Wednesday, September 28, 2016

a secret reviled

I give full credit to Jayna Reynolds for the following paragraphs.

Democrats are essentially divided into two groups based on intelligence (I.Q.) The low I.Q. group is very gullible and easy to manipulate. They believe lies without question. They are government workers or unemployed or have jobs due to preferential hiring because of race. These groups are pandered to by Democrat politicians. They are given promises that are never kept and they don't care because they're not smart enough to remember the promises. The other and smaller group is the high I.Q. These people are well aware to the promises that are actually lies, but they don't care. They are usually in position to gain financially by how the government moves money. The word is 'skim'. They skim or take some of the tax dollars that are distributed to various government programs. In essence it's legalized stealing. It's legal because they make deals with the Democratic leadership/law makers that provide loopholes in the law specifically for them. The Clintons are the quintessential corrupt politicians that use laws to steal. There are very few true middle class Democrats. In other words there are very few Democrats who actually build anything or produce anything. The major reason why this corrupt system works is because the Democrats control the mainstream media. Broadcast TV, motion pictures, radio, etc. This media is all propaganda and filled with lies and omissions and distortion of fact. Trump is appealing to the true workers and middle class. And he is the first American politician to use the internet to bypass the mainstream media and talk directly to the people. His message has reached you and others outside of America thanks to the internet. You are witnessing a dynamic change in American politics due to a major change in communication technology that has finally grown large enough to make a meaningful difference.

The Republicans are 'mock opposition' to the Democrats. Their function is commiserate with the workers and producers of America who are getting screwed by the Democrat's fiscal policies. They act as a pressure release valve that makes the workers think they have a voice. They don't. We've had essentially a one party system for many decades. Only the media creates the illusion of a two party system. This is the similarity in the parties you perceive and exactly why so many so-called Republicans are so-called 'never Trump' believers. Our politicians have been 'appointed' and not truly elected. We've been able to see clearly behind the curtain of this election fraud with Bernie's ripoff. This whole charade is being unraveled by Trump. The Democrats and those who control the Democrats from behind the scenes aren't going to let their cash cow go easily. This is why so many fear for Trump's life. History is chronicled with periodic assassinations of men who would be president and who dared to do the right thing for the people.

 I couldn't have said it better myself, although I tried.

1966 was a pivotal point in history that's worth looking at for some root answers.

Monday, September 12, 2016

weekend at hillary's

Whether I like it or not, I talk to lots of people throughout the day.  It's usually the typical bullshit, meaningless banter about weather and the economy but sooner or later I ask if they are a Hillary supporter.  More often then not I get dirty looks and tirades about Trump and how he's going to win by a landslide.  But every now and then I get to talk to some real, honest to goodness, low information voters who can't wait til November is over so they can get back to life without Hillary or Trump as the main topic and won't make up their minds until they step into the voting booth.  That's when I realized we should have a third political party.  The Stupid party, for all the American voters too stupid to vote for one of the two presidential candidates that will win.  We already have that in Gary Johnson and Jill Stein, but the stupid people are too stupid to realize it.  Maybe it's their single digit numbers that bother the stupid people and make them think if they vote for any of these losers their vote won't count.  Well, maybe they're not as stupid as they think they are.

Let's look at Gary Johnson.  He's running on the Libertarian ticket, has single digits in the poles, wants TPP, a carbon tax, gun control, thinks Hillary is a fine lady, wants open borders, and gets pissed off when you call undocumented workers as illegals.  Gary Johnson is no libertarian but he's a fuckin idiot.

Jill Stein, Green party.  What's she for?  She likes gun control and vaccinations, thinks Obamacare is a step toward single payer, wants to bring home the troops and disarm N. Korea, thinks the PATRIOT Act and N.D.A.A should be repealed.  Most importantly, she's a woman.  Vagina number 2 for the oval office with single digit numbers in the poles.  

Everyone on the planet knows Gary and Jill don't stand a chance.  They were put there to draw votes from the Bernie crowd and the undecided, uninformed, low information, low intelligence, television programmed sheep to give the illusion of choice while the Hillary people stuff the ballet boxes with votes from dead people and illegal (undocumented) immigrants so their electronic ballet manipulation won't look so obvious.

Look at it this way... When making wine, the fruit flies come from nowhere to feed and contaminate the fruit juice as it ferments.  Setting a small jar of vinegar and a few other ingredients near the ferment barrel will attract and capture the fruit flies and keep them away from your ferment.  Gary and Jill are the vinegar solution in this presidential race and stand the same chance as a pair of fruit fly traps in a winery producing choice wine.

Which leaves Hillary and Trump as the heavyweights in this contest. This looks more like A Weekend at Bernie’s than a race to the White House.