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Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Berwick Experiment

The consensus is in. The Halloween party, as mentioned briefly in a previous post, was totally excellent. The orgone-rich atmosphere affected everyone, and the TBs the guests took home as party favors stimulated quite a stir. As suggested, many of these people placed the TBs under their beds, on nightstands, or near unsuspecting sleeping people to study the reaction, if any. Many people thought these chunks of orgonite couldn't possibly work, but tried them anyway after they heard about the dreams some people had while being near them. One person who suffered from nightmares slept with a TB under his bed and the dreams stopped, while others reported increased dream activity of a sort that they never experienced before. Others claimed the increased energy levels made sleeping difficult and had to remove the TB from the room.
I find all this very interesting. These people all live in Berwick, a town noted for its far reaching negativity levels. Hey, I like all these people, but there's a vibe in that town that you can feel.
The town is full of predators and prey, and sometimes they can't tell the difference. The zoning board was replaced with a private company that combs the streets and carports looking for vehicles with expired tags and inspections, homeowners get nailed for not mowing their grass low enough, which results in heavy fines, and everyone's property taxes doubled as a result of local politicians spending more money then they had. The low-paying jobs suck and as a result, drug use is way up. Yeah, this place just keeps getting worse, with no end in sight.

I decided Berwick will be my next goal. With each visit I'll drop off a few orgone devices in the most negative areas and watch what happens.

In the meantime, if you happen to live in the Berwick area, get a hold of me and I'll gladly send you a TB free of charge.

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Monday, November 19, 2007

lobby free zones

I have a solution to the Earths problems.

Every time government makes a decision or passes a bill we all get screwed. Every... single... time. I can't think of one single bill that was passed in the last 20 years that stands up for individual rights or truths but only lines the pockets of corporations, their lobbyists and the political whores that pass them.

My solution is simple... Make lobbying illegal. Where is it written a politician can accept a suitcase full of money from some fat cat to vote a bill that only enriches the fat cat and everyone else has to pay for it? Try offering money to a cop next time he pulls you over for a minor violation. It's the same thing, only bribing a politician effects everyone where bribing a cop is just a deal between you and him... and more often than not you'll find yourself in the gray bar hotel if you try it.

My solution is simple. Since every time congress does something we all get screwed, don't let them do anything anymore. They can saunter in, hang out with the other dirt bags, have a few drinks and go home and watch TV. But please, for the sake of God, don't let them pass any more laws! We have way too many laws as it is and we can't stand any more. What we need is a law reversal committee, not more people making more laws. Where does it all end? When we have to consult the government on how many squares to use when you use the bathroom?

If the politicians want to keep their cinchy jobs, let them. It will be a great relief to the people to know their congress is watching the ball game rather than dreaming up new ways to make your money theirs.

Only two conditions... 1.Make Washington DC and every state capital lobby free zones. If a politician is seen with a lobbyist, Homeland Security should be alerted and the lobbyist should be arrested and the politician should be picked up by the scruff of the neck and seat of the pants and thrown down the capital steps as a warning to all. Clean out his office, put his stuff in cardboard boxes and set them in the street. And this goes for The White House, too. There's a lot of qualified people out there who can effectively hang out with congressmen, drinking and watching TV. We'll just get a replacement before the sun goes down.

2. Don't make any more laws or pass any more bills!

Where can you find a high paying job where you can screw up consistently and vote yourself a pay raise in the middle of the night? Not outside of congress. That's why these guys should just go with the flow and not get too greedy, otherwise, down the steps with these greedy bastards.

I. Ron Butterfly

Saturday, November 17, 2007

The NWO is here

When I talk to people about this kind of stuff I get two kinds of reactions. Half of them think I'm making it up and stare at me, open-mouthed, like I suddenly have lobsters crawling out of my ears. The other half smile and nod in approval, and share a few anecdotes or observations, happy to meet a brother revolutionary. And I'm very proud of that title, Goddammit.

200 years ago, we had King George's police state in this country, and free-thinking radicals rebelled, fought and died to established a system where anyone can do anything they wanted that wouldn't infringe upon another's rights, and kicked some serious redcoat ass.
Today we managed to lose our freedoms, little by little, trading freedom for security, until we have neither. This nanny police state where we expect Uncle Sam to hold our hands from cradle to grave, while the government and big business pick our pockets at the point of a gun, should be enough to make any real American vomit.

Your e-mails are being read, your phone calls are being listened to, you're being arrested and imprisoned without being charged, you're being told what to eat, what to drink, what to watch on tv just like the 2-year-olds you are. What you perceive as news is just bullshit, because the news media is owned by the same bastards who sell you oil and toothpaste and tax the shit out of you, and you'll never get the truth from Fox, CBS, NBC, or any of the other "news" organizations because they want you stupid, fat, and apathetic, so you can buy more shit you don't need and to control your worthless lives.

If you happen to be one of the people who smile and nod and understand we're heading for a real train wreck and want to do something about it before the plane crashes into the sky scraper, then let's get our asses in gear and do something about this, NOW.
To the rest of you who think life is just dandy and nothing's wrong... WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU ALL SLEEPWALKING? WAKE THE FUCK UP! NOW! Otherwise, I don't want anything to do with you losers. What are you on drugs? Stand up and be counted or just die.

If this is what an "Amerikan" is, I renounce my citizenship. And you can kiss my red, white and blue ass.

women through the ages

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

who rules the world?

Ever get the feeling you've been lied to your whole life? I don't mean discovering your parents lied to you about the Easter Bunny or finding out fluoride was not only bad for your teeth but was rat poison or that your parents were really brother and sister. I mean something so Earth shaking that it'll pulverize the bedrock of your whole belief system to the point it'll spin you in a completely different direction.

Ralph Ellis wrote a book called "Jesus, Last of the Pharaohs" where he claims Jesus was the son of Julius Caesar and Cleopatra and named Ptolemy XV, the last of the Ptolemic Pharaohs, or as Julius liked to call him, Caesarian, which means little Caesar. When Caesar was named god by the Roman senate, he was considered god to the whole world. Caesarian was also recognized as god in Egypt as the son of Cleopatra. She named him king of kings at the age of 13. When Julius got knifed by the senate, his son Octavian took control of Rome and ordered Caesarian dead. Cleopatra feared for the life of her first born son, and sent him to India with her most trusted servants, who became parent guardians to watch out for him. Could these servants be Mary and Joseph? For anonymity, his name was changed to Esau, which means son of Isis, and just happens to be the Egyptian name for Jesus.

In 1887 Nicolas Notovitch wrote a book called "The Unknown Life of Jesus Christ" which tells of his discovery of ancient scrolls that tell of a philosopher named Isa who arrived as a teenage boy from a small Mediterranean country to study the teachings of Buddha, five hundred years after Buddha died, which coincided with the lost years of Jesus.

Now here's the freaky part.

Mary Magdalene, or Cleopatra Selene, was the half sister of Jesus. She's also identified in the Bible as Mary Cleopus or Mary of Cleopatra.
The wedding Jesus and Mary Magdalene attended was actually their wedding, otherwise the Bible would have said something about their hosts. (I guess incest is best)
Since Jesus lost everything because of Octavian Caesar, he wanted to get it back so he had a plan to take over the Roman Empire, by starting a new religion and turn it into the Holy Roman Empire.

Since Jesus was well trained in ayurvedics and meditation and able to shut off pain, and since he had a foot pad on his cross to hold his weight, and since he was on the cross for only six hours before his friends got him down and immediately took care of his wounds with expensive healing oils and herbs, is it possible he survived his crucifixion and allowed his death and resurrection to go on as a way to solidify his new religion? Was this all part of the plan?

Now these people were far from poor. Mary Magdalene, or Cleopatra Selene, was wealthy, as were all of their friends. Their bloodlines were directly from Caesar, Cleopatra, Alexander, and the greatest nobility the world has ever seen. These were very rich people with a plan to take over the world.

And this bloodline traveled 2,000 years to Queen Elizabeth herself.
That's right. Elizabeth is the last Hebrew Pharaoh and ruler of the world with The Vatican as the religious head and Rothschild as world banker.

Hey, don't take my word for it. This stuff is out there if you dig for it.

Bullshit, you say? Well, just keep your eye on Prince William. Sure as God made little green apples he'll emerge as the world ruler in five years. That is, if we live that long.

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Friday, November 02, 2007

black and white with shades of grey

I have a slight problem with the Adam and Eve story told in the bible. Taking this story as literal flies in the face of logic and reason. Adam came from dirt, Eve from Adams rib, they eat the fruit from the tree of knowledge and God gets pissed and sends them packing. They beget Cain and Able and the rest of the human race.
I tend to think this story is just as metaphor as the rest of the bible, with the truth buried in code.
Did Adam, Eve, Cain, and Able exist? Yes, sort of, in a metaphorical way.

Supposedly, the Garden of Eden existed about 10,000 yrs ago between the Tigress and Euphrates rivers, which is the time and place the Agricultural Revolution is believed to have started. Perhaps eating the fruit from the tree of knowledge is a metaphor for breaking away from the hunter-gathering lifestyle and conquering the land and all who inhabit it for a more plentiful food supply, which in turn, rapidly increased the human population, which required more land to feed, which allowed more people to be begotten, etc. until we have what we have now... A world full of humans spending their lives maintaining this culture in the form of working by the sweat of our brows from sun to sun in a never ending work ritual until the reading of the will.

The hunter-gatherer lifestyle seems a lot more relaxed. The majority of your time is spend hanging out, enjoying a life of leisure after hunting game and digging wild yams. A party every night by the fire telling stories of the hunt with your small but eco-friendly family.

The rapid expansion of the Agricultural Revolution meant the free land the hunter-gatherers used became private property for more crops to feed the growing multitude of agriculturists. Wars broke out and nomads died.

It seems to me the story of Cain and Able is a metaphor of this struggle as told by the hunter-gatherers.

Cain was a farmer, an agriculturist. His brother Able was a sheepherder. Both made a sacrifice to God but it was obvious God wasn't pleased with Cains offering so Cain slaughtered Able and sacrificed him.

The story seems more like a struggle between the agriculturists, who had this mindset of private land, food hording, eliminating competition, and killing off anything that got in their way of world domination and ownership and the hunter-gatherers who were perfectly content to maintain a small population and kill only what they can eat for a day. This story most likely originated from the Semitic herders who lived just south of the fertile crescent. The tillers of the soil(Cain) against the herders(Able) in what is now the northern Arabian Peninsula.

It's interesting to note, if the herders were Semites then, according to H.G. Wells "Outline of History", the agriculturists to the north were Caucasians. Perhaps the mark of Cain is white skin.

Kinda makes you wonder what side you're really on, doesn't it?