Wednesday, October 22, 2014

an orgonite discovery

From the time I made my first orgonite biscuit I've had some kind of orgonite in the bedroom to see how it affects my sleep.  I figured during sleep I'd have no preconceived notions and be more open to subtle changes.  Placing the piece under the bed was a no-brainer.

My dreams and sleep patterns have never been the same.  What used to be ordinary dreams of stories and things I know has been replaced with orgone enhanced dreams that focus on instruction, learning, and the wildest stuff even my fertile imagination could never conceive.  Most of these dreams are so out of the bounds of reality that there's no frame of reference in my awake state to hold the thought much more than a few moments after waking.  Too weird to compare them to anything familiar.

It's not just the difference in dream subject matter that's affected by orgonite but there's an unmistakable feeling or flavor in orgone enhanced sleep that's impossible to describe.  There are no words that can accurately describe it but I can tell when it's there and miss it if it's not.

Now, there's a guy I saw on YouTube who claims the negative energy enters orgonite through the bottom and exits through the top as healthy energy.  That's what this stuff is supposed to do, transmute DOR into POR.  He also claims the DOR, or bad energy, accumulates and concentrates at the base and spreads out horizontally, potentially making orgonite unhealthy if placed on a night stand, dresser, or any other surface at head level while you sleep.

Interesting theory but my own observations lead me to believe this might not be completely accurate.  It's worth investigating so I set up a simple experiment by putting all the orgonite in the bedroom on the floor to see what happens.

The first night, although I had a deep, restful sleep, I had a total absence of dreams, or at least I couldn't remember having any.  This continued for a week and each night was as uneventful as the one before.  There were a few dreams about ordinary stuff but nothing to write home about.  In other words, sleep time became boring and I remembered why I used to stay up late and wake up early before I got into nocturnal orgonite enhancement...  Sleep is just a waste of time. 

I was getting enough restful sleep, which should be a good thing, but I noticed little changes during the day that made my workday seem longer and more like a chore.  The little bits of bullshit I used to take in stride became more pronounced and bothersome and I found little joy in my work.  Even my free time lacked inspiration and surfing the internet gave me the feeling there were trillions of web sites and no place to go.

On the seventh day I remembered the experiment and realized I completely forgot I put all the orgonite on the floor.  I dutifully returned the units to where I had them before and went to bed, like it was just another lacklustre chore I had to put up with.

The next morning I opened my eyes and sat straight up in bed, like someone lit a fire under my ass.  A notebook in one hand and a pen in the other and my head was still full of multi-dimensional mother ships, huge, yellowish, bell shaped things, slow motion missile strikes in Nebraska, bodies in a box of dirt getting ready for a wedding, waterboarding vending machines, Helen Keller action figures, unfamiliar dream people, forms without fleshy substance, vagal stimulation is as effective as LSD, and tons of other stuff my waking brain was unable to hold on to as it all slipped into forgetfulness.  Now, THAT was an orgone enhanced dream!

I spent the next week repeating the experiment and each night's dreams were weirder then the one before.  The changes in my awake hours were equally dramatic.  Work was more fun and those bits of corporate bullshit that bothered me so much are now something to laugh at because I can do this stuff standing on my head.  I'm a leaf on the wind, a bending reed, and if these guys want to get me down they need to try harder.  I no longer walked at work.  I strode, strutted, stretched my legs, stepped up my gait, put a spring in my step, and when it was time to smell the roses I strolled.  Multi-tasking?  Are you serious, dude?  I can do that in my sleep!  Literally.
It didn't take long to formulate a theory.  The guy who said orgonite placed on the night stand was bad, didn't take into consideration that orgonite might do a better job at pulling negative energy than we can.  The close proximity of the DOR pulling base to a prone body might extract all that negative crap we collect through the day and transmute it to healthy, life-enhancing energy.  This might account for my physical, mental, and emotional improvements compared to the orgone-free week before.  I'm discounting the placebo effect because I had completely forgotten about the experiment.  I expected nothing from this experiment because it wasn't on my mind.  The only change is the orgonite placement.  I suppose I can repeat the experiment for another week but that will have to wait.  I'm having way too much fun right now to go back to normal life.

That's it!  The reason my dreams were boring and uneventful and being awake totally sucked the life out of me was because, for the first time in many years, I was normal, ordinary, bland, banal, just like damn near everyone else I know.  Only, in my case, it was sudden and abrupt and I felt what it was like to be transformed into a normal, ordinary guy in hours instead of working on it for a whole lifetime like everyone else. 

Knowing this fills me with sorrow and pity for the human race and I can now understand why most people don't even realize they inhabit a prison planet.
As anyone into this stuff can tell you, orgonite is the key to your prison door and it took me a week to get first hand proof.

Just thinking about this gives me the chills and makes me want to make some high quality HHGs for people who so desperately need them.  I figure if you got this far you might be interested in the next line. 

Just ask and I'll send you something that will change your life for the better, FREE. 

It's not enough to get the good energy in from an HHG under the bed but equally important to get the bad stuff out as well.

Like a de-tox for your soul.



Tuesday, October 14, 2014

ready for the cold and ebola season?

It's that time of the year when Uncle Sam brings out a new boogie man.  Bird flu, Swine flu, anthrax have all run their course with threats and warnings about pandemics and plagues in an attempt to get everyone inoculated with the latest round of vaccines.  This time it's Ebola, the nastiest virus modern science managed to produce, just in time for Halloween.

Every day a new story comes out how whole hospitals are wiped out from contact with the wrong patient.  Ya think AIDS was bad?  This stuff you can get from a door knob and die within weeks without the benefit of getting laid to get it.  Not to worry because the same guys that invented Ebola are working real hard on a vaccine to cure it.  It should be in Walmart by black friday.

Believe it or not, there is a cure for Ebola but no one wants to talk about it.

Formerly classified documents obtained from the U.S. Department of Defence (DOD) reveal that antimicrobial silver solutions like the kind Natural Solutions Foundation is trying to deliver to Africa have proven benefits in fighting Ebola and other forms of hemorrhagic fever. Research conducted by the DOD and several other federal agencies back in 2008 confirmed this, though health regulators largely ignored it.

A presentation entitled "Silver Nanoparticles Neutralize Hemorrhagic Fever Viruses," which revealed exactly what its name suggests, was buried and kept secret for years. In essence, investigators determined that simple silver solutions neutralize viruses like Arenavirus and Filovirus, both of which are related to Ebola.

Interestingly, the research was conducted with the backing of the DOD's Defence Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) and the U.S. Strategic Command Center for Combating Weapons of Mass Destruction. A presentation was given by researchers from the Applied Biotechnology Branch, 711th Human Performance Wing of the Air Force Research Laboratory. 

I think that's pretty noteworthy, and so do a lot of other people who sent shipments of 10PPM colloidal silver to Sierra Leone to help counter the Ebola epidemic.  Unfortunately, these shipments have all been sent back by order of the WHO, three times.  Natural Solutions Foundation sent the shipments after the WHO announced any experimental help was needed.  The shipments never got past Paris.
Why would WHO refuse the application of colloidal silver for Ebola patients when dozens of studies show its effectiveness in fighting this horrible disease?

Why indeed.  Could there be a political agenda to let all these people die a horrible death?  Ya think it might have something to do with the massive profits the pharmaceutical companies will rake in when WHO orders every human being on the planet to get the vaccine?  Is this finally the out of control plague the people in charge have been itching for?  How does a very contagious pandemic fit in to the upcoming world wide economic collapse?  Is this the start of a radical depopulation effort?

Homeland Security recently purchased billions of rounds of ammo.  Many CIA personnel, mid-level government bureaucrats, people in the know, and ex-patriots who saw the writing on the wall have left the U.S. to relocate to S. America.  Obama has gone out of his way to keep the southern borders open and the planes flying Ebola carriers in and out of the country, unchecked.  The basic essentials, like haz-mat suits you'd expect to see when the cops bust a meth lab, are almost non-existent in Dallas and anywhere else that has an international airport with direct flights from Liberia.  It's starting to make sense why they built all those FEMA camps years ago.

So, what's gonna happen?  Maybe a containment drill to quarantine a city like Dallas.  Maybe nothing at all if everyone hurries to Walmart for their free shots.  Or maybe it'll be the start of the zombie apocalypse with us as the zombies.  This might solve the problem of American soldiers refusing to shoot American citizens.  Kinda changes things if they die if they get too close.  Shoot from a distance and don't take chances.

Already we learned a lot from African nations with Ebola.  No one shakes hands or touches anyone.  No one stands next to anyone at the bus stop and no one wants to stand in line.  Your friends, family, or neighbours could be contagious and not even know it or show symptoms.  Going to the market or to work could be deadly and issolation is your best means of survival.
This non-touching isolation lifestyle we'll be forced to adopt would eliminate freedom of assembly and protests, destroy any business that has to do with money and human contact, and the persistent elimination of human contact would reduce the remaining survivors to apathetic zombies without the will to live.  When the economy finally goes belly up they can blame the whole thing on Ebola and let the disease run it's course.  When things settle down, they'll emerge from their bunkers and introduce the new world economic plan we've all been waiting for.

But  then again, it's probably just another hoax like Sandy Hook.

BTW, I'm making 10 PPM colloidal silver, in my spare time.  Just let me know before you start bleeding from the eyes.             


kill the messenger... or not

Edward Snowden. Patriot, whistle blower, traitor. A year and a half ago, Ed secured a bunch of top secret stuff from the NSA computers that included everything from surveillance programs to long range plans to completely control the hearts and minds of every human on Earth, starting with American citizens and everyone with a phone or address. He managed to get out of the country unnoticed and launched his truth campaign on a TV interview from Hong Kong. On the run, with CIA and NSA hot on his heels, he landed in Russia just before the State Department cancelled his passport, preventing him from leaving. Every now and then, another top secret plan is released by Snowden that makes phone tapping pale by comparison.

The information he provided wasn't much of a secret. This stuff was all over the news for years. All Snowden did was validate it with the voice of authority and someone in the know. Yep, Ed is a true patriot, willing to give up everything for truth, justice, and the American way. A man without a country, hunted by every alphabet department the U.S. of A. can muster before Ed completely spills the beans, opens all the cans of worms, and blows the lid off our most precious secrets designed to keep Americans safe in a hostile world. One man against the best and the brightest minds in the intelligence community, with unlimited resources, who will never stop until Ed Snowden is captured, isolated, and water-boarded every day until the end of time for his heinous transgressions against the world's guardians of truth, justice, and freedom. But... On the other hand, he broke his contract with the government to never tell anyone what he found in their files. That's a 40 year sentence, right there. That pretty much explains why Ed is still in Russia with a revoked passport.

Clearly, Ed isn't doing as good as he once was. The Russian idea of luxury is better food, a large apartment, the best vodka, and lots of Russian babes. That's quite a change from living in Hawaii with his stripper girlfriend and a six figure income. Since Ed doesn't drink, it's a safe bet he never had a taste of Russian vodka, reducing his luxuries to decent food and a nice place to live with some carefully chosen babes to keep him company.

The world seems divided on what Ed is. Either patriot or traitor, saint or sinner, and no grey area between these polar opposites. I think there's a third option I don't hear on the main stream media, and if the MSM doesn't mention it, it's only because we're not supposed to know about it. All the more reason to explore it.

The big question is, why don't they just go get him if they want him so bad? They know where he is and tracked his movements from day one. A third rate private dick could find this guy and it should be a no-brainer if they can pinpoint the city. Everyone on the planet knows he's somewhere near Moscow. If they haven't gotten him by now, it only means they have no intention to get him, right?

My point is, Ed Snowden is still on the CIA payroll doing the job they sent him out to do. The cover story is he became an ex-patriot after discovering our freedoms were in danger after going through the NSA's files as a contractor. He gave up his life in paradise to become hunted by Big Brother's thugs in a vane attempt to let the world know what's really happening.

The reality is, Ed Snowden is a CIA operative directed to leak information on a timely basis to keep alive the idea we are all being watched by Big Brother and there's nothing we can do about it. A program that secretly reads your emails, records your phone conversations and texts, and tracks your internet surfing is meaningless if it's kept secret. Snowden is the voice of the man in the know. The authority that discloses top secrets, at the appropriate times, to remind us all that they can see us when we're sleeping, and know when we're awake, and know if we've been bad or good so be good goodness sake. He's truthful and honest and the proof is what he gave up for us. His motives can be questioned and debated but the information he releases can only be the truth. The narrative is the message and it's the one element that's taken as undisputed fact while the main focus is on whether he's a saint or sinner.

I gotta hand it to these guys. The plan is brilliant and it's doing just what it's supposed to do. Get the whole world in an uproar and choose one of two sides and fight over the reward or punishment of the messenger while fully accepting whatever narrative the messenger discloses. He's a hero, he's a traitor.

At least I know for sure my phones are tapped and I'm grateful for that.

Tuesday, October 07, 2014