Saturday, August 31, 2019

i love america


CNN is constantly on every TV in every airport.  Everyone I know who gets their "news" from CNN has maxed out credit cards, stresses about everything, socializes with other CNN watchers, frequents liquor stores, and hates Trump.


Thursday, August 29, 2019

mechanical relationships

My friend asked me to fix his wife's computer.  I asked a few questions like, What's wrong with it?  What operating system does it have?  What does it do?  All I got was, I don't know.  It shows a blue screen and won't start.  All I know about her computer use is she's a gamer and her computer was built for gaming.  "Keep it as long as you like and put in what it needs," she said.  Ok then. 

First thing was opening the thing up and taking a leaf blower to it to get rid of the cobwebs and dust bunnies.  I hooked it up, pushed the button and it just sat there.  Good thing they don't need it right away, I thought.  I checked the bios and this thing was built in 2010.  Big gamer for it's day but sub-par for the stuff out there now. 

Long story short, I got a new hard drive for it and managed to get win 7 installed.  I couldn't get it to recognize any Linux ISO I introduced.  I was stuck trying to resurrect a windows machine with a clean install of win7.  I was hoping I wouldn't have to do this again.  I've been fighting with windows since win95 and thought I'd shake that bitch for good back in 2015 when I got into Linux.  I was starting to feel a bit scummy half way through the hour install and left the room at every opportunity to shower. 

I did all that was necessary like installing Firefox browser and Duckduckgo for the search engine and got an ad blocker.  The last thing I installed was Microsoft Essentials as the virus and adware extractor.  It's free and the only reason that is is because microsoft Internet Explorer is an adware/virus/malware magnet and designed that way so microsoft can sell you the solution to your virus problems.  It was microsoft's lawyers who suggested they give the program away for free to avoid lawsuits.

Linux doesn't have these problems.  Microsoft does and that's why you need firewalls and McAfee to surf.

Anyway... I had to set this computer next to my daily driver to use the monitor and internet while I was fixing it.  I got done and set the other computer on the floor and fired up my computer.  Only it didn't fire up.  It went only so far and shut down.  I tried for a half hour and she refused to fire up.  Time after time it would start and quit, start and quit.  I left the room.

When I came back I had a glass of vodka.  I sat down and had a talk with my computer.  "Don't think about that other computer.  I was just trying to fix it for a friend.  You're the one.  You're the only one.  That other machine is totally sub-par compared to you.  She'll be out of this house this weekend.  She's an ugly win7 basket case and can't compare to your freshly installed Linux Mint 9.1.  Come on, baby.  Start for me."

I hit the start button and she fired right up.  Remembered all my tabs and ran ten times faster than the previous comp on line.

It seems I have a better relationship with machines than I do with people.


Saturday, August 24, 2019

Friday, August 09, 2019

another pvc cb upgrade

It occurred to me that I could easily mount a bubble on the end of the PVC CB pipe with a concave mirror amplifying the signal back to the main dish.  Since the main dish points the signal to the secondary mirror, which reflects the signal back, the result will be a closed feedback loop of scalar energy that, theoretically, will progressively increase over time.

Making the concave mirror took a bit of time.  Gluing Mylar to the concave satellite dish surface surface wasn't enough.  You'll never get the wrinkles out.  I used 2" strips of adhesive Mylar, painstakingly applied, one by one, until the whole surface was covered.  In hindsight, I should have sanded the surface down to bare metal for a better quality reflection but this will do for this purpose.  Hey, it's my first try.  No one's an expert at first.

The next step is to turn the main dish into a concave mirror to maximize the feedback.  At this time, the frequency generator only powers the orgone field generator.  The bubble works on a different charging protocol that involves violet ray at 33Hz and inferred light but I included a method of injecting frequency through an eighth inch jack.  I'm considering splitting the signal from the frequency generator to charge both units.  Something more interesting might be connecting it to an earth battery, since the frequency generator is solar powered and only runs in daylight.  I kinda like that idea.  Not only will this unit be in constant charge mode but it lets Mother Earth in charge of dosage.

Ok, so what's this thing supposed to do?  I'm glad you asked.  The orgone field generator at the base is basically a roided out, succor punch, with a proven track record of manifesting intent into reality.  The top unit is a 4th generation, living entity, multi-dimensional, fully charged bubble designed to manifest quantum reality.  The combination of these two devices, in this formation, with facing parabolic mirrors, should exponentially increase the scalar energy to turn a simple thought into reality.   

When I installed the mofo a few days ago I made the intention to get some rain to Mongolia.  Yesterday Ulaanbaatar got a half inch of rain.  That's a big deal, considering the Gobi desert is just south of there.  Also, there isn't any place farther from here than Mongolia.  It stands to reason my feeble PVC CB pipe had nothing to do with sending anything to the other side of the Earth.  Aiming has nothing to do with it.  It was the magnified intent and a little scalar energy that does things.  If that's the case, may as well forget about aiming and just use the main dish as something to hold everything together.

I'm not done with this quite yet. 

I'm just getting warmed up.