Wednesday, April 30, 2008

turn on, tune in, drop dead

Day to Day, April 30, 2008 · Swiss chemist Albert Hoffman died Tuesday at the age of 102. He discovered the psychedelic drug LSD in 1938 while seeking medicinal uses for a fungus found on grains. He was the first human to try the drug — by accident — when a small amount of the chemical was absorbed through his fingertips. He had to take the rest of the day off to recover.

Friday, April 25, 2008

buzzin off

I think I figured out what happened to the honey bees.

The Agricultural/Industrial/Revolution took a few hits from a noticeable absence of honey bees. As many of you know, agribusiness requires bees to pollinate many crops which helps to feed the planet and make tons of money for the guys at the top of the food chain. Without bees the horizon to horizon mega food farms will flounder worse than a beekeepers hive with colony collapse.

The bees aren't dead or dying. They're on strike. They just don't want to work for assholes anymore so they took a powder and set up shop somewhere else.

They pulled a John Galt and now they're working as independents away from greedy human bastards who just want to exploit them for their unique honey making skills.

Don't worry about the bees. They're doing fine.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

a nice pair

I'm not sure why I made two of these HHGs. I guess it just seemed natural at the time. They travel in pairs, don't they?
The shape was necessary in order to contain the three rather large crystals without going overboard on orgonite. I chose a cone over a pyramid shape because I wanted an even, healthy energy as opposed to the nuclear feel from a pyramid. I didn't want my energy levels keeping me up all night so I used a large selenite, kyanite and an equally large quartz crystal as the engines and wound counter-clockwise coils around the lot followed by 4 smaller crystals near the base on each one. As I customarily do, I placed this device under the bed to see what would happen. The result was most impressive. I slept like a log and woke up the next morning hitting the ground running with more energy than I've had in a month. Just as interesting was the complete absence of back pain, even though I haven't seen my chiropractor in a month.

One side note...
It's believed that the crystals ramp up the orgonite to better transmute dangerous orgone into positive orgone. I think it may be the other way around. I believe the orgonite ramps up the effects of the crystals allowing the crystals to deliver a faster, stronger punch. More testing is definitely needed and I think I know where I can get an unsuspecting subject.

wonderful times, bud

Yeah, there's lots of people out there selling anything and everything they can. We're still a money-driven society... for the most part. I'm thinking about reversing that trend.
Sure, Amerikan currency is almost useless, and I can't help thinking that's a good thing. I mean, most of the world's currency is useless. We just happen to be ahead of the curve and likewise, we have to be the first to come up with a better idea than useless paper as a bargaining medium.
I can see it almost everywhere I look. The end of the Agricultural/Industrial Revolution is right around the corner, and a lot of these guys see it. They look like deer in the headlights, unable to do anything about it as they realize the light at the end of the tunnel is an oncoming train.

Just a few examples...
Starbucks just posted its lowest profits in history. WalMart is cutting back by "allowing" its cashiers to no longer wear the walMart smocks but their own blue shirts, saving a bundle on uniforms. Bear and Stearns got bought out by JP Morgan with the help of low-cost loans from the Federal Reserve. The housing boom bubble burst from sub-prime loans wasn't just in this country but all over the world, and as a result, economies are crashing all over the globe. For the first time in history, the Olympic torch was purposely extinguished, twice. The Catholic church is losing revenue as a result of bankrupt dioceses from lawsuits. The pope used to be a Nazi, Obama used to be Islamic, and Hillary is still a socialist... and everyone knows this. Food. clothing, and shelter are all under attack because Monsanto is poisoning our food, the Federal Reserve is devaluing our currency and Mobil/Exxon can't afford to rebuild their own infrastructure because their corporate executives are taking the lion's share of the profits with out of control paychecks and bonuses, as are the rest of the major corporations. The pope's visit was a dismal failure because religious control doesn't work anymore, and people are openly wondering why God can't handle money and always needs more while the world starves. The whole system is being crushed under its own top-heavy weight and we all get a front-row seat to witness the fireworks at the end of the carnival.
And the biggest evidence is this massive human convergence at a sub-atomic level. Like it or not, understand it or not, we're all morphing into a resistance block firmly entrenched in the now and, it scares the hell out of the people who rule the world.

It's truly wonderful times we live in, bud.

Friday, April 18, 2008

highway robbery

I live outside the twin cities of Pixley and Hooterville, more commonly known as Conyngham and Sybertsville. There's one main state artery going through the area that connects the 2 major highways and a number of towns. This road is a 2-lane blacktop with one traffic light before you get to one of the major highways. The main shopping area is on one side of the road, which contains almost every convenience modern life requires. The other side of the road has gas stations, restaurants, medical offices, and other tertiary businesses. Access to these businesses is easy. To make a left, you simply hug the yellow line and wait for an opening. The impatient drivers behind can always pass on the right, and with few exceptions, there has never been a long wait. It's been this way for many years without incident. Until now...

PennDOT, in its infinite wisdom, decided it was time to fix this problem by enacting a 3-year program of installing a drainage system on both sides of the road, followed by expanding the two lanes to three, installing 2 traffic lights, and forcing everyone to take up to half an hour to go 2 miles. And this construction phase will take up to 3 years to complete. I asked why we need 2 traffic lights, and the only reason I got was for the sole purpose of slowing down traffic. Slow down traffic? For what??? After 9pm you can count about 20 cars an hour using this road. You can also count on sitting at red lights with no traffic in sight until your light turns green, in which case, the opposing traffic can sit through a few lights 'cause sure as shit they won't be flashing yellow. And THIS is progress?

This is an agricultural community, with workers ranging from construction to top-level executives. Most farmers in this area refuse to sell their land to developers, so house construction is at a statewide low and the population has remained fairly constant. Highway accidents are far below the state average, and the old highway drainage system worked perfectly, even during the worst floods.
Aside from that, there are at least 2 dead ends in the area as a result of closed bridges, which makes getting around the construction area all but impossible.

So, why the fuck is this bullshit going on?!?

I'll tell ya why. Because our esteemed Gov. Rendell is a jerk. First, he cuts PennDOT's budget and sends the snow plows to take care of Philly first, resulting in highways across the state coming to a complete standstill. Then he wants to make I-80 a toll road, further screwing the people who voted this asshole in. If he can't afford to plow the highways how can he afford to spend millions on stupid projects that only result in businesses losing revenue, and every driver entering this valley waiting for a half hour to go 2 miles? PennDOT doesn't even use its own guys to wave the flag. They got a subcontractor at a higher cost to do that job. Anything to get less bang for the buck, right?

I have a solution to this madness.

I propose we all get together and buy the section of road right in front of the governor's mansion and set up a road crew to make potholes with jackhammers running day and night. We can all take part by working a few hours a year standing in the guv's driveway holding a flag and making him sit for a few hours as we go on extended coffee break.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

orb howitzer

I built this howitzer and shelved it some time ago because it just didn't impress me. Although it has a coiled 3" insulated crystal in the pipe and is extremely dense with metal particulates, it just didn't seem to do much. At the time, I thought a 2" steel exhaust pipe would be a good substitute for copper, which is getting pretty expensive these days, and finding a 2" diameter copper pipe around here is next to impossible, since all the hardware stores stock PVC in favor of copper. I mean, who would use copper these days when PVC will do the job for pennies on the dollar? Besides being cheap, straight steel exhaust pipe can be manipulated into any shape and length. Perfect for long distance cloud busting. Or so I thought at the time.

It wasn't until I dropped a cellophane-wrapped 4" DT crystal down the pipe and fired it up with a 15Hz square wave that it came to life. Unlike the previous 3 pipe orb, this one has a distinct tingling over the pipes and increases with distance. It seems there are two lessons to be learned here. 1) A steel pipe is an acceptable substitute for copper. 2) Pipe crystals perform a completely different function from orgonite crystals, even though the orgonite crystals are embedded in the pipe.

I wonder what would happen if I retro-fit this howitzer to the orgone amp?

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

the device with no name

I figured if a parabolic dish under a ring generator could concentrate a signal, why can't I use a satellite TV dish with a cloudbuster? So I gathered the parts I needed from my scrap pile, added some glue, bungee cords, and some spit, and voila! I managed to build something I can't think of a name for.

It seems everything in the universe is dependent on, and independent of, everything else. Nothing happens without interaction. Maybe just interacting with something from a distance in a positive way is all that's needed to effect a positive change... whatever that change could be.
What it does is takes a 15-Hz positive offset square wave signal from the SP Pulser into the mobius coil in the smaller base and sets up a chaos field, which interacts with the crystal to create scalar waves, which amps up the power in the larger orb, which contains a coil based on the Golden Ratio, wrapped around a large crystal, which then affects the DT crystals in the pipes. The idea is to use the dish to concentrate this energy into a beam that can be aimed at something like a cloud, your neighbors, Federal Reserve banks, your local cop shop, etc.

I fired it up for about 10 minutes today and took notice of what was going on, weather-wise. In five minutes. the sky to the west got dark and wind began blowing. About a half hour after taking it down it began to rain.

So much for my first bullshit experiment. I'll try something more solid later.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Stump. Charlton Heston put his vest on

Lights, camel, action!
The omega man died yesterday and this tune ran through my head all day. Thanks Chuck. We'll miss ya.

Friday, April 04, 2008

I wonder if 2 is enough?

I installed a Lakhovsky coil in the orgone amp and set them up using brass rod for stability. As mentioned earlier, the large orb with the pipes is strictly passive but coupled with the orgone amp makes it totally kick ass. Piggy-backed in this way dramatically increases the energy output. You can feel it surrounding the larger orb and intensify over the pipes. The air coming from the pipes has a minty feel and smell to it and the smaller orb actually hums a soothing vibration. Very odd, considering there's nothing that would cause such an action.

I got the kerlian photography equipment yesterday. All I need is the chemicals and we can see what this bad boy looks like when it's fired up.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

the tax man cometh

Are you suffering because of the stupidity of others?
We are moving into a dark age...
Feel the same way? Tired of feeling alone? Tired of wondering what the hell is the matter with your fellow "monkeys"?
Sorry... We're not here to save you, offer a solution or, lie to you and tell you that everything's going to be OK. We're here to rattle our chains and we invite you to join in and let's rattle something loose... In a matter of speaking.

Face it... Due to the devolution of humankind and mass stupidity, the best those "In the Know" can do is rattle our chains!!!

Well, maybe there IS something you can do. Get this little vid out to as many people as you can. I, for one, intend to do something positive on April 15th. So should YOU.