Thursday, June 28, 2012

sharing the intensity

Ever since I removed the large mexican hat from under my bed I noticed a change.  The orgone enhanced dreams full of intense inspiration were replaced by non-stop, dreamless coma.  Although the sleep was restful, I'd wake each morning with a mental blank and a profound sense of non-accomplishment.  This is the way my sleep used to be before I got into orgonite and I can't say I like it much.  That's probably why my pre-orgone life focused around fun and adventure in the wee hours between 11pm and 4am instead of wasting all that time in a state of simulated death.

I'm not saying I never used to dream.  On the contrary, I've been blessed with epic, movie-like dreams my whole life.  Some were so vivid I can remember every detail as if it was yesterday's reality, but there's a vast difference between ordinary dreams and orgone enhanced dreams.  I may be a lot of things but ordinary aint one of em, so I fetched some orgonite on my way upstairs.

As I was carrying the large mexican hat orgonite to my sleeping chamber, I could feel the energy tingle as it traveled up my arm.  None of my other creations came close to the energy output of this passive device.  The construction is simple.  No complex layers or coils.  No exotic crystals or precious metals.  It's simply a very basic orgonite recipe used by orgone engineers all over the globe as a foundation for more complex devices.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, it's the shape and distinct edge that directs the energy with a balance of reflection and release.  Hell, I don't know why it works but it does and every test points to the shape as the only parameter that makes such a vast difference in strength. 

The next morning I woke with a new design modification for the mexican hat with a suggestion to ship some smaller versions to people as a surprise gifting.  So I did.

It should get there within a week.  I hope ya like it.


Thursday, June 21, 2012

summer intentions

Almost everyone you talk to says they love summer.  The hotter, the better.  Cold hurts and heat feels great and they wish summer hot weather would last year round.
A few weeks ago I came to the realization that I don't much care for hot, humid weather.  Showering in your own sweat all day drains the life out of you and wearing clothing feels like you're suffocating under a hot, damp sponge.  Sweat pouring from every pore, dripping over your body until your shoes are filled with hot, salty fluids sounds more like a level of hell.  Staying cool is our main objective and air conditioners, fans, and swimming pool sales sky rocket to compensate for the wonderful weather we all love.

I can't be the only one who feels this way so I took a survey.  It seems the vast majority of summer worshipers openly say they love the heat but secretly admit they like cooler weather much more.  It's not popular to dislike the hot weather everyone claims they love.  It's the herd mentality to go with majority thinking and talk yourself into believing the same thing you think everyone else believes in, even though they secretly spend most of their time in activities to get some relief from the torturous heat they desired months ago.

It's a classic example of lying to yourself until you believe the lie without questioning why you spend a fortune every year for air conditioners, swimming pools, high electric bills, and trips to the shore for the sole purpose of cooling off.  Driving 100 miles in blazing heat, fighting traffic for hours to find a spot to park your stuff on a crowded beach for a day, only to turn around and fight the same traffic back home sounds like more aggravation than it's worth.  Of course, no one will admit they go there to cool off.  Ask any beach goer and you'll get the same answer... "We're going to the beach", as if that was reason enough.  When I tell people I prefer the icy shore in winter they can't imagine why, as if the only reason to be at any beach was to tan and cool off in 80 degree water.  What about the esthetics of a vacant, frozen beach to yourself with an endless horizon full of white caps?

It's the first day of summer and although I love the long, barefoot days and outdoor living, I freely admit the oppressive heat and humidity that comes with it is just as uncomfortable as winter's deep freeze.  I have no wish to go back to the cold.  Not yet.  Summer just started and I'll take the bad with the good and live with it like everyone else who still has memories of surviving the last seasons cold.

But bitching about the weather isn't my point.  It's said everyone complains about the weather but no one does anything about it.  I say that statement is wrong.  Whether we know it or not, we all take part in doing something about the weather.

We all know something about the power of suggestion and how focusing intent can move mountains.  Why not the weather?  If 2% of an organism moves in the same direction, it will carry the remaining 98%.  By august the heat and humidity is so oppressive even the die hard heat lovers begin wishing for cooler weather.  All it takes is 2% of the general population to make an intention for the same thing and it will happen.  The same thing happens during winter's coldest months when the bitter cold becomes unbearable.  At some point, the 2% critical mass make the same intention, at the same time, for warmer weather and that collective intention manifests into reality.  Not as quickly as we'd like but it happens just the same.  The problem is, humans don't have much in the way of memory recall and don't seem to remember the intent, much less connect the intent to the manifestation and the whole process of reality adjustment through critical mass is lost.

Imagine you acquire a device that will grant your every wish and the time it takes for a wish to manifest is proportional to the complexity of the wish.  Simple wishes, like finding a convenient parking space, might take seconds while more complex desires, like winning the lottery, might take quite a bit longer.
Changing the weather patterns on a continental scale could take months.  If you had such a device, and you made massive temperature change requests at the coldest and hottest days of the year, you might be responsible for the extreme range of climate you wished to change in the first place.

Before you convince yourself that we have no control over what the weather does, think about the stories we all heard about a church congregation praying for a member about to undergo an operation for cancer, or a tumor, or some such thing, and the person the congregation prayed for was cured just before the operation.  It's a miracle!  Ask a church member and they'll tell you God did it.  God's will be done!  My first question is, can you petition God with prayer?  If no, then where did this miracle come from?  If yes, then manifesting reality through collective thought is quite possible by adjusting the will of God through petition.
(religious people hate this argument)

What if the dog days of summer brings with it weeks of 98 degree stagnant heat and humidity to the point where 2% or more of the population can't take it anymore and make collective intents for cooler weather?  How long will it take for this complex intent to manifest?  We can rationalize how last winter wasn't so bad and all that summer yard work is a drag and how you miss wearing your favorite jacket.
Three months later we start thinking those 90 degree summer days weren't so bad and the process starts over again.

Why can't we get on the same page and make collective intents to fix what's wrong with the world?

Maybe another 2% already has and likes it this way.


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

is the menu the meal?

After all these years of sleeping with orgonite under my bed, you'd think I'd get used to the orgone dreams.  Hell, every night is a new dream experience that seems to be giving me crash courses in something that makes sense until waking reality prevents me from wrapping my mind around it, followed by a new orgonite design.  Last night was no exception.

I keep a notebook on the night stand to jot down those elusive ideas that are so crystal clear and easily comprehendable in dream state but get lost in the transference to 3D reality.  I don't always use the notebook because in dream state these bits of information are so obvious and mundane and waking from deep sleep to record anything takes me away from the experience.  I know this stuff is as important as it is elusive and more than once I woke up with a pen in one hand and the pad in the other with enough fragmented clues to jar a dream memory.

The voice said, "A gilded menu is not the meal.  It's the same thing," followed by a new orgonite design with nine orgonite cylinders radiating from a central shaft like spokes on a wheel, or more closely, the cylinders around a stunt aircraft engine.  A close up showed the ends of these cylinders had orgonite dome caps on the outer ends with concave ends in the center where they meet. 

This design makes perfect sense if you want to direct the energy to the center. 
In recent experiments I found it's the edge that directs orgone energy out of the device while round has the opposite effect and this design suggests directing the energy from nine orgone generators to a single point in the center.
A few questions:  What is in the center that all these units are aiming at?  What is the purpose of this device?  Why nine?
I'm reasonably sure it's design suggests a concentration of energy from multiple sources to a single point for reasons yet to be revealed.  From there, I can only assume another device, yet to be conceived, will either function or channel this concentrated energy somewhere else for purposes unknown at this point.  At any rate, I plan on building it as soon as I make the molds and settle on specifics.

I'll keep ya posted.


Sunday, June 03, 2012

from an undisclosed location

It's for my car, ok?