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The Year Is 1991: The Time Is The End Of The Iraq War..The Action? Donald Trump Sends His Plane To Give 200 Stranded Marines A Ride Home...

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

it's all over

"For the first time in all of human history, mankind is politically awakened.  That's a total new reality.  The whole world has become politically awakened and most people generally know what's going on.  Politically awakened masses makes a much more difficult context for any major power including, apparently, the leading world power of The United States."

Zbigniew Brazezinski- national security advisor to Jimmy Carter, foreign policy advisor to Obama, and creator of Al Qaeda.

I think we can look to this guy as one of the architects responsible for turning the world into the mess that it is and the hell hole it is turning into.  Zbigniew holds no elected position or office but has more planetary power than any 50 heads of state and looks at the world as a grand chess board.

"According to a report in the news magazine Der Spiegel, Henry Kissinger, the elder George Bush, George Soros and Zbigniew Brzezinski all travelled to Ukraine prior to the November 21 election at Pinchuk’s invitation for the purpose of “making their own estimation of the situation.” Both Soros and Brzezinski intervened heavily in the election campaign in favour of Yushchenko. Soros partly financed the latter’s campaign."

George Soros, in case you didn't know, is the guy who funded Black Lives Matter, the Ferguson riots, occupy Wall Street, the riot at the Chicago Trump rally, advises Obama, and a bunch of other stuff just as nefarious.  His goal, it seems, is to keep the masses fighting among themselves.  Divide and conquer.  Henry Kissinger and George Bush made fortunes on war profits and consider military men as nothing more than dumb, stupid animals to be used in foreign policy.  Foreign policy, at the moment, is total destruction of society in the Middle East and a complete transformation of Europe.  These guys raped every continent on the planet and now they're targeting Europe and North America.

The trouble with Europe is it's full of Europeans.  If we can't get them out, we'll breed them out.  What other reason could there be in flooding Europe with millions of 18 to 29 year old Middle Eastern men, with absolutely no vetting or accountability?  The official reason was the native populations aren't reproducing enough to replace the retiring work force.  They need new blood to keep their economy and social programs going.  As if humans are as interchangeable as light bulbs.  That's what they want us to believe.  We all know it's bullshit and they know we know.  The important part to know is that they know that we believe they believe it to be so.  It's always better for the masses to think of their government as incompetent rather than nefarious.

But nefarious is exactly what they are and proof of this is the unanimous consent of nearly all European nations to purposely eliminate their respective cultures by mass importation of many millions of Islamic breeders for free stuff and European women while making it clear they will not assimilate or respect any law from their host countries but proclaim with great conviction that Sharia law will dominate the world.

Germany went through this exact scenario at the end of WWII when every female between the ages of 8 and 80 were targeted for gang rape by the Russians, as they pillaged and burned their way to Berlin.  Next came the Kazar Jew migration to occupy homes once owned by German citizens.  How do you get millions of Kazarian Jews to re-settle in a foreign land?  At this time in history, ANY place is better than Stalinist Russia.  

The de-nazification of Germany continues to this day, to the point of imprisonment for anyone who speaks contrary to the official narrative.  The result is a nation of law abiding citizens, programmed from birth to abhor violence of any kind.  It's been said their low birth rate is a result from trauma the nation experienced after the war and guilt from Third Reich atrocities that the world still reminds them of.  Angela Merkel so much as said she was committing national suicide for the crimes of the German people when she opened the flood gates to let in millions of undocumented Middle Eastern men to ravage her country.  SHE should be ravaged by farm animals on live television.  Bitch.

The question is, how do you get millions of mostly Middle Eastern men to leave their generational homeland and travel en mass, mostly on foot, to a cold climate country they know nothing about?  Easy.  ANY place is better than the shit hole they just left.  Bonus--- the men in Europe are mostly tutti fruity and the women need real men to satisfy them.  (so they're told)  

Most nations on this planet have some degree of socialism.  Food, clothing, shelter are the basics but most European countries have far more going for them like free health care, free education, free housing, free phones, free internet, free cash, and beautiful girls everywhere wearing next to nothing.  It's all spelled out in the pamphlets they received, compliments of George Soros.

There's another factor the EU geniuses must be aware of.  The average Syrian IQ is 85.  Average IQ world-wide is 100.  Taking into consideration the smartest Syrians, i.e. doctors, engineers, technicians, either already left town or found a more convenient way to Europe other than walking.  That leaves the 85 IQ group, hoofing it to Germany, as the smartest of the bunch with many, many more well below that figure.  Historically, anyone with an IQ of 85 was considered a moron and that's exactly the highest smart level heading to Europe to improve their host's economy.  Which begs the question, what jobs can millions of illiterate morons from a third world shit hole perform in a technologically advanced first world nation?  Lots of stuff, like bomb making, drug dealing, raping, bitching about pork and beer consumption, and how stupid and weak Europeans are.  Why work when you get all you need for free?  

I don't mean to say Syria is populated by morons.  Compared to the rest of the Middle East, Syrians rank pretty high as far as smarts go.  There are places in the Middle East with an average IQ well below that, and these guys are moving out to freebieland, too.  Sans passports or ID.

But, these refugees can't be that stupid.  We're all the same, aren't we?  They can be re-trained to shoe horses or change tires, can't they?  Well, not really.  The first world learned long ago that sex with family members can produce offspring with some serious birth defects.   In terms of the health of the population, the explosion of birth defects, genetic disorders and a gradual degradation in the mean IQ of the population should be enough to declare the entire region a disaster zone.  The Arab world has the highest rate of incest and the Muslim population, as a whole, considers cousin to cousin marriage just as normal as their father and mother/sister.  Combine an 85 IQ with the Islamic ideals of converting or killing and George Soros's money with a map to free stuff and lots of whores and you have the beginnings of Europe's genocide.  

Let's add one more human characteristic to this flaming bowl of shit.  Women.

Men have this thing about nation, protecting women, chivalry, and honor that women haven't the slightest clue about.  Women don't care about nationalities, or culture, or race, and don't have a clue what chivalry is all about.  They are hard wired to mate with the strongest male to perpetuate the species, no matter what side of the equation he's on and will abandon the culture she was born into to adopt the culture of her chosen man, no matter what.  History is filled with such women.  Helen of Troy insulted her husband, the king of Sparta and all of Greece, when she chose to shack up with Paris in Troy, that launched a thousand ships to bring her back.  Sacajawea hooked up with Lewis and Clark, the new conquerors of her people, abandoning her tribe because those guys were so hot and would provide much better DNA for her offspring.  She made such a devastating impact on her own people that she landed her likeness on the American dollar coin.

35% of lawmakers in the European Parliament are female.  

In Sweden, Finland and Spain, women make up more than 40% of local lawmakers.  Sweden is now the rape capital of the world.

At the bottom of the heap of countries with female lawmakers is Hungary, with just 10%.  It's worth noting Hungary was one of the first countries to close off their borders to Middle East immigration.

The result is millions of brown skinned, Middle Eastern, Islamic men going to Europe to institute Shiria law and fuck every European girl and boy they come across, cause European girls really dig brown skinned invaders because their European men lost the will to fight through social programming.

North America isn't doing much better.  Trudeau's popularity in Canada is almost on a par with the love and respect Obama generates from his subjects and feels the best way to handle Islamic terrorists is to treat them with respect and manners and doesn't think much of border security, just like Obama.  It's said Trudeau is Obama's brother by another mother.

When you think about how the world suddenly turned to shit as soon as women got the reins of power, imagine the shit storm if Hillary ever gets in the white house.  And Hillary is the gal these bastards want as president.  The most powerful psychotic woman in the free world to give the final coup de grace to North America and usher in the new world odor.

On the bright side, the race issues in America have been getting pretty old and blacks and whites are finally getting together and are starting to agree on many things and are looking to guys like Soros, Bush, and Zbigniew Brazezinski as the main instigators of all our troubles.  If Zbigniew was such a smart guy, what makes him think he can stop a wave?

It's all over for you, Ziggy.  Thank god for the 1st and 2nd amendments.