Thursday, December 15, 2011

stereo field generator

I built this field generator last summer to see if two mobius coils in a device is better than one and to see if there were any differences between a conventional counter-clockwise twisted coil and a perfect duplicate wound in a clockwise fashion.  Since they were both in the same resin matrix and differed only in the direction the wire was twisted, they should both act the same. 

I was a bit shocked when tests showed the conventional counter-clockwise twisted mobius out performed it's doppelganger.  Common sense tells you it shouldn't make any difference which direction the wire is bent as long as the geometry is the same.  They should operate exactly the same but there's something here I couldn't wrap my mind around so I shelved this project and moved on to something bigger and more powerful.

On my way into town I thought about the two channel mp3 player powering up my single channel field generator and wondered how much better it could run on stereo.  Then it hit me.  I've been using stereo leads and connectors and only using one channel for the mono mobius.  I wondered if I could run separate channels through a field generator with two built in mobius coils.  Seems last summer's failure might come in useful for another experiment so I headed to Radio Shack with a new parts list in mind.

I learned long ago that Radio Shack clerks are useless when it comes to parts and projects but they always ask what I'm building and when I tell them I can see their faces morph into this slack jawed retard look that reminds me of my high school field trip to Danville State Mental Hospital.  I was talking out loud to The Shack's most seasoned employee about how I can use this splitter and plug it into some female connectors on each mobius, one for each channel, to allow the stereo to resonate and increase it's efficiency.  Reducing any stereo signal to a mono signal will always lose something in the translation and this should turn a regular field generator into a brainwave entrainment device.  I barely noticed the clerk when he told me what I just said was all Greek to him.  He then added he wasn't ashamed to admit it, either.  Sigh.......

I hooked my new stuff up to my dual mobius coil field generator and fired it up with a small mp3 player and the results were interesting, to say the least.  I could feel energy patterns more complex than before, despite the severally inferior secondary mobius.  

The stereo Solfeggio tones running through this device are translated to energy waves you can feel, very much like the vibration you can feel in front of a speaker.
Question... Do you have to hear to benefit from sound waves?  Can deaf people benefit from brain entrainment?


Sunday, December 11, 2011

morning epiphany

I had an epiphany today.  As I was enjoying my shower and listening to news on the radio about the front running candidates vying for the presidential republican seat and their respective plans to fix everything that's wrong with the world, a thought came to me that could do just that with no more effort than a stroke of the presidential pen.

Illegal immigration, the national debt, high unemployment, and over population are four of the biggies besetting our boys in Washington and I think I found a quick fix for all of that and we might actually be better off than letting congress dream up something more toxic.

This is so simple I'm amazed no one's thought of it before.  All Uncle Sam needs to do is grant citizenship to any illegal immigrant who pays a citizenship fee of $10,000.  10k times the estimated 20 million illegals in this country and you got some serious coinage filling the government coffers.  No doubt, many illegals will refuse to shell out 10k to stay.  Sure, 10 grand is a lot of money for a legit social security number but, looking at it from a different angle, it's equivalent to the average annual federal tax a legal U.S. citizen pays just to keep the IRS from knocking on their door.  By shelling out 10k, an illegal can emerge from the shadows and join the mainstream job market like everyone else and hold their heads up high as they hand that payroll check to the bank teller for some honest-to-goodness greenbacks sanctioned by the federal reserve to spend like free men.

Of course, there are always choices.  This is the land of the free and the U.S. government would have a contingency plan for anyone who refuses to buy their citizenship.  Any illegal who can't or won't pay the 10k fee will have a choice of three options.  Deportation, garnishment, or slavery.

Deportation means just what it says.  Repeat border-crossers will require being chipped so our intelligence networks can track their movements from outer space to make sure they stay where they're sent.  Garnishment means the 10k will be deducted from their pay checks, plus interest.  If they're working illegally, their employer will be responsible for payment.  Slavery....  perhaps indentured servitude might be a more appropriate term.  Illegals can work off their 10 grand debt by working for honest, tax-paying citizens who will provide food, clothing, and shelter in exchange for all those chores most folks would rather not do. Chores like mowing the lawn, cleaning the pool, pulling weeds, taking the kids to soccer practice, cleaning the garage, doing laundry, etc.  In some cases, getting a part time job that direct deposits the paycheck in the patron's account. Factories can use indentured servants to offset the low wages of Chinese labor and save even more by cutting all that cost for transportation.  After a set period of time, determined by the patrons in an iron clad contract, the indentured servant can earn citizenship and freedom if they satisfy all conditions of the contract.

These rules go for everyone including anchor babies and drug lords.

Subsequently, since each illegal born will cost another 10,000 bucks, the newly legal work force will reduce their population growth to tolerable levels, thus reducing the welfare burden.

Now, isn't this a better idea than Obama's amnesty plan?