Friday, September 22, 2017

wine crystals

Back when we used to drink a lot of wine, the first thing we'd do after uncorking a bottle was look at the cork for crystals.  To us, that meant the wine was of a higher quality and worthy of our imbibing pleasures.  When we found crystals on the cork we'd always rinse the glasses before pouring and savor the nuances.  We were purists when it came to such things. 

For the past decade or so, the crowds I've been drinking with prefer their wine cold and sweet.  Something akin to Mogan David extra heavy Malaga wine on ice.  May as well buy Boons Farm, Night Train Express, or grape juice and vodka and save the good stuff for me.

I was clearing out bottles from my wine supply to make room for some good stuff.  I chose to ignore the syrupy, fruity, pear and blueberry flavored crap clogging up my wine rack and stick with the grape based stuff.  I figured I could distill that other stuff, if need be.

Last night, I uncorked a bottle of Ergo rioja and was pleasantly surprised to find the nicest cork crystals I've ever seen.

These tartrate crystals are formed when a method called cold stabilization is performed on a wine. Cold stabilization is often done in white wines to remove excess potassium bitartrate, a natural substance found in grapes also known as "cream of tartar."  White grapes contain fairly large amounts of potassium bitartrate. If most of it is not removed, the wine will form crystals when placed in the refrigerator. These tartrate crystals will either cling to the underside of the cork, if the bottle is on its side, or fall to the bottom of the bottle, if it's standing up, where they appear to be ground glass to the uneducated eye.

To remove excess potassium bitartrate before bottling, the wine is placed in a stainless steel tank and its temperature dropped to about 30 degrees F. The wine is held at that temperature for a period of approximately 2-3 weeks. Excess potassium bitartrate will then crystallize and drop to the bottom of the tank where it is removed either by filtration or by pumping the wine out of the tank until the hose is just above the bottom where the crystals have formed. The "cold stabilized" wine is then bottled. Some wineries prefer to skip this step, feeling that the process detracts from the wine's flavor and nuance. Having the tartaric crystals appear in the wine means nothing more than it was not cold treated and, thus, may be of higher quality.

I find it interesting that the best quality wine was disliked the most by everyone who much preferred the cheap chardonnay with an ice cube.  Everyone but me, that is.  I loved it.

I'll have to keep this brand in mind when I restock.


Wednesday, September 13, 2017


I'm in the process of de-googleizing myself for my own piece of mind.  With the plethora of search engines and browsers available, it's lazy insanity to continue using Firefox and Google as my only choices, especially in light of the Orwellian methods these companies use to track my every internet movement.  In case you're interested, I'm using Pale Moon for my browser and anything but Google for my search engine.  

A simple search for "socks" on Amazon, for example, could get you tons of sock ads on every page you go to, including your mailbox.  On the surface it looks like Google is going out of their way to assist you in finding exactly what you're looking for.  The reality is, YOU ARE THE PRODUCT.  You can use ad blocker to get rid of the ads but that only makes you less aware, like not seeing the stalker following you home.

Listen to Black Pigeon Speaks.  This guy knows what he's talking about.   

Monday, September 11, 2017

fighting irma

When I saw Irma had begun to quickly dissipate after trashing Florida, I wondered how many other people were training their cloudbusters, sky cleaners, and radionic devices on this storm in order to neutralize it.  I can name three in Florida alone. 

As I mentioned earlier, Florida is designed to handle weather like this but states farther north aren't.  My intention was to disintegrate Irma before she turned the eastern seaboard into Houston.

I figured a little extra might be needed so I set the PVC CB to south south-west.  This was around noon.  By 6 pm I saw some interesting changes to the rain mass as it headed north.

The screenshot to the left shows what's left of Irma as it approaches Pennsylvania.  Note how the storm seems to go around Harrisburg as it heads north east.

I've seen this pattern before when hurricane Sandy stopped by for a visit and did an end run around this area and hit NYC.
That valley in the storm is in a direct line where my PVC CB is pointed from my Poconos perch.  I expect we won't get any more than a gentle rain, if anything at all.
Coincidence?  If it happened once or twice I might agree but this sort of interference happens every time I fire up the PVC CB.  I think that kind of average goes along with repeating the experiment with positive conclusions. 

Just like Sandy, Harvey, and Katrina, Irma was a man made storm.  The US government has hundreds of patents on controlling the weather, not to make life more pleasant but to weaponize the weather to lay waste to areas on the globe that annoy the powers that be, using plausible deniability as their defense.    

What makes you think the government can't or won't control the weather just to mix things up a bit?  I do and I don't know near as much as those guys.  Only I won't flatten a state just for shits and grins.

Tuesday, September 05, 2017

orgonite irma

Looks like Irma just got to cat 5 stage and it's going to make a mess out of things.  Hitting Florida is no big deal.  It's like Florida is designed for hurricanes but farther north, it isn't.  All those mountains funnel the rain into the valleys where towns are located, magnifying the destruction.  New York City and New Jersey... That's a different scenario altogether.  Remember Sandy?  This one coming is way lots bigger.

That's why I thought it would be a good idea to fire up the mofo and see if a good intention could steer Irma away from populated areas.

 Inside the mofo is a modified orgone accumulator cone with a 3" double terminated citrine crystal in the pipe.  The pyramid is made of copper rods a half sacred cubit in length with a tensor generator in the PVC, toped with a half sacred cubit tensor ring.  The frequency is set at 432Hz., square wave.

No amplification on this device but it's still putting out a nice energy.  We'll see how it goes and switch frequencies to 8Hz if I don't see anything dramatic in the next few days.

The intent is for Irma to go back to where it came from and fizzle out.

I'll be keeping an eye on this one.   

Monday, August 28, 2017

the wine with no name

I just wanted to make a basic table wine.  Nothing fancy.  Just a low key red wine made from the cheapest ingredients I could acquire.  I found what I needed at the supermarket in the frozen concentrated grape juice section at a cost of five cans for four dollars.  Eight dollars got me enough juice to ferment six gallons of wine and two bucks more got me the EC-1118 yeast.

I added a couple lbs of sugar to get things going which brings the initial cost up to a whopping 14 bucks for two cases of wine.  Not bad.

To my way of thinking, if this stuff turns out to be crap I'll just run it through the still for some cheap brandy.  Two cases of wine or a gallon and a half of brandy is all the same to me.  I changed my attitude when I tasted the finished product. 

I wanted to make something with relatively low alcohol that didn't require distilling or a huge amount of work.  Not being much of a beer drinker and hard liquor was beginning to lose its luster, my appetites were becoming increasingly whetted with thoughts of drinking regional Italian wines on the shores of Lake Garda.  I wanted wine made by generations of indigenous Italian winemakers who take pride in producing the best wines, with no intentions to export.  You know... the stuff you'll never find in a liquor store because they keep it for themselves.

Ordinarily, making wine from frozen concentrated grape juice would produce something that tastes like Welch's grape juice with a little vodka.  To avoid this, I added some heavy toast Hungarian oak for a month after it stopped fermenting.  That made all the difference.  It actually tastes like it was aging in an oak barrel for a few years, completely eliminating that disgusting kids drink flavor and imparting some rather complex flavor notes.     

Much to my surprise, everyone who tasted this wine loved it.  Even the die hard beer drinkers who won't drink anything but their brand of beer, no matter how free it is, quaffed tumblers of this stuff. 

I have to admit, for a no name wine that I never considered worthy of a seal or label, I found myself wanting to give this wine some kind of identification.

Ok, so I gave it a label but I refused to include any pictures, illustrations, or pastels to indicate anything more than what it is and what I intended it to be.  A simple no name wine.

Ya like it?    


Monday, August 21, 2017

solar eclipse orgonite

A solar eclipse is believed to unleash demons.  I thought it would be a nice thing to build a device to repel such an apocalyptic invasion.  Witness the act of creation.  

Friday, August 11, 2017

Saturday, August 05, 2017

Friday, August 04, 2017

kombucha scoby

I don't know how much you know about kombucha tea but I'll bet it's as much as I knew about it last month.  Before that, I thought it was something that had to do with a mushroom.  I was just as wrong about kombucha then as I am about most things now and I'm proud to tell you I made my first batch of kombucha tea.

From the first taste, I was hooked.  Doubly so when I learned how good this was for you.  I had to make it.

Long story short.  I made it.  If you want the details, just ask.  I won't bore you with details and pictures of the various stages, like I was showing you pictures of my kids cutting their first teeth.

Oh, what the hell.  I'll show you a pic of my first SCOBY.  It;s hard to believe you can get such wonderful kombucha from such an alien looking thing.

Thursday, August 03, 2017

Monday, July 31, 2017

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Sunday, July 23, 2017

a new column

I've been collecting parts for a new still column for a while.  Most parts came from my box of copper scraps but it was the 3/4" union, NPT adapter, and thermometer that I needed to turn my spare parts into what you see on the left.

The plan called for a 2" by 12" column pipe but I saw no need to keep a 4 inch piece of 2" copper pipe in my scrap box so it's a little taller than planed.  The 12" was just a guideline, anyway.  The important part is the 3/4" union that allows adjustment of the lyne arm coming from the column.  With this design I can include an eight foot horizontal lyne arm going to the condenser, or a vertical connection to the thumper, like the one pictured.  The angle of the lyne arm is crucial for flavor.  Horizontal will give you higher proof and less flavor, vertical will give more flavor and less proof.  Most rigs on the market have the lyne arm at a 45 degree angle for the best of both worlds.  This system is fully adjustable and for this application I chose vertical to include the thumper for maximum effect.

The addition of a thermometer is a luxury and a much needed tool.  In my previous setup I had to guess what the column temperature was by the sound of the marbles in the kettle.  Now I know the marbles start making noise around 105 degrees.  Since different alcohols vaporize at different temps, a thermometer comes in handy for making the cuts.  I should have a thermometer on the thumper, as well, to regulate the final product.  All in good time.

Before this run, I distilled a few gallons of water as a trial run and to clean out the pipes, I managed to bring down the total dissolved solids of the well water from 37 to 2.  Not bad.  Even better, it showed the system is tight and leak-proof and ready for anything.

I ran a rum wash to compare to previous runs, to see if any of these improvements would make any difference.  In my humble opinion, they sure as hell did.  After the first 150ml, which I tossed, the first jar came out 156 proof with a distinct molasses flavor.  Ordinarily, I would set this jar aside because of high alcohol and lack of flavor.  In this case, the flavor came through, as did the rest of the run.  As the temp rose close to 210F and the proof slowly dropped, I stopped collecting the good stuff at 110 proof and saved the last bit for recycling.  I managed to get a gallon of the tastiest 136 proof rum I ever made.  All it needs now is proofing it to 80 and whatever flavor I desire.

Analysis:  The shorter column hight and vertical drop to the thumper reduced any reflux that a taller column would produce, trading off proof for flavor.

The thumper acted as a secondary distill, eliminating potential off flavors and maintaining a consistent run.

The thermometer placed at the top of the column allowed me to maintain a consistent 195 - 200 degrees for the outgoing vapor.  Since ethanol vaporizes at 174 degrees, keeping it hotter carried more impurities in the form of flavor.

Once the temp reached 205 I detected a faint smell of tails, indicating I was reaching the end of the run.  The accuracy was spot on and the only unusable stuff was the very last jar that developed a slightly opaque look, indicating the presence of water and fusals.  This will go in the thumper on the next run.  A few gallons of dunder left in the boiler will be added to the next rum wash to improve flavor.

Now that the rum is out of the way, I can run that barley corn mash I've been sitting on.

I'll keep ya posted.




Friday, July 21, 2017

Thursday, July 13, 2017

staff update

After working with the orgone staff for a few days, I kept thinking how I can prove this unit works.  Granted, the staff has to acclimate itself to me and the Earth but I thought three days was enough so I went on the back porch and tried a few things.

In the dim light of the back porch, I held the top orb of the staff to the dark ceiling with the bottom tip grounded, as I stared at the orb in a meditative state.

I trained my eyes on the staff orb and saw what I thought was hundreds of gnats in the background, followed by wisps of what looked like smoke oozing from the orb in all directions.  There was also this discharge from between the paracord wrap, about one inch below the base of the orb.  This was the exact place on the staff where a crystal was inserted.  According to all data I have on shapes in relation to energy discharge from orgonite, an orgone orb emits energy omni-directional and what I saw proves it.

A little background.  Back at the farm, I would meditate as I looked out over the meadow and focused on a spot in the woods. When I reached "the state" I could see a mist over the meadow, drifting left, toward the pond.  I could feel a breeze drifting to the right, away from the pond, as this was happening.  Whatever I was seeing wasn't obeying the laws of physics.  It was drifting against the wind like it wasn't there.  I taught this technique to a half dozen people who saw the same thing.  Being skeptical, I viewed this meadow from several different locations and all of them showed this invisible mist drifting against the breeze. 

There's a reality that runs parallel to this that doesn't obey the laws of physics.  You can see it if you train your eyes to see it.  I saw this mist enveloping the staff orb on July 10th, no matter how much I told myself it was more illusion than reality.

What I want to know is, what's the relationship between the meadow and the staff?



Monday, July 10, 2017

mobius coil wand

Not satisfied with the orgone mini-wand, I set out to build something a little more traditional looking but as effective as I could get, without going too organic.  What I came up with is the amethyst wand you see to your left.  The half inch copper pipe is stuffed with nine amethyst crystals in a simple matrix of resin, brass dust, and lots of catalyst to set up fast.  The end has a copper 3/4"x1/2" reducer to accommodate the larger amethyst crystal and smaller DT quarts crystal.

After building this unit, I noticed the balance was all wrong and needed something like a pommel to center the balance of gravity.  I suppose it would've been too easy to fill a capped, larger pipe with resin and shove in the back end.  Fact is, the thought never entered my head until now.  In hindsight, that would have been the preferred method I should have taken.  As we all know, hindsight is always 20/20.

Instead of simplicity, I was pre-occupied with graduated copper cylinders that fit inside each other, ala Joe Cell.  I had all the parts in raw form.  It was just a matter of putting it all together.  I found there was just enough room around each pipe to accommodate a single wrap mobius coil from a strand of cat 5 wire.  If I wrapped a coil around the end of the wand and another around a 3/4" copper pipe, I could fit one over the other and a 1" copper pipe over that.  The result would be three copper pipes inside each other separated by insulated copper mobius cable in a zero point energy fashion, similar to a Joe Cell.

Oh Hell yeah!  That was so much easier than filling a tube with resin... NOT.  Let me tell you, it was a giant pain in my ass to build this thing.  It's not just fitting mobius cabled tubes inside each other.  There's connecting the wires that make it work.  Somehow, I had to complete the Joe Cell circuit by connecting the two mobius coils and the inner and outer pipes to the mobius leads to complete the circuit.  The mass is too great to use a soldering iron and a torch will incinerate the insulation on the wire.  Soldering the two coil wires together was easy but copper pipes are just heat sinks.  It seems aluminum tape is conductive, so I made a conductive ribbon to make an electrical contact with aluminum tape to secure it without heat.  Pure genius! 

The only place to ground the 1" tube was the cap.  I hot glued a heddeka on the end to cover the aluminum tape.  Not really happy with it, I might swap it out for a suitable stone to complete the pommel.

How does it work?  This is all theory but the coils and tubes at the end are a reasonably closed circuit, meaning there is no direct connection between the first and third tubes but the gap allows a zero point jump, accelerated by the coils.  It's the same principle I use on the PVC CB where there's a gap between cone and pipe.  Or, in automotive terms, the gap on a spark plug that makes it fire.  The separation of the tubes, with the mobius cable as insulation, makes it happen.  This pommel stimulates the rest of the wand, packed with metal, resin, and crystals, to a higher degree than just the wand alone. 

It certainly improved the performance of this wand.  Without the pommel, you could feel a slight something.  More than orgonite and less than a field generator.  The complete unit, by comparison, is night and day.  I can feel the tingle a good five inches from the crystal.  For me, that's damn good for a passive device.  There doesn't seem to be any energy discharge other than the crystal on the end, making this unit perfectly directional.  The discharge all comes thorough the end crystal.  You point it and it works.  A tool like this would be excellent to organize an aura.  It's uses may be limited to what the amethyst is capable of.  Among other things, amethyst protects it's owner from drunkenness.  It also brings forth the highest aspirations of human kind, so I guess it's not all bad.

The world is full of different stones and crystals.  Pick one you resonate with for the purpose you want.  Maybe an all purpose wand with detachable ends could be an option.

As far as the feel... There's some weight to it but not too much.  Perfectly balanced and with a paracord wrap it feels real good in my hand.  I might make a few more of these, if the spirit moves me.  The length is exactly elbow to fingertip, proper dimensions for a traditional wand.  This won't make you fly but it could let you soar.

I'll keep ya posted on this one.


Saturday, July 08, 2017

staff building 3, 6, 9

Unlike most of the sites out there, showing a stick with some crystals jammed in the cracks, there are a few people out there that take pride in what they do.  I am one of those people.

I started this project because my neighbor had a staff and, after some coaxing on my part, demonstrated what a staff was and how to use it.  I now understood the whole Gandolf thing and decided to build my own staff.

We took off first thing in the morning to Fire Tower Road to look for a suitable piece of oak to turn into a staff.  What I got was a rather large piece of maple.  Close but no cigar.  Later in the day we went to a local park, where I found a standing dead piece of hawthorn that caught my eye.  This turned out to be the one.

Let me tell you a little about hawthorn.  It's a craggy tree that doesn't give up easily.  It's tough and it's main use was axles in wagons.  Standing dead, this tree wasn't giving up without a fight.  By the time I got it in the car it had sustained multiple splits but still held it's shape.  If this was oak I would've left it on the trail but being hawthorn gave it dispensation worthy of attention.

I had an idea what I wanted but felt compelled to let the wood speak to me.  I cut off the splintered ends and bark and allowed this piece of wood to take shape.  I fitted a copper ring in the base to keep it from splitting and to provide a good ground.  I filled the ring with resin and a double terminated quartz crystal.  I used shellac as an outside cover to protect it and add an extra layer of organic material.  I inserted another DT crystal in the top with an orgone orb I made years ago as a dispersing unit for my first field generator.  This was held in place by a tensor ring, 1/4 cubit, with three copper wires to secure it.  I used paracord to finish it off.

The result is a staff with an orb at the top with more hidden goodies inside to make it functional, more than a prop.  The grounding of the staff while holding it turns it into a personal spiritual battery that you can use for expression when needed.  Like a battery, it takes time to charge, to acclimate itself to you.  In the short time I worked with this staff, I could feel the energy increase.  I calculate it will be three days before I conduct my first test of this unit.

Let's recap.  I conceived the idea and secured the wood on July 4, 2017.  Using numerology, that date is reduced to 3.  I built it three days later, 6.  I plan to implement it on July 10, 2017.  That's 9.  3,6,9.

Ya think Tesla knew something we didn't?


Thursday, July 06, 2017

orgone mini-wand

The inspiration came to me to make a small power device.  I wouldn't call it a wand but it's a rather powerful device, just the same.

The construction is simple... A 5" copper pipe with a citrine in one end and a quartz in the other.  The inside has two SP crystals pointing out, sand, key dust, and resin.  That's it.  Almost too basic to work.

Later that night, we got to playing with this cylinder with different combinations of pyramids, tensor generators, and crystals.  Some worked better than others but none of these combinations impressed me.  Even wrapping it in a mobius coil and feeding it frequency left me flat.  I got better results from the simple orgonite I made, so I treated it like a piece of orgonite and put it under my bed to see if it would affect my dreams.

That night was the best sleep I've had in months and I woke the next morning fully awake at 5am with thoughts of a new pipe design that included lapis in the center.  For three nights I slept with this pipe under the bed giving me the most outrageous orgone enhanced dreams about aliens and men in black and endlessly discussing something that would repeat a hundred times a night.  My deep REM sleep was starting to get exhausting from all the night time activity.  I removed the cylinder before bed last night and my sleep returned to normal.  At least I know this thing has some wicked, hidden power behind it.

I keep going back to that first time and the idea for a larger one with lapis.  Maybe this unit is just a primer for the wand I haven't made yet.  If this small pipe has such dramatic effects, what do you suppose a larger one with five times the volume would do?

I'll keep ya posted.     

Thursday, June 22, 2017

naturharmoniestation part 2

Well, hells bells, that was easy.
When I modified the PCV CB to fit a 4" stovepipe, I totally forgot I left all the hardware for the original 2" exhaust pipe in the PVC housing.  No major surgery needed.  It was just a matter of swapping pipes and adding a PVC cap to accommodate the NHS pipe.

Looks like a shotgun with a big ass silencer.

Hopefully, it's more than just good looks.  The field generator base might add some balls to the passive orgone accumulator NHS pipe, making it better than before.  Or not.  I added this modification when the weather was picture perfect.  How can you improve on perfect?  Um... how bout continued perfect weather?  We're supposed to have a dry day for the 22nd and rain for the 23rd.  I'll let it go for a few days to see if there's any demonstrable changes.  Either way, I'll end up setting this unit in a grounded bucket of water, the way it was designed, and note the observations.

About this setup...  The NHS pipe terminates about six inches from the base of the PVC pipe by nesting in a pipe connector in a ring of medium density orgonite.  The field generator at the base is connected to a solar powered frequency generator set at 14Hz.  I removed the three foot, insulated orgonite stuffed copper pipe, used as a central core, to fit the new pipe.  Without it, there's nothing in the center of the ring generator to resonate with, and this thing has little chance to take off properly.
I forgot to put the core back in, ok?  We all make mistakes but the beauty of this design is any mistake can be easily corrected.  Any part on this device can be swapped out easily and even a complete breakdown and rebuild can be performed in a matter of minutes.  Also, any off-the-wall modification can be installed just as quickly.

One such modification, that comes to mind, is the addition of a water core, housed in the PVC base and connected to ground.  This can satisfy the NHS pipe requirements as well as provide a neutral core for the field generator to resonate with.  Three inch PVC pipe should do nicely for this mod.

I'll keep ya posted.  

Wednesday, June 21, 2017


The Naturharmoniestation, or NHS, is a device built by a company in Germany that claims it will clear electro-smog and chemtrails from the air in a radius of 14km and an altitude as high as 17km. That means it would take three of these units to clean the air in lower Manhattan. You know I had to try and build one.
The video is in German without subtitles, but the materials and methods were fairly easy to understand.  It's basically an orgone accumulator wrapped around a pipe using layers of felt and steel wool with heavy paper as a layering medium.  An orgone accumulator functions through layers of steel wool and an organic material in separate layers.  Separation of the layers is critical and even a single steel wool hair making contact with another layer can short the system and drastically reduce it's effectiveness.  By folding the steel wool and organic material in an envelope of heavy paper and wrapping it around the pipe eliminates that risk entirely.  Multiple wrappings in construction grade plastic produces a very effective three layer orgone accumulator that looks like the resonator on a car, and just as weatherproof.

The NHS website will sell you a unit, just like the pic, for about $550.  That got my attention!  I'll bet I could build one just as good for a fraction of that cost.  An online search got me all the parts I needed for less than fifty bucks but building the damn thing was a different story.  Unless you have a helper or two and a large working area, this project could get the better of you.  If you choose to do it outside, in the wind, pray you have the patience and eye-hand coordination to successfully put it together. 

I managed to build this one solo but there were times during this project I nearly lost my shit.  Building that IKEA home work station/gym is falling off a log simple, by comparison.  Working with steel wool, cutting felt to fit, and measuring and cutting paper envelopes in the wind made me wish I had three arms.  The first layer took an hour to assemble and 45min into it I was ready to throw the whole thing in the ditch. 

There's a layer of paper over the pipe, followed by felt, then a layer of steel wool, both wrapped in an envelope of brown paper exactly 60cm wide.  This is then tied up like a salami before the next set of layers.  There's three sets of layers making this a three frequency orgone accumulator.

I had to take a few liberties with the design.  Finding 2" shrink tube can only be found online and the steel pipe has a tendency to rust.  Packing tape will have to do to seal it, for now, and a coat of shellac on the exposed metal parts should retard oxidation.  This thing is designed to stand in grounded water, exposed to the elements for an extended period of time and I want this unit to last.  Since this unit is closely associated with water, I included a triskelion on the pipe before the first layer.

The method NHS uses to activate these pipes is mounted to a grounded bucket of water, which I intend to do, but I can't help wondering how this device would react with a cranked up field generator at it's base.  Like maybe as the pipe on the PVC CB or with a submerged field generator in the bucket of grounded water. 

I'll keep ya posted.



Tuesday, June 13, 2017

structured rum

I've been sitting on this rum wash for a few months and finally decided to run it.  Not so much because I needed rum or because I wanted to try out a new column but more like I wanted the fast fermenter for other projects and this stuff had to be dealt with.  Procrastination is one thing but sloth is a whole nuther level of ugly inefficiency and I ran out of excuses for not doing the distill.  That, and I wanted more rum to play with.

I'm glad I did because it turned out to be the best rum I ever made, demoting Captain Morgan to cabin boy.

I ran this batch in the usual way with a short column and thumper.  Past experience told me after the first 100ml, that I threw out, came a pint of high potency stuff with little flavor, which I set aside.  I used a gallon jar for collecting the hearts with close monitoring after the third quart.  When the tails started to make it's ugly appearance, I collected that in a separate jar, effectively segregating it from the primo stuff.  The result was short of a gallon of 150 proof rum with a clean taste and smell that's perfect for working with.

I started with a half pint and reduced the proof to 80 with reverse osmosis, magnetized vortex, structured water.  I tried samples using just the reverse osmosis water as well as well water and the difference was clear.  Where the spring water and reverse osmosis water gave the rum a decent taste, it was the structured water that gave the rum a clean, refreshing flavor without a bit of harshness.  The spring water has a total dissolved solids of 38 but the other two are chemically identical.  There should be no difference between the structured water and the unstructured... but there is.

The naturalist Viktor Schauberger called water a living organism, insisting that in its various forms, as blood, sap or biological water, it is the basis of all life.
In order to maintain its quality, water needs to behave like it does in a natural stream, dancing and cavorting in spirals and vortices, or in the ground, constantly moving sinuously in capillaries or circulating within its storage chambers. In a youthful stream, water is most active, producing vortices down the stream length, which act like the river’s immune system.

The system I used for making the structured water is similar to the vortices below the surface of any stream or river.  The only difference is the placement of four rare earth magnets where the vortex reaches the narrowest point.  I can only assume the pure, dead water structured in this way turns it into what the old moonshiners called branch water, natural stream water from the boonies, where they used to set up their operations.  I read somewhere that moonshiners insisted on branch water over any other water, including the stuff from a well, no matter how clean it was.  They knew it was the difference between so so corn liker and the real good stuff you save for company.  Now I know why.

Not terribly satisfied with making only real good rum, I decided to try some flavor to fill in the gap and make something truly dynamic.
I added orange and lime zest to a pint of rum and let it sit for a couple days and then added some almond extract.  Holy crap!  This shit is damn good but it's missing something I couldn't quite put my finger on.

As I sat on the patio in a state of rum contemplation, the Sound of Music ran through my memory banks in the form of "A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down."  That's it!  I put a teaspoon of white sugar in my mason jar of spiced rum and shook it til it dissolved and took a taste.  This is it!  A perfect balance of flavor on a pallet of deliciousness.  The orange and lime merged beautifully with the almond that complemented the delicate rum background with just enough sweet to bring it all together.

That night my neighbor came by to visit and the two of us drained a fifth, neat, one small glass at a time.  No shot shooting, no mixing with Coke.  Just sipping with the conversation revolving around how wonderful this stuff is.

To be sure, I'll be repeating this experiment in future distillations.  Do you think structured water will have a positive effect on plants or coffee?  I intend to find out.    

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Wednesday, June 07, 2017

some more orgone stuff

What you see to the left is part of a larger unit I'm putting together.  This is only the beginning stages and the whole project is far from total conceptualization.  What the finished project will look like is anybody's guess and what it's supposed to do is just as vague but the parts are small and easy to make, which means I can mix and pour something on my way through the garage to check on the wine I have on it's second ferment.

The bottom orb is the one I made a few weeks ago followed by two smaller orbs of a lessor density than the first.  The three smaller units are six halves from left over resin, three medium density and three high density.  The close proximity of medium and high density puts out an energy field even I can feel, which made a natural choice to mount them on top.  The whole thing is held in place with copper pipe to satisfy the principal of metal on the inside.  When the time comes I'll complete it with organic material on the outside to satisfy the other half of that rule.
This has been running on 7.83Hz since I made the first orb.   

I still have to play with the order to find out what combination works best.  At this point, there's a gentle buzz flowing through the top.  I know I can do better but like I say, it's not even a concept yet.  The thought occurred to me that I might be able to boost that ring generator by pre-forming some medium to low density tiles to fit the perimeter.  That would be quick, easy, and painless.  At this stage I can't say if I'll be using this ring or opt for something completely different.  My money's on something completely different.    

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

after the rum

As promised, I ran the rum and although it came out pretty good, I'm just a little more impressed with the way these greens are coming up.

Believe it or not, I've been harvesting from this system for weeks and it just keeps on growing.  Compared to the lettuce in a pot that I used as a control, these things dwarf them by 100%  I had no choice but to put the control group in the garden to share company with the ordinary plants.  I think it's time I plucked the big ones and start some new seedlings.  Hell, the season just started and I'm just now getting up to speed. 

One thing I noticed in one of the raised beds was the Jerusalem artichokes.  Bugs don't bother them, rabbits don't nibble them, and weather changes don't effect them in the least.  They just keep growing and they do it better than any other cultivated plant.  Probably because Jerusalem artichokes are used to growing in roadside ditches and places full of other weeds and really crappy soil.  Give them a decent environment and they thrive better than any "cultivated" flora.  They're weeds but they're damn tasty weeds and you can't find them in the supermarkets.  Only roadside ditches and my raised bed.   When was the last time you saw weeds with a bug problem?  They seem to repel bugs and rodents as nature's way to keep the species going.  I wish someone would teach this trick to eggplant.

Monday, May 29, 2017

hydroponic update

Update on the bucket plant.

It's been nine days since I took the first pic of the hydroponic tomato plant and it looks like we got some growth going on.

This unit is so self contained I don't have to do anything outside of look at it once a day.  Even the water is at acceptable levels.  Root growth is impressive but not excessive, which tells me the nutrient solution is perfect for this plant.  The growth has doubled since I set this up and I'm already developing blossoms.  Compared to the tomato plants I see in neighborhood gardens, this one has them beat by a few weeks.  Granted, it's been a chilly May and garden soil isn't as warm as it should be but this bucket has been outside with an ambient water temperature equivalent to the garden soil where other plants are growing at a somewhat slower pace.  I guess they're doing fine but not phenomenal, and phenomenal is what I expect from my vegetative, earth-bound friends.

The same rate of growth holds true for the PVC hydroponic system.  I've already replaced one third of the plants that were growing out of control with seedlings that quickly adapted to the new environment.  I guess plants like a lot of water.  Go figure.

All this positive reinforcement is getting me to think of building something a little bigger, maybe sixteen feet of PVC with 2" cups for the plants.  Everything else will be the same as the first PVC system.  With a little engineering I can make it fit in a 2' by 4' space that can hold 30 plants or more.

I spent enough on this for one day.  It's time to make some rum.              

Thursday, May 25, 2017

it's not all bad

For many people, politics is a sport where you root for your team to win.  Democrats and Republicans are like Army and Navy football teams.  Cheer for your side and gloat when your team wins or take a spanking from the winning opposition for a year.
This last presidential election was a bit different.  Trump won and the Trump haters can't stand it and the cry babies have been bitching since November, calling for an impeachment that will never happen.

Trump ran on the foundation of draining the swamp.  In other words, destroying the established status quo that's been screwing this country and the world for 50 years.  I mean, isn't that what we all want?  Or do we want business as usual?  Make up your minds.  Police state or freedom?  The same old same old or something better?

I'm beginning to think I may be on the wrong side.  If everyone hates Trump, who am I to disagree?  Maybe the left is right or the right is left.  What part of the picture am I missing?  Maybe importing lots of Muslims is a good thing.  Maybe Sharia law is the way to go.  Maybe an open door policy for all nations is the best way for the world to come together as one nation under one flag.  As westerners, we really don't know much about Islamic culture.  Maybe Islam IS better.

I mean, check it out.  You're a guy walking down the street and you get a little horny.  Just grab a female and rape her.  You can do that and have the right because women are less than equal to men.  Her testimony won't count in court and as an Islamic guy the law will always side with you.  Your wife or girlfriend gets out of line, slap her around a bit and make her blow you.  It's cool.  You can do that if she disrespects you.  If she gets totally out of line, like not wearing a bag over her head like you order her to, you can honor kill her and replace her.  You can also have multiple wives so things never get boring.  Your wives know they're expendable so you can count on them to submit whenever you want.  Send them all to work in head to toe black polyester while you stay home and rape Christian virgins with your friends.  Infidel Christians aren't even human and have less rights than a dog.  Once Sharia is the law of the land, you can blame it on a sexual emergency and report the Christan women as infidels if they cause trouble.  The courts will even let you have conjugal visits while they languish in prison, whether they like it or not.

I'm tellin ya, this Sharia stuff is made for us guys and it will keep women obedient and submissive, like they're supposed to be.  I say, BRING IT ON!

The only problem is Trump wants to build a wall and stop Muslims from coming here to add diversity to our culture and prevent women from covering themselves with polyester to keep them from getting raped.  Polyester protects women's rights.

Write your congressman and tell him you want Sharia law and the religion of peace to show us the way.



Saturday, May 20, 2017

hydroponic observations

I've come to realize no matter how well something can grow in soil, it can grow much better in a hydroponic solution.

If that's true, why do people still garden in soil?  Probably for the same reason I still have raised garden beds.  Soil is still the only acceptable medium for growing fruits and vegetables, at this time.  Industry is geared up for soil gardening with cultivators, hoes, hoses, fertilizers, pesticides, and bagged soil of every kind, creating sub-industries that rely on the warmer months to keep their businesses going.  The cost to convert hundreds of acres of farmland to greenhouses is out of the reach for the small family farms and the giant corporate farms are run by ADM, Monsanto, and a few other corporations, heavily invested in GMOs and chemical farming, who aren't about to cut their own economic throats.

Not so in other parts of the world.  Ontario, Canada has massive greenhouses a mile long that can grow anything, year round, with climate controlled efficiency.  Sure, it costs millions to build one of these greenhouses but they pay for themselves in a few years.  After that, it's all net.  And they do it hydroponically.

Compare that system to earth farming that requires a million dollars worth of farming equipment before you break soil.  Not to mention dealing with Monsanto as a business partner, intensive labor, irrigation, storage, weather concerns, equipment malfunctions, and the risk that your whole crop could go bust.  Any soil agribusiness could lose it all without a hedge fund to counter potential losses, further reducing profits.  Not to mention, all that GMO food laced with glyphosate costs more, has little to no food value, and will keep you sick for the rest of your life.

In my limited experiments with hydroponics I learned a few things that could radically increase my bottom line, if I was in the food producing business.

This hydroponic system has been running a little more than a month and I began harvesting greens within a couple weeks of planting.  No weeds, insects, or rabbits.  It's all at waist level so there's no back breaking work.  Startup cost is extremely cheap and easy.  Daily maintenance takes minutes and only requires mixing a solution once a week as the major duty.  It's portable and can be run indoors.  With lights and a timer you can produce just about anything, year round.  Exposure to soil bound bacteria and parasites is a non-issue.

But what about larger plants like tomatoes and asparagus?

I'm working on it.

The five gallon bucket to the left has a nutrient solution with an air stone to oxygenate the water that feeds the tomato plant in a perforated cup filled with an inert growing medium.

Theoretically, adding a light and keeping it indoors during the colder months, this system could produce indefinitely, year after year.

And it all comes back to growing indoors for a reason.  In a SHTF scenario, there's a very real possibility that air and soil contamination could threaten the food supply.  Rather than prepping by stocking up on canned food that will be gone in a few months, why not grow your own, indefinitely?  A few solar collectors and a little technology could easily turn any system totally off-grid.  An unheated basement with a little floor space is all you'll need for perpetual, food sustainability and independence.    

Just think what you could do with cannabis.              

Friday, May 19, 2017

label contast

I know gin is supposed to be water clear.  But this is no ordinary gin.  Let me explain.

I went through my alcohols and got together all the stuff that wasn't worth drinking but not bad enough to throw away.  Stuff like heads, tails,  low wines, and other stuff that I knew had a purpose other than drain cleaner.

I got all this stuff in a five gallon bucket where it proofed out to 130.  I then added a sachet of juniper berries, coriander, lemon zest, and a few other things and let it set for 53 hours.  I then reduced the alcohol content to 60 proof and ran it through a pot still.

After bringing the proof down to 86 I gave it a taste, then another taste.    Not bad for a gin, and I hate gin.
I hated gin ever since I stole a half gallon of the stuff from my fathers liquor cabinet and slept half the afternoon off in my neighbors back yard, only to wake up half way to the hospital to get my stomach pumped.  It inebriated me to another dimension but scared the shit out of my father when the neighbor called to say I was in his back yard, not moving.

Well, all thats behind me, and outside of a few interludes with Guinevere and a few cases of frozen Doornkart, I figured it's time to make something better than average gin.

Anyway... what makes this gin so excellent is a few dashes of bitters.  That's it.  Just a few dashes turned this rather hot tasting gin into something worthy of sipping ice cold.

After sipping a small bottle of this stuff, the idea came to me to market some hip flasks to extol the virtues of imbibation.  And this is where I'm stuck.  I need a decent copy for the labels I plan on putting on these flasks I intend to market and I'm looking for some ideas.  You don't have to go all photoshop over this.  Just an outline, a pic, or a slogan will do.  I suggest you get drunk before you start and send it out before you sober up.  Even if it's a rambling email suggesting what goes where with lots of misspellings.  Trust me, that's the copy I'm looking for.  Bring out your inner drunkard and create something to be proud of. 

The first person to send me copy of a label that I use will receive a free flask with the approved label.  Not only that, but they'll receive the FIRST flask I produce.  I'll even mark it as 00001, as proof this is the first in production.  I'll even put your likeness on the label, If I really flip over it and if you're ok with your likeness on a hooch hip flask.

So, take a shot, put on your thinking caps and be famous.        

Friday, May 12, 2017

hydroponics structured water

 It's been sixteen days since my last posting of the greens.  No disappointment here.  Once I got past the learning curve, the system evened out and every plant is doing pretty good, even the weak ones.  Fact is, I can no longer tell which ones were the runts.

It took a while for the root mass to develop properly but after that, they stabilized and took off.

I've been harvesting leaves from all of these plants on a regular basis with no slow down in growth.  It seems periodical trimming only makes them grow all the more. 

It's pretty much maintenance free and my only chore is checking on them once in a while and replenishing the nutrient water supply about once a week.  That's it. 

In comparison with the raised beds, it's no contest.  The greens in the raised beds are doing ok but nothing like the hydroponics.  Don't get me going on the increased rabbit population with an appetite for swiss chard.   Rodents is one problem this system doesn't have.

All that aside, today I introduced structured water to the mix and I want a before picture to see what effect it has on the plants.  Before I provide a detailed account on how I made the structured water, I want to see if it's worth the effort.  I figure I'll do an update sixteen days from now and we'll see the changes, if any.

It was never my intention to do anything with this unit outside of growing a few greens for the summer but it'll do just as well inside during the winter months with the help of a grow light.  A unit twice this size would take up the same square footage and be able to support about thirty small plants.  Growing larger plants is just a matter of controlling the root mass and providing support.

Something to think about in a SHTF scenario. 



manifestation, one at a time

Not really impressed with the first orb, I decided to construct another with the same recipe but with a different shape and pour protocol.

Maybe I've been working with powered devices for too long but these passive devices seem feeble to me.  I suppose I should appreciate the minuscule buzz they create but they're nothing compared to the powered field generators I've been building these past years.  Just because I'm not sensitive enough to feel the subtle energy these things put out doesn't mean it's not there.   

The basic construction is copper oxide, brass chips, red iron oxide, lots of quartz sand, and just enough resin to let it pour.  The imperfect look was intentional and made possible by a heavy slopping of Vaseline on the inside of the glass mold.  Resin can't get past something as thick as Vaseline, so it cures with the release agent imperfections, making the thing look like a common rock... with hole in it.  Rather than a simple orgonite orb, the hole turns it into a toroid shaped power structure capable of some relatively awesome power.

I didn't realize how awesome it was until I jacked it up with 7.83Hz and made an intention.  Let's just say the intention was way out of the bounds of accepted reality, and even I expected the intent to swirl down the improbable pipe.  Within four hours, my intent became manifest.  I shit and fell into it upon realizing what happened.  I mean, I literally defecated in my pants and fell backward landing on my ass in total amazement.

This isn't the first time this sort of thing happened.  It seems to occur whenever I make a fairly large piece.  While it's in the final stage of cure, or shortly thereafter, is when the intention to manifest is highest.
I've noticed this time and time again, the manifestation window is greatest near the completion of the project or when freshest out of the mold, and peters off after that.

To be clear, it doesn't seem to happen with small pieces like TBs but the larger, softball sized and up pieces, have an extraordinary ability to manifest intent into reality.  But it's not a long lived intention manifestator.  It has like one big intention you can use in a rather short time frame and peters out after that.

What this tells me is I have to make another softball sized orgonite for each intention I make.  That's cool, because I need about six more for my next project.  

Sunday, May 07, 2017

babble fish is here

This is so cool!  Starting price is $299 and they're taking orders.

Friday, May 05, 2017

buzzfeed is cancer

little tony

“Little Tony was sitting on a park bench munching on one candy bar after another.
After the 6th candy bar a man on the bench across from him said Son you know eating all that candy isn't good for you. It will give you acne, rot your teeth, and make you fat.
Little Tony replied My grandfather lived to be 107 years old.
The man asked, Did your grandfather eat 6 candy bars at a time?
Little Tony answered "No. He minded his own fucking business.”

― Robert Anton Wilson, Email to the Universe and Other Alterations of Consciousness

Monday, May 01, 2017

orgone field generator components

It's been known in the alt scientific community that South Africa is loaded with ancient technology that date back hundreds of thousands of years.  This technology seems to be based on geometric shapes based on a stone called hornfels, the same stone Leedskalnin used to build corral castle in Florida. 

South Africa is littered with ancient stone beads that were once considered more valuable than their weight in gold.  A rock more valuable than gold got my attention but who knows what the value of gold was a half a million years ago.  These stones look like ordinary orbs with a hole in the middle, like a donut, but the energy they emit is off the charts.  I decided to build one.

  It took a while to find the right combination of molds and building protocol and a couple more days coming up with a resin recipe that would come close to what those ancient orbs were made of. 

Since hornfels was the primary stone used in these geometric shapes, I figured that was a good place to start.

There doesn't seem to be any more than a general description of hornfels other than it's metamorphosis was the result of being baked by being a little too close to magma in the planet's early years, producing a very hard, crystalline structure.  It's primary use is a base for highways. 

Not wanting to go out of state for some free stone, I turned to some rocks I have from Herkimer, NY. that are known to contain the highly coveted Herkimer diamonds.  These stones look identical to hornfels and, apparently, that area of New York is the second most common volcanic landscape feature on Earth.  I think I might be on to something.

Building this new device would require busting up the Herkimer rocks to powder and using it as the resin base.  Before doing that, I decided on a prototype made with crushed quartz sand with a teaspoon of powdered aluminum, two teaspoons of 1mm sized brass chips, and pinch of selenite.  

There's two reasons I did it this way.  
1.  I wanted to get the shape and procedure correct.  A trial run. 
2.  I wanted a base unit to compare with the Herkimer unit.

Sanding and filing got progressively more difficult.  The longer this unit set, the harder it got.  The next morning I was barely able to scratch it.  Stone would be easier to shape.  Mental note:  Finish up before you're done for the day.

Ok, so this unit is constructed only of medium density.  The idea is to place it inside an extra high density ring with a frequency driven mobius coil to study the difference in component cascading densities and multi density units.  It's also a good way to find the perfect ratio of XHD and MHD in a unit by adjusting the mass of MHD while maintaining a consistent XHD in the form of the ring.

The shape is supposed to be toroid, like the stones found in South Africa and other parts of the world left by the ancients.  The design still needs work.  Too many edges that are impossible to grind down and it should be as tall as it is wide.  This is why I made a prototype, first.

If I'm not careful I might learn something from this.          


Wednesday, April 26, 2017

lettuce be

Has anyone noticed the prices of greens this year?  $5.00 for a head of Romaine is just a little too high, in my humble opinion.  I mean, it grows in the dirt from a seed that costs like 1/1000th of a penny.  Just add water, wait, and sell it for five bucks.  Hell, I can do that myself and eliminate all those middlemen. 

Let me make this clear.  I'm not bitching about the cost of salad greens.  I'm bitching about the price of salad greens.  There is a difference.  It takes 60 days to grow a head of lettuce from seed to head.  Labor consists of planting a seed, adding water and nutrients, and waiting 45 days.  They plant thousands of these at a time and pay some kid five bucks an hour to do it.  (part time to save the cost of benefits)   That might take a half day.  40 days later they pick em, pack em, and ship em to the store who buys them for pennies and sells them for 400% profit to pay his minimum wage part timers, with a little left over for a new car.

I know the economy is better than it's ever been.  Everyone is suddenly debt free and their mortgages are paid off.  Even burger flippers are getting 20 bucks an hour.  So why should anyone complain about four heads of lettuce costing an hours worth of labor?  Think it might have something to do with the cost of a 32 GB USB flash drive costing less than a head of lettuce?

Whatever the reason, I decided to do a cost analysis and see for myself.

I went through the garage and found just about everything I needed to build a hydroponic system.  A couple pieces of 3" PVC, some 2x4s, submersible fountain pump, 5 gallon bucket with lid, some neoprene hose, and a box of nails.  A little scrounging and Amazon and next thing ya know I'm growing greens.  I figure that's $20 worth of Romain and $15 worth of mixed lettuce at three bucks a head.  Maybe I'll set up a little stand outside the grocery store to sell my surplus.

Of course, it's my first attempt and I made plenty of mistakes like drilling the holes before cementing it together.  But a little ingenuity, a couple power tools, and a propane torch later it looks almost professional.  At least it works.  As a control, I have two Romain plants in dirt to compare growing results.

This system could equally work with aquaponics as well as multi-tiered set ups to support 100 plants in the same square footage.  I'm also working on a similar system to grow asparagus and tomatoes that would produce year round in a zone 3 climate.

Now that I don't have to waste my time pulling weeds, I can work on something really important, like my pyramid amplified field generator.

Stay tuned.    


what's in the bag?

I knew there was no way I could come up with a bug out bag that would last any more than a week.  Maybe city folk think they can rough it by not taking the bus or subway but here in rural America, we travel by car, not by foot.  For me to carry everything that represents me and my culture would require a bunch of guys like in the Tarzan movies crossing darkest Africa.  Aint gonna happen by foot, unless I can't find the fuel to get me to the next gas station.  And then, I'd want to hunker down with my stuff and a good place to sleep until the shit blows over.  Doin that in a tent, out in the open, is like asking for a beatin. 

I have two cars at my disposal.  One is an Expedition with all the comforts of home with really shitty gas mileage.  The other is a 95 Caravan with a 5 speed tranny with lots of new parts.  In the event that the SHTF you'll want something inconspicuous that can fly under the radar and blend.  You also want something with good gas mileage.  The Caravan is a no-brainier.  Unless the driver is a total retard, that kind of vehicle can get through any checkpoint because of it's status as a soccermom_mobile.  Put a soccer ball icon on the back window and you're in like Flynn.

As far as bugging out, I got too much stuff for one pack.  I need a car to move all my shit.  I can't get by on minuscule provisions  from a dying economy, hoofing it to a better place hoping the zombies won't get me.  The plan is to look as normal as you can and not be eaten.

And that's the schizoid mindset of most bug out preppers.  What to put in the bag that will keep you alive for the rest of your life.  What precious 21st century possessions do you have that you can't live without?  How much of the crap you own can you set fire to?  99.9% of all the stuff that fills your living space and storage bins will be put in one pile and thirty pounds left over that will fit in a backpack.  I'll bet some of that stuff you keep will be clothes, fishing hooks and line, flashlight, a cook stove, a bic lighter, and a big bag of Raman noodles.  Maybe the most important thing to leave behind is your dependence on society.  You'll never catch a fish with hooks and string and you know it.  You'll eat your Raman noodles crunchy in the dark when your flashlight and lighter quits.  May as well lose the cook stove.

Here's what ya do.  Learn how to make a fire with sticks and rocks.  Once you got that down pat, go out in the woods with just the clothes on your back and spend a day learning how to put an edge on a rock and put a point on a stick.  Learn how to build a primitive shelter using only rocks and sticks.  Build a fire and think about finding water as you gather firewood.  Look for something edible like roots and berries.  Spend the night in your shelter and wake up cold because the fire went out.  Go home hungry and think about how you can do that two nights in a row and what you would do differently.

I don't expect anyone reading this will bother to attempt making fire, let alone spending the night in the woods, with or without a phone.  Doesn't that say something about how fragile we've become due to our dependence on society?  We can't survive without it.  It's pitiful when a single match could mean the difference between life or death from exposure.  Admittedly, I never made a fire from sticks and stones but I made them from coke bottles and my friends glasses.  I'll bet I could make fire from ice, if need be.

My point is, if you or I or anyone else were to spend one night in the wild and learn to make do with nothing but our wits, I'm sure we'd know exactly what to put in that backpack.  


Sunday, April 23, 2017

joanie loves dismemberment

Erin Moran, dead at 56.
When I think of little Joanie, I think of Galaxy of Terror.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

diversity destroys social cohesion in the west

I've been saying this for years.  

looking for coin

I was talking with a friend of mine about treasure hunting and how often you can find old coins laying on the ground as if they were just dropped.  He's always been very much into metal detectors and searching for buried treasure and most of the stuff he finds is only a few inches below the surface.  He claims, every now and then, he'll find an old coin right there on the ground ready to be picked up.

This got me thinking about all the old coins I found sitting on top of the ground after a hundred years of hiding.  One coin that comes to mind was a penny I found, sitting on the ground at the town feed mill when I was a small child.  It was dated 1864.  I remember the date because it was in 1964 when I found it.  I assume it was lost for a hundred years before I saw it sitting heads up in the feed lot where cars and trucks drive every day.

It seems this type of thing happens more often than you think.  The vast majority of old coins are found on the surface.  Logic dictates they weren't sitting there for a century without notice.  They somehow resurface and get picked up by people not even looking for them.  It's not just coins that show up out of nowhere but coins have dates on them, which gives you a time frame indicating how long they were lost.

All this was going through my head as we continued to talk and share anecdotal stories about found pennies.  It seems my friend had a similar experience with a penny he found in 2003 that was dated 1903.  Now we're getting somewhere.  Two pennies found in different places, under different circumstances, both of which were found on ground surface after missing for 100 years.

Any treasure hunter will tell you coins, by their own weight, will sink into the earth, or be covered up by earth, and logic dictates the newer coins will be closer to the surface.  I'm not so sure about that.  Rather than slow motion quicksand, where the deeper you dig the older things are, the earth is more like slow motion oatmeal in a microwave where the earth is in a constant state of cyclic motion.

You can argue that those pennies were recently dropped before they were found.  It's possible but nowhere near probable.  Check your pockets and count how many coins you have that are 100 years old.  Pennies are the most discarded coin, only because their value is next to nothing.  What are the odds that a coin someone might accidentally drop is 100 years old?

If a penny can be dropped on the ground, sink or be covered over by earth and resurface 100 years later, and the same thing happens to another penny 40 years later at a different location, it stands to reason 100 years could be a complete cycle for the size and weight of a copper penny. 

Does size and weight matter?  I don't know.  I can't find any studies done on this phenomenon and even seasoned treasure hunters will tell you the deeper you dig the older the artifact, even when they themselves have found older coins on the surface with more recently minted coins a few inches deeper in the same area.

One way to put this theory to the test is to go where people gathered a hundred years ago and look around.  In 1917 Wilson was on his second term and the US officially got involved in The Great War and men of fighting age were drafted.  Old carnival grounds, train stations, and parks that haven't been renovated might be good places to look. 

If you're still reading this and want to give it a go, don't bring a metal detector.  If my theory is correct, odds are good you'll find coins from that era on open ground.  Let me know if you find something.

Good luck   


Sunday, March 26, 2017

free books

I got a call from an old friend who asked if I was interested in working with him and his brother for a day or two to get a project done.  I've known these guys for 40 years and when they ask me for help it means they need help.  I said, sure.  They'd do the same if I asked them.  It seems they work for a guy who flips houses and he just got one that needs to be made ready, pronto.  So, Friday and Saturday I worked on this house with these guys.  I didn't know what I was getting into. 

The first floor was knee deep in crap from the previous owner and everything had to go.  The basement was worse and had mold problems so all the drywall had to go, along with all the crap.  We filled up a 40 yard dumpster in two days and we'll need another on Monday.  I'm committed to see this thing through so it looks like I'll be busting ass Monday, too.  The good part is I managed to get a bunch of hard cover books.  The previous owner was into scale model trains and history and his books reflected that.  Lots of stuff in the Civil War, WWI, WWII, and a bunch of biographies on Hitlers hangman, Rommel, Caligula, The Borgias, a pictorial edition of The Kama Sutra, medieval life, and tons more.  I grabbed about twenty of these books and set aside a whole bunch more to give to a library.  I just couldn't bring myself to toss these books in a dumpster.  I can't get over the total tonnage of CDs, DVDs, toys, personal effects, and family pictures that was left.  The exercise equipment alone must have cost 4 grand and all of it is going to a landfill.  I found the guy's pay stubs from his job, the PFA  his wife put on him, and the divorce settlement and a family portrait during happier times.  This poor guy completely remodeled this house before everything went to shit.  His kids had the most expensive toys I've ever seen.  We found a Christmas card from his wife saying the most wonderful things about her husband and how he was her whole world.  A month later she put a PFA on him, got a divorce, kept the kids, and got everything he had.  All this stuff was left there.  This guy was suddenly locked out of his own home and everything he worked for and collected and stirred his soul was gone for good.  At least I got some good books out of it.  

Anyone interested in acquiring any books, just pay the postage and their yours.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

about that storm tuesday...

I was wrong.  The storm that blew through was more than I could handle.  We got a dumpin like hasn't been seen since the mid 80's.  I mean even the post office was closed.  This was a Donner party storm for sure.

As I mentioned on Monday, the PVC CB was set up for solar, meaning it only works when it's light out.  The storm came late at night and by sunrise the solar panels were covered with two feet of snow, effectively turning it off.

I knew this was going to happen but in order to fix it I'd have to switch the frequency generator to batteries to run under it's own power.  That meant working in the frigid cold, in the dark, with electrical tape and a phillips.  To be honest, I just didn't feel like going through all that.

Even sloth has it's rewards and mine was spending three days digging out.

On a positive note, Brazil had a few thunderstorms this week, bring rain to a rather dry part of the world.

There IS balance in the universe.


Sunday, March 12, 2017

orgone field generator winter storm weather control

There's a snow storm about to hit the area this coming Tuesday.  It's now Sunday and I've been hearing about this storm since last Thursday.  They've got it down to a science.  They can not only predict a snow storm five days into the future, they can even tell you how much snow to expect.  I've heard anywhere between 12" and 36" of snow in one day.  Wowee, that's a lotta snow!  And it's all gonna come down this Tuesday.  This prognostication isn't just from the weather guy in Pixley.  This is the straight dope from every weather wizard in North America and everything in between.  These guys are so sure of themselves, the stores are already running out of bread, milk, and eggs.  This is Donner party snow and everyone knows it.

All the more reason to fire up the PVC CB and see if I can bump this oncoming storm and redirect it somewhere else.  I've been monitoring the weather to see where this colossal storm is coming from and I think I found it.  It should be hitting Greenbay, Wisconsin by now, then Chicago, Detroit, and a bunch of other towns as it lumbers towards the Appalachians sometime around Tuesday.  Hell, I can hitch hike faster than that.  But the zombie speed of this hellish snow maker will give me more than enough time to try and make some changes.

While it was still light, I redirected the PVC CB to west north-west and replaced the four foot stove pipe with an eight foot section of 2" copper pipe.  This is the same setup I used in the fall of 2012 to redirect Superstorm Sandy west instead of it's predicted path to right where I am sitting now.  They had a dozen computer models of where Sandy might go to lay waste to but none of them included a hard left at Philadelphia to head west with a hard right to regroup with the rest of the storm in Connecticut.  It did an end run around this area, resulting in some wind but no rain.  I'm hoping I can do the same for this storm and make fools of weathermen as a whole.

It's been almost two and a half years since I set the PVC CB to run semi-nonstop.  The solar cells I installed power up the frequency generator in proportion to the amount of sunlight it receives.  It runs only during daylight hours and the brighter the sun, the more energy it kicks out.  At night, it shuts down, giving mother nature a break.  At dawn's first light, it fires up and runs continually until it gets too dark and goes to sleep.  The two plus years it's been in operation, the weather has never been more... for lack of a better term, cooperative.  The water table is up, no flooding, no droughts, no hurricanes or blizzards.  No harsh weather of any kind.  Now, go fifty miles outside this area and it's a different kind of weather.  Extremes in everything from floods and droughts to high heat and humidity and unseasonably cold weather, all in the same places.  Just like this area used to be about ten years ago.  I got so used to the weather, I saw no need to fiddle with it and just let the PVC CB do it's own thing while I get to work on other projects.  It might stay in the same position for weeks and then I'd notice it was pointing in another direction.  I figured that was just nature making her own adjustments.  I never did like the idea that I was commanding nature to do my bidding, like I had some kind of weird God complex.  Putting nature in the drivers seat makes me more of a custodian than a deity, and I like it.

But now it's time to give Mother Nature a little nudge and ask if she'll bump Tuesday's blizzard somewhere other than here.

I'll keep ya posted.


Saturday, March 04, 2017

the secret reason for roe v. wade

It wasn't to settle the abortion question. The individual known as Roe never had an abortion. Big Pharma was the driving force behind that court case. Dr. Joseph P. Farrell calls them "Muck Pharmaceuticals". More on him, and them, later. Here's the title of a video that Granny Smith sent me a few days ago.

The Exploding Autoimmune Epidemic - Dr. Tent - It's Not Autoimmune, you have Viruses

It's a 2 hour video if you do it all. Do it all and you'll learn what's killing you. It's the vaccines. If  you just want to know the real reason for Roe v. Wade, then fast forward to the 1:15 mark in the video. You'll hear the narrator tell you that aborted fetuses are used as a culture medium for vaccines and that they all contain traces of DNA from abortions. A minute later he reveals the real reason, the secret behind the Roe v. Wade court case. Muck Pharmaceutical was buying aborted fetuses from Sweden, where abortion was legal. Way too inconvenient and expensive. So this court case was initiated to make abortions legal in the American colonies.
Keep on going and you'll learn that Ibuprophen and Motrin shut off your immune system.
FDR had polio. My mother told me that I was born with polio. Somehow I got over it and have always walked normally. Others did not. There were stories and photos of children in iron lungs and on crutches. Made your heart hurt. So Jonas Salk became a national hero when he came up with a polio vaccine. All us kids had to have one so we wouldn't suffer the same fate as those poor kids in iron lungs.
Ah! We were all so naive back in those days. We heard on the radio and read in the papers that polio had been wiped out. That was back in the days when we thought we had a free press. We knew we had a free press because the free press kept telling us it was free. Wiping out the polio epidemic boosted the acceptance level of vaccinations. Everybody got one.
Some time ago I learned, and you'll hear Dr. Tent say it in the video, that polio was never really wiped out. They just re-labeled it! It's now Epstein Barr or some other name. Ain't polio, though! Polio has been wiped out. Yeah. And Oswald killed Kennedy. Planes hit the towers.
Speaking of Oswald, he was in on the vaccination scam, too. There's a book, Dr. Mary's Monkey, that tells the whole story. She developed a weaponized vaccine that would create cancer in people. Oswald could not be allowed to testify. Otherwise, that story would have gone public. So Jack Ruby killed him and then Jack Ruby died of the cancer that was injected in him. It's at the 52 minute mark.
A brief word about Muck Pharmaceuticals. This will overload your Central Processing Unit.


What was the gimmick? Vaccines that literally modified a person's sneeze with more of the same muck. The plan is relatively simple: (1) take a vaccine, (2) sneeze, and (3) thereby spread the vaccine to other people, who may not even want it. Add this to the arm's length long list of other technologies - nano-technology, genetic engineering, CRISPR and so on - and one has a veritable witches brew of all manner of mischief.
There's more at the link. Not overloaded yet? Try this.

CDC is a vaccine company, a “cesspool of corruption” says Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Kennedy has called the CDC “a cesspool of corruption” for failing, time and again, to do the right thing for Americans and for science in helping expose the link between brain damage and thimerosal-laced vaccines, which he has said hit poor, ethnic minority children the worst since it is most often included in the cheapest vaccines used at publicly-funded urban clinics.+++
Want to make an easy $100K? Just prove that mercury in vaccines is safe.
In the video you will hear that Nixon declared war on cancer the first week in office. Why? Because he knew there was a cancer epidemic coming from the vaccines given in previous years.
One of the first things this president did was to appoint Robert Kennedy, Jr. and Robert De Niro to expose the link between vaccinations and autism. Rumor is that his youngest boy is autistic. The CDC is going down. He has been setting up targets for the past few weeks. This president is relentless. Somewhere on down the road the CDC will see a red laser dot focused on them. And then Boom! Another one bites the dust.
It'll have to be a virtual toe tag. Is there a morgue for corporations?