Thursday, October 31, 2013

I finally got this damn thing finished

I've been working on this pulser, off and on, since July and I'm happy to say it's finished.  Well, the pulser is finished but I still have the electronics to complete, and something tells me building the circuitry will be a walk in the park compared to building this unit.

I can't take credit for this design.  That credit goes to Jon Logan, one of the greatest orgonite engineers pioneering the fringes of orgone bioenergy.  It's proper name is 2nd generation Orgone Field Pulser II Mobius-driven Bioenergy Generator.  Pulser for short.

From the start, I had problems building this thing and it seemed I had to redo each step before moving on to the next.  The internal reflective chamber was larger to accommodate the 7" crystal which required larger molds for each stage, which required scrounging larger molds with the required slope for this specific project.  When the mold melted before the chamber casting was set, spilling sticky medium density orgonite all over my work area, I put this mess on the back burner for a few weeks until I decided to start over from scratch.

In the meantime, I built a few field generators and a bunch or orgonite and everything just blissfully flowed.  That told me it wasn't me but this pulser I was obsessing over that made me doubt my skills and made building it such a chore.
The second time around, things came together much easier and within a few days the casting was complete and ready for clean up.  The paint job was not only the final organic layer but gives it a real kickass look.

The Interior of this unit is a hollow reflective chamber housing a mobius wrapped 7" crystal with a mini orgone accumulator at the base.  The base, chamber, and nose castings all have specific orgonite densities designed to attract bioenergy through the base, compress and amplify it in the compression chamber, and send the amplified quantity of bioenergy through the top pipe.
This thing will run on it's own in passive mode but stimulating it with frequency brings out the beast and the last two nights of this unit running on 432Hz produced the best nights sleep I've had for a long time.

One reason it took so long to complete this project was the addition of mono atomic gold in the nose cone.  If you can grasp the potential this unit is capable of, you'll agree the addition of mono atomic gold is way more than a necessary component.

There are many more goodies in this package like hematite and gold at the accumulator base with a pair of SBB coils to direct energy and various powdered crystals at specific locations with an assortment of curing frequencies but that sort of detail would require a web page rather than a simple blog.

If you want the nuts and bolts on how to build one of these you can find out here.

All that needs to be done now is building a radionics panel to run this thing.

Just so ya know, I have no problem mixing resin, building molds, and making orgonite in any shape. So when I say building a radionics panel is a walk in the park compared to building this unit, I don't mean to say soldering tiny parts old school is fun.  I'm saying the pain in the ass job of soldering tiny parts old school is easier by a long shot than building this pulser was.

If you plan on building one of these, let me know.  Just don't ask me to build it for you, ok?


Wednesday, October 30, 2013

jumpin jesus a new ball park.

Let us define the measurement of known scientific facts in the year 1 A.D. as "one jesus," or "1j," using the name of the celebrated philosopher born that year. 
It took roughly 40,000 to 100,000 years to accumulate the sum of 1j, since that's about how long homo sapiens have been on this planet.
It took 1500 years for the sum of human knowledge to double to 2j.  The next doubling came in about 250 years.  Now we have 4j as the sum of human knowledge in the year 1750 A.D.  The next doubling took 150 years, and by 1900 we had 8j.  The next doubling took 50 years so now we have 16j.  Ten years later we doubled again to 32j.  The next doubling took seven years, bringing our sum to 64j.  The next doubling, six years, so by the year 1973 we had 128j.  By 1982 we had 512j in our information coffers and there's no reason to imagine the acceleration has stopped.  In fact, the sum of all human knowledge has begun to double by nanoseconds by the early '90s.  
We live in accelerated times, and information is doubling faster than we can blink-- and it's increasing.  If you compare all the information that's out there to what we know as individuals, you can easily see we know nothing at all.  Anything you compare to infinity is always zero.  Every field is so absolutely full of increasing knowledge that we had to develop sub-fields in order to try and make sense of it.  There are so many specialties in medicine, banking, architecture, electronics, that even the specialists can't keep up with it all.   All this information is out there but even the Internet, a small sliver of exponentially expanding information, is beyond our capability to be mapped.  An even smaller bit of specialized knowledge, our phone calls and emails that have been collected by intelligence agencies, amounts to a stack of hard drives that can reach the moon.

And what was happening during this Jumping Jesus phenomenon?

6,000 years ago, Priest kings suddenly appeared and took control of the world as we know it.  A small group of royal-political families and banking elite families took control of the world.

Money was introduced as a tool of enslavement.

Rothschild, Rockefeller, Morgan, and a few other families own all the banks, own all the governments, and control all the money, resources, and assets of the world.

And what did all this knowledge get us?

We are all born free on our planet but we cannot move around freely.  We cannot live where we choose to.  We have to follow rules and laws that we did not agree to.  We have to work to pay taxes.  The restrictions are endless.

Every socio-political system has failed us.  Humans everywhere live in misery.  There seems to be no happy outcome to the political and economic mess of the planet.  Every year, every month it gets worse.  More poverty, hunger, homelessness.  Global economic collapse is imminent.  One third of the worlds food goes to waste because poor, starving people have no money.

So what.  You might say it was capitalism and the monetary system that helped propel us to this negative utopia where we all have to work jobs we hate to make money to maintain our climate controlled environments and to buy sub-standard food and crap we don't need to keep the system going in a downward spiral of bleak prosperity while enriching the elite few?  That's exactly what I'm saying.  And with the present system in place it's never going to get any better than it is right now.

Let me go a step further and say we are not physical creatures doomed to this existence of following the leader in a blind, drunkards walk over the cliff like mindless lemmings.  We are more than that.  We're spiritual beings trapped in this meaningless existence by the rulers of this planet through coercion, propaganda, laws, and a passive-aggressive police force state to keep us in place to maintain their system of control.

If the Jumping Jesus phenomenon is correct, why aren't we smarter?  

We are.  We just don't know it yet.  Humanity as come to the point where normal thought processes are no longer efficient enough to handle all the data we receive.  Intuition is emerging as the new human thought processing app with reason and logic serving as validation mechanisms.  We've gone from instinctual hunter-gatherers to inventive problem solvers to mindless consumers.  In spite of our cradle to grave social programming and everything we see around us, we all KNOW this isn't the way things are supposed to be.  That's your emerging intuition whispering in the background while your brain is preoccupied with the scripted fiction we're trained to believe as reality.

When you play in someone else's ball park you play by their rules.

You can't win this game if the royals, politicians, and bankers change the rules whenever it suits them.  We've never won a game and never will.  We're not meant to win but we're all brainwashed into thinking we might win one this time. 

Maybe it's time to play in our own ball park for a change.      

Sunday, October 13, 2013

back in the orgonite saddle again

It's amazing what's happened these past few weeks.  While I was immersed in my own projects like the north west field generator, the pulsar project, ORMUS, and an improved batch of absinthe, it seems those guys in Washington have all gone completely mad.  It's as if the system is imploding and I'm not sure if it's by accident or design.

The naval yard outside DC had a few problems with a contractor.  It seems he was being controlled or influenced by extremely low frequency electromagnetic waves before he embarked on a bloody shooting rampage at the Washington Navy Yard.

Members of a Washington DC Swat team who the BBC has learned were ordered not to respond to Monday's Navy Yard shootings have yet to be contacted by the authorities.
The Capitol Police tactical response team was told by a supervisor to leave the scene instead of aiding municipal officers, sources told the BBC.
Meanwhile, the department has installed a new leader of the elite unit. No reason has been given for the decision.
Gunman Aaron Alexis killed 12 people.

It wasn't until this shooting that I realized why military bases are such easy targets for mass killings.  Guns weren't allowed on military bases since the Clinton administration.  I never knew that, did you?  I mean, these are military installations.  They're called armed forces for a reason.  Without arms, or weapons, soldiers become service personnel.  Sounds like something you'd call uniformed waiters.

The federal government is on semi-shutdown, meaning non-important government personnel are on furlough, or in private sector terms, vacation.  Non-important means federal parks, social security, federal landmarks and memorials, health and human services... you know, all that stuff that only affects real people.  Not to worry.  All those government employees on furlough will receive back pay for the time they were off, making this a paid vacation for them.  The reason the federal government is on semi-shutdown?  Obama wants obamacare and no one else does.    

And this is just the home-front.  Earlier the commander in chief was on the brink of starting WWIII because he wanted to bomb Syria.  For the first time in history, the American people gave Russia's leader a higher approval rating than the US president.   

Just when you think it can't get any crazier, it gets crazier.

Last week a woman from Connecticut was murdered in Washington DC by capital police and secret service for getting lost near the white house.  She was supposedly in communication with Obama, via radio waves in her head, and drove to Washington with her one year old child in the back seat.  After capital police stopped her car they put a dozen bullets in her head and congress gave them a standing ovation for a job well done.

Well, I can't be bothered by this absurd federal reality show.  I got some orgonite to make.

What you see here is a field generator that didn't quite measure up to my stringent standards.  After building and testing this thing for a week or so I decided to do a complete do-over from scratch and put this unit on the back burner.

It's constructed of an inner ring of powdered red iron oxide, resin, and powdered brass with a mobius coil made from 60' of 18 gauge magnet wire.  The second layer was of a much lesser density of black iron oxide, play sand, resin, a pinch of DA salt, and a half gram of ORMUS to boost it's potential.  The last layer was clear resin and powdered selenite.

In all intents and purposes, this thing should've really taken off but the energy field I felt just left me flat.  I'm not quite sure what to make of it.  Checking it out with my gauss meter, I could clearly detect the toroid shaped energy field surrounding it and going off the scale six inches above the center, showing the energy was directed straight up.  Swapping cores showed some cores worked better than others but still nothing to jump up and down about.  It seemed this thing wasn't going to perform any better no matter what I do so I opted to go back through my notes and work out a better plan.

Although the energy field in this unit felt extremely weak, it seemed to alter my dreams while sleeping.  It took on, for lack of a better term, a velvet feel.  While this thing was humming away downstairs, I could feel the difference in my dream-state and each morning I'd wake up to one line revelations that encapsulated the essence of that night's adventures.

Still, I wasn't convinced and set out to build another one using my first PVC CB field generator as a base.

The mobius was built using insulated wire instead of magnet wire and was suspended in the mold using wooden popsicle sticks.  On the outside of the mold I taped a dozen rare earth magnets at the midway point to magnetically align the iron and made a single pour in five stages.  The mixture consisted of a dense slurry of black and red iron oxide in a ratio of 6:1 with a pinch of DA salt and a half gram of monoatomic gold.  At the half way point I let the mixture gel and added fourteen small DT crystals around the mobius perimeter, along with small brass particles and aluminum to keep a metal presence near the coil.  The final layer consisting of clear resin, trace amounts of iron oxide and powdered aluminum, and powdered selenite.  An amped 432Hz frequency was pumped through the mobius until the resin set.
All I can say is night and day!  This new and improved model is every bit as impressive as I wanted it to be.  The energy flow is obvious and you can feel the energy form around the ring maxing out over the top.  The center cone copper pipe extends past the base and contains a small orgone accumulator made up of three laminations of steel wool and electrical tape with a chunk of hematite and a SBB coil at the base to help direct the energy.  Embedding the accumulator in medium density orgonite completes it.

The reason orgonite is so much safer than an orgone accumulator is because orgonite will transmute DOR (dangerous orgone) into POR (life enhancing stuff), where an orgone accumulator will attract and concentrate all orgone energy, DOR as well as POR.  The reasoning behind installing a miniature orgone accumulator at the cone base is to attract POR like a sponge and transmute it as fast as it can, right out the pipe.  Since this device was designed to eliminate chemtrails and bring out some blue sky in Seattle, WA, an old school accumulator seems like the best way to pack the biggest punch in a smaller package.

Will it clear the Seattle skies?  I know during the few weeks I was working on this project the skies around here have never been bluer and the air quality has never been better.  Each day was nicer than the day before.  The day I unplugged and shipped this unit, the sky started to turn overcast and progressively shittier with each passing day, while it looks like the rain stopped in Seattle.

I wonder if I should make a unit for those guys in Washington?  I hear a hard rains a gonna fall.

On second thought, fuck em.