Monday, August 29, 2005

where do these voices come from?

Where do these voices come from?

Ya know when you're in that half awake, half asleep state where dreams and waking reality overlap? It's like bits of both realities. This waking, rational reality is what we're used to navigating in but the dream state is most interesting because of it's randomness. Well, I recently spent a few moments in the half 'n half state when I heard this voice. Not an external voice but certainly not a thought voice either. It was sort of an internalized independent voice that sounded a lot like Amos from The Amos and Andy show. It was a slow black man's voice that was talking about something I didn't find in the least bit thought provoking. I was just about as awe inspiring as someone explaining how to put the lid on a jar of mayonaise. Soothing, yes but Earth shaking revelations, no. This voice just went on and on talking about something pretty dull. Soon, another voice came in that was distinctly female. She didn't comment on the black man's voice. She just started talking about something else completely unrelated. Keep in mind I had the wherewithall to know I was in this half 'n half state and whatever was said was something I should pay attention to, no matter how inane. So, pay attention I did, but as you may or may not know, concentration in the half 'n half state makes you wake up so I had to listen with half an ear, like the kind of listening I used to do in 8th grade english class.
I was more interested in this voice phenomenon than the boring stuff they were saying, (just like english class) but in time, sure as the pope wears a funny hat, I got to thinking about this too much and woke up. All voices stopped but I now had a working theory.
Since I didn't recognize these voices, is it possible they were coming from real people from some place else? Did my brain accidently become a radio reciever tuned into Andy and the woman on the different frequencies?
Sure, dreams can be random but randomly tuning in to peoples heads is kinda interesting. I wonder if it's possible to fine tune this reciever and pick up some voices that actually had something to say?

Any thoughts on this?

Friday, August 19, 2005

nutin personal

I've come to realize most bloggers are simple graphophiliacs with the urge to write something about anything or nothing in as many words as possible in order to satisfy their lust to scribble or type with run on sentences and a complete lack of punctuation in a teletype type of Kerouac free form cacaphony of mind flight. Well I'd like to make it perfectly clear I'm not one of these mindless finger dribblers of sheer twaddle like the rest of these scriptoholics who mindlessly go on and on ceaselessly saying nothing at all. No sir it aint me it aint me babe it aint me your looking for babe.

But I could be wrong.