Thursday, February 26, 2009

pvc cb

Based on the Lakhovsky coil, I built this unit made of PVC, a copper pipe and a cone HHG. The difference between this unit and every other device I made is the pipe isn't directly connected to the orgonite. There is about a 2" gap between the top of the HHG and the bottom of the copper pipe and this gap, that, according to Lakhovsky, will increase the effectiveness of the orgonite. I chose PVC because it's cheap, easy to work with, and I can adapt it to different uses by simply swapping parts.

I haven't tested it out yet, but everything seems to be in place. The cone HHG is just temporary. I intend to make something a little stronger and more tailored for this device when I get some suitable crystals. To work properly, this unit needs five DT crystals around 3" long with a neodium earth magnet for good measure.

The cartridge device for swapping orgonite was pure inspiration. I can now change the base orgonite as easily as changing a light bulb. The PVC will also make it easy to convert to ground water when the time comes. The big question is... will it work?

This unit is designed for cloudbusting purposes, but since I ran out of the specific materials needed for a proper HHG for this device, I grabbed this cone as a substitute. This particular HHG, pictured, was designed for sleep, dream work, and astral projection, so I intend to keep it under the master bedroom tonight, just to see what happens.

You're probably thinking... Ok, so what's it supposed to do?

What it's supposed to do is alter weather patterns by injecting the atmosphere with life-enhancing POR, resulting in a more balanced weather in this area.

Since I began playing with cloudbusters and other orgone devices, this area hasn't seen any real nasty weather. Winters, although cold, aren't accompanied by blizzards and the skies are blue and clear with an absence of airborn particulates. People in this area ask me why everyone outside a 10 mile radius gets hammered by heavy snow and lightning storms when our weather around here has been so mild. I ask them if they want more snow and thunderstorms and they all tell me the same thing.... "No way! I don't miss the snow!"

Monday, February 23, 2009

Sunday, February 22, 2009

creationism? evolution? so, what's the dif?

Kent Hovind explained the Biblical account of Noah as follows: Noah's family and two of every "kind" of animal (including young dinosaurs) safely boarded the Ark before a minus 300° F (~-184°C) ice meteor came flying toward the earth and broke up in space. Some of the meteor fragments became rings and others caused the impact craters on the moon and some of the planets. The remaining ice fragments fell to the north and south poles of the earth.

He explains the fossils were created by billions of organisms that were washed together by the mass destruction of the worldwide flood, completely buried, and rapidly fossilized.

During the first few months of the flood, the dead animals and plants were buried, and became oil and coal, respectively. The last few months of the flood included geological instability, when the plates shifted. This period saw the formation of both ocean basins and mountain ranges and the resulting water run-off caused incredible erosion.

Hovind states that the Grand Canyon was formed in a couple of weeks during this time.

Hmmmmmmmm.... The Grand Canyon was made in a couple of weeks? After hearing that statement I no longer have the urge to argue with this guy and consider Kent as just one of God's little jokes. I mean, IF I were to attempt to prove evolution is correct, all I'd have to do is throw out the Adam and Eve thing about how Eve was Adams clone, made from his rib, and since Adam and Eve both had the same DNA, it stands to reason we all should be exact duplicates of them.

I tend to think Carl Sagan has a more elegant explanation of what may have happened.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Friday, February 20, 2009

I want my Mmmmm.......... TV

I turned on the TV this morning and I couldn't get a signal to save my life. WYOU, WBRE, and even WVIA don't seem to be broadcasting. Only WNEP managed to reach my optic nerves. I got up on my roof and examined my antenna array. Everything checks out but no signal. At first, I thought there was an atomic attack and the EMF took out the TV stations. Maybe it was a communist takeover and they got our media centers, preventing us from being alerted. What gives? I mean, has anyone else noticed this? It wasn't until I called the FCC to complain that I found out all the TV stations went digital so that everyone can now have a better picture. In fact, the government has been planning this for a long time and they even give you up to 40 bucks for a conversion box to hook up to your TV so you won't have to pay through the nose for a new digital signal. I asked the FCC how many people like me are out there who didn't get a converter box and he said about 4.2 million. Hmmmmmmm..... let's see....... 4.2 million times 40 bucks equals 168,000,000 dollars spent on just the conversion boxes, and many people didn't even get one yet.

Let me get this straight. We're in the middle of a world-wide recession, businesses are closing, people are losing their jobs, banks are going bankrupt, auto manufacturers are claiming chapter 11, there's no more money in the treasury, unemployment is at double digit figures, and the stock market is dropping faster than Suzy Rottencrotch's pretty pink panties and Uncle Sam is footing the bill to the tune of 168 million dollars for converter boxes, not to mention the billions in additional costs for this analog to digital conversion, all so we can have a better picture on our TV sets?

It's not just America but the whole world is going digital. This digital conversion seems to take first place in world priorities, eclipsing bank bailouts, home foreclosures, and the war in Iraq. Even Iceland is going digital, and they went bankrupt last month. All at great expense during the biggest economic crash in world history, just so they can enhance our viewing pleasure.

Well, that makes sense. Thank God the government's watching out for regular folks like you and me.

Monday, February 16, 2009

do something, will ya!

Note: The following letter was found left behind at a local drinking establishment; the authors' identity is unknown. It is passed along without comment.

"That whenever any form of government becomes destructive of [life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness], it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it…"
~ Declaration of Independence of the American Colonies, 1776

Dear Federal Government,

Drop dead.

Excuse us. Some may consider such bluntness to be indecorous, but why beat around the bush? In any case, we've been around this bush (Bush?) too many times to count already. It's time to let you know what we really think of you, what we say behind your back, what we whisper to each other when you leave the room.

We hate you. We want you to drop dead. Or, anyway, to go away and never come back. You are not welcome anymore. We have tolerated you – and we emphasize "tolerated" – for a long time, long after whatever romance there may have been was gone. We can pretend no more. You are disgraceful, boorish, nauseating, corrupt, shameful, arrogant, dishonest, self-serving, parasitic, disgusting, hypocritical, and rotten to the core. You have not even one redeeming quality. There is nothing you offer that we want any longer. We're not even sure what it is we ever saw in you to begin with.

We suppose you can be forgiven if this letter comes as a shock. "Why," you say, "what do you mean? I still command great respect and inspire widespread adulation. And I still care about you. Isn't it obvious?"

It's true that, in public, we often nod our heads and agree with you, even defer or appear to defer to you. But we assure you that this happens not out of respect; rather, it arises merely from the fact that you have a lot of guns and a bad temper. Inside, we are seething and resentful. Inside, we imagine your demise in the most vivid and gratifying of ways. We may fear your irrational and violent behavior, but we manifestly do not respect or agree with you. We don't love you. We don't even like you. (See the part about hate, above.)

At any rate, our revulsion toward you has finally come to outweigh any fear we have of you. We refuse to keep our real feelings in for even one more second. We want you gone from our lives. And we mean completely. Vamoose. Go. Die.

Please understand we aren't here to argue. No special new subsidy, tax break, or privileged "loophole" is going to sway our opinion or make us change our minds about this. We've been there, done that, for too many decades to count now. Likewise, your threats are starting to make us yawn and even laugh. You see, we know all your tricks now. We can see through your lies because we've heard them all so many times before. We are fully aware of your true nature, and we see that that nature is radioactive evil, wrapped in a tattered blanket of ignorance, foolishness, and stupidity.

Look, we know it's only a matter of time anyway. Your dimwittedness, greed, fraudulence, and moral bankruptcy are finally starting to catch up to you. Even your former employees admit as much. Do you remember Paul Craig Roberts, one of your past Treasury officials? Today he says of your latest economy-wrecking and warmongering efforts:

"The world has never seen such total mindlessness. Napoleon's and Hitler's marches into Russia were rational acts compared to the mindless idiocy of the United States government."

Mindless idiocy: We could not have said it better ourselves. Wait, yes, we could have, because we would have also mentioned your meanness and malevolence.

Our state governments are starting to feel the same way about you that we do. Many are openly refusing to obey your so-called "REAL ID" attempt at creating a national "your papers, please" regime of Hitlerian proportions. Some are even starting to make noises about the Tenth Amendment, which reiterates that you aren't allowed to just do anything you feel like doing. (We are not big fans of our state governments either, but at least they don't start wars, counterfeit our money, and prop up tyrannies across the globe.)

You see? Look in the mirror for once. The emperor not only hasn't got any clothes, he's a quadruple amputee demanding that everyone admire his muscular physique. We don't know whether to laugh at or feel pity for such a pathetic creature.

In conclusion and just so we're clear: We're done. Pack up and get out. Better yet, don't pack – all that stuff belongs to us in the first place. Just get out. And when you finally, mercifully, do kick the bucket, please make sure it is in some place far away from us, where we won't have to smell the stench of your hideous, rotting corpse.


Every Normal Human Being in America and the Rest of the World

February 14, 2009

What a great letter! I intend to send a hard copy of this letter to every elected representative I have, and then some.

I'm so sick and tired of these parasitic retards fucking everything up and I intend to do something about it. So should you, that is, if you have a pair.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

herding cats

Sometimes working with stupid people is like herding cats.

You may think by making such a statement I consider myself superior to most people... that I'm an egocentric know-it-all who has little patience for humans of average intelligence and consider their low-brow approach to life as sub-par for such an intellectually advanced Einstein, such as myself.

Maybe you think my rants about stupid people are nothing but venting my own frustrations because deep down, I consider myself as stupid as the people I deal with, and have a need to set myself apart from, and drag everyone below my level, to make myself feel superior over something because of my extremely low self-esteem.

Perhaps you think I might be smarter than anyone you know, and feel threatened by my advanced mental capability, and feel you don't have anything in common with such a superior, god-like intellect.

Perhaps you don't work with the people I work with.

Now, tell me what a three-ring punch is for.

Can anyone justify why someone would go through the trouble to punch holes in a paper using the binder rings when the holes are already punched? I mean, when I saw this in the log book, it literally blew my mind. Am I missing something here? Did I not explain something the correct way? Should I have provided a diagram? Is there too much fluoride in the water? Does HFCS have anything to do with this? It can't possibly be our school system, can it? I'm still trying to wrap my mind around this...

All I can surmise is I work with some pretty fuckin' stupid people whose actions make us all look like Einsteins.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

back to the future

Suppose you went back in time to 1910 and found yourself in a German cafe sitting next to Adolf Hitler. Would you kill him and change the future?

Suppose you had the power to know who was responsible for WWIII. Would you kill him and save the world?

Most people would say they'd kill Hitler and some would suggest talking to him and try to adjust his way of thinking. Some people would stand by their religious upbringing and refuse to kill anyone under any circumstances because it's just, plane, wrong. In other words, let someone else do it. 97% of humanity wouldn't kill someone because they THOUGHT he would start WWIII. 2% of humanity are psychopaths and it wouldn't matter who they killed, and 1% have no opinion and don't count.

Now, suppose you had a single button in front of you, right between you and your computer monitor. Let's imagine, if you push this button all the people responsible for the future destruction of humanity would instantly disappear. Imagine pushing this button and every war would stop, every slave would be freed, and every secret revealed.

There's no catch. You don't know any of these people and they won't be missed. It's safe to assume anyone pushing the button will not disappear. The only people that will disappear will be those directly or indirectly responsible for the future destruction of humanity.

Let's try something, ok?

Get a piece of paper and draw a small circle on it about the size of a nickle. Go ahead. Do it. I'll wait.
Seriously, draw a circle on a piece of paper. Just do it! This is important. Stop reading for a second and draw the damn circle. Humor me, ok? You don't have to be an artist to do this. If your circle isn't quite round enough, just draw lots of circles in the same place until it looks like a proper circle.

Put your piece of paper with the button on it and place it between you and your monitor. Look at it. It's just a button. No wires or anything. Just a circle on a paper but by pushing it you will make everyone responsible for your future demise disappear. Tomorrow you'll wake up and your breakfast will taste better than any breakfast you've ever had. The birds will sing and your bank accounts will grow. Life will be sweeter than you ever imagined.

Now, push the button.

Just as I thought. You can't even be bothered to draw a damn circle to save your life.

You're hopeless and that's why the distruction of humanity is inevitable.


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

red menace?

I knew this device wasn't meant for weather modification but I couldn't help myself. I set the unit in the north forty just to see what would happen.
Unlike most of my experiments, this device needs power to activate it. I don't mean I need power to make it work better. I mean I need power to make it do anything. Without power this thing just sits there like a bump on a log.

The heart of this unit is encased in powdered metal held together with enough resin to solidify it. The particles are so small it takes some kind of energy to get it going. The orgonite surrounding the heart tends to insulate it from anything but a jolt through the coil. As demonstrated earlier, a small jolt will make it kick ass, real good.

I pounded a couple pipes in the ground a few feet apart and about a foot or so deep. One pipe was copper and the other was galvanized steel. I put a volt meter between these two pipes and found the Earth was generating 0.5 volts, so I used this as my power supply.

The cool part about this power supply is it can run this device, or anything like it, as long as the Earth exists. Let's see... if two pipes can produce 0.5 volts, how many pipes will it take to produce enough energy to run an average household?

Using hose clamps, speaker wire, an adapter and a coax cable I was able to cobble together a decent power supply to run this latest device.

The energy flowing out the top of the pipe is somewhat different than the energy from using the frequency generator. It has a softer, gentle flow to it. Not weaker... more like pleasingly different. It's like comparing VO5 shampoo to Prell, if you get my meaning.

Anyway, I set this unit in the north forty the other day and studied the sky. The next morning I noticed an absence of a red dawn, which told me there was a much lower level of particulates in the atmosphere. I don't know if you've noticed, but for the last several years we've had red sunsets and red sunrises almost every day when the sky is clear enough to see the sun. The old adage of "Red sky at night, sailors delight. Red sky in the morning, sailor take warning" took on the flavor of normal sky behavior. I mean, we see red skies all the time to the point that seeing a non-red dawn or sunset is a rarity.

The last couple of days I saw neither a red sunrise or a red sunset. I think that's pretty noteworthy, don't you?

Thursday, February 05, 2009

cone howitzer

The cone howitzer project I mentioned January 22 is pretty much complete. Not the bread project... the orgonite project.

I don't think I ever spent as much time on an orgonite project as I did on this one. As I mentioned before, a lot of this project didn't make much sense, but I now believe the lesson for this project was to trust my intuition rather than let my head get in my way. I mean, what logical reason is there to mount a 22 caliber barrel on a cannon? Casting all logic and reason aside, I made the dammed thing anyway and in the process I took a few pics.

The heart of this unit is a group of three crystals, quartz, kyanite, and selinite, wrapped with a toroidal mobius coil and embedded in an extremely dense matrix of resin, powdered brass, and aluminum and cured with a frequency of 528Hz blown at it by way of my Peavey amp. This unit was then suspended on three brass rods connecting it to the top cone. The tourmaline was placed below this, along with a small carnelian. The rest of the resin was made up of less dense, basic orgonite material.

For a change, I decided to insert a jack in the side for convenient plugging and unplugging. It wasn't so convenient making it. Every electronic specialty store I went to had nothing designed to embed a female eighth-inch phone jack in resin, let alone orgonite, and I had to build one from the top of a can of stewed tomatoes and some hot glue.

The orange highway cone was the perfect shape for the mold, but by the time I did the last pour the heat from curing began to melt it, creating a few unsightly voids that had to be repaired using a plastic binder and aluminum tape (basically, because I lost my duct tape).

Speaking of losing things... Don't you hate it when every tool you need isn't where you thought it was? I searched a whole day for my trusty bolt cutters, eventually trekking to Lowe's to "borrow" one of their $40 bolt cutters, which I promptly took back after I was done. (Yeah, I know it's a cheap trick but if I went to Home Depot instead, I'd have 2 bolt cutters instead of one that's still lost.)
The same thing happened to my glue gun the next day, but for $1.80 I'll keep the spare glue gun.

In hindsight, I would have been better off using something other than an 1/8th" female phone jack because embedding such a thing in resin leaves no room for error. The only way I got the thing to work was to dig at it with an ice pick and eyeglass screwdriver, sweet-talking it with things like, "come on baby, open up for daddy" for 45 minutes until I could fit the male end in. Talk about foreplay...

The carnelian was a different story. Never, in my wildest imagination, would I have considered placing a single stone in that exact position, at that depth. Admittedly, I never would've build this device in this manner but I was just a simple technician on this project, taking orders from my internal engineer, and this engineer said to place THIS stone in THIS place... right here at 2:30 between the tourmaline and wall... no exceptions, no excuses.

Ok... you da boss and I'm da hoss.

I don't think this unit has anything to do with weather control, but it seems to be geared toward physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing and improvement. The crystal selection and position seem to suggest a less than passive unit until fired up with frequency. The extremely dense resin surrounding the three main crystals prevent it from acting like an ordinary orgonite device. In fact, it seems pretty dead just sitting there. It needs power to make it work, and when it's fired up you can almost see wisps of vapor oozing out the top pipe. The cone shape seems to economize the unit, pushing the energy up the top with very little loss from the sides. Only while the frequency is running can you feel a slight vibration in the base.

I'd like to point out that I'm one of those people blessed with never having to put up with headaches, but today I developed a massive one... right after handling this unit with the frequency turned on. I know you can get a headache from touching the pipes on a cloudbuster if you don't touch the base afterward. It's the DOR on the pipes that cause this. It seems this unit does such a good job at kicking ass in an extremely efficient manner that even grounding yourself to the base afterward won't provide enough POR to counteract the bad stuff transfering through the pipe.

More work needs to be done in this area.

chicken parts

I'm not a big fan of Walmart but when I found myself in there yesterday perusing their glassware for molds, I thought it might be a good idea to see what they had in the deli. Their wingdings and hot wings aren't bad for the bucks and it looked like only one person was in front of me. I stood there waiting and overheard the orders he was placing for wings. Not just wings but only the lower arm of the wing. As many of you know, chicken wings are made up of upper arms and lower arms and when you buy wings you get an equal amount of each, because a chicken has two of each. Well, this guy wanted only the two-boned lower arms, leaving a tray full of little drumstick wings. I hate when this happens, not just because I like the lower arms but I happen to like them equally and want at least a reasonably equal amount of both. When people insist on only the lower arms I end up not even having a choice. It's little drumsticks or nothing at all. I then noticed all the wings, not just the hot wings but the wingdings and BBQ wings were upper arm drumsticks, meaning other people throughout the day were requesting ONLY the 2-boned lower wings. If everyone wants only the lower arm, it's reasonable to assume the upper arms will be thrown out and you can bet these upper arms won't go to any food banks.

I wondered how many people like me wanted to get wings only to find the limited selection and changed their minds. I also wondered how long it will be before someone comes up with a genetically altered chicken capable of growing only the lower arm of a wing, lowering Walmarts waste and improving their bottom line. The thought of a huge facility populated by lab-coated guys with clipboards cloning chicken parts appealed to me in a sci-fi kinda way. Sanitary, clean room conditions with table after table filled with petri dishes growing little chicken breasts and tiny lower arm wings with nutrient hoses monitored by pocket protector-clad technicians with horn-rimed glasses, prodding them from time to time with their mechanical pencils is the stuff that makes our great society so great.

In hind sight I should have gotten about 10 lbs of their upper arm wings and hid them somewhere in the store, like behind the socks.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

chaos... order. is there another choice?

We live in a universe where chaos rules. We're so used to things going wrong that when something finally does go right it's cause for celebration.
We've settled into this rationale that it's an imperfect universe and things go wrong as a matter of course. Our human culture is littered with witty phrases like "Shit happens" and "When you get lemons, make lemonade", and "No one said life was easy." We expect things to go wrong and it's built into every system we have and every area of our existence. We can carefully plan and craft an idea right down to the finest detail and every single time we run the program we find at least one "fly in the ointment". "The best-laid plans of mice and men go often awry." We all know and accept this, but we also realize Robert Burns was an optimist and every plan always has just enough chaos built into it to screw things up.

Think about all the things that go wrong in your small, personal corner of the universe every day and multiply that by 6.7 billion and you'll get a rough idea why we think disorder is a natural state of being. We've accepted war as natural as our computers crashing or a bad cell phone signal, and our collective reaction to this chaos has gone from pounding our fists with rage to a shoulder shrug.
It doesn't matter what disaster shows up on the news. We're used to it and take it all in stride as if this is the way things are supposed to be.

"Did ya hear the news? We just declared a preemptive war with Pakistan and there's a bird flu pandemic that already killed 20,000 people on the east coast."
"So, What's for dinner?"

What if chaos is an anomaly designed to stimulate a mutation, where chaos is the antigen and mutation is the antibody?
Like it makes sense for an anomaly to increase a histamine count to produce a scratch.
This theory would only be possible if the the mutation were necessary for positive growth... to make the organism better than it was before. Using the histamine/scratch metaphor, it might be to scrape a parasite from your flesh before it infects the body, not to improve anything but to simply maintain a state of health before the parasite showed up.

Come to think of it, this metaphor pretty much explains the chaotic state of our existence. I'm pretty sure you feel the pinch of these social parasites sucking your life blood through endless taxes, higher monthly bills, and seemingly endless, stupid laws that can be perceived to be designed to make your life a little more chaotic, complicated, and frustrating than it was before. You find yourself exhausted from scratching and eventually stop pounding your fists and begin shrugging your shoulders in compliance with the way things are, as if this is the way it's supposed to be.

But what if this isn't the way it's supposed to be?

What if we got it wrong? What if chaos was purposely injected into our system like itching powder, causing us to constantly scratch and distract us from who's supplying the itching powder in the first place?
You and I may not be supplying the itching powder but we still distribute it, perpetuating this unnecessary, and totally worthless, chaos.

We have these things called money, power, and control that mess things up. We have all the power we need to do anything we want but we're too dumbed down, programmed, and controlled to realize it. Throw money into the mix and you have a system that all but forces everyone to suck the life blood out of everyone, perpetuating this chaotic existence. Our lives have chaos in them because we let it happen and we don't know any better. We're stuck in this vampire orgy program of congress, electric utilities, medical costs, mortgage rates, fuel, neighbors, employers, family, friends, pharmaceutical companies, politics, and religion feeding off our jugulars like collective Draculas, forcing us to feed from someone else, who feeds off someone else, who feeds off someone else, ad infinitum.

I don't think this was the way man was supposed to exist. I'm of the opinion we already have the power, and if we have the power we can make a change to end this cycle of vampirism by making the effort to stop being a parasite and give your power only to those you want to give it to, willingly.

Reprogram others by showing them they can't take your energy unless they change their ways. When you freely give your energy away you open yourself to receive more, which makes it easy to give to those who need it. Refuse to give it away on demand.

You won't invite a thief to your home for dinner. Why cast your pearls before swine?