Tuesday, October 24, 2017

does khizr even know about this?

My son died for this country.

And like you, I watched Donald Trump’s latest attack on Gold Star families in horror.

While Donald Trump’s words are devastating, they’re not surprising.

Donald Trump can’t comprehend the sacrifice from our service members and families like mine.

Tom, I know the only way to stop Trump is to win a Democratic House.

I’d walk barefoot to every district in the country if it means Democrats win.

But I can’t do it alone. I need you fighting with me.

Will you chip in $1 before midnight

Thank you,

Khizr Khan

Included in this letter is a link to a page with Obama's face and a bunch of options as to how much money I want to give for this most holy cause, to stop Trump by winning the Democratic house.

I don't know about you but I'd like to see Khizr Khan not only walk barefoot to every district in the country, I'd like him to walk barefoot on broken glass and lemonade and tell me how he really feels when I sic my dog on him.  

The best thing about being a registered democrat is finding crap like this in my mailbox every day.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

just a social observation

Has anyone noticed that antifa and SJWs have the most unappealing looking women?  I mean, woof...woof.  Unnatural colored hair and bad glasses are one thing but it's the soul that brings out the true ugliness of it all.

Back in the hippy days of free love, all you had to do was talk the talk and you got laid.  Nowadays, the best looking babes are lesbians.  Chicks look like guys and guys look like chicks and transgender is the new cool.  LGBTQ is adding new letters every day and, in many cases, being bi-sexual gives you the only chance of getting laid.  No wonder sexual ambivalence is on the upswing.  Sexual deviation Is the new norm.  It's all about "feelings" and common sense
has become politically incorrect.

When I look at these three specimens, all I can see is three things that have as much sex appeal as a ferret with a yeast infection.  SJWs seem to have a higher goal than an orgasmic moment, as it's all too apparent their plumage is screaming stay the fuck away.

It seems nature has a way of preventing the most undesirable of the species from reproduction.  Thank God for self inflicted grossosity. 

Saturday, October 07, 2017

yin yang dichotomy

I've given much thought about the political left-right schism we've endured for the last two years and I'm just as baffled now as ever before.  But I think I'm making a little headway.

If you stand back and look at this scenario, not as groups of individuals but as two separate organisms, it starts to make sense.

yin:  Negative, moon, female.

yang:  Positive, sun, male.

Neither yin nor yang can exist without the other any more than you can hear the sound of one hand clapping.  Humanity is no exception.

yin:  Democrat.

yang:  Republican.

It seems something is out of whack with the social order.  If your tomatoes are rotting on the vine, consult a botanist.  If your car has an engine miss, see a mechanic.  If you can't get along with your spouse, see a marriage counselor.  If your best friend suddenly shows signs of progressive character distortion, take her to a psychiatrist.

I purposely used the pronoun "her" because the irrational social disruption, we're all witness to, seems to have all the earmarks of a menstruating female having a real bad day.  At the very least, an off-her-meds female with Borderline Personality Disorder.

Logic and reason doesn't work with this type of character and only feeds her already amplified anger.  She's bitching and ranting for reasons she can barely comprehend, let alone articulate.  By "she" I mean the politically left who choose to fight like a girl rather than negotiate like a man.  This dichotomy is punctuated by the fighting style of both groups.  One yells and screams and throws fits and breaks things while the other tries to figure out what's wrong and try to negotiate a settlement.  Even their hatred of white privilege extends to include only males... a telling clue that this whole leftist movement is essentially a gender war brought into focus by the only tools hysterical female character types can employ... lots of yelling, blaming, and zero accountability for their actions.     

Let me make this perfectly clear.  I'm not blaming women for our social ills.  I'm just pointing out the yin yang imbalance we're all going through.  Hollywood, the mainstream media, democrats, and the deep state have been on the rag for a year and a half bitching about how their queen bitch should be the president instead of the alpha male that got elected.
Can you imagine what life would be like if the queen of the harpies had her hands on the controls?  I imagine the US would eventually resemble Sweden with a large percentage of her population made up of middle eastern men with no-go zones, sanctuary cities, a stratospheric rape rate, and an over burdened welfare system.  Priority number one, ya gotta take care of the kids.  

17 of the 28 countries in the EU have had female presidents or heads of state.  Three of those had female secretaries of defense.  Hungary has the least amount of females in the government and it's the only country in the EU with a hurricane fence toped with razor wire around its perimeter to keep out the Middle Eastern migration.  Eastern Europe, with their collective female mindset of blind nurturing, are all too eager to bring in millions of brown skin men to replace the males that have been emasculated for decades and are no longer looked at as desirable.  It's no different from your girlfriend or wife bringing home a new guy to replace you because you just don't do it for her anymore.

Take a good look at antifa, BLM, and the hoard of Social Justice Warriors and the way they fight.  They yell, scream obscenities, throw piss bottles, get their friends to write letters to your boss to get you fired, set cars on fire, and file a PFA when you defend yourself.  Guys, if you ever had a fight with your psychotic ex-girlfriend, you know what I'm talking about.

I barely scratched the surface on this imbalanced yin yang dynamic but I think you catch my drift.  If not, I'll leave you with a thought that encapsulates my whole argument.

Imagine Hillary and Trump as your recently divorced parents fighting for the custody of the children.  The kids choose to go with dad, the judge gave the father full custody, and mom's blaming the kids, the judge, and her lawyer for losing the case.

Now, get in the kitchen and make me a sandwich.



Monday, October 02, 2017

the nazi cat in the hat

I just had to share this.