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Updike, the down staircase

John Updike, chronicler of the middle class, died yesterday at the ripe age of 76. He believed the middle was the place to be because that's where extremes clash and restless ambiguity rules.

I can't say I much cared for Updike, maybe because his fascination with the middle class and my gravitation to the fringe elements of society gave me the impression he was way too boring.

Since we both share the same birthday, March 18, perhaps I should reconsider my opinions and look to the middle for fun and excitement. Yeah, right...... The middle class is just about as exciting as TV bowling.

Ya want some excitement? Get your crack pipe and get ready to be happy.

It seems the only thing keeping the whole economy from completely tanking is the illegal drug market. In October 1989, the Wall Street computers dumped millions of stocks creating a semi-perfect storm for a 1929-type depression but it never happened because of one thing... DRUGS.

See, Joe Blow goes out and buys a pound of pot
and keeps a quarter pound for his own head. He then sells 3/4ths of it and the profits go to paying his rent, buying clothes, car payments, utility bills, etc. Bill Bailey buys a quarter pound from Joe, keeps an oz and sells the rest. The profits go to paying a car payment, going to the movies, some hot babes, whatever. Jim Jones buys an oz from Bill and the cycle continues with quarter bag or joint sales and meager profits that go into economic circulation buying things.

The reason is, all this drug money is untraced and IRS doesn't control it. It's a tax free cash transaction not accounted for on any books. It exists but doesn't exist. If the greedy bastards that run the economy had control of this money our economy would have tanked decades ago.

History repeats itself and our economic system is doomed if not for our extremely active drug trade. Pot has been replaced by crack and heroin and we have lots of sub-middle class people who desperately want to go on mini vacations from the crap the powers that be throw at us on a daily basis. Almost none of these people realize the positive impact they have on keeping the economy afloat and probably never will.

Just lost your job? Well, fire up that crack pipe and forget about it. Not feeling well and have no health insurance? Try some heroin. It'll all be better and each hit will benefit our ailing economy.

It works like this... Just go to a town like Reading Pa, John Updike's home town, and buy some cheap drugs in bulk and start your own business. Don't know anyone who sells drugs in bulk? Ask around, but leave the Dockers home and bring cash. Use some decorum. Don't expect to score with your gold card or a check.
You know... blend.

"But I don't want to deal. I just want to get high."

Don't worry. Every town has lots of drugs for guys like you, willing to stimulate the economy. Ask around. I'll bet the bag boy at the supermarket knows where to find some good drugs. Just don't be obvious about it.

The wrong way to inquire about drugs:

"Excuse me bag boy. I'm like you, upset about our uncertain economic times and how our 401Ks are tanking. Where can a fellow get some dope around here?"

The right way to inquire about drugs:

"Hey man, I just got to town. Where does someone score a little entertainment around here?" (wink, wink)

OR you can ask one of your friends. Chances are, a lot of your very best friends have some very good connections and just don't invite you to those kind of parties because you're such a square. They'll be more than happy to help you boost the economy and take an eight hour vacation at the same time.

Just remember, the only dope worth shooting is in Washington.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

new world order is the plan

Check out the signal Bush flashes at 10:37.

it's not just bread anymore

Some of you know I've been experimenting with bread making because I'm not all that crazy about the mass produced, preservative-loaded stuff that can sit on a shelf for a week after it's made. The small, local bakeries that are still around make their bread at 5 a.m. in vast quantities to carry them throughout the day. The gourmet breads are good but they are sometimes made hundreds of miles away and sit around for days before someone buys them for 4 dollars a loaf. 4 Bucks a loaf? All bread consists of is flour with some trace amounts of sugar, salt, and yeast. What's the big deal? Humans have been making bread since the beginning of the agricultural revolution. Should this secret of bread making be entrusted only to the big bread makers and bakeries too small to be absorbed by Big Agra? I think not!

I'm ashamed to say Americans don't have the slightest clue what bread is. The perfectly shaped, mass produced bubblegum used to hold our peanut butter and jelly is a testament to the sacrifice of taste and texture most Americans traded for the convenience of fast food at home.

I made a commitment this year to stop buying store bread and make my own instead. I found it's not nearly as difficult as I was lead to believe and doesn't take near as much time as I thought. In fact, the time I spend actually working with the dough is more of a zen exercise than a labor of love. Of course, I'm not totally devoid of technology. I have a bread maker that does a much better job making the dough than I have the patience for, but the zen part comes into play when I kneed it for about a minute and form the shapes I want the bread to be.

Let me give you a rundown of what it takes to produce 4 small loaves of bread.

1 and a third cups hot water, about 2 or 3 tablespoons olive oil, 4 cups flour, 5 teaspoons raw sugar, about 2 teaspoons sea salt, 5 teaspoons yeast. Last night I made onion bread so I tossed in a small handful of dried onion. Plug in the bread maker, adjust it to dough, push the button and work on another project, like orgonite, for an hour and a half. When the bell rings, dump the dough on a floured surface and knead it for about a minute. This is the part no machine can reproduce. This is when you imbue it to be what you want it to be. I prefer a lot of different size holes in my bread with a hard, firm, chewy crust that can stand up to whatever I do with it and still maintain a moist, springy center.

The end result is a ham, salami, and provolone sandwich with lots of real butter and brown mustard.
Try making one of these with Wonder Bread.

During the hour and a half waiting period I contemplated on the heart of my latest orgonite project. The quartz, blue kyanite, and selenite wrapped in a mobius is the foundation of my next project. Since I intend to mount a giant black tourmaline crystal below this unit, I need a larger mold to house it all.

I'm not sure exactly what I'm going to do with this unit once it's built. It's as if I'm being guided to make this device but the purpose of which escapes me. Although the plan is to mount a 4' long, 1" copper pipe, it's not just a cloudbuster. It seems to border on power wand technology and the large tourmaline can only mean this bad boy is intended to neutralize negativity in a big way.

I doused all the components in this device many times and got the same answers. Logically, A larger diameter top pipe would be in order but for some reason the 1" pipe is the size I need. I doesn't make sense. Would you build a cannon with a 22 caliber barrel?

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intervention.... there's hope. kinda


Maybe I'm wrong but isn't the meaning of diversity the difference between one thing and something else? To celebrate diversity is to celebrate differences. Shouldn't we be celebrating similarities that we hold in common rather than the differences that separate and fragment us as humans?

Diversity seems to be the buzzword nowdays. Celebrating diversity to bring cultures together is like a Jew and an Arab having dinner together, discussing their hatreds of each other. Sure, it's great that they sit down at the same table but the dinner conversation leaves much to be desired.
Wouldn't it be more constructive for the Jew and Arab to discuss their shared ancestry, physical characteristics, demographics, and lack of pork in their diet rather than their differences?

Let's imagine a diverse situation we can celebrate:

You're at a party and you make eye contact with someone across the room. She gives a come hither look so you get an extra drink and walk across the room to talk with her. She's very short and you can't understand a word she says but the hostess informs you she's a Pygmy from the Twa tribe from a swamp in Botswana, doesn't drink alcohol, and is here for medical experiments. She's also a cannibal and wants to have you for dinner.
Now, with all that diversity to celebrate you'd think this would be a good thing but you still wonder if she likes the Giants.

Diversity = confusion

Why not concentrate on other peoples similarities rather than differences? Haven't we been concentrating on our differences (diversity) for far too long? And who is pushing this diversity agenda in the first place?

I'm not saying we shouldn't appreciate other cultures or lifestyles and understand the richness these differences provide to the world experience. We can all benefit from walking around in someone elses shoes but to celebrate diversity accentuates differences which only serves to separate us more from a true coming together for humanity.

Rather than focus on obvious differences like color, language or the size of their ass, why not focus on the fact that you both like beer and take it from there?

If you talk to someone you don't know, you might break the ice by saying something you can both respond to, like the weather. Face it, the weather is something we ALL have in common and it serves as a basis for understanding. From there they might talk about the blue skies of Botswana or the chemtrails causing respiratory problems and how their weather experiments using orgone energy is helping to end the drought, and how her ox tail soup is to die for.

But that's not what diversity is all about. The celebration of diversity, that happens to be the buzzword of our times, is just anther way of saying Affirmative Action on steroids which includes not only race and gender but every area of culture not consistent with traditional white American ivy league culture. It's just another attempt to eliminate the middle class using reverse discrimination with a nice sounding name that makes you unAmerican if you disagree.

A quick search of diversity on the internet brought me some interesting insights. Namely, no one contradicts it. I find it interesting that anyone diverse to diversity is a bad person but you're a good American if you embrace it.

This schizoid behavior isn't anything new. Look at The Patriot Act and you'll find nothing patriotic about it and Homeland Security, although it sounds like big dogs guarding your front door, actually consider YOU a threat.

Diversity is nothing more than the age old tactic of divide and conquer to keep the bottom feeders fighting each other rather than the bastards everyone knows is pulling the strings. Race doesn't work anymore so the powers that be need to find something else to define one group from another.

Why don't we just shed our differences, concentrate on our similarities and take the bastards out!

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2012: what it's all about

Ever try to do a jig saw puzzle? You have a whole bunch of pieces and only when you get enough of the pieces together do you start to see the whole picture. 2012 is something like that. You have the Illuminati, skull and bones, the Trilateral Commission, Bilderburgers, The Federal Reserve, The Vatican, chemtrails, cell phone towers, Queen Liz, The Carlyle Group, MK-ULTRA, H.A.A.R.P., FDA, FAA, NSA, GOP, CIA, FBI, U.N., and a whole bunch of other puzzle pieces, secret and non-secret, that all have their hands in this secret stuff that the common man isn't supposed to know about.
Stuff so secret that the Patriot Act was invented to find out what people know and take out the leakers accordingly.

Whatever it is, it's so big, so secret, that ordinary Earth governments are told what to do and what to say or suffer the consequences. JFK was assassinated for not towing the line. So was Abe Lincoln, Ken Ley, RFK, Martin Luther King, and tons more too numerous to mention. Those lucky enough to avoid death would suffer political assassination like Ted Kennedy.

But I digress...

My point is I think I found enough puzzle pieces to start to see the big picture and what I found is enough to straighten your grannies blue hair.

First off, the world leaders, the guys who really run this planet and not those jackasses running government, believe the world is over populated and think that 3,000,000 people is enough to manage. This misconception is based on the outdated theory that there isn't enough to go around, which is what fired up the eugenics movements in this country, the Nazi movement in WWII, and the Bush administration today. To these men of letters, human life is not only cheap but very expensive to maintain. The cost to run things will decrease dramatically if there weren't any people. More for them. The problem is, how do you get rid of everyone on Earth except for you and all your rich buddies?

The answer is simple. Create a series of problems with a solution for each of these problems and launch them at specified intervals. The solution is, of course, what you want in the first place and the problem is a way to get your solution approved by the masses. With each problem, limit the freedoms of the peasant slaves to provide a solution. Then lie like hell and keep telling the lie until the unwashed masses believe it. Before too long, the sheeple will do anything you say to save their sorry asses from what's to come. Hell, keep everyone loaded with prescription maintenance drugs, insipid TV, and fluoride and they'll demand it! This has multiple advantages for the power elite.

1. You can get a lot richer.

2. You keep the masses in a constant state of low level trauma.

3. With everyone in a constant state of low level trauma it's easier for them to believe whatever you tell them, especially if you own the mainstream media and drill it into their heads 24/7.

4. "Attention people. There's a comet heading right for us and we have cattle cars waiting to take you all to safety. ALL ABOARD!"

Are you familiar with Project Blue Beam?

Simply put, Project Blue Beam is a world-wide show the power elite will put on for all of Earths inhabitants and consists of a 4 part plan.

1. The first step concerns the breakdown of all archaeological knowledge. Documents will emerge that will prove the worlds great religions are false, among other things considered sacred truths by humans.

2. The second step will be the world-wide space show where Jesus will make his second coming, Mohammad will make an appearance, as well as Buddha, Krishna, and every other deity in a holographic sky show complete with sound and 3D visuals that will make a Pink Floyd concert look like a square dance. I'll bet George Lucas will have something to do with the audio, you can bet on that. At this time, all the big deities will speak to their followers in their own languages and merge into the new and improved, one, true GOD, ushering in the first world-wide religion of the New World Order.

3. The third step deals with telepathic electronic two-way communication, where ELF(Extra Low Frequency), VLF (Very Low Frequency), and LF (Low Frequency) waves will reach the people of the earth through the insides of their brains, making each person believe that his own God is speaking to him from within his own soul. (And you thought cell phone towers were just for cell phones)

4. The fourth step involves universal supernatural manifestations using electronic means. We might see and hear anything from nasty u.f.o. attacks to Christians levitating to heaven in a rapture state to good aliens coming to save the good humans from the nuclear Holocaust.

The idea is to first institute the world religion and then to sanitize the world with a new world order, in that order. For this you need a lot of stupid people to believe such crap is really happening. Or do they?

Chemtrails could possibly provide holographic screens for the space show as well as interfere with our brains reaction to dismiss it as hallucination. The push to fluoridate everything we eat and drink and cradle-to-grave meds are making us prone to accept damn near anything. Star Trek brought us the alien attack factor, as well as acceptance into the new world order to come. George Lucas showed us a glimpse of a NWO future with THX-1138 but it was Star Wars that put him in the big leagues by pushing alien invasion and protection. Jurassic Park showed the us that Darwin was right and eugenics rules and Spielberg showed us through E.T. that aliens are not only friendly but cute. Batman Begins? You guessed it. Instant, mass psychosis is on its way.

Don't think for one minute the technology doesn't exist to put on this world-wide hoax. One look at the JFK assassination or 9/11 will tell you they have the balls to try it and we all know the U.S. government is at least 30 years ahead of the private sector in technology.
The telling point for me is how secret they all are about this stuff. If you don't believe chemtrails are real you either don't look up or you're a kid who never saw a blue sky. My government doesn't even acknowledge chemtrails exist and refuse to discuss it. I don't believe anything, especially if my government tells me so. Why would I believe they have my best interests at heart? Why would anybody, unless they're still asleep?

Well, I have a plan. Wanna hear it? It's simple.

Logic dictates that if the government is involved in putting on something as dumb as a world-wide space show with God himself dancing arm-in-arm with Mohammad and Buddha with alien invaders behind them encouraging us to drop our religions in favor of the new and improved, one, true, religion, with Beethoven's "Ode To Joy" playing in the background, as if they were selling toothpaste, you KNOW they'd fuck it up.

These are government employees, remember. The dumbest breed of human on the planet.

Now, just stop and think about this whole space show idea. I mean, what group of retards actually think this production will go off without a hitch? A world-wide theater performance tuned to the wavelengths of every human on Earth with a personal invitation from God, himself? Personally, I think it's just about the dumbest goddamed thing I ever heard of and if they actually believe they can pull this off they must be pretty sure of the tech to back it up.

Well, folks, they got the tech and it's gonna be a trip to the fun house, complete with everything your psyche can dredge up from hells ugliest demons to choirs of angels dancing on pin heads and unless you're prepared for this mental battle between good and evil, it's gonna be real as piss and most of us will die, go insane, or hop aboard the first train to safety that the government provides, only that train will take you straight to the re-education camps.

We're wise to the lies. Like The Who once said, "We won't be fooled again."

I'd say, for the run-up to 2012 the best we can do is stock up on food and water, lots of ammo, plenty of drugs, (including that tab of acid you've been saving) keep your sense of humor, get your head straight and wait for the space show.

The World-Wide, God-alien, Holographic Space Show
~brought to you by the power elite~
December 21.2012

I encourage everyone to listen to Serge Monast with an open mind and I hope to see you all in Key West.

f**k the fed

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