Monday, September 24, 2012

the big apple core

It took a little while but I managed to build a larger apple core.  Total time to build this thing, including waiting for the resin to cure, was about twelve hours.
Time it took to work out a doable procedure without permanently destroying all materials used, about two weeks.

But it was worth it.

Once I worked out a way to suspend the two mobius coils in the center core, find a suitable mold for the upper and lower hemispheres, calculate the proper mix ratio for both densities, maintain a consistent 1.5" gap between hemispheres, maintain a perfectly aligned central shaft, and figure how to do it all in only three pours without it looking like crap, this project was a walk in the park.

Don't be fooled by it's minimalist, sci-fi look.  This thing rocks big time.  Twenty seconds after hooking an mp3 player to one coil, a four foot energy field engulfed the device, producing waves of tingling energy. 

At the risk of sounding egocentric, this has got to be the most elegant piece I've ever created and it's function is matched only by it's form and style.  Shit yeah, I deserve some bragging rights on this!  It might not look it but this baby will make you tingle all over as soon as you come within its orbit.  Unlike a conventional torus, with the bulk of the energy blowing out the top and bottom, this unit is omnidirectional with a very distinctive, perfect, four foot energy sphere you can feel.  The one and a half inch gap between the hemispheres creates a feedback loop, ramping up so much power it makes Jupiter 2 look like a door stop.  And that's half of what it's got.

The inner core consists of a quart of resin, a pint of sand, and twelve heaping teaspoons of black iron oxide in a very thick mixture surrounding two mobius coils.  The coils are made from thirty feet of 18 gauge, solid core, insulated copper wire.  Each hemisphere consists of 2.5 quarts of resin, three pints of sand, and five teaspoons of powdered copper and aluminum in a 3:2 ratio.  The hemisphere resin mixture was the consistency of a very thick, over cooked oatmeal. 

The high density of the hemispheres are designed to work in passive mode while the extra high density of the core needs an external force to make it work.  In this case, the lower density of the hemispheres will provide enough energy to stimulate the inner core to operate, even in passive mode.  I threw in the twin mobius coils for programming purposes and to jump start the unit.  With this design you can shut it down after power up and it will continue to run in passive mode as well as any other powered device.  Just think of a perpetual motion engine with a battery backup.

It still needs a few refinements, like a central core specific to this device.

Tomorrow I'll do a few tests to see what this thing can do.

I'll keep ya posted.


Thursday, September 13, 2012

electric sheep

It's been a while since I posted anything about orgonite.  Partly because I'm not quite sure what to make of it and further study was needed.  I've been playing with this device for weeks, utilizing every combination of inner core I could think of, and concluded I need to make a bigger one.

No surprise here.  That seems to be the way it works.  Build a device, test it, build a bigger one, and rock the neighborhood.  This device is no exception.

It's basically two mexican hats fuzed end to end, housing a mobius coil in each, with a half inch hollow shaft through the center.  The shaft allows flexibility in choosing central core materials and to study the effects.
I tried a number of different materials from copper tubes and neoprene tubes containing every substance and crystal combination I had on hand.  I settled on a cylinder of powdered selenite and resin, the best substance that showed a distinctive energy signature. 

Unlike a conventional torus, which broadcasts the energy vertically through the central core like a laser, this unique design drives the energy horizontally from the gap in the middle.  The twin mobius coils are fed frequencies from the left and right outputs from an MP3 player programmed with stereo solffegio tunes.

The energy flow from this device is completely different from devices like Jupiter 2, in that, the laser-like energy through the top of Jupiter 2 is concentrated where this device spreads the energy flow in all horizontal directions.  In other words, Jupiter 2 blasts concentrated energy through the top and bottom where this device emits an energy signature that differentiates the various tones, allowing you to feel the music in waves of electric rhythmic tingles.  You can literally hear the music through your hands.

From first conception of this device, I couldn't shake the feeling it was some kind of communication device.

I wonder if you played language tapes instead of frequency and ran this device while deep in alpha wave sleep.

Would you dream in French or would you simply dream of electric sheep?


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

it's just a reality show

Anyone with minimal access to current news and a pulse is well aware we've entered savage times in the never ending search for the POTUS, who will rule the American empire for the next four years.  It's entertainment of the highest order, tugging at the heart strings of dissidents and patriots alike, as the voting public is lead to believe they actually have more of a say in the outcome than any other scripted reality show on TV.

At first, it appears as though we're all share holders in the USA corporation with the privilege of choosing a CEO to lead us to higher profits and dividends.  On the other hand, it's a macrocosm of Jersey Shore.  It seems this show, and it IS a show, has elements of both and your only participation is a potential increase in market share for a bunch of guys you don't know.  Your vote is just as meaningless as your chances to bang Snookie this weekend.  It's professional wrestling using sound bites for body slams and, just like pro wrestling, the winner is decided before they enter the ring.

The USA is a corporation with a CEO and board of directors.  It's the board who chooses the next CEO.  Do you know who your board members are?  Well, it aint you or anyone you know.  It's the people who produce this show and they own all the shares in this corporation.  You're just one of the many screaming fans who buy what they tell you to.

In this corner we have the incumbent, Barack Hussein Obama.  Democrat.  Socialist mulatto with multiple social security numbers, a fake birth certificate, master of the race card, and defiler of the constitution.  Appeals to supporters of the nanny state.

In this corner we have the challenger, Willard Mitt Romney.  Republican.  Mormon corporate fat cat with a political blood lust.  Appeals to birthers, the dwindling middle class, and people who think the president has something to do with the economy.

Let's get it on!