Friday, April 30, 2010

it's all true

I was sitting in the sun this morning contemplating whether we actually landed on the moon.  The official story is we did but there's a mountain of evidence we didn't and I was searching for the truth.

And then it dawned on me...  It's all true.

The Copenhagen interpretation of whether light is a particle or a wave threw classical physics out the window.
They set up experiments to show light was a wave with apparatus and mathematics and it proved light was a wave.  They then set up experiments to show light was a particle and had apparatus and mathematics that proved it to be a particle with results to show just that.  This quantum jumping was enough to drive Heisenberg to madness.  The concept that something would change to whatever you're looking for was so totally absurd but so totally correct.

Why couldn't the Copenhagen interpretation be applied to everyday events?  Indeed, why should it be excluded?

The many-worlds interpretation, according to Hugh Everett, loosely states there is a very large, perhaps infinite number of universes, and everything that could possibly have happened in our past, but didn't, has occurred in the past of some other universe or universes, altering the time-line for those universes. 
As far as whether we landed on the moon, it's not just a yes or no answer.  There are many interpretations and all of them are true.

Did we go to the moon?  Yes.
Did we not go to the moon but stage the events because we knew we'd never make it?  Yes.
Did we go to the moon using plundered alien technology?  Yes.
Are aliens on the moon watching us?  Yes.
Do we have a base on the moon?  Yes.
Do aliens have a base on the moon?  Yes.
Is no one on the moon?  Yes.
Is the moon non-existent?  Yes.

Whatever theory we conceive we can find proof to back up our theories because all of these occurrences happened in other worlds, if not our own, and these separate universes are all merging the closer we get to 2012.

Is it any wonder the world is so fucked up?  Look to yourself for the answer because, like it or not, we're all part of the problem AND the solution.

All of a sudden the world isn't so black and white.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

don't blame me...

Before the last presidential election people would ask me who I plan to cast my vote for.  Of course, I didn't feel good about either of the ass clowns our two-party system came up with.  I couldn't even decide who could possibly be the lessor of two evils.  Nuke-em-all McCain and Barry I'll-say-anything-you-want-to-hear Obama both made my skin crawl for different reasons and because of this I couldn't morally cast a vote for either of these guys no matter which one was worse than the other.  In my opinion, BOTH were worse than the other and I think the presidential election should have more thought put into it than flipping a coin as to who's going to fuck us over slower.

So, when people asked who I voted for many of them got very indignant.  "You threw your vote away!  You HAVE to vote for one of the 2 guys or your vote won't count!"

Maybe so but doesn't that prove that our elections were rigged from the start?  Just look at the ONLY two guys we could vote for... An old man who would've died in office leaving an Alaskan beauty queen as president or a guy born in Kenya.  A nation of 300,000,000 people and this is the best we could come up with?  I don't know about the rest of you McCain loyalists or Barry Obama assholes but I certainly feel insulted.  It's as if the powers that be sent out the very worst they could think of, knowing we the people would vote for one of them because that's all we've got.

I wonder if it's too early to get out my new bumper sticker?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

space invaders

I was running around today taking care of business.  Nothing really noteworthy.  Just the usual hunt for stuff we think we need when we have time to do it.  Today it was gas for the grill, an espresso maker, coffee, and a package waiting for me at the post office.  You know... the usual crap.

As I was getting around in my metal and plastic, fossil fuel consuming conveyance and looked out over a sea of houses, concrete sidewalks, manicured lawns, and people from every walk of life driving around in these tin-can constructs, it dawned on me.

We're not supposed to be here!

We've been in this artificial world for so long we think all this stuff is normal, as if this is the way it's supposed to be.  Now, I'm not advocating giving up air conditioning, central heat, apartment complexes or cars.  Hell, we need all that stuff in order to survive.  Our fragile species can't handle temps lower than 60 degrees or much higher than 90.  That's a 40 degree range we require in order to sustain life.  Sure, we can live in the Arctic or the Sahara but that requires suitable clothing, a decent shelter, a mode of transportation and enough food and water for as long as we're out there... and that's the bare minimum.

It's estimated that 40% of the forested land on this planet cannot sustain human life.  It's too far away from roads and without a road to get us there, we don't go.  Think about this.  When you go on a camping trip do any of you actually just go and leave the car at home?  You need that vehicle to transport all the stuff you need like a tent, food supplies, fluids, cell phones, MP3 players, DVD players, laptops, makeup bag, air-conditioned RV, gas grill, beer, fishing poles, extra clothing, etc.  No other species on this planet needs extra clothing let alone all that other crap.  We can't survive one night without a shelter strong enough to insulate us from everything we went out there for in the first place.  Every year guys gear up, grab a hunting rifle and head to the woods and some never come back because they got lost and died from exposure... and they even dressed for it AND had a meat killing weapon!  Show me one animal dumb enough to do that.

What amazes me is no one seems to realize just how unsuited to this planet we really are.  It's as if it's perfectly normal that we don't have enough body hair to keep us warm, we're incapable of producing our own vitamin C, and we need to invent Gore-tex, buttons, and electric socks to make up for what nature forgot.  Even natural selection has nothing to do with humanity.  We're all a bunch of egotistical freaks who think we're too smart to survive the old fashioned way.  And that brain we're so proud of?  We can only use about 10% of it.  We're the only Earth species that can't use 100% of what we pride ourselves with most.

It's as if we're all Robinson Crusoe aliens from another planet, constructing emergency bio-shelters, environmental life support suits, and machines to rapidly escape dangerous situations because we can't physically take on even the lowest life form.

We should leave now.  This camping trip is over.    

Saturday, April 03, 2010