Tuesday, October 02, 2018

to nancy

I remember it well.  It was back in the 70s.  We were at a party in Danny Monetta's apartment house.  Pam was there and looking as delicious as cheesecake.  She said something that provoked us to ravage her.  Mike and I picked her up in our arms and as my girlfriend watched, Mike took advantage of her top half while I did a pseudo muff dive as Nancy took pictures.
As we were leaving for the night, Pam took the picture you see below.

Such was life back then.  We wore cowboy hats and flight suits and didn't give a shit about nuthin.

Nancy was my girl back then and I'd visit her at Elbys where she was a waitress.  I'd get a coffee, leave a penny tip, and take her some place when she got off work.

Our first real date was with another couple where she took me to a party on Susquehanna avenue.  As she attempted to introduced me to the hostess, the hostess said, "Since when does Tom Patrick need an introduction."  I knew her, as I knew everyone at that time and it only solidified my attachment to Nancy.  She loved me and I loved her.

We eventually went our separate ways but we always kept in touch.  When we had the opportunity, we hopped a plane for Germany to celebrate a mutual friends birthday and spent a week in Italy.  We got caught in the rain as we explored lake Gorda, had espresso in Verona, and picked figs from Italian walls on the street.  I remember Nancy's voice as she said, "Hey Tom, we're in Italy."  

Nancy died last week from cancer.

Her memorial was last Saturday.

I feel sad.

   Nice knownin ya, Nancy.

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Pamcakes said...

What a loving and irresistible tribute to our departed friend. It made me laugh and reminisce, and Nancy would've loved it Tom.

These are the delicacies of life, aren't they? Thanks for sharing, and I didn't recall the bit about picking me up and all. Too funny! What great memories. Keep em coming.