Tuesday, May 31, 2011

weather stuff

This past weekend had just about the nicest weather I could remember for Memorial Day.  Sure, it rained every night in the wee hours but the days consisted of blue skies with just enough clouds to make it interesting.  I was hoping we'd be threatened by some bad weather so I could try out the modifications I made on my PVC CB, but I guess Earth had other plans.

I worked on a few plans, myself.  One of which was a modification to my cone sky cleaner, which has been sitting idle on my front porch for the better part of a year.  It's about time for a spring tune up so I cleaned it in fresh water, dried it in the sun, and gave it a coat of shellac as a sealing agent and organic top coating.  I added some copper flashing to the bottom of the unit with the tar paper surface down.  The idea is the copper will act as a reflector to help drive the energy up through the device while the organic tar backing is grounded to earth.

One problem with this device, or any other type of device that uses pipe crystals, is keeping the water out.  You need to keep the crystals insulated and water in the pipes messes everything up.  I decided to position the insulated crystal at the top of the pipe and waterproof it with electrical tape.  Does it matter what part of the pipe the crystal is in?  Will a shorter extension cord give you more electricity?

I tested all my connections for continuity, hooked the mobius leads to the copper and galvanized pipes I pounded in the ground for the earth battery, and fired it up.

It's too soon to tell if my refinements made a difference but each day after I fired this up was sunnier and hotter than the day before and the only rain we had was late night downpours.

Can anyone out there complain about that?   

Thursday, May 26, 2011

PVC CB pipe modification

If there's one thing we've had enough of lately it's rain and wet weather.  So, as soon as the grass was dry enough, I got out the mower and proceeded to cut the hay field that used to be my lawn.  Mowing is a relatively mindless chore and within 20 minutes my mind was drifting from one tangent to another.  One such tangent was something I read about using shellac on the outside of BX tubing to prevent orgone energy from dispersing out the sides of the tube.  This got me thinking about the first and second rules of orgone accumulators:

1.  Organic material attracts orgone energy.
2.  Metal attracts orgone energy and repells it in the opposite direction.

Reich's orgone accumulators were made up of layers of organic and inorganic materials with clean metal on the inside and organic material in the outside.  This is basic orgone stuff and the foundation of Reich's work.  Anyone involved in any kind of orgone research can argree on this.

I immediately thought of the first time I fired up the PVC CB with the field generator and felt the energy field surrounding the steel pipe.  At the time, I took it as proof it was working but now I'm wondering how much energy I'm losing through the sides of the pipe compared to the orgone blast out the business end that was powerful enough to bust up all the clouds in a ten mile radius.

I stripped down the PVC CB, cleaned all the parts, and coated the pipe with three coats of shellac and assembled it yesterday morning.  (I gave a couple coats to a 4' section of BX tubing, just in case I remember what that particular experiment was all about.)  I substituted the bottom plate for a PVC threaded plug, making the whole unit a collection of pre-assembled, modular parts that can be swapped out as easily as changing shirts.

Shellac is a pretty interesting substance.  It's not only a natural polymer and thermoplastic, but when dissolved with alcohol blended with ethanol, shellac yields a coating of superior durability and hardness, but flexible enough to coat BX tubing without cracking or chipping off.  Sounds perfect for cloudbusting purposes. 

The result is a PVC CB with a distinctive orange pipe that should direct close to 100% of it's energy out the top of the pipe, where it's supposed to go in the first place. 

Some questions... Why didn't I think of coating my pipes before now?  Why hasn't anyone else?

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

go back to sleep. everything is ok

I'm curious... Is there anyone out there that thinks everything is ok?  Most people I know complain but adapt, as if they have no control over anything.  Some people know things are messed up and fight hard to correct it any way they can.  Many are in denial and don't have a clue.  A special few have the power to change things for the better but lack a plan or aren't aware of the power they possess.  There are others out there, that we don't know, who are desperately trying to fix things because they see a shit storm on the horizon aimed directly at them.

I'm of the opinion this universe is the one you created.  If that's the case, I either need many years of therapy for the chaos I inflicted, or this is all someone else's doing and these perpetrators are shifting the blame on the victims.

At any rate, it seems the core of all our problems, whether it's financial, personal, spiritual, emotional, or mental, is caused by governments.  It doesn't matter that the elite few who rule the world tell the governments what to do.  The governments are the visible means of control and it's their policies that keep fucking things up for the whole planet.

Corporatism replaced our representative form of government and the evidence is everywhere.  The revolving door between government regulators and corporations is so commonplace you can't tell who is working for who.  One day you're FCC pushing through a Comcast NBC merger.  The next you're a Comcast lobbyist and no one sees a conflict of interest.

This pretty much explains everything.  If corporations can tell the government what to do, they'll rob the treasury because the only thing corporations are interested in is money.  If corporations can make more profit on war than peace, you can bet the farm we'll be in perpetual war if they have a say in it.  They'll invent reasons for war and you'll believe it because the news media is run by corporations.  When corporations make the laws, they're made to protect corporate interests to ensure corporate profits.  Does this make the concept "too big to fail" easier to understand?

I know a guy who thinks capitalism is God's gift to America and anyone who wants it can be in the billionaires club and GW Bush did everything the right way.  I used to wonder why he chose to labor in a factory instead of being a billionaire.  I also wondered why he voted for Reagan.

I wonder if he thinks everything is still ok.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Tuesday morning I heard the radio weatherman forecast the next two days as nice and it got my attention.  No mention of highs or lows.  Not a word about chances of this or that.  No percentages or highs in the low to mid whatever temperature range.  "The weather for the next two days will be nice."  Period.  End of report.

Nice weather is the optimum temperature, humidity, and air circulation humans regard as their only reward for putting up with the frozen winters and sweltering summers of a temperate climate.  A nice day means there's no pressure, no schedules, no rushing off to do preplanned activities, and no one can blame you for blowing off a day of work.  As opposed to the beautiful day, full of preplanned activities with a secondary objective as a day to remember, a nice day is an impromptu surprise with no future or past to get in the way of your blissful now state.

A perfect day to mow half a lawn, stack a few logs, look at the garden, and make orgonite.

 What you see to the left is an inner core made of powdered aluminum, ferrous oxide and resin, containing a 60' mobius coil.  The copper tube around it is a modified Lakhovsky coil, filled with water and a few crystals, and sealed at both ends.

Lakhovsky experimented with this coil design in 1924 on ten geranium plants inoculated with a plant cancer.  He took one of the ten infected plants and simply fashioned a heavy copper wire in a one loop, open-ended coil about 12" diameter around the center of the plant.  By two months the plant was thriving and after three years it remained a robust specimen.  The other plants, without the coil, died within 30 days.

It's this Lakhovsky gap concept that makes the PVC CB, with a simple cone HHG and field generator, out perform units with ten times as much mass.  It's worth a shot to add an internal coil to this unit and see what happens.  Considering orgonite and water have this symbiotic relationship, it's a no-brainer to include water.

The result is a unit with roughly the same mass as Jupiter 2 with an inner core 30% larger.  And just like Jupiter 2, it takes a minute or two to feel anything after you fire it up, but when you do, the energy can be felt across the room with no degradation.  This is one powerful succor and it's only two thirds completed.

What's that white stuff, you say?  That's the enamel from the angel-food cake pan I used for the mold.  I got in the habit of using olive oil to keep the resin from sticking to the mold when casting smaller pieces, but these larger ones need more than a light coat.  Casting torus shaped units of this size will compress around the center and when they cure you'll need a really good release agent or you'll be tearing the mold off with a hammer and chisel. 

Mental note...  Vaseline works.

I haven't decided if I should clean off the white stuff or take it as a positive adjustment by the Universe to correct a detail I missed.  It's altogether possible bake ware enamel has chemical and physical properties that would benefit the function of this piece, at this stage of construction.

Did the Universe think I needed help with my homework or was I using cheap Chinese bake ware?
What do you think?   

Friday, May 06, 2011

obama bin laden

Last Wednesday morning I caught Obama on TV with his birth certificate and how he wished to put an end to the silliness and get on with more important issues.  A few thoughts went through my mind as I caught a glimpse of the elusive long form birth certificate the prez fought so hard to suppress since the campaign trail.

Why would Obama release a birth certificate he spent close to a million dollars to keep secret?  Even more interesting, why would he spend close to a million dollars to hide the single most important document that identifies who he is, only to get on TV half way through his term to show it to the world?  Does this guy really feel the simple qualifications to be leader of the free world is silly?  What little respect I had for this guy just dropped a few points and I had the feeling he didn't know what he was doing.  He looked like an eighteen year old trying to pass a fake id to a bartender for drinks.

There was something familiar about this that looked like a third reel movie plot twist, just before the big car chase and pyrotechnics.  The media reported the BC as the real deal, experts examined it and proved it as fake, and the question of BO's birth certificate came to an end when the royal wedding filled the news media for a few days, just in time for the main event....  The death of The Boogie Man, himself... drum roll please....Osama bin Ladin!

No one tells the royals what to do so it stands to reason the timing of these events were designed to defuse the birth certificate fiasco and jack up Obama's approval rating for his run for a second term.  This is live political theater at it's choreographed best, and just like live TV, there are lots of outtakes the mainstream media will clean up later.  They can easily do it because sheeple believe everything they see on TV and don't remember the news when it first comes out.  It's the first reports you need to pay attention to.  This is the raw information from the original script before they edit the bloopers.

Let's see...  SEAL Team 6 gave Osama a double tap head shot, took some pictures, and his body was dumped in the ocean to prevent his grave-site becoming a shrine.  Of course, they HAD to bury his body that day so they wouldn't offend any Muslims.

Hasn't bin Laden been dead since December 2001?  This is common knowledge in Washington and an accepted fact in the Middle East but it seems a lot of Americans aren't up on current events, as evidenced by the coast to coast cheers of the brain dead rabble over the assassination of a resurrected boogieman.     

Bin Laden's voice was detected regularly until [14 December 2001] by intelligence operatives monitoring radio transmissions in Tora Bora, according to the Pentagon [details]. Since then, nothing has been heard from the al-Qa'eda leader and President Bush has hinted in private that bin Laden's silence could mean he has been killed. [Telegraph, 12/28/2001]

Ok, since bin Laden is now officially dead, I guess we can all relax.  Maybe restore habeas corpus, bring the troops back from Iraq and Afghanistan, and get on airplanes without TSA sticking their hands down our pants.  Yeah, dream on.  Osama's buddies are planning a little payback for killing their leader and they have nuclear weapons buried all over the US, ready to detonate them at a time of their own choosing.  We all know this as fact because the TV said so.  The media also told us torture, or "enhanced interrogation", got us the information that finally led us to bin Laden's posh resort in Pakistan, surrounded by the Paki version of West Point. 
Think about this... torture is now sanctioned as a reliable method of gathering information because we proved it's reliability in finding the guy that created terrorism and wrecked our economy.  The same guy we had on ice for ten years, to pull out of the boogieman closet and shake in our faces for one last scare, to usher in a coup de grace to the last remnants of freedoms we're about to lose.

When I saw all those people cheering in front of the White House over the death of a human being, I was ashamed of humanity's lack of spiritual evolution.  But then, it was staged by this administration, with the usual cast of extras and displayed by the mainstream media lapdogs, to show how to properly react when a pseudo president murders the bad guy in proxy.

Can't you see you're being played?  This soap opera carnival theater is a setup designed to lead you to a place you don't want to go.  This is much more than a president's plan to seek a second term.  He's following a script written by people who know how to manipulate the masses towards a goal that only they want.  And sure as shit, you won't like it when it gets here.     

Well, I don't buy it and if you do you're fuckin hopeless.

Please, wake up or stop voting.  You're just making a mess of things.