the financial stability of the planet are getting multi-million dollar bonuses for this. Nice work if ya can get it.

This is just one company involved in the feeding frenzy.

These abstract marketing tricks is the thing that crawled out of the have's petri dish, and is growing exponentially as we speak. This antigen has no natural enemy for the haves. It's not in the haves' genetic nature. They have no defense for this disease. And this IS a disease, as deadly as AIDS is to a needle freak, but the have-nots have built up a resistance to this viral infection.

The Universe, in it's infinate wisdom, has metaphorically shown the haves the fruit of the tree of knowledge in the form of lots of money, real quick. The temptation was so great that every financial intitution on the planet had to get in on this. These financial wizards, so adept at winning at all costs for millennia, succumbed to this siren song of greed that they never saw this coming. Like a junkie who always had all the heroin he wanted and suddenly finds himself going through cold turkey, will get his fix no matter what. These bastards are so hooked they drive their private jets to Washington for a handout and think it's normal. They've gotta go.

The have-nots adapt. The haves can't.

But let's be clear about one thing. The meltdown isn't the disease. It's only a symptom, a symptom as obvious as Kaposi's sarcoma is to AIDS. I think I'll call this stage of the disease Karmasurfer's sarcoma, named after the celebrated philosopher of our times.

Our own government, who says they are trying to "stimulate the economy" by giving what's left of the treasury to the people who need it the least, and the Federal Reserve, who is no more federal than Federal Express, prints up Monopoly money by the trillions, that we have to pay for, to give to these rat bastards whose greed was both the cause and the result of our current issues. This is what you call being in bed together. The only way they feel they can fix this financial meltdown is to keep fucking around doing the same insane things, the same insane way, expecting different results, until every financial institution becomes terminally ill. And this is what spreads AIDS. See the connection?

Now, since you and I don't have anything to do with these guys, we're disease-free. This catastrophe won't affect us. We'll end up the better for it, after we shake off the chains of our servitude.

Pretty cool, huh?

Just stand up and say no. Stop buying their cars. Stop buying shit you don't need. Stop drinking the kool-aid. Go to farmers markets and learn to cook. Buy a gun and lots of ammo. And if you still have stock, or insurance, or your 401k in AIG you are hopeless. Cya on the other side.

I'll tell ya a secret. We control them more than they control us, and it scares the hell out of them. We have the numbers and we're not stricken by this disease. We can adapt. We are the proles, we are the nomads, we are the original human beings waking from a deep sleep, and we're pissed that these usurpers have tried to take over the planet. We also cook their food, and do all the things they don't want to do, or are unable to do themselves. They've gone for so long as the guys that can't do anything but make money, that when the money goes, so do they... and they know it. They can't live without the unwashed masses bowing and scraping and doing everything for them, and the thought of doing their own laundry is totally unthinkable.

These guys are all in a panic over this. They are even turning on themselves, like rats in a corner, building underground bunkers and surrounding themselves with Homeland Security, the U.S. Army, and doughnut-eating cops.

I love it!

Since I discovered this pandemic, I decided to call it Bureaucratic Utilization Treatment of Financial Underwriting of Carnage, or The BUTFUC Pandemic of 2009, for short.

I'll be waiting for CNN to cover this. And I can hold my breath for a long, long time.

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a time to die

AIG is getting more taxpayer cash to keep their lead balloon afloat. According to AIG, if they go under it'll cause an economic shit storm so great that it'll make the great depression look like a square dance.
I have two words to say about that. BULL SHIT.

Who says we need a fat cat company like AIG, except, of course, AIG?

What actually WOULD happen if AIG went under?

Hmmmmm.... maybe lots of other capable insurance companies filling the vacuum, meeting peoples needs at a better cost. What's wrong with that? If you ask AIG, it's wrong because they won't get their gargantuan profits anymore.

I don't know about you, but I'm sick and tired of hearing how these fat, bloated, Vladimir Harkonnen wannabes try to convince us that we can't survive without their massive presence.
What bothers me, and it should also bother you, is the U.S. government is supposed to be the regulator, who is now in the dubious position of also being a partner with AIG, which means the U.S. government is competition to anyone in the same line of business as AIG.

Logic screams if what I just said is true, which it is, then what is the difference between big business and government? And if government sides with big business, as they have with AIG, Citibank, Deutschebank, the big three auto makers, Toyota, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Indy Mac, a shitload of parasites on Wall Street, and the state of California, it stands to reason you and me don't stand a fuckin' snowball's chance in hell. (sorry for the F word but you ARE getting F'ed by the Fed.)

Let me bring up a metaphor.

There's this forest with a giant White spruce tree that's been growing for 80 years. Spruce trees have a life expectancy of about 75 years before they fall, so this one has been living on borrowed time. It has grown so huge in it's lifetime that it's branches blot out the sun, preventing any trees to grow near it. Disease is setting in. Bugs have taken advantage of this old tree by nesting in its bark and making sawdust of it's bore. It's dying. Is there any reason to keep this tree going? It's not pivotal. There are many saplings that will benefit from this one tree breaking in half and letting in the light of day. Every living thing in this part of the forest will benefit from the death of this single, old tree.

If every old, diseased tree in our economic forest, i.e., the AIG tree, the Wall Street tree, The Chrysler tree, and the biggest, most diseased tree in the whole economic forest, the Federal Reserve tree, should drop dead, life and vitality will flourish on a scale humanity has not seen for thousands of years.

If you want to fix the economy, let these old bastards die and let some light in so the rest of us can grow.