Friday, September 23, 2011

beauty and function

It seems my orgonite engineering has taken a different path.  What started out as an experiment involving cascading densities and how they relate to various shapes has morphed into an emerging art that blends form and function with aesthetics.  My previous devices, built for function, worked rather well and every attempt to make them more pleasing to the eye resulted in less power.  I came to believe beauty and function in orgonite were inversely proportional and since I was more interested in producing devices that worked better, my projects looked more like metaphysical military hardware.  It was the gradation of densities experiment that opened a clear, blank spot that begged to display something, like an empty diorama.  All I needed was a little imagination and a few tiny props to freeze a 3D moment in time. 

A thought occurred to me to make a miniature WTC, complete with planes in the towers and a tiny Bush and Cheney holding a banner saying Mission Accomplished, to celebrate the 911 ten year anniversary.  When a workmate suggested the banner should read We will rebuild, I realized the masses aren't ready for such a statement and quickly perished the thought and settled for something a little less politically incorrect.

But then, if you happen to think owning a chunk of orgonite containing a diorama of the twin towers with planes and fires with a miniature Dick and Bush to celebrate the 10th anniversary of 911 is really cool, I'll be more than happy to make one for you. ($39, payable in advance.)

This piece has gradually increasing densities from the top down with a cluster of clear quartz sitting on a disk of resin and powdered selenite.  The base has nine crystals in two layers pointing to the compass and mid compass points with a citrine crystal at the top.  The energy this succor produces is strong but has a subtle, calming effect on people that draws them like moths to a flame.  Not bad for a passive device and it's pretty, too.  Kinda reminds me of a shiny, red army tank.

I guess beauty and function CAN co-exist.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

the majority is always wrong

Maybe it's the people I hang with but nearly everyone I come in contact with have the same opinions about the government, congress, the powers behind the curtain, the economy, rising fuel prices, and just about everything else that directly, or indirectly, affects our lives.  It seems every time we turn around there's something getting worse and even hard core optimists are running for cover.  Most people outside the power circles can see potential solutions to this swelling onslaught of never ending crap but the people in the position to fix things just make things worse with the only tactic they know... Robbing Peter to pay Paul

I figure it this way... When a government manages to make matters worse every time they try to fix things, it's because they want to make things worse.  There can be no other reason, unless you take into account a little known law of nature that states, "The majority is always wrong."

But maybe the common man has it all wrong.  Maybe all the stuff going wrong is only perceived as wrong by people who can't see the big picture and fail to recognize the inconveniences that affect every aspect of our lives as necessary steps in a plan too complex for us to understand.  I was once told that if we ever had a superman as president he'd never be allowed to take humanity in the proper direction because his methods and actions would be too radical for anyone to comprehend as positive steps to a greater good.

Suppose the greater good our ship of humanity is setting course to is clean air, clean water, full employment, lots of low cost real estate, no crime, no fuel shortage, and the end of all our earthly problems. 

A good way to clean the air and water might be to get rid of industry.  Full employment can happen if the unemployed were eliminated.  Real estate would go down in price and fuel would get real cheap with three billion people populating the planet. 

Sounds like a great plan if you were psychopathic enough to think this was a great idea, like the 900 smart guys making it happen that run the planet.

I guess the majority is always wrong.       

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Thursday, September 08, 2011

is monetary gain anathema to karma?

The lottery commission says you gotta play to win.  I figure when I decide to play, I intend to win.  There are a few problems I need to overcome if I intend to win the lottery.  For one, is asking for abundance of an abstract monetary concept like money within the laws of karma?  Will tons of cash provide better security than knowing you'll always have enough of what you'll need from a balanced karmic lifestyle?

Acknowledging such problems prove I'm still grounded to this archaic monetary construct that dictates life without sufficient hoarded wealth is risky at best.  Leg irons made of gold are still slave chains and they get heavy after a while. 

To believe and practice karma means you'll always have what you need and never be without.  To feel the need to acquire more wealth then you can possibly use implies you have more faith in our broken down, antiquated, economic system than you do for a time tested system that has flawlessly proven itself for untold thousands of years.

It appears the acquisition of wealth is anathema to the laws of karma.

So, how do you win the lottery if wealth accumulation is anathema to the laws of karma?  How can you use karma to give you an edge to win the lottery?

I think I have it figured out.  It's not enough to use winning the lottery as an intent, since money is an abstract and has no intrinsic value.  A proper intent might be the end result of what all this money could do.  For starters, I'll spend more time engineering and making orgnite and giving most of it to anyone who wants it, free of charge.  My lifestyle wouldn't change but a lot of people I know and don't know would benefit.  My reward would be the satisfaction knowing I'm doing something positive.

Just so you don't get the wrong idea, as it stands right now, I have all I need and feel comfortable with my lifestyle.  My needs are simple.  Some heating fuel, some gas for my car, a few bills paid and I'm good to go.  I'm no Rockefeller, and wouldn't want to be, but I'll admit a decent amount of ready cash would substantially increase my sense of security and make me a happier, more productive person.  Besides, this is only an experiment to test a theory, not for greed.  All winnings will be put into circulation to benefit others and everyone comes out ahead.  All I need is some additional support from people on my wavelength, who understand what I'm trying to accomplish.  By participating, you become part of the program and benefit from it's success.  It's a karmic thing.  Look it up.  It doesn't cost more than a slight change of perspective and the rewards are more than our present capitalist system can promise.  In fact, the present capitalistic system is broken.  Capitalism relies on ever increasing profits.  Karma relies on doing the right thing with a ten fold return.  Do unto others as you wish them to do unto you.  Cast your bread (money) upon the waters and receive it ten fold.  That's a concept I can grasp better than the IRS laws.  How about you?

So, here's the plan.  I want all of you to make an intention right now.  Close your eyes, empty your mind and when you reach that calm, alpha state of mind make the intention...

Karmasurfer wins the lottery.  Make it so.

Repeat as needed.

For those who grasp this idea, I salute you.  Those of you who refuse to make a simple intent because it might work and you can't stand to see someone else profiting from your efforts, your not paying attention.  It's simply to prove we can all manifest what we want and if I can do it, we all can do it.  Get it?  

Remember, this isn't just for my benefit.  We're all in this together.  Now, get those intentions going and let's make things happen.