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civil war (fixed)

I posted nothing.  Sorry about that.  Sometimes it pays to proof read before you publish.

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compelling evidence

Around three years ago a friend was telling me about the flat Earth theory.  I didn't believe it but wanted to hear her thoughts on such an idea.  She mentioned a few things about air traffic patterns and astronauts training in swimming pools and I was a bit shocked she would even consider Earth was anything but a round planet.  I mean, if Earth was flat, our whole world view would be out the window.  Star Trek, for one small example, would go from a possible future to total bullshit in a nano second.  Star Trek is the reason we all have cell phones, computers, silicon valley, and this high tech lifestyle.  And that's just a TV show from the 60's.

The more I looked into flat Earth, the more it bothered me.  What started out as debunking FE turned into questioning my own reality.  What about the Sun and Moon and stars and planets?  What about the Klingons?  What about space travel and aliens from other planets?  What about every teacher I ever had who had a globe in their classroom?  Nah... Flat Earth is bullshit perpetuated by fringe element loonies in 18th century uniforms trolling society for attention.

But still... When I look up into the night sky and see Polaris in the same place with all the other stars moving around it in a slow procession, every night, for thousands of years, and wonder how can that possibly be if the Earth is spinning on its axis at 1,000 mph while spinning around the sun, while the sun is spinning around the galaxy.  Wouldn't the view change?

As crazy as it sounds, unless someone can explain why Polaris is stationary while Earth isn't, I'm compelled to think the Earth is flat and we never went to the moon.

Explanation?  Anyone?