Friday, October 14, 2011

it's the sand, man

I was wondering about how orgonite is like a magnet to most living things.  People, plants, animals all seem to be drawn to it, whether it's visible or not, and the reaction is always positive to those around it.

This got me thinking of the beach and how people are drawn to it.  Is it the ocean air and salt water that draws people like moths to a  flame or is it the life force emanating from all that quartz sand that heals what ails us?  I've been to beaches in Puerto Rico, equal to the finest beaches in the world and completely deserted.  Many beaches in the Florida Keys are just as beautiful and just as vacant.  I never gave it much thought before but the deserted Puerto Rican beach sand was crushed shells and the vacant beaches in the Keys were granulated corral.  By comparison, the super packed beaches on the Jersey shore are  mostly granulated quartz.

Just as interesting is how people seem drawn to desert areas.  Beaches without oceans.  The similarity between most beaches and deserts, aside from a lack of drinking water and vegetation, is the sand, primarily made of granulated quartz and other minerals resistant to weathering.

Sand can consist of anything from river mud to pulverized coral but most of Earth's sand is made from quartz, the most abundant substance on the planet and a principal component in orgonite.

In my last post I mentioned the incredible energy I got from adding sand to the orgonite resin mixture and the healing effect it had.  The life force, energy rush feeling that pulls vacationers to the beach is the same force that drives me to make better orgonite.  It appears the beach bums, desert rats, and orgone engineers are all addicted to the same thing... The total bliss from orgone energy enhanced psyche repair.

It's the sand, man.  That massive amount of crystal energy under our bare feet is what does it.  The water is scenery and the surf is background music but it's the sand that creates that addictive energy that transmutes our accumulated negativity and puts us back in balance.  At least it's a working theory.  

I wonder if anyone has ever done a study on the composition of beach sand and if the quartz content is proportional to the amount of people using those beaches.

Here's a deal you can't turn down.  Send me a sample of sand and where it's from and I'll send some kick ass orgonite in trade.  Deal?


Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I was asked to build a complete PVC cloudbuster to get rid of low level surf overcast and smog in southern California.  I decided to change the recipe for the second layer by using one teaspoon powdered aluminum and five handfuls of sand for each pint of resin.  The result was an extremely hard and heavy field generator that is powerful enough to run in passive mode.

Although I've used sand in other projects with good results, I never considered using such large amounts.  It wasn't until I ran into an orgone engineer who uses this mixture exclusively and swears by it.  It makes sense.  Most sand is crushed quartz and using it with powdered metal is like compressing several pounds of crystal with just enough metal to drive it.  When cured, it becomes as hard as stone and almost indestructible.  Sand paper, files, and wire wheels only polish it. 

As I do with most of my projects, I kept it in the house as I worked on the rest of the project outside.  But this unit has an interesting side effect. 
Since I brought this device into the house, I'd wake each morning with a profound sense of satisfaction and happiness.  The usual morning stiffness, sore muscles, and troglodyte posture from nine hours of work followed by late night cutting, splitting and stacking firewood were replaced by a strength, energy and exuberance I haven't felt in years.

My dreams seem to have taken a different "flavor" by showing me visuals rather than interaction and dialog with the usual dream characters.  When a dream morphed into silhouettes of Canada geese and pterodactyls flying in formation followed by a verbal statement, I knew I had to start paying more attention.

The word was cooperation.  We all know what it means and we cooperate because it's easier than fighting and the rewards are greater.  Co-operate simply means to be on the same page and contribute to the same goal.  Don't we all have the same goal?

The next night I was working on the cloudbuster base and saw the sunset sky that looked like a backdrop from a sci fi movie.

Is this some kind of sign?  Are dream entities trying to show me the way with a sky light show?  Did the energy emanating from this device create a red circle over my house?

I don't think it was anything more than a beautiful sunset but it was enough to remind me what a wonderful place Earth is.