Friday, October 19, 2018

Thursday, October 18, 2018

rick & roll

Rick rolling is most certainly The Internet’s most famous and iconic bait and switch prank of all time. It involves posting a web link supposedly relevant to the topic at hand on an online forum, which actually re-directs the viewer to Rick Astley’s 1987 hit single “Never Gonna Give You Up.” The URL is often masked or obfuscated as a randomly-generated shortlink to conceal its true source from the experienced users. Whenever someone clicks the link and unintentionally summons Rick Astley’s song, he or she is said to have been rickrolled.

Like most Internet pranks, rickrolling begun on 4chan, where users would claim to have a link to something very interesting, like Emma Watson’s nude photos or leaked movies. However, clicking on the link would redirect you to the “Never gonna give you up” video.

The prank has gone so mainstream now that it has been used by Google, Oregon House of Representatives, hacker group anonymous, and The White house.

Unfortunately, Rick’s email was hacked by 9gag back in 2012, and his nude pictures were spread all around the Internet. You can view them HERE (nsfw).

Friday, October 05, 2018


The other week, Tammy came over with some Vegemite samples for us to try for the first time and video it for her Aussie friend.  Cool.  I never had the stuff but always wanted to try it. 

I figured it was about as gross as peanut butter is to Germans and if an Aussie kid can handle it, so can I.

It wasn't quite what I expected.  Very salty and tasted something like beef bullion with a flavor I couldn't quite place.  I liked it and Tammy sent the video to her Aussie friend.

Today she gave me a tube of Vegemite from her friend because I liked the stuff so much.  I guess not many folks outside OZ can appreciate that stuff.

Well, tonight I was sitting here sucking Vegemite from the tube and chasing it with rum when it hit me.

When you make rum, the stuff left in the boiler after the alcohol is distilled out is called dunder.  It has a stink to it that makes you open the windows in winter and it's the reason you distill your rum twice because some of that stink carries over to the finished product.

It's spent yeast and that's exactly what Vegemite is made of.  That and some other stuff.

I just found out that Vegemite is also very keto.  Lots of vitamins and salts our human bodies need, and the taste of sucking on a salty bouillon cube is out of this world.

It also goes great with rum.

Bone appetite.        

Tuesday, October 02, 2018

to nancy

I remember it well.  It was back in the 70s.  We were at a party in Danny Monetta's apartment house.  Pam was there and looking as delicious as cheesecake.  She said something that provoked us to ravage her.  Mike and I picked her up in our arms and as my girlfriend watched, Mike took advantage of her top half while I did a pseudo muff dive as Nancy took pictures.
As we were leaving for the night, Pam took the picture you see below.

Such was life back then.  We wore cowboy hats and flight suits and didn't give a shit about nuthin.

Nancy was my girl back then and I'd visit her at Elbys where she was a waitress.  I'd get a coffee, leave a penny tip, and take her some place when she got off work.

Our first real date was with another couple where she took me to a party on Susquehanna avenue.  As she attempted to introduced me to the hostess, the hostess said, "Since when does Tom Patrick need an introduction."  I knew her, as I knew everyone at that time and it only solidified my attachment to Nancy.  She loved me and I loved her.

We eventually went our separate ways but we always kept in touch.  When we had the opportunity, we hopped a plane for Germany to celebrate a mutual friends birthday and spent a week in Italy.  We got caught in the rain as we explored lake Gorda, had espresso in Verona, and picked figs from Italian walls on the street.  I remember Nancy's voice as she said, "Hey Tom, we're in Italy."  

Nancy died last week from cancer.

Her memorial was last Saturday.

I feel sad.

   Nice knownin ya, Nancy.

Monday, October 01, 2018