Saturday, June 29, 2019

got potassium?

Summer is here and along with it is higher heat and much higher humidity.  The natural reaction is to quaff vast quantities of cold water in an attempt to keep hydrated.

The problem is, when we sweat we lose electrolytes much faster and drinking water just doesn't do it.  Water doesn't replace electrolytes.  Gatorade has some electrolytes but it also has more sugar and chemicals than Pepsi, which only makes things worse. 

I tend to think spring fever, that time of the year where our energy levels drop to very low levels, is an electrolyte imbalance brought on by higher temperatures and humidity.  My grandmother used to give her kids a dose of sulphured molasses in early spring to get them on their feet when she saw lethargy set in.  I've done it myself and it works like a charm.  Problem is, it's full of sugar and preservatives and not the best choice for long term dosage.

A better way is making your own electrolyte water from stuff you may already have in your kitchen.

I mix 1 tablespoon each of Himalayan salt, baking soda, and No-Salt in a half gallon of water.  Any clean sea salt will do but it's the No-Salt that makes this stuff really kick ass.  No-Salt is a salt substitute but instead of sodium chloride it's pure potassium, a mineral we all need to keep us alive.  We need about 1500mg of potassium a day to keep healthy.  That's equal to eight avocados, or ten bananas a day.  You can get the same amount of potassium from a half teaspoon of No-Salt. 

When it's hot and humid, like summers can get around here, I'll drink a half gallon of this stuff on ice and manage to get things done under the worst conditions, with a smile on my face.

Yeah, I get it.  Too salty, right?  Ok, dilute it with more water and give it a few squirts of stevia to neutralize the salty taste.  Use some of that stuff you squirt in water to give it flavor.  Or you can eat a cup of beet greens every day, instead.

Common signs and symptoms of potassium deficiency include weakness and fatigue, muscle cramps, muscle aches and stiffness, tingles and numbness, heart palpitations, breathing difficulties, digestive symptoms and mood changes.  

All I'm saying is potassium deficiency is nothing to mess with.  Without enough potassium, your heart stops beating, your liver quits, organ failure... you get the picture.

Just do it.  You're welcome.



not quite hammer time

I made the decision to ditch my smart phone in favor of a dumb phone.  The Blackberry on the left is the dumb phone.

Ok, so how is a Blackberry considered dumb?
For one thing, it's a 9700 from 2009 and can't go past 3G.  For another, I have the choice to turn off data and use it as phones were originally intended... to make phone calls.  The qwerty keyboard is excellent for texting and it takes up less space than a flip phone.

As you may know, it takes forever to charge a conventional smart phone.  I can charge this BB with a solar cell in half the time.

The big question is, why would anyone want to go low tech when we're on the verge of 5G?  Connecting us to the internet of things with our smart phones as the conduit?  Tethering us to government/corporate institutions as a method of social mind control to convince us to buy things we don't need while we vacantly stare at our boredom killing machines instead of talking to the people we're with?  I can go to any restaurant, any time and see people all over the place with a cell phone light on their faces like they're all telling ghost stories on a camping trip.  Does a cell need walls to be a prison?  (pun intended)  Are we our own prison guards?  I have a desktop, three laptops, and two tablets.  Do I really need to carry a computer with me at all times?    Maybe I just want to simplify my life.

Has anyone ever read Nineteen Eighty-four?  George Orwell's dystopian vision is nothing compared to what's already in place.  Google already set itself up as Big Brother with access to cams everywhere on the planet.  Why make it easier for them?

That said, I can still use this phone anywhere on the planet and still get on the net, if I so desired, at least until all carriers stop using 3G.  I got the best of both worlds.  And this phone was free.  Yep.  The previous owner got an iPhone as a replacement.  Say what you want but a factory fresh BB for free is a pretty good deal. 

In the tech world, ten years is an eternity.  Years ago, I scrapped my desktop computer that was made in 2009 because it was obsolete.  A ten year old phone that still works is a testament to the quality, reliability, and durability these devices have had from the start.  Would you scrap a car just because it didn't have satellite radio?   

Besides, Blackberry is, arguably, the hardest phone to hack.  It's what NSA used exclusively before they quit making them. Ten years ago Hillary Clinton carried a phone like this on her trip to Afghanistan where she and Chelsea dodged bullets while they exited their plane.  Uh hu...

And just like Hillary, when this device no longer suits me, I'll take a hammer to it.


Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Friday, June 21, 2019

such tolerance

The other day I got a friend request on Facebook.  She was a high school classmate I knew but didn't hang with.  I mean, we knew each other and talked but didn't have much more involvement than that.  I accepted her request on that basis.  This morning I went on her page.

She's a Jewish substitute teacher who has two main complaints.  Misbehaving kids and people who don't hate Trump.

I wondered if she bothered to look over my page before sending a friend request.  Maybe she just assumed I was like almost everyone else from our class who worshiped socialism and the weathermen.  Back then I was an anarchist and was down with anything that would poke a stick in the eye of the establishment.  I wanted to go to Cuba and chop sugarcane with the peasants just to be part of the last Marxist state before it's downfall.  Not to be part of a Marxist state but to experience history in the making.  There's a difference.

As I perused her page I came across a comment someone made that suggested Trump was popular.  A one liner.  A statement of fact.  Not even controversial.
In her most condescending, teacher-like vocabulary she made it clear he was wrong and his attitude was out of line with hers and because of that she was blocking him from making any more comments on her page.   The comments after this ouster, from other more progressive enlightened ones, reflected the hateful mood and contempt these poor assholes have for anyone who slightly deviates from their perceived norm.  Oooo... such tolerance!

I immediately considered de-friending this woman but perished the thought.  By doing so I would be just as intolerant as her and her ilk who eliminate friends as easily as switching off a light.  I decided to do nothing and keep this "friend" for observation, to understand what makes these people do what they do and act as they act.

One of her FB friends was a friend of mine in high school, as were his three brothers.  One collected Nazi memorabilia, another was a Stalin devotee who became a history teacher in the mid-west. and the other was in my home room.  When the pledge of allegiance was said, we would defiantly sit with our arms crossed and when it came to "liberty and justice for all" we would yell out, EVERYBODY.  The brother who became a teacher used to give me books from his college courses.  One book was Three Who Made A Revolution, glorifying the efforts of Lenin, Trotsky, and Stalin in their overthrow of Czarist Russia and introducing the USSR.  I still have that book, as well as Steal This Book by Abby Hoffman, which I stole from Diane Shamus.

We were kids back then and we all knew our role in life was to stick it to the man and fight authority.  Teachers were the ultimate authority and substitute teachers were easy targets for abuse.  I assume socialists gravitate to the teaching profession to spread their rancid philosophy while being the ultimate authority to boss smaller people around.  Substitutes get less pay than a regular teacher.  They should do it for free, since they are so against capitalism. 

I wonder if putting up with misbehaving kids is her reward or punishment.  I also wonder if her kids misbehave because of their natural revulsion to socialist propaganda as a tool to control the masses.

I'm not here to judge, which is more than I can say about this Jewish, socialist, Trump hating, substitute teacher, but I'll be keeping an eye on her arrested development for research purposes.        

Winston Churchill once said, anyone under 30 who isn't a socialist has no heart and anyone over 30 that isn't a capitalist has no brain.

That's all we need... more brainless teachers.


Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

are we between the panels?

God Bless America (2011)
7.3 IMDB 105 min/episode

The movie combines elements of political satire with black humor. On a mission to rid society of its most repellent citizens, terminally ill Frank makes an unlikely accomplice in 16-year-old Roxy to whack reality TV stars, bigots and others they find repugnant.  

Genres: Comedy Crime
Stars: Joel Murray;
Director: Bobcat Goldthwait
Country: United States
Rating: 7.3
Release: 2011
Quanlity: HD
Views: 3774

Super (2010)
6.8 IMDB 96 min/episode

After his wife leaves him, a fry cook emulates a TV superhero and transforms himself into a costumed vigilante. With the help from a crazed sidekick and absolutely nothing in the way of superpowers, he beats his way through the mean streets of crime in hopes of saving his wife.

Genres: Comedy Crime Drama
Country: United States
Rating: 6.8
Release: 2010
Quanlity: HD
Views: 0
God Bless America and Super are two of my favorite movies, primarily for the well deserved violence.   I found a few similarities between the two that's worth a mention.  Both have kid sidekicks.  Both kid sidekicks are bloodthirsty psychopaths.  The male vigilante/mentors are both named Frank.  Both sidekicks are romantically entangled with their respective Franks but only Libbie takes romance to a new level when she rapes Frank with the rational that Boltie and the Crimson Bolt are completely separate from their real life selves and sex is ok, as long as they're in costume.  Boltie also laughs maniacally when slashing her victims with Wolverine-like blades or cutting the legs off the bad guy with a Buick.  Compared to Batman's Robin, this is clinical insanity.  Roxy isn't much better when her first kill is disemboweling a reality show mom with a smile on her face.  Both Franks were screwed over by society and reacted the best they could, under the circumstances, but Roxie and Boltie got these Franks to justify their behavior for some savage killings you won't find in any mafia movie, fer sure. 
But the similarities end there.  God Bless America is a thoughtful film about killing people who weren't nice.  Super was about killing the guy who stole his wife and anyone near by.  One guy used a gun.  The other used a pipe wrench.  Cracking a guys skull with a pipe wrench for butting into line is one thing but shooting a guy for taking up two parking spaces is another, but just as viable.
It's like watching an evil brother out do his equally evil brother.  One is slow and deliberate and the other is fast and furious.  Super took 45 days to shoot, which gives you an idea of how cheap this film was, despite the A list actors that fell over themselves to get a part in this low budget blood fest.  I mean the hero kills the bad guy with repetitive stabbings with a knife while his wife watched in shocking disbelief.  Real horror show stuff.  He then accepts the fact that his wife never loved him and leaves him again.
God Bless America... Frank and Roxie both get gunned down by the police, live, on American Superstarz.   But ya know, Frank and Roxie deserved it cause it was on tv. 
I should point out that both Franks would never have racked up the body counts if not for the urging of their respective psychopathic kid sidekicks. 
Frank was ready to off himself after killing Chloe.  It was Roxie who wanted to kill some Kardashians, people who do high fives, and NASCAR fans.  They compromised by killing Chloe's parents.
If not for these sweet, clinically insane girls, the body count for both movies would've been three.  Chloe and both Franks.

Roxie:  Isn't this more fun than killing yourself?
GBA Frank:  Yeah.  I guess.

Libby:  Let's go fight some crime.
S Frank:  I'm still healing from getting shot.  
Libby:  Don't be a pussy, Frank!  Let's fight some crime!

How the cops never got these guys can only be explained as a total suspension of disbelief.  

  Feel free to click the links if you want to see one or both films.



Saturday, June 15, 2019

facebook insider confesses all

You’re going to be shocked by the information put out by an insider.  AIM says they can confirm some of the information in this report from their own sources.

Here’s just some highlights – listen to the video for the entire intel drop!

Mark Zuckerberg is a fraud used by the CIA.  He was supposed to simply be teh fake “boy genius” of Larry Summers’ (Harvard’s President) social media project funded by DARPA / In-Q-Tel (CIA) / IBM and the secretive international group called The Highlands Group organized by the DoD office of Net Assessment.

This newly released Zuckerberg Dossier has enough information to put Mark behind bars!

“You see, Mark could never be faithful to anyone but he loved men more than women. He actually used to hate all women. So, Mark cheated and would want to bring the new “boy” home to me to join in. I was never into that like Mark was. He was abusive but would never admit it, especially to young boys. Eventually, there were three of us that remained lovers with Mark.”

“Mark always had panic attacks and would break down frequently due to the brain-washing – according to Mark. He would cry about his mother and the “torture” she let “them” do to him. At those times, Mark’s mouth ran on open and he would tell his bed-partners about all the pain and horrible plans these “evil people” did to him. “

“I believe now, since Mark was well-aware of the evil intentions of the government, that he has committed crimes of many types with the clear, pre-meditated intention of harming every user of Facebook. That is why Mark let Facebook be used to manipulate elections, he has no moral core. I personally saw the “template” that Hillary ordered that uses Facebook to manipulate voters to win elections for her. Given the amount of election interference by Big-Tech in 2016, I became a reluctant believer in miracles.”

“Free platforms like Google, Gmail, Facebook, and the rest were confidence tricks to get users to experiment on. My old buddy, Sean Parker, an early member of Facebook has “confessed all” to the media and specifically told the truth that Facebook was meant as a cyber-drug to create and control addicts – digital addicts. As Sean said, we knew from the beginning it was harming every user and that is why we never let our friends or our children use these systems – it harms them tremendously and was the original intent of the media. Mark and I were told by representatives of DARPA that that was the intent of Facebook from its inception.”

“I believe that Mark is doing everything in his power to get President Donald Trump deposed, just as he did everything he could to try to help get Hillary elected. If Trump continues, the globalist lose. Mark is a true globalist; he is not an American anymore. Mark essentially does not have a plan for Facebook, he simply does what he is told and always has. Mark has made no decisions on his own – not one. This current decision to destroy Facebook from the inside out is nothing more than Mark’s handlers using Mark in their last hours of power. Trump will win 2020 and Facebook will die. The only question left is whether Trump will charge Mark Fakerberg with the crimes he committed.
I, for one, want Mark in jail along with his handlers. I have personally been threatened and intimidated by these Big-Tech monsters since I met Mark Zuckerberg (Greenberg) – a person who truly does not even know his own name or who he is and yet is one of the richest people on earth. Mark did not earn nor deserve a single penny he has been given. Mark is a card-board cut-out who has lost his way and is completely delusional at this point.”

Full Article: