Saturday, December 31, 2016

I just got fired and I never felt better

It's the day after Christmas and I lost my job.  I'll admit, I spent a few minutes in a state of denial, but when the fog in my head cleared, I was good to go.  My head was reeling with thoughts but the most predominate was, I'M FREE.

Secondary and tertiary thoughts included the absolute cowardice of my manager, who I considered my friend, who had one of his assistants give me the bad news instead of delivering it himself.  And another assistant, who I worked with for a few years who I thought would at least give me a heads up on the situation, acted as a silent witness when the surprise axe fell.

If the situation was reversed, I would have stepped in and put in my two cents to defend my workmate.  I would have argued on behalf of the person chosen to be fired as an unsolicited litigator and fought for my workmate's job.  Ya see, it's always been my philosophy that you never mess with another man's job.  A bad habit I picked up as a union worker and union officer in past jobs.  But in retail, you're on your own because there is no union and the company has you by the short hairs and everyone is too afraid to lose their job.  So, my pseudo friends stood silent and idle as I got fired from a job of 14 years, by a guy who wasn't there a year.

And what was my crime, do you ask?  I gave a flashlight/stun-gun to a girl who worked there because she had to walk two miles home, after 11pm, through a bad neighborhood.  Nothing more than a Christmas present.  Well, Merry Christmas.  You're fired.

But I'm good.  For the first time in many years, I got not only the Christmas spirit but acknowledgement from the universe that all this was nothing but good.  Ya see, a few days ago I stood in the energy field of the Mofo field generator I built a few months ago, and made an intent for a better job that payed more and would give me more satisfaction.  I could never do that unless I was free from my present job, which I would never quit because of my work ethic.  It took an outside agency to force me out of that position to fulfill my desire and intent.

At this moment I'm in a total state of respect and awe of the power this field generator has.  It totally redirected my whole life from a simple intent.  And no one knows better than me...Ya call the tune, ya pay the piper.  I knew what I was getting into and I accept the fates.

My head is in a better place, now.  I can feel my IQ rising from the lack of stupidity I was accustomed to and the world is my oyster.  Anyone else in this position might be fostering revenge or ill will toward the participants who executed my economic demise but I refuse to foster such negative emotions.  Rather, I choose to wish that all involved get what they deserve and that everyone else get a better job.

Not to worry about me.  I have a backup plan to keep me in the monetary security to which I've been accustomed.  And quite honestly, this job was messin with my psyche and I'm glad to be done with it.  I'm free to work on other projects like making lick-her, field generators, orgonite and de-calcifying my third eye.

Send your condolences to my former employer and your good wishes to me.  I'm just getting warmed up.


Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Friday, December 09, 2016

Saturday, December 03, 2016

got skin?

It was my local pharmacist who said if I can manage to come up with a real poison ivy cure, we could both make a fortune. I had the antidote for poison ivy. I just needed all the trappings that go along with merchandising such a thing, like packaging, labeling, manufacture, distribution, funding, lab work, business plans, FDA approval, and all the red tape that goes hand in hand with modern American business.

I may be a tinker and experimenter but an administrator, I am not. After a while, my poison ivy cure became little more than free relief for family and friends, usually in a state of half scabbing, oozing pustules, with an itch severe enough to bring them to the brink of madness.

My work with frequencies and field generators took up most of my free time and my cure sat on the back burner to be revitalized when the time was right. Little did I know the right time was pretty damn soon.

When Tammy casually mentioned she had what looked like the beginning of psoriasis, it got me thinking of possible cures, and my poison ivy cure immediately came to mind. As I listened to her tell me about the rash on her neck, my mind went off on skin cure tangents. The cure is simple. Jewel weed extract and water in a 3:1 ratio to allow it to produce an aerate spray from a pump bottle. If I substitute colloidal silver for the water it would include an anti-bacterial element to promote healing and reduce the chance for infection. A touch of glycerin would act like a patch to keep the solution on the treated area. Out of the three components, glycerin is the only one with FDA approval, allowing me to list it as the active ingredient with the truly active ingredients listed as inactive to satisfy FDA requirements. I mixed up a small batch and Tammy is now conducting personal research on whatever skin irritations she has with substantial documentation through her course of treatment.

Yeah, I know… The government has their games and FDA is no exception. FDA will NOT approve any natural cure for anything, ever. Unless it can be created in a lab by big pharma with billions in research and payoff funds, no cure will hit the pharmacy shelf. Doubly so for a natural cure. The addition of glycerin will allow me to produce my cure because many years ago, FDA granted approval for it, and because of this irreversible approval rating, I can do what every other poison ivy relief vendor out there can do… Add an FDA approved substance as the active ingredient, even if it's totally useless.

Talk about totally useless. Have you ever perused the drug stores for what is sold for poison ivy relief? Almost all of them focus on the symptoms of poison ivy instead of the cause. Active ingredients listed are usually crap like alcohol, which burns like hell and does nothing but dry up a few emerging pustules, and camphor, which reduces the itching so you don't scratch. Each manufacturer has their own proprietary blend of FDA approved crap that does little more than give the illusion of reducing the symptoms while letting the problem run its course.

I get my jewel weed extract in bulk from a company who does their own reactivity tests, freeing me from the burden and cost of lab work to see if one out of a million people might react negatively from a substance. I produce my own colloidal silver in small batches using only pure water using reverse osmosis with 3PPM Himalayan salt with a consistent 38PPM nano particle colloidal silver. The colloidal silver alone can cure Ebola, according to government studies. Topical application of this type of colloidal silver acts as an antibacterial and antibiotic to reduce inflammation and infection and promote rapid healing.

All three ingredients have a proven, historical track record for healing a plethora of ailments. Jewel weed will stop the progression of poison ivy rash and reverse it faster and more complete than anything big pharma or nature can provide. Colloidal silver is backed by independent and government studies that conclude nothing nasty can survive in a colloidal silver solution. Glycerin is totally non-reactive and is available everywhere and has FDA approval. According to the FDA, only an FDA approved drug can be listed as an active ingredient, and since all three ingredients are listed as non-reactive, I can bypass the reactivity lab tests. It looks like I got FDA approval through the back door and I'll be producing and selling this stuff without worry about government intervention. So, up yours FDA.

If you care to recreate this formula, I'll give you all the information you need to make your own. But if you just want a bottle to try out before you invest a ton of cash, let me know and I'll send you something. This is just part of my research and development budget, which might set me back a few hundred dollars, compared to the 300 million the FDA said I would have to spend before they denied approval. (and we wonder why medical costs are so high)

This 300 million dollar figure FDA considers a reasonable price to pay to research a simple formula is stunningly mind blowing. On top of that, their arrogance in telling me straight out they will NEVER approve it no matter how much I spend is designed to discourage anyone from trying. $300,000,000 is a lot of money. That kind of money can buy a distribution center full of cutting edge lab equipment tended by an army of lab coated technicians with enough left over cash to buy an island in the Caribbean. I wonder if this 300 mil was a subtle suggestion as to the amount FDA would accept to change their minds? I'll bet dollars to donuts if I suggested a meeting between our respective lawyers to work something out, and if I actually had 300 million to spare, we might have the first natural cure approval by the FDA since 1974. Of course, FDA would insist on approving a natural cure ONLY if it was able to be synthesized in a lab, which no longer makes it a natural cure.

That seems to be the unmentioned FDA mission statement.

Any drug can get FDA approval as long as it can be synthesized in a laboratory and comes with enough money to influence our decision.

More money means faster approval and my pockets aint that deep. 

I hope to get this stuff on the market before the springtime poison ivy season.

On a lighter note and deeper tangent...

I'm comin.  I'm comin, though my head is hangin low.

I hear the gentle voices callin

old, black, Joe.

Friday, December 02, 2016

frontier phone company sucks

My internet went down two weeks ago and it took that long for the phone company to send someone out to fix it.  Intolerable, for sure, but this is the world we created and we have to live with it.

For the record, my internet/phone company is Frontier.  Let me say that again.  FRONTIER, the worst phone company in North America.

A few decades ago, if your electric or phone or internet went out you could expect the service to be corrected within hours, a day at the most.  Today, in our Jetson future society, we can expect a service call anywhere between 8 am and the moment of our death, with a service charge added to the monthly bill... with an appointment two weeks into the future.

When the phone guy finally did show up, I noticed he awkwardly used his cell phone to get the codes for the new modem.  Now, this is a phone company technician that came to restore the DSL internet service the phone company provides.  It's a land line.  That's all this company deals with.  Land lines and DSL service that goes through the land lines.  He's using a competitive service to service his company's customers.  I mean, this is like Pepsi on a Coke truck. 

I asked him why he's not using a laptop, or at least a tablet for this kind of work, and he said the company took all their laptops away at the beginning of the month to cut costs and want all the phone techs to use phones instead.  He also said the last job he was on took 5 hours and he could have done it in half that time if he had his lap top instead of this crappy phone that takes forever to type into because of the tiny virtual keypad that his technician fingers can't cleanly hit.

I couldn't fire into this guy about the two week wait, after a pitiful story like that.  If he was armed with a laptop and attitude I'd blast that sonofabitch for depriving me of internet service for two weeks just because he had a vacation coming, or some such shit.  But this guy was just like me... Working for a cheap company, run by bean counters who never worked in the field, dictating how things should be.

And being without internet for two weeks had me hot enough to take a tire iron to the phone guy... just as soon as he fixed my internet problem.  But I couldn't.  He was just like the rest of us that are still working.  Doing three times the work for the same pay because our respective companies use our work ethics against us, for no other reason but increasing their bottom line.  We're slaves to our respective systems and slaves don't kill slaves.  They got us by our collective, ideological balls.

That's why I made arrangements to switch the internet to cable and save $65 a month. 

Let's hope I don't have to switch to satellite for the same reason.