Thursday, November 17, 2016

trump is a racist

I received this from a friend of mine.  Something worth sharing.

The controlled press functions as the voice of the Establishment. The Establishment wants you to believe certain things, accept certain things as truth. They are against Donald Trump. Solidly against him. So they set the reporters and the talking heads to say bad things about him. They accuse him of various things. Often, he's accused of being a racist.
These Establishment mouthpieces assume a position on high moral ground and proceed to attack Donald Trump for being a racist. The evidence they present is pretty vague. It would not stand up in court. But, they control the narrative. They're the media. He's just one person. They can shout him down and trot out other paid clowns to say the same thing.
It's very hard, impossible really, to prove a negative. They can accuse him of being a racist or anything else and there's no defense for that. He can't prove he's not a racist. He can't prove he doesn't communicate with little green men from the planet Mopar. They haven't accused him of that so far.
The plan is to put him on the defensive and make him spend his time trying to convince people that he's not a racist. That way the Establishment controls the narrative and proving a negative is impossible. He's too smart for them, and that's a plus for our side. He may have been born at night, but it wasn't last night. So we have to ask the question:
Do these drifty delinquents from the Establishment have a valid claim to the moral high ground? Let's start by defining "racist". The nice folks over at Oxford, where dictionary is their middle name, give us this definition:
  • prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one's own race is superior: 
That seems pretty clear. Let's look around and see if we can find some of those dirty "racists". Notice when the Establishment uses that word, it sounds like a dirty word. The ultimate put-down.
Didn't have to look far. It's in the bible. Yep! That book those Steeple People use to condemn racists. They're the ones who'll tell you that the jews are "God's Chosen People". If that ain't racism, I'll kiss your butt on the courthouse steps and give you six weeks to draw a crowd.
On the world stage, look at how the Israelis treat the Palestinians. As less than people, really. Horrid folks, those Palestinians, is their attitude. They've built walls to keep them out of Israel. Sort of like the wall President Trump wants to build on the southern border, which is very similar to the one Mexico built on their southern border. But I digress. Israel burns and shoots Palestinians and steals their land. And if that's not a racist attitude, the offer on the courthouse steps is still open.
Oy vey! Let's not just talk about the jews. How about we talk about them black folks? Some of the descendants of cotton pickers behave like racists. BLM, for example. They spray paint "kill whitey" on whatever flat surface is available. They have a plan and they know what they want. They refuse to accept the outcome of the election and have promised to demonstrate - read, disrupt - the inauguration. Do they think they're better than white folks? That's how they behave, anyway.
It's not a long jump from racial predjudice to religious predjudice. And Holy Cow! That's what much of history is about. The history of the Catholic Church's action against heretics of their own race and genocide against other races is way too long to go into here. It is enough to say that Christianity in all its forms of manifestation did not achieve its powerful position on the strength of its arguments. Their power came by way of the sword. The Islamists do horrible things to people. The Christian Church may have been their teacher.
Ah, yes. The Islamists. They've been at war with each other for centuries. Centuries! The West inserted itself into that region with the first world war, and then again with the second world war. The oil companies had to have their cheap oil, and Israel - we're back to them again - had to have a homeland. So the jews inserted themselves into a region that was already full of religious strife and now the Middle East has to deal with a tribe who doesn't get along with any race. They don't have to. They're God's Chosen People. But it isn't that simple. Seems that there are at least two flavors of jews and, you guessed it, the majority discriminates against the minority. You don't hear much about that from the controlled media. Maybe it's because the media is either owned by or controlled by jews. Ya' think?
Racists. Start looking, and you'll find them everywhere. I remember reading years ago that the Japanese used to look down on Koreans and say that Koreans are proof that monkeys mated with humans.
If you stood a Saudi next to someone from Yemen, could you tell them apart? Maybe if they were dressed differently. But really, all them brown folks from the Middle East look alike, at least to me. Ah! But they know who they are! And so the Saudis are making war on tiny little Yemen. Is it based on race or religion? Or did the Saudis just feel boisterous one day and decide to bomb Yemen? They make war on Yemen and along comes Iran as an ally of Yemen. Saudi Arabia and Iran don't get along. If you were around in the Reagan years, you'll remember their war. Race war? Maybe. Iranians are not Arabs. They're Persians.
Have I made my point? You can denounce it from the highest mountain if you are moved to do so, but the fact is that racism is pretty much a human trait. So the next time some paid shill for the controlled media wags his finger at Donald Trump and calls him a racist, you can just look at that clod and nod in agreement. "Yep. He's a racist. Just like everybody else."
Except that in his case, he probably isn't!! Take a look at those closest to him and judge for yourself. And then you may wonder to yourself what other lies have they told about him?

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

who's in charge here?

The other day, I was sitting on a bench outside the mall when a woman approached me.  She addressed me by name and said we last saw each other at this very same place two years ago and we talked about parallel worlds.  She didn't have to jog my memory.  I remember the encounter very well.  We discussed how litter was increasing exponentially in the last ten years, proportional to the influx of South American immigrants and how quantum jumps may be part of the equation.  As we talked, she whipped out a notebook and jotted things down.  It just so happened she was researching a story for the local newspaper she worked for and was intrigued by the quantum theory angle and wanted to do a story on me.

Sure enough, when the paper came out she gave me full credit for my other worlds theory of litter accumulation.

Anyway, two years later, she tells me she wants to continue the discussion about parallel universes.  I smiled and said sure and asked what she was up to lately, as she inched her way closer to my bench.  You know, small talk before the heavy stuff. 

That's when she went off on how she and a few million people signed a petition to kick Trump out of office and they'll do it legally and swiftly and he'll be gone by January 1st and Hillary will become the president.  She went off on how Trump was a racist and bigot and hated women and grabbed women in the crotch and how he is a criminal who doesn't deserve to to hold any office, let alone the leader of the free world.

I just looked at her as she figuratively stomped to death our most recent president-elect with her high heels as she continued her non-critical thinking rant.
In my calmest demeaner, I said, "I don't know what you're talking about.  I thought Hillary was the criminal."

I wasn't expecting a rational discussion but what I got was a rather loud psychotic reaction that involved pacing, stomping, and lots of yelling about how horrible I was to vote for such an immoral bastard such as Trump.
As she turned and walked away I asked if she still wanted to talk about quantum theory.  She turned and said she will never talk to me about anything because of the horrible things I just said, and walked away in a huff.

She's not the only Trump hater I met without an inkling of rational thought as to why Clinton is good and Trump is bad.  I tend to think they don't know why, either.  They all seem to yell and hold signs and block traffic in cities during rush hour like a generation of inarticulate, verbal zombies.  Sounds like group mind control.  Now, how could anyone pull off a generational mind control program without detection?

I looked into American education 1980, as a good place to start, based on the age spread of the protesters.  It was May 1980 when the Department of Education took over the nation's school system with a new approach to educating our youth from the ground up, to become productive and obedient citizens.  Emphasis on obedience because the federal government remembers the chaos of the Vietnam era when revolution filled the air, Washington lost control, and America lost its first war.

The Jesuits had a saying... "Give me the child for the first seven years and I'll give you the man."

The question I have is, did a whole generation of obedient citizens suddenly decide to become disobedient and riot in the streets or did some authority order it?

I don't recall Obama or Hillary asking their minions to stop throwing hissy fits.

Who's controlling who?





Tuesday, November 01, 2016

millennial patriotism rush

this is so depressing...

In Hulda Clark's book, "The Cure For All Diseases", she goes into detail how bacteria can be killed with a 9V zapper set at 20Hz.  She also touched on the subject of clinical depression.

All persons I have seen with clinical depression had small
roundworms in the brain. Is it any wonder the brain can't make
enough neurotransmitters or gets them out of balance? The usual
worms are hookworms (Ancylostoma), Ascaris of cats and dogs,
Trichinellas and Strongyloides.
Although it is commonly believed that hookworms penetrate
the skin when walking barefoot on earth, this appears to be a
negligible route. The important routes are eating animal filth and
inhaling filthy dust. Our pets pick these worms up daily. We get
them and give them in constant exchange with our pets and family
members. Diapering babies is an especially hazardous, though
necessary, business. Letting little children clean up after their
own bowel movements is even more hazardous. Hands should be
sanitized with grain alcohol after dealing with bowel contents,
whether your own, your child's, or an animal's. If you clean up a
messy diaper and then wash your hands well with soap, then go to
make the chopped salad for dinner, you're sure to give each
family member a dose of whatever the baby has. It was hiding
under the fingernails. Animals clean up the easy way: they simply
lick the youngster's bottom. But, we humans are not strong enough
to take on a dose of bottom with each meal. We must sanitize
our hands.

Ok, just the thought of worms crawling through my brain puts me in an immediate state of denial with a touch of revoltion followed by an urgent need to rid my second favorite organ of parasites.  But, it got me thinking about a connection between clinical depression and household pets and the very distinct possibility that every member of a household with a family dog is completely unaware they suffer from clinical depression.

It's altogether possible someone could be clinically depressed for decades and not know it.  Depression is self-protecting.  One of the side effects of clinical depression is not recognizing you have it by setting up an involuntary state of denial for this specific disease.  For example, you might blame your lack of enthusiasm and energy on the weather or a tolerance to your morning coffee.  You might even think about depression but will quickly perish the thought and focus on symptoms, which has as much effect as blowing your nose to cure a cold.

When Hulda Clark said all persons she's seen with clinical depression had small roundworms in the brain, I wondered if ONLY the clinically depressed had roundworms or if the non-clinically depressed had them as well.  Do the worms cause depression or is the brain of a depressed person a better environment for worms to thrive?  How many peoples brains did Clark check out who weren't clinically depressed?  Is worms in the brain physical proof you're depressed?  How do you find out if you have roundworms in your brain?  Biopsy?  MRI?  Stool sample? 

At any rate, I'm assuming there's a possibility my brain might be harbouring a few unwanted parasites and decided to get pro-active on this, for my own peace of mind.

I picked up a Spooky2 rife machine a few months ago and I've been experimenting with it ever since.  Without going into too much detail, Spooky2 is a programmable frequency generator designed to target specific organisms with the exact frequency to destroy the unwanted organism.  Picture a wine glass shattering from a singer's voice.

Last night I loaded Spooky2 with about a dozen frequency programs designed to eliminate hookworms, ancylostoma, trichinellas, strongyloides, and any other pathogen associated with cranial parasites and fired it up using remote killing.

It's too soon to tell if this had any effect on me but last night I had the best night's sleep I've had in weeks.  I woke up early and fast with an appetite for eggs and a significant absence of morning stiffness.  In short, I feel pretty good.

I can't help thinking anyone who has a dog or a cat in the house has most likely managed to be infected by these parasites and there's no remedy, outside of specific frequency bombardment, to eliminate them.  Unless you spend your life in a bubble, you got em and you've had them for many years.  Long term clinical depression could be the root cause of the vast majority of societies physical and mental ailments.  Obesity, back pain, heart disease, insomnia, organ failure, stress, neurosis, psychosis, road rage, cancer, and tons of other ailments that manifest in middle age could quite possibly be the result of playing fetch with the family dog when you were a child.  Talk about prozac nation.  Is it any wonder the vast majority of Americans are on some kind of maintenance drug protocol?

It's common knowledge that dogs and, to a lesser degree, cats are beneficial to humans as confidants and stress relievers who lower blood pressure and reduce heart disease and make old people feel happy and loved.  I totally agree.  There's no better symbiotic relationship than a boy and his dog.  From the first starving wolf to approach pre-historic man's camp fire, to be fed a bit of meat as a peace offering, a bond was formed that evolved into the mutual domestication we have today.

An Australian study claims older Australians who own a pet are more likely to be depressed and in poorer physical health than people who don't own pets, according to a major new Australian study.
Flying in the face of claims from the pet food industry, and others, the study shows pet ownership confers no health benefits to older people.

The study shows older pet owners are more obese, had a higher risk of heart disease, were more depressed, and smoked more than their non-pet owner counterparts.

Is it possible our domestic animals are so sweet and cuddly by design, not only as a survival mechanism for themselves but part of a bigger plan to infect humanity with thought altering clinical depression, with denial of it's existence as a built in safeguard as our domestic dogs and cats act as gate keepers with the illusion of easing the depression they're responsible for?

To answer that question you'll have to find a culture that avoids contact with dogs and compare the data.  Anyone know of a country that fits that description? 

At any rate, I'll let you know of my findings in a few weeks.