Sunday, March 26, 2017

free books

I got a call from an old friend who asked if I was interested in working with him and his brother for a day or two to get a project done.  I've known these guys for 40 years and when they ask me for help it means they need help.  I said, sure.  They'd do the same if I asked them.  It seems they work for a guy who flips houses and he just got one that needs to be made ready, pronto.  So, Friday and Saturday I worked on this house with these guys.  I didn't know what I was getting into. 

The first floor was knee deep in crap from the previous owner and everything had to go.  The basement was worse and had mold problems so all the drywall had to go, along with all the crap.  We filled up a 40 yard dumpster in two days and we'll need another on Monday.  I'm committed to see this thing through so it looks like I'll be busting ass Monday, too.  The good part is I managed to get a bunch of hard cover books.  The previous owner was into scale model trains and history and his books reflected that.  Lots of stuff in the Civil War, WWI, WWII, and a bunch of biographies on Hitlers hangman, Rommel, Caligula, The Borgias, a pictorial edition of The Kama Sutra, medieval life, and tons more.  I grabbed about twenty of these books and set aside a whole bunch more to give to a library.  I just couldn't bring myself to toss these books in a dumpster.  I can't get over the total tonnage of CDs, DVDs, toys, personal effects, and family pictures that was left.  The exercise equipment alone must have cost 4 grand and all of it is going to a landfill.  I found the guy's pay stubs from his job, the PFA  his wife put on him, and the divorce settlement and a family portrait during happier times.  This poor guy completely remodeled this house before everything went to shit.  His kids had the most expensive toys I've ever seen.  We found a Christmas card from his wife saying the most wonderful things about her husband and how he was her whole world.  A month later she put a PFA on him, got a divorce, kept the kids, and got everything he had.  All this stuff was left there.  This guy was suddenly locked out of his own home and everything he worked for and collected and stirred his soul was gone for good.  At least I got some good books out of it.  

Anyone interested in acquiring any books, just pay the postage and their yours.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

about that storm tuesday...

I was wrong.  The storm that blew through was more than I could handle.  We got a dumpin like hasn't been seen since the mid 80's.  I mean even the post office was closed.  This was a Donner party storm for sure.

As I mentioned on Monday, the PVC CB was set up for solar, meaning it only works when it's light out.  The storm came late at night and by sunrise the solar panels were covered with two feet of snow, effectively turning it off.

I knew this was going to happen but in order to fix it I'd have to switch the frequency generator to batteries to run under it's own power.  That meant working in the frigid cold, in the dark, with electrical tape and a phillips.  To be honest, I just didn't feel like going through all that.

Even sloth has it's rewards and mine was spending three days digging out.

On a positive note, Brazil had a few thunderstorms this week, bring rain to a rather dry part of the world.

There IS balance in the universe.


Sunday, March 12, 2017

orgone field generator winter storm weather control

There's a snow storm about to hit the area this coming Tuesday.  It's now Sunday and I've been hearing about this storm since last Thursday.  They've got it down to a science.  They can not only predict a snow storm five days into the future, they can even tell you how much snow to expect.  I've heard anywhere between 12" and 36" of snow in one day.  Wowee, that's a lotta snow!  And it's all gonna come down this Tuesday.  This prognostication isn't just from the weather guy in Pixley.  This is the straight dope from every weather wizard in North America and everything in between.  These guys are so sure of themselves, the stores are already running out of bread, milk, and eggs.  This is Donner party snow and everyone knows it.

All the more reason to fire up the PVC CB and see if I can bump this oncoming storm and redirect it somewhere else.  I've been monitoring the weather to see where this colossal storm is coming from and I think I found it.  It should be hitting Greenbay, Wisconsin by now, then Chicago, Detroit, and a bunch of other towns as it lumbers towards the Appalachians sometime around Tuesday.  Hell, I can hitch hike faster than that.  But the zombie speed of this hellish snow maker will give me more than enough time to try and make some changes.

While it was still light, I redirected the PVC CB to west north-west and replaced the four foot stove pipe with an eight foot section of 2" copper pipe.  This is the same setup I used in the fall of 2012 to redirect Superstorm Sandy west instead of it's predicted path to right where I am sitting now.  They had a dozen computer models of where Sandy might go to lay waste to but none of them included a hard left at Philadelphia to head west with a hard right to regroup with the rest of the storm in Connecticut.  It did an end run around this area, resulting in some wind but no rain.  I'm hoping I can do the same for this storm and make fools of weathermen as a whole.

It's been almost two and a half years since I set the PVC CB to run semi-nonstop.  The solar cells I installed power up the frequency generator in proportion to the amount of sunlight it receives.  It runs only during daylight hours and the brighter the sun, the more energy it kicks out.  At night, it shuts down, giving mother nature a break.  At dawn's first light, it fires up and runs continually until it gets too dark and goes to sleep.  The two plus years it's been in operation, the weather has never been more... for lack of a better term, cooperative.  The water table is up, no flooding, no droughts, no hurricanes or blizzards.  No harsh weather of any kind.  Now, go fifty miles outside this area and it's a different kind of weather.  Extremes in everything from floods and droughts to high heat and humidity and unseasonably cold weather, all in the same places.  Just like this area used to be about ten years ago.  I got so used to the weather, I saw no need to fiddle with it and just let the PVC CB do it's own thing while I get to work on other projects.  It might stay in the same position for weeks and then I'd notice it was pointing in another direction.  I figured that was just nature making her own adjustments.  I never did like the idea that I was commanding nature to do my bidding, like I had some kind of weird God complex.  Putting nature in the drivers seat makes me more of a custodian than a deity, and I like it.

But now it's time to give Mother Nature a little nudge and ask if she'll bump Tuesday's blizzard somewhere other than here.

I'll keep ya posted.


Saturday, March 04, 2017

the secret reason for roe v. wade

It wasn't to settle the abortion question. The individual known as Roe never had an abortion. Big Pharma was the driving force behind that court case. Dr. Joseph P. Farrell calls them "Muck Pharmaceuticals". More on him, and them, later. Here's the title of a video that Granny Smith sent me a few days ago.

The Exploding Autoimmune Epidemic - Dr. Tent - It's Not Autoimmune, you have Viruses

It's a 2 hour video if you do it all. Do it all and you'll learn what's killing you. It's the vaccines. If  you just want to know the real reason for Roe v. Wade, then fast forward to the 1:15 mark in the video. You'll hear the narrator tell you that aborted fetuses are used as a culture medium for vaccines and that they all contain traces of DNA from abortions. A minute later he reveals the real reason, the secret behind the Roe v. Wade court case. Muck Pharmaceutical was buying aborted fetuses from Sweden, where abortion was legal. Way too inconvenient and expensive. So this court case was initiated to make abortions legal in the American colonies.
Keep on going and you'll learn that Ibuprophen and Motrin shut off your immune system.
FDR had polio. My mother told me that I was born with polio. Somehow I got over it and have always walked normally. Others did not. There were stories and photos of children in iron lungs and on crutches. Made your heart hurt. So Jonas Salk became a national hero when he came up with a polio vaccine. All us kids had to have one so we wouldn't suffer the same fate as those poor kids in iron lungs.
Ah! We were all so naive back in those days. We heard on the radio and read in the papers that polio had been wiped out. That was back in the days when we thought we had a free press. We knew we had a free press because the free press kept telling us it was free. Wiping out the polio epidemic boosted the acceptance level of vaccinations. Everybody got one.
Some time ago I learned, and you'll hear Dr. Tent say it in the video, that polio was never really wiped out. They just re-labeled it! It's now Epstein Barr or some other name. Ain't polio, though! Polio has been wiped out. Yeah. And Oswald killed Kennedy. Planes hit the towers.
Speaking of Oswald, he was in on the vaccination scam, too. There's a book, Dr. Mary's Monkey, that tells the whole story. She developed a weaponized vaccine that would create cancer in people. Oswald could not be allowed to testify. Otherwise, that story would have gone public. So Jack Ruby killed him and then Jack Ruby died of the cancer that was injected in him. It's at the 52 minute mark.
A brief word about Muck Pharmaceuticals. This will overload your Central Processing Unit.


What was the gimmick? Vaccines that literally modified a person's sneeze with more of the same muck. The plan is relatively simple: (1) take a vaccine, (2) sneeze, and (3) thereby spread the vaccine to other people, who may not even want it. Add this to the arm's length long list of other technologies - nano-technology, genetic engineering, CRISPR and so on - and one has a veritable witches brew of all manner of mischief.
There's more at the link. Not overloaded yet? Try this.

CDC is a vaccine company, a “cesspool of corruption” says Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Kennedy has called the CDC “a cesspool of corruption” for failing, time and again, to do the right thing for Americans and for science in helping expose the link between brain damage and thimerosal-laced vaccines, which he has said hit poor, ethnic minority children the worst since it is most often included in the cheapest vaccines used at publicly-funded urban clinics.+++
Want to make an easy $100K? Just prove that mercury in vaccines is safe.
In the video you will hear that Nixon declared war on cancer the first week in office. Why? Because he knew there was a cancer epidemic coming from the vaccines given in previous years.
One of the first things this president did was to appoint Robert Kennedy, Jr. and Robert De Niro to expose the link between vaccinations and autism. Rumor is that his youngest boy is autistic. The CDC is going down. He has been setting up targets for the past few weeks. This president is relentless. Somewhere on down the road the CDC will see a red laser dot focused on them. And then Boom! Another one bites the dust.
It'll have to be a virtual toe tag. Is there a morgue for corporations?

Friday, March 03, 2017

I'm a believer and it's about time

I figure a good litmus test for spirituality and wakefulness is your opinion on Trump.  Not to put too sharp a point on it, Trump is a facilitator of God's will, just as much as Moses and Jesus.

If you're a liberal, you won't find much harm in what I said and you'll just go on hating the guy for reasons no one else understands.  If you're a Christian or a Jew you might consider what I said as blasphemy.  If you're a truth seeker, you might want to think twice before you lay some atheistic horse shit at the base of the temple and acknowledge you are witness to a miracle.  Think about the Speech Hillary would have said in front of congress the other day, if the powers that be had their way.  Now, wonder if maybe God might have put Trump in the white house because he likes us.

It's this kinda stuff that makes me a believer.