Tuesday, December 23, 2014

we mean it, man

I was just thinking about the queen...

And then I quickly perished the thought.  I mean, it's Christmas and going off on a rant about that hangared, royal bitch and her whole putrid family would be counter-productive to the peace, harmony, and good will feeling I should be relishing.

I think Johnny Rotten said it best.  "No future for you."

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

another coil

Distilling basic alcohol is a relatively simple process.  Under the right conditions, you can turn water, sugar, and yeast into some high proof ethanol.  The trick is to refine the process using grain to produce something better than a low grade redneck vodka by allowing some of the flavor to get passed the distilling process.

Ethanol will vaporize around 174 degrees F. and running a rum or grain mash at this temperature will give you some high proof stuff but little character.

Running it fast and hot can help carry over some flavor, as long as your condenser can keep up with the higher temps.  Which got me working on the unit you see below.

Inside this three inch PVC pipe is about fifteen feet of tightly packed copper coil.  Cold water is introduced through the bottom hose and the warm water exits through the top.  It took a lot of trial and error to prove to myself which direction the water should flow.  Common sense says cold water at the top of the condenser should condense the vapour faster and lock in the flavor.  Some distillers introduce water through the base without a good explanation as to why.  I tried a few things and think I found the answer.

By using a 5 gallon condenser, I noticed higher proof and lower flavor when adding cold water to the top of the coil and more flavor when the water got hotter.  This got me to rig up a system introducing cold to the bottom while syphoning hot water from the top using a submersible pump.  I later added a ball valve to the syphon to adjust the flow.  The results were dramatic and proved that keeping the condenser fluid hot and progressively cooler towards the bottom produces the best flavors while keeping the alcohol percentage high.

Which brings me to this condenser pictured to the left.  It's a compact version of the 5 gallon bucket and coil condenser with the ability to regulate the coolant temperature by adjusting the water flow.  Slightly larger than a liebig with more coolant and 15 feet of copper tube makes this unit a nice addition to get the most from a hot running pot still.

I still haven't wrapped my head around why the coolant temperature has anything to do with flavor but I'm working on it.  Ideas?  Anyone?  

I wonder of Popcorn Sutton knew about this?

I plan to run this thing tonight to see if I'm on the right track.  I'll know in a few hours.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

I don't do windows

On or about Thanksgiving Day my computer died. I tried to boot it up and all I got was the continuous sound of my hard drive spinning up.  I tried again and although the lights were on, it became painfully obvious no one was home.  I tried booting from a Linux os from a flash drive and that was also a no go.
This comp was over 10 years old and horribly outdated.  Any kind of repair would require an updated mother board and the processor, cooler, fans, power supply, graphics, video, RAM sticks, and lots of other stuff to make it run also needed replacement.  Yeah.. time to get a new putter, alright.

I needed a comp right away and settled on a refurbished Dell from Walmart for like $100.  It had what I needed to get online, including a keyboard, mouse, and a Windows 7 operating system.  Hell, the os is worth that!  Unfortunately, the os was pre-installed on the hard drive.  What's worse is having to use a Windows operating system and even though Windows 7 is considered the best Windows os on the market, it still sucks balls.

This Dell pos is just about as exciting as Windows Millennium and clearly wasn't designed to handle anything beyond XP and they installed Win 7 only because Microshaft doesn't support XP anymore.  There's no PS/2 so I can say goodbye to the trackball that's been working perfectly for the last 16 years and hello to the Microsoftporn laser mouse that will be dead in six months and an equally lame keyboard that arrived dead on arrival.  That hundred dollar deal is looking like less of a bargain with each passing moment.

Now comes the fun part of taking orders from Microshaft's award winning os that everyone goes lollypops over.  Setting this thing up is just as tedious as any other Windows os.  I should point out that Win 7 is a little kinder than previous versions from that Microsoft line.  Instead of the hip music and over the top graphics the older versions used to generate excitement for the lame shit they included in every os that no one ever uses, Win 7 is more like your elderly aunt asking you about sex.  Not because she wants to know about your sex life but because she doesn't know anything about sex and wants you to tell her.  I mean, this machine with it's high tech operating system, that's the envy of the civilized world, had to ask me what time it was to set the computer clock.  Really?  My phone knows what time it is.  My Packard Bell knew what time it was.  This os doesn't even know what time it is?  Well, that makes me feel secure.  I won't even get into how this machine feels the need to stop working whenever I go to my mail.

And security...  Holy shit!  Windows is like a virus magnet and the best malware, virus, security, identity theft software out there is never enough and eventually you'll be paying some guy a bundle to get the bugs out before your hard drive is toast.  It's no accident Internet Explorer is the only browser you can use to download a good browser.  Just using IE for the short time it took me to download Firefox made me feel scummy all over.  You can't get rid of it either.  Delete IE and you can say bye bye to your award winning microshaft os.  Unless, of course, you had the original disk and choose not to include it with the install.  Ya know, the disk I didn't get.  Bastards.

Just using this comp with this os makes me feel like I'm using someone else’s computer.  Each day this thing keeps telling me I need to download something to do this or that.  The same program I downloaded on day one that took an hour out of my afternoon.  And the constant updates... Do this, download that, and downloading updates before shutdown and after startup.  Like your senile aunt telling you the same lame thing twenty times a day.

Fuck this.  I'm swapping hard drives and ending this microshaft madness.
Just cause my other comp died doesn't mean I can't use it for parts so I tore into this Dell and got stuck at step one.  The hard drive is under the dvd rom and it felt like it was glued in place.  After 15 minutes I got out the screwdrivers and pried the thing loose, only to find the reason it was stuck was because some genius of a technician hot glued the dvd rom to the case.  Oh man, this is getting better and better.  The hard drive dropped right in place but that dvd was messed up and I couldn't tell if it was from the screwdriver or the hot glue.  No matter, it's getting swapped too.  That's when I found out these refurbished Walmart pieces of crap are cobbled together with the absolute cheapest parts on the market.  Two wires fell off the power connector on the dvd and the connector was one of those crimp-type pieces of shit no one uses because they have a 100% failure rate.  When I mean fell off, I mean they fell off with the slightest touch and the only way to fix it proper is to swap out the power supply along with the worthless connectors. 

Before I take this thing back I might need to think up a good payback for Walmart.  Maybe filling up a cart full of deli chicken and leave it near the changing rooms, or hide cold-cuts under the socks.  Or maybe I can go to the site I got this machine from and leave a few comments, detailing Walmart's business practices.

Anyway, I put the wires together, closed the case, and fired it up.  Much to my surprise, the Linux os, on the hard drive booted up in seconds and didn't seem to care it was in another machine.  No stupid questions, no demands to download or install anything.  Firefox came up fast and remembered what pages I had open before the crash and getting there was as fast as before, only it seemed I had an internet connection problem.  I clicked the icon and Linux suggested my internet connection on the computer was loose.  No demands, no stupid wizard with pages and pages of multiple choice questions followed by a lame question asking if any of this crap helped.  Just a simple suggestion that happened to be the only solution.

I feel like I got my computer back and this Dell isn't all that bad, once I got rid of that Windblows filth and got a proper operating system.

Here's something to consider... Sony Pictures, victim of the mega hack attack last week, uses Window machines.  NSA uses Linux.  Which computer system do you think is more secure?    

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

bumping the storm

Starting tomorrow, November 26, we're supposed to get hammered with 6 inches of snow from the noreaster coming up from the southern US.  At least, that's what all the weather men are saying.  And I do mean ALL of them, as if every, single one of these guys looked out the window, researched their Farmer's Almanacs, and came to the same conclusion as to how much, when, and where all this snow will be dumped.  No straying from the herd here.  These weather guys all swing in the same direction and stick to their collective prognostications every bit as solid as the Ferguson protesters.  The core of human herd mentality for your mass media entertainment.

Anyone who has landed on this site in the past can probably guess this has something to do with weather, and right you are.  I mean, whenever the weatherman says something like 100% chance of this or that, I take it as a challenge and start looking for fresh batteries to fire up the cloudbuster and do my best to reduce his weather forecasting average to less than 40%.

I brought up a weather map of the east coast and, sure enough, there's a massive noreaster heading this way from the south and it's going to make getting around a little ugly for all those folks travelling for Thanksgiving.

What you see on the left is the configuration I've been using instead of the original cone for the central core.  This device is a 1" diameter copper pipe, three feet long, filled with insulated orgonite with a 3" DT crystal taped to the business end with aluminum tape.  The 8' galvanized stove pipe (not shown) completes the CB.

A frequency generator set at 14Hz powers up the field generator, which happens to be the same one I've had on this unit since I first put it together five years ago.

Has it really been that long?  I can't believe I not only have the same basic design but the same damn parts!  It just goes to show how versatile this thing can be.  I must've swapped out every part a dozen times attempting to improve it while keeping the same field generator, even though it's five generations behind the stuff I'm working on now.  I suppose I should consider a field generator upgrade but that can wait til spring.  I got some nasty weather to deal with and turkey day is the day after tomorrow.

Around 4pm, I fired up the CB and pointed it south south-west in an attempt to divert the storm away from this area.  According to the weather maps, it looks like I'll be adjusting the dish a little more to try and bump this storm east of here before going to bed.

Sorry Philly.

I'll keep ya posted.     


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

an orgonite discovery

From the time I made my first orgonite biscuit I've had some kind of orgonite in the bedroom to see how it affects my sleep.  I figured during sleep I'd have no preconceived notions and be more open to subtle changes.  Placing the piece under the bed was a no-brainer.

My dreams and sleep patterns have never been the same.  What used to be ordinary dreams of stories and things I know has been replaced with orgone enhanced dreams that focus on instruction, learning, and the wildest stuff even my fertile imagination could never conceive.  Most of these dreams are so out of the bounds of reality that there's no frame of reference in my awake state to hold the thought much more than a few moments after waking.  Too weird to compare them to anything familiar.

It's not just the difference in dream subject matter that's affected by orgonite but there's an unmistakable feeling or flavor in orgone enhanced sleep that's impossible to describe.  There are no words that can accurately describe it but I can tell when it's there and miss it if it's not.

Now, there's a guy I saw on YouTube who claims the negative energy enters orgonite through the bottom and exits through the top as healthy energy.  That's what this stuff is supposed to do, transmute DOR into POR.  He also claims the DOR, or bad energy, accumulates and concentrates at the base and spreads out horizontally, potentially making orgonite unhealthy if placed on a night stand, dresser, or any other surface at head level while you sleep.

Interesting theory but my own observations lead me to believe this might not be completely accurate.  It's worth investigating so I set up a simple experiment by putting all the orgonite in the bedroom on the floor to see what happens.

The first night, although I had a deep, restful sleep, I had a total absence of dreams, or at least I couldn't remember having any.  This continued for a week and each night was as uneventful as the one before.  There were a few dreams about ordinary stuff but nothing to write home about.  In other words, sleep time became boring and I remembered why I used to stay up late and wake up early before I got into nocturnal orgonite enhancement...  Sleep is just a waste of time. 

I was getting enough restful sleep, which should be a good thing, but I noticed little changes during the day that made my workday seem longer and more like a chore.  The little bits of bullshit I used to take in stride became more pronounced and bothersome and I found little joy in my work.  Even my free time lacked inspiration and surfing the internet gave me the feeling there were trillions of web sites and no place to go.

On the seventh day I remembered the experiment and realized I completely forgot I put all the orgonite on the floor.  I dutifully returned the units to where I had them before and went to bed, like it was just another lacklustre chore I had to put up with.

The next morning I opened my eyes and sat straight up in bed, like someone lit a fire under my ass.  A notebook in one hand and a pen in the other and my head was still full of multi-dimensional mother ships, huge, yellowish, bell shaped things, slow motion missile strikes in Nebraska, bodies in a box of dirt getting ready for a wedding, waterboarding vending machines, Helen Keller action figures, unfamiliar dream people, forms without fleshy substance, vagal stimulation is as effective as LSD, and tons of other stuff my waking brain was unable to hold on to as it all slipped into forgetfulness.  Now, THAT was an orgone enhanced dream!

I spent the next week repeating the experiment and each night's dreams were weirder then the one before.  The changes in my awake hours were equally dramatic.  Work was more fun and those bits of corporate bullshit that bothered me so much are now something to laugh at because I can do this stuff standing on my head.  I'm a leaf on the wind, a bending reed, and if these guys want to get me down they need to try harder.  I no longer walked at work.  I strode, strutted, stretched my legs, stepped up my gait, put a spring in my step, and when it was time to smell the roses I strolled.  Multi-tasking?  Are you serious, dude?  I can do that in my sleep!  Literally.
It didn't take long to formulate a theory.  The guy who said orgonite placed on the night stand was bad, didn't take into consideration that orgonite might do a better job at pulling negative energy than we can.  The close proximity of the DOR pulling base to a prone body might extract all that negative crap we collect through the day and transmute it to healthy, life-enhancing energy.  This might account for my physical, mental, and emotional improvements compared to the orgone-free week before.  I'm discounting the placebo effect because I had completely forgotten about the experiment.  I expected nothing from this experiment because it wasn't on my mind.  The only change is the orgonite placement.  I suppose I can repeat the experiment for another week but that will have to wait.  I'm having way too much fun right now to go back to normal life.

That's it!  The reason my dreams were boring and uneventful and being awake totally sucked the life out of me was because, for the first time in many years, I was normal, ordinary, bland, banal, just like damn near everyone else I know.  Only, in my case, it was sudden and abrupt and I felt what it was like to be transformed into a normal, ordinary guy in hours instead of working on it for a whole lifetime like everyone else. 

Knowing this fills me with sorrow and pity for the human race and I can now understand why most people don't even realize they inhabit a prison planet.
As anyone into this stuff can tell you, orgonite is the key to your prison door and it took me a week to get first hand proof.

Just thinking about this gives me the chills and makes me want to make some high quality HHGs for people who so desperately need them.  I figure if you got this far you might be interested in the next line. 

Just ask and I'll send you something that will change your life for the better, FREE. 

It's not enough to get the good energy in from an HHG under the bed but equally important to get the bad stuff out as well.

Like a de-tox for your soul.



Tuesday, October 14, 2014

ready for the cold and ebola season?

It's that time of the year when Uncle Sam brings out a new boogie man.  Bird flu, Swine flu, anthrax have all run their course with threats and warnings about pandemics and plagues in an attempt to get everyone inoculated with the latest round of vaccines.  This time it's Ebola, the nastiest virus modern science managed to produce, just in time for Halloween.

Every day a new story comes out how whole hospitals are wiped out from contact with the wrong patient.  Ya think AIDS was bad?  This stuff you can get from a door knob and die within weeks without the benefit of getting laid to get it.  Not to worry because the same guys that invented Ebola are working real hard on a vaccine to cure it.  It should be in Walmart by black friday.

Believe it or not, there is a cure for Ebola but no one wants to talk about it.

Formerly classified documents obtained from the U.S. Department of Defence (DOD) reveal that antimicrobial silver solutions like the kind Natural Solutions Foundation is trying to deliver to Africa have proven benefits in fighting Ebola and other forms of hemorrhagic fever. Research conducted by the DOD and several other federal agencies back in 2008 confirmed this, though health regulators largely ignored it.

A presentation entitled "Silver Nanoparticles Neutralize Hemorrhagic Fever Viruses," which revealed exactly what its name suggests, was buried and kept secret for years. In essence, investigators determined that simple silver solutions neutralize viruses like Arenavirus and Filovirus, both of which are related to Ebola.

Interestingly, the research was conducted with the backing of the DOD's Defence Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) and the U.S. Strategic Command Center for Combating Weapons of Mass Destruction. A presentation was given by researchers from the Applied Biotechnology Branch, 711th Human Performance Wing of the Air Force Research Laboratory. 

I think that's pretty noteworthy, and so do a lot of other people who sent shipments of 10PPM colloidal silver to Sierra Leone to help counter the Ebola epidemic.  Unfortunately, these shipments have all been sent back by order of the WHO, three times.  Natural Solutions Foundation sent the shipments after the WHO announced any experimental help was needed.  The shipments never got past Paris.
Why would WHO refuse the application of colloidal silver for Ebola patients when dozens of studies show its effectiveness in fighting this horrible disease?

Why indeed.  Could there be a political agenda to let all these people die a horrible death?  Ya think it might have something to do with the massive profits the pharmaceutical companies will rake in when WHO orders every human being on the planet to get the vaccine?  Is this finally the out of control plague the people in charge have been itching for?  How does a very contagious pandemic fit in to the upcoming world wide economic collapse?  Is this the start of a radical depopulation effort?

Homeland Security recently purchased billions of rounds of ammo.  Many CIA personnel, mid-level government bureaucrats, people in the know, and ex-patriots who saw the writing on the wall have left the U.S. to relocate to S. America.  Obama has gone out of his way to keep the southern borders open and the planes flying Ebola carriers in and out of the country, unchecked.  The basic essentials, like haz-mat suits you'd expect to see when the cops bust a meth lab, are almost non-existent in Dallas and anywhere else that has an international airport with direct flights from Liberia.  It's starting to make sense why they built all those FEMA camps years ago.

So, what's gonna happen?  Maybe a containment drill to quarantine a city like Dallas.  Maybe nothing at all if everyone hurries to Walmart for their free shots.  Or maybe it'll be the start of the zombie apocalypse with us as the zombies.  This might solve the problem of American soldiers refusing to shoot American citizens.  Kinda changes things if they die if they get too close.  Shoot from a distance and don't take chances.

Already we learned a lot from African nations with Ebola.  No one shakes hands or touches anyone.  No one stands next to anyone at the bus stop and no one wants to stand in line.  Your friends, family, or neighbours could be contagious and not even know it or show symptoms.  Going to the market or to work could be deadly and issolation is your best means of survival.
This non-touching isolation lifestyle we'll be forced to adopt would eliminate freedom of assembly and protests, destroy any business that has to do with money and human contact, and the persistent elimination of human contact would reduce the remaining survivors to apathetic zombies without the will to live.  When the economy finally goes belly up they can blame the whole thing on Ebola and let the disease run it's course.  When things settle down, they'll emerge from their bunkers and introduce the new world economic plan we've all been waiting for.

But  then again, it's probably just another hoax like Sandy Hook.

BTW, I'm making 10 PPM colloidal silver, in my spare time.  Just let me know before you start bleeding from the eyes.             


kill the messenger... or not

Edward Snowden. Patriot, whistle blower, traitor. A year and a half ago, Ed secured a bunch of top secret stuff from the NSA computers that included everything from surveillance programs to long range plans to completely control the hearts and minds of every human on Earth, starting with American citizens and everyone with a phone or address. He managed to get out of the country unnoticed and launched his truth campaign on a TV interview from Hong Kong. On the run, with CIA and NSA hot on his heels, he landed in Russia just before the State Department cancelled his passport, preventing him from leaving. Every now and then, another top secret plan is released by Snowden that makes phone tapping pale by comparison.

The information he provided wasn't much of a secret. This stuff was all over the news for years. All Snowden did was validate it with the voice of authority and someone in the know. Yep, Ed is a true patriot, willing to give up everything for truth, justice, and the American way. A man without a country, hunted by every alphabet department the U.S. of A. can muster before Ed completely spills the beans, opens all the cans of worms, and blows the lid off our most precious secrets designed to keep Americans safe in a hostile world. One man against the best and the brightest minds in the intelligence community, with unlimited resources, who will never stop until Ed Snowden is captured, isolated, and water-boarded every day until the end of time for his heinous transgressions against the world's guardians of truth, justice, and freedom. But... On the other hand, he broke his contract with the government to never tell anyone what he found in their files. That's a 40 year sentence, right there. That pretty much explains why Ed is still in Russia with a revoked passport.

Clearly, Ed isn't doing as good as he once was. The Russian idea of luxury is better food, a large apartment, the best vodka, and lots of Russian babes. That's quite a change from living in Hawaii with his stripper girlfriend and a six figure income. Since Ed doesn't drink, it's a safe bet he never had a taste of Russian vodka, reducing his luxuries to decent food and a nice place to live with some carefully chosen babes to keep him company.

The world seems divided on what Ed is. Either patriot or traitor, saint or sinner, and no grey area between these polar opposites. I think there's a third option I don't hear on the main stream media, and if the MSM doesn't mention it, it's only because we're not supposed to know about it. All the more reason to explore it.

The big question is, why don't they just go get him if they want him so bad? They know where he is and tracked his movements from day one. A third rate private dick could find this guy and it should be a no-brainer if they can pinpoint the city. Everyone on the planet knows he's somewhere near Moscow. If they haven't gotten him by now, it only means they have no intention to get him, right?

My point is, Ed Snowden is still on the CIA payroll doing the job they sent him out to do. The cover story is he became an ex-patriot after discovering our freedoms were in danger after going through the NSA's files as a contractor. He gave up his life in paradise to become hunted by Big Brother's thugs in a vane attempt to let the world know what's really happening.

The reality is, Ed Snowden is a CIA operative directed to leak information on a timely basis to keep alive the idea we are all being watched by Big Brother and there's nothing we can do about it. A program that secretly reads your emails, records your phone conversations and texts, and tracks your internet surfing is meaningless if it's kept secret. Snowden is the voice of the man in the know. The authority that discloses top secrets, at the appropriate times, to remind us all that they can see us when we're sleeping, and know when we're awake, and know if we've been bad or good so be good goodness sake. He's truthful and honest and the proof is what he gave up for us. His motives can be questioned and debated but the information he releases can only be the truth. The narrative is the message and it's the one element that's taken as undisputed fact while the main focus is on whether he's a saint or sinner.

I gotta hand it to these guys. The plan is brilliant and it's doing just what it's supposed to do. Get the whole world in an uproar and choose one of two sides and fight over the reward or punishment of the messenger while fully accepting whatever narrative the messenger discloses. He's a hero, he's a traitor.

At least I know for sure my phones are tapped and I'm grateful for that.

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

got disease?

The last time I made colloidal silver was when I traded some for a haircut a few months ago.  I'll make a pint at a time, half goes to Tammy, who shares it with people she knows, and the other half is divided up for me and a few other people who I supply.  There's no reason I shouldn't make more than a pint every now and then to stock up but I figure I can make it on the fly when needed.  I've been slacking off making this stuff but today I have the time, inclination, and need to make a batch.

There must be hundreds of devices on the market designed to make colloidal silver and many more people just sell it to folks who don't want to make their own, at a cost just under the spot price for silver.  When you cut through all the fancy hardware on every kit on the market, it comes down to 9 volts DC going through two silver rods in distilled water.  The electrolytic action brings out nano particles of silver into the water.  Crude, simple, and effective.

I decided to increase the PPM in this new batch by adding a couple drops of a saline solution made with Himalayan salt and distilled water.  Distilled water has very little conductivity and the saline solution should shorten the time making it as well as increase it's potency.  The difference is dramatic, producing the same potency in one third the time.

If you don't know about colloidal silver, you should.  Since ancient times, silver has been used as an antimicrobial to preserve food and fight infection.  Before refrigeration it was common practice to drop a silver dollar in milk to keep it fresh.  In the early 20th century, allopathic medicine monopolized all medicine practice, favoring synthetic pharmaceuticals over the time tested natural cures.  Antibiotics began to lose favor as various organisms became antibiotic resistant, and silver products in the form of liquid particle suspensions began to emerge.

During the 80's Syracuse University and UCLA School of Medicine began lab testing colloidal silver and found it to be highly effective against bacteria, viruses, and fungal infections, even those that were antibiotic resistant.  One such antibiotic resistant bacteria, MRSA, began to plague hospitals, causing serious infections in patients that resulted in long term hospitalization or death.  Hospitals began using silver coated surgical and catheter medical instruments as well as silver ointments and dressings to prevent MRSA infections.  As hospitals are enjoying the reduction of malpractice suits as a direct result of using silver as the only method of fighting hospital born bacteria, they still officially claim the use of colloidal silver has absolutely no benefit.  Independent research using a protocol consisting of MSM, DMSO, and colloidal silver was found to have a far superior success rate at naturally reversing cancer than the traditional allopathic methods of cutting, burning, and poisoning the patient.       

Of course, the Mayo Clinic has nothing positive to say about colloidal silver except for the standard disinfo about turning blue if you use it.  I'd expect so much from this premier allopathic gatekeeper.  I'll bet they take turns rectally inserting each other with gerbils tied to silver catheters.
My own experience with colloidal silver is nothing short of amazing.  Topically, it'll start the healing process on cuts, scrapes, and road rash within minutes of the first application.  Taken internally, it appears to create a second immune system to fight off infections before they get a foothold.  Use of an atomizer to direct colloidal silver into the lungs has reversed bronchitis, at least as well as antibiotics, without the side effects.  It seems nothing negative to your system can survive in a colloidal silver solution.
It's not a cure-all.  It won't get rid of my tennis elbow but it's damn good at preventing the flu and getting rid of a cold and about 650 a shitload of viral and bacteriological problems antibiotics can't touch.  To put it simply, it does this by permeating the bacteria or virus and attacking it's ability to reproduce, leaving a neutered cell with a very short lifespan.
You may have noticed a tremendous increase in health problems recently.  Types of cancer that were once rare are almost commonplace.  Salmonella, which was always in our food supply, has now become a major problem, not because there is more of it but because our weaker immune systems don't function like they should.  Morgellons disease appeared shortly after aerosol spraying began, indicating chemtrails are the cause with tons of independent research to back it up.  Don't get me started on lupus, H1N1, HIV, AIDS, and tons of other diseases that escaped the government labs.  Virology and oncology are up, human life expectancy is down.  But CDC researchers weren't able to determine if Morgellons disease is a new disorder or simply another name for delusional parasitosis.
Ebola has been in the news lately.  There's never been a case of ebola in North America until we imported it in a few months ago in hopes of producing a vaccine to save lives.  Our scientific community has a less than stellar track record for containing infectious diseases and you can bet the farm ebola is in the process of becoming weaponized as we speak.
I can't think of a better reason to stock up on colloidal silver.
Can you?               


Saturday, September 13, 2014

tired of waiting

The other night I was dreaming while The Kinks tune, Tired of Waiting played over and over in my dream background, like this was the only record in the juke box.  After a while, the dream became the background as I paid more attention to the tune.  I can't recall the last time I heard this tune in waking life but I knew the lyrics as if I wrote them yesterday.  The mark of a great song is hearing it once and it stays with you for the rest of your life.  Doubly so for the lyrics.
As this song continued to play over and over I couldn't help wondering if Dave Davies loosened his guitar strings to produce that unique Kink sound.

The flavor of this dream was unmistakably orgone enhanced.  It had that familiar feel that can only come from a powered up field generator on the other side of the house, in this case, Jupiter 2 with a fist sized chuck of crystal on top of it.  Although Jupiter 2 has been running non-stop for a couple years, it wasn't till the night of these dreams that I realized it didn't have a top orb to direct the energy, and I simply used this big chunk of quartz in place of the orb and went to bed.  No wonder my dreams were so pedestrian last month.

Note to self... Check the field generator from time to time to make sure it has all its parts.  

The next morning I got on the computer, searched for Tired of Waiting, and played the first video that came up.  Half way down the comment section I read... "dave davies used to loosen cords to get that great  twang the best band EVER"

Godam, I love these little synchronisities!


Thursday, September 11, 2014

predicting 911 dirty bomb "false flag" attack

by John Kimber for Veterans Today

[Editor's note: It turns out to be possible to create a fission bomb, not just a "dirty" bomb, from the materials of which ISIS has taken possession. Gordon Duff has recently published several articles about this here at VT. A caller to The New York Daily News last Friday threaten to nuke 1 World Trade Center, which turned out to be a hoax. The 13th observance of 9/11 is this Thursday.]
My “top ten” reasons for predicting, and thereby helping to defeat, a new “false flag” attack on 9/11 are as follows:

1)  ISIS were conveniently left 88 pounds of uranium compounds in Mosul in July – perfect for making dirty bombs, and for dirty bomb predictive programming. Like al-Qaeda, ISIS are a CIA founded and controlled group.
The CIA and Mossad are notorious for carrying out false flag attacks, including the 9/11 joint operation. The ISIS leader may be a Mossad agent.

2) U.K. Prime Sinister David Cameron, hyped the ISIS terror threat, and raised the official terror threat level to “SEVERE”/highly likely, on 8/29/14. The level had remained at “SUBSTANTIAL” since the 11th of July 2011 (7/11/11). Cameron is also preparing to bomb Iraq and Syria, and needs a good excuse, especially for bombing Syria.

3) At the end of March, Obama, Cameron, Merkel and other leaders took part in a dirty bomb role-playing game, at a nuclear terrorism conference. A similar role-playing exercise occurred a year before the London 7/7 bombings: the scenario closely matched the real events of 7/7/05.

4) ISIS are the CIA’s al-Qaeda 2.0, and therefore 9/11/14 is the perfect day for “revenge attacks” against the U.S. and U.K. If there are attacks on 9/11/14, half of America has been programmed to say or believe “those G.D. Muzzies hit us hard again!”.

5) Dirty bomb drills have been repeatedly conducted in the U.S. and U.K. Dirty bombs are much easier to make or acquire than conventional/real nuclear weapons, and are therefore far more plausible as a terrorist weapon.

6) Dirty bomb attacks fit the pattern of previous false flag attacks – plenty of terror but little disruption. Dirty bombs are relatively harmless, but according to the exercise mentioned in point/reason 3, the danger will be greatly exaggerated.

7) There has been massive predictive programming for nuclear terror attacks in “fiction” – numerous TV shows and movies have included nuclear terrorism plots. “Jericho” (2006-8) and “Operation Blackjack” (2009) are the most detailed examples. 8 cities are simultaneously attacked/bombed in “Operation Blackjack”, which contained the hidden message “Predictive Programming 2.0”. 9/11 was similarly foretold in “fiction”.

8) Obama/the CIA needs a excuse to attack Syria, Iran, and the DHS’s primary “terrorism concern” (i.e. target) “right-wing gun owners”. False flag attacks, allegedly carried out by “Muslims plus domestic extremists”, would be ideal. This is the plot of “Operation Blackjack”.

9) Occult numerology is a hallmark of false flag attacks. 9/11/14 is unlucky 13 years after 9/11/01, and Cameron’s ISIS statement plus 13 days is 9/11/14. 13 is also associated with death and upheaval in numerology. 8 is the sun worshippers/Freemasons number, as in 88 lbs of uranium and 888 pages in The Warren Commission Report. Masons serve Satan, whose number is 9.

10) The Neocons, who are behind most false flag operations, are hyping the ISIS threat. Lt. Gen. McInerney has even suggested attacks specifically on 9/11/14, partly to bury a new book about the Benghazi Scandal (due 9/9/14). The fake assassination of Osama bin Laden in 2011 buried Obama’s fake birth certificate, and the Sandy Hook Hoax buried his treasonous preparations for a U.S. civil war/military coup – 1.5 billion hollow point bullets etc.

As mentioned above, publicizing potential attacks on a specific date is a good way of preventing them. Hundreds of phone calls to radio shows on 9/11/14 saying, “this was a predicted government false flag operation, and here are 10 reasons why”, would cause problems.

John Kimber graduated in economics and psychology in the UK and frequently publishes on Before It’s News.

Saturday, September 06, 2014

hornet winter prediction

I came upon this hornets nest by accident last Sunday.  Unless you got right on top of it you'd never see it.  Judging by its size, about the size of an average cantaloupe, I'd say these little guys have been busy all summer.

Situated about head height on a single low branch in the yard, I'm amazed no one crashed into it.  Lucky for them, because hornets will send the whole hive after an attacker and can sting multiple times in the most sensitive areas of a human body.  Like the inside of a knee, the neck, an arm pit, anywhere around a face, up your pant leg stinging the most sensitive parts of your anatomy as you run through the neighbourhood waving your arms and screaming like a little girl.  If you find one of these things, it's best to leave it alone or suffer the consequences.

But some people just have to mess with a hornets nest when they see one, which is why I decided to not tell anyone at the party.  I figured if they knew, sooner or later I'd have to ask a few questions to some swollen faced people getting ready for a trip the the ER.  "How did it happen?  Did ya not see it?  Were ya fuckin with it?"

Anyway, this hornets nest was built about six feet off the ground, indicating you'll have some snow but not as much as our more recent winters.  Hornets have a good sense of how much snow we'll get and they always build their nests high enough to keep it away from snow damage.  Earlier this season I found a small hornets nest being built under the cb dish, about two and a half feet off the ground, indicating much less snow than previous years.  I suspect this new nest was built by the survivors after their first nest was destroyed, indicating survival of the species overrules the best location.

If only humans were to take a few tips from hornets.

If only humans were able to get it together and rebuild after a tragedy instead of sitting on their collective asses, waiting for someone to do it for them.
If only humans were able to eliminate their petty differences and do whatever they can to secure the survival of their species.
If only humans could take care of themselves by taking care of the group.
If only humans could be non-aggressive unless attacked or provoked.
If only humans would attack their aggressors with such fierce, collective ferocity that a second attack would be out of the question.

If humans were to realize that survival of the species is everybody's business we probably wouldn't be running all over the place like a kid poking a hornets nest with a stick.

One tip we can take from the hornets is to stock up on heating fuel and food.  It's gonna be a cold winter.        

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

it's time to drink

Mothers against drunk driving, or MADD, was instituted in 1980 by Candice Lightner as a result of the death of her child from a drunk driver.  She quit that organization a few years later when MADD's mission statement morphed from getting the drunk drivers off the road to the neo-prohibitionist atmosphere we have now.

Since then DUI check points are everywhere, beer excise taxes increased to match those of spirits, primary enforcement of seat belt laws were enacted in all states, a national traffic safety fund was developed, and the national minimum drinking age act was made into law with loss of federal highway dollars for states who didn't go along with this plan.  There's much more than these few points but you get the idea.  Alcohol = bad.

Up until the mid 80's, the real movers and shakers in congress were drunks.  Most of the deals made by lawmakers came from a democrat and a republican in a bar getting hammered on alcohol, tossing each other accolades.

"You're my buddy."  No, YOU'RE my buddy.  Barteener, another round of martoonies.  So, what's the deal on this supply side economics thing?"

Guys getting shitfaced and working out deals is as old as civilization.  A tried and true bonding ritual practised by every booze swilling club, corporation, and nation on Earth to grease the wheels of negotiation through lowered inhibitions in order to hammer out the best deal for all concerned.

The three martini lunch was more than a mid-day drunkards fest.  It was a necessary business tool used to spark creativity and unleash that brain-storming edge to propel your company to heights the sober minded could never imagine.

Every major player on the world stage had their drink of choice that set them apart from other nations and identified them as to who they were.
U.S.S.R. had vodka, England had whiskey, France had absinthe, Italy had wine, USA had bourbon, and Germany had beer as their national drinking treasure.  So powerful was the association of a nation to it's alcoholic beverage that a citizen's patriotism was measured by the amount they can consume of their nation's booze of choice.  French soldiers had absinthe as part of their rations, Stolichnaya is still the vodka high water mark, and Bavaria is the only place to go if you want the best beer on the planet.  Every American holiday has copious amounts of beer to go along with the hot-dogs, cheeseburgers, and potato salad as a permanent holiday staple.

The American love for beer can be credited to the Germans that settled in North America and set up breweries in the colonies to quench the thirst of hard working men.  It was in the taverns where beer and rum swilling patriots talked treason and hatched the plan to fight the whiskey drinking English and stick it to King George.  It's no mistake that the German cities of Frankfurt and Hamburg were respectfully chosen as the names of the two most identifiable foods on the American revolution holiday menu with lots of beer to wash it down.

America truly is a melting pot of the best booze the world has ever seen.  California and New York state produce wine almost as wonderful as the best European wines.  The Scots and Irish escaped Pittsburgh after the Whiskey Rebellion and took up shop in Tennessee and Kentucky to perfect sour mash whiskey and bourbon.  Schmidt's, Schaefer, Anheuser-Busch, Pabst.... need I say more?

Every executive, politician, and journalist had a bottle and two glasses in their desk drawer and some mixed bromo with scotch on particularly stressful days.  Every limo had a full bar and cocktails before dinner was an accepted reality.  Winston Churchill wouldn't get out of bed before his first glass of whiskey and a fresh cigar, Hemingway wrote, The Sun Also Rises, while he was half in the bag, and U.S. Grant was so shitfaced during the civil war he couldn't stop throwing up on his bugler.  And these guys got the job done.

Today, we have a population that's been conditioned to believe alcohol is evil in every way, shape, and form.  Get a DUI and you can look forward to not only losing your licence for a year but get random tests to make sure you're not drinking while in the comfort of your own home.  Jail time if your PO stops by and sees a beer in your fridge.

Meanwhile, the guys in congress who made these laws are going to the congressional gym, playing golf, drinking bottled water, and remain in total opposition with anyone on the other side of the isle and nothing gets done.  Compromise has been replaced with Machiavellian tactics like passing the bill to see what's in it.  Once everyone sees it and doesn't like it, it's too late cause that's what the law says and everyone is more pissed off than before and mistrust turns to blind stupidity and the walls get a little thicker.

We need to provide congress with the tools needed to turn this ship of state around before it's too late.  I propose we make it mandatory that all members of congress start drinking before roll call and continue drinking until they're off the clock.  For public safety, all members of congress will be picked up at their homes and transported to and from work by way of the congressional drunk bus, where there is always an open bar.  Seatbelts are mandatory and Homeland Security will mix the drinks.  Breathalysers will be stationed at the capital to maintain strict blood/alcohol levels under the watchful eye of capital police.

Yeah, I hear ya.  Dream on.

How did things get this way?  Did congress turn prohibitionist when we weren't looking?  Did the non-drinking Middle East nations have anything to do with this?  Hmmmm.....

Drinking is forbidden in the Middle East and those guys can't agree on anything.  Compromise isn't in the Middle Eastern dictionary.  For thousands of years, disputes were settled by prolonged periods of vocal outcry with intermittent gunshots and the occasional beheading, with no hope of resolution.  Tribal factions refused to see past their own petty problems, resulting in scattered pockets of bitching men whose only joy in life was watching their enemies bleed and the occasional clitoral mutilation.

In 1990, for the first time in combat history, Desert Shield foreign troops were forbidden alcohol as part of the deal to park their military equipment in the desert.  Could this practice of sobriety manage to get a foothold in American politics?


Drinking is forbidden in Congress and those guys can't agree on anything.  Compromise isn't in the Republican/Democrat dictionary.  For years, disputes were settled by prolonged periods of vocal outcry with intermittent gunshots and the occasional beheading, with no hope of resolution.  Tribal factions refused to see past their own petty problems, resulting in scattered pockets of bitching men whose only joy in life is watching their enemies bleed and the occasional clitoral mutilation.

MY GOD!  I think I'm on to something! 


Thursday, August 14, 2014

curing automotive emphysema

My Ford Expedition, affectionately known as The Exxon Valdez because of it's insane gas-guzzling capabilities, has been going through a few upgrades in an attempt to improve it's horrendous gas mileage. Earlier this year I installed a K&N cold air intake in order to improve airflow to the engine. I figured I'd get a slight improvement but I never expected such a dramatic increase in horsepower and throttle response. It's like this machine was suddenly cured of a lifetime of asthma. Instead of labouring to get up to speed, this thing jumps when you touch the gas and feels like a 4 ton muscle car.   That mod gave me an extra 4 mpg. 

Well, it breathes in ok but that exhaust still needed some work. The original exhaust system had 4 catalytic converters and 4 O2 sensors that I quickly reduced by half for better air flow. That, and 4 cats are just way too many. Hell, if I could get away with it I'd scrap all the cats, the whole computer system, and every sensor I could find to bring it down to 1968 simplicity. Only then could I install an HHO system and stop making all those expensive trips to the gas station. I'm not giving up on the HHO. I just need to figure out how to bypass all them damn sensors first. One step at a time.

Cars, just like humans, inhale and exhale and it's one thing to get the air in and another to get it out so I installed a backcat system, turning my single pipe exhaust into duels in an attempt to cure my car's emphysema and boost my gas mileage. Mike, my mechanic, got right on it and cut the old exhaust off and started sizing things up. I love watching this guy work. He's a true artist and watching him design, build, and install a complete exhaust system from scratch is truly a sight to behold. As he was bending and flaring pipe I looked around and noticed a complete absence of the typical jungle of pre-bent pipes filling space on the back wall of every other muffler shop you'll find. He had tons of long, straight pipe tucked away in the corner and this is the stuff he works with. The system he built for my caravan ten years ago is just as solid as the day it was installed and I expect this new system will most likely outlast the car.

As I mentioned, I wanted this modification to increase my gas mileage but I knew it was gonna sound different from factory and I couldn't wait to fire it up. Those twin pipes sound nice and throaty. A deep rumble with a laid-back, suppressed roar. Godam, this thing never sounded so good. Like it got a new pair of lungs and was ready to scream. I goosed the throttle and could hear a slight cackle as it backed off. "That's to be expected from a properly breathing, balanced V8", says Mike as we stood behind the vehicle and listened to the mellow hum idle.

I took the long way home through back roads to check the response and groove on the rumble as I took turns a little faster than usual. This thing wanted to go in a big way. I felt I was holding it back like a thoroughbred going to the gate. As soon as I got on the interstate, I passed all those trucks going through construction and opened it up a little and settled into 80mph at just under 2k. Not bad. Checking for speed traps and cops and taking note that everyone else on the highway was well over the speed limit, I figured it was safe to bump the pedal and got it up to 90 on an open stretch with the tach around 2.4 grand. Yesterday I was driving to work doing 50 at 3k and thought THAT was a massive improvement from the factory intake. This is a definite improvement and I can't wait to do a mileage check.

I'm sure at least one neighbour noticed a volume change as I rumbled into the driveway to dock the Exxon Valdez but I didn't do this mod just to make it sound awesome. I'd be happy with the horse power and gas mileage improvement with total silence out the pipes, but ya can't have it both ways and I'll settle for awesome sound and performance over quiet and bland any day. At least the American car love affair isn't dead, yet.

The total cost for the intake and exhaust was a little more than an average car payment, which is one reason I don't do payments.  

Yeah, those are field generators I planned to install over the gas tank until I decided on another orgone approach involving an array of passive units with an improved shape.

I'll keep ya posted on that.

One certainty about life is there's always room for constant improvement.

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Thursday, June 26, 2014

free orgonite

I saw a design like this on the internet a while ago and wondered how they made it.  I figured it must be very difficult to make, since the cost was something like $40.  
About a week ago I figured out how to make these things and the process isn't as difficult as I first thought.  In fact, it's falling-off-a-log simple and the small size allows a fast curing time.  The elegant doughnut shape means you don't need to engineer a way to mount it on a chain.  This is as simple as it gets in a 3D world.

Aside from it's primal sophistication, the best part is what's in it.  Black iron oxide, powdered quartz, and resin.  This unit has about a half teaspoon of iron oxide with a couple grams of powdered quartz crystal to ramp it up.  Ordinarily, I'd use crushed quartz sand but the smaller mass of this unit requires something better...  Clear quartz pulverized to the consistency of confectioners sugar.  I also threw in some wheat flour as an organic and to make it more pleasant to the touch.  The torus shape allows an energy signature similar to the magnetic field on an electric motor and is ideal for concentrating the max amount of energy from a small orgonite mass.  

Since this unit is made from extremely dense orgonite material and requires some kind of stimulation to make it work, I figure what better place than over your heart?  Your heart is basically an electric motor switching polarities from + to - that contracts and expands in waves to keep your blood moving.  An over simplification of heart mechanics but my point is it's enough to give this ring a bump to get it working.  There's also movement from breathing, moving, talking, and all those thousands of frequencies your organs crank out to the universe in a symphony that is unique to you alone.  

Just cause ya can't hear it doesn't mean we're not putting out a lot of noise.  I imagine any higher life form that can hear the frequency cacophony we're all emitting will probably interpret it as the primal scream wailing of sociopathic monkey-men in emotional blood lust agony.  No wonder they stay away from us.  

Anyway... as I was taking my morning shower, the thought came to me that giving these things away to anyone who asks would be the thing to do.  It's not only a karmic thing but gives me the opportunity to do some cheap research.  It will also be good for you by instilling and reinforcing the attitude that you CAN get something just by asking for it.  

Drop me a line and ask for a free ring and I'll send one to you free of charge.  Free means no charge of any kind.  No postage.  No handling.  Just, plain, free.  I'll even ship international.  These things are small and light weight.  How much can it cost to ship to the most desolate place on the planet?  Don't worry about it.  As I said.  It's FREE.  Free, that is, while supplies last.  

BUT... There's a catch.  If I send you one of these, just use it and try to let me know your experience with it.  That's all.  I know most people won't report back but some will and I'm just playing a numbers game here.  Throw enough mud on a wall and some of it sticks.  It's the reports I get back that count.

Besides, free is always good.


Friday, June 20, 2014

punkin 1

I was talking with a friend about orgone field generators and how the shape determines the energy flow.  Eventually, the discussion navigated me to free-form tangent mode, rambling on about the perfect shape for a toroidal field generator and I found myself in a vocal rant on orgone energy flow theory and the positive and negative aspects of various pastry cookware.  The idea of a bundt cake mold came to mind as quite possibly the perfect shape.

I thought about a bundt mold years ago and disregarded the shape, primarily because it wasn't smooth and I thought an angel-food cake pan showed more promise.  But the more I thought about it, the more obsessed I got with the shape and began to consider the decorative ridges going from the outside edge to the open center might actually help to structure the energy flow in that unique wrap around way only a powered up orgonite toroid can do.

While still talking and ranting about shapes and energy flow, part of my mind was doing an on-hand inventory of the materials needed for this project.

...bla, bla, bla, cascading densities...  
round cake pan, check.

...bla, bla, bla, mobius coil, maybe 24 gauge...
I still have that extra gallon of resin I bought last month, check. 

...It's the shape, man.  That toroid shape that makes it happen!...   
There's a spool of wire in the back room next to the pyramid molds, check. 

 ...And those ridges that go from large on the outside to small on the inside should direct all that energy to the business end, the center vortex, baby!...   
I know I saw a bundt cake pan in Kmart for under ten bucks.  Iron oxide, powdered copper, vasoline, check, check, check.

I couldn't wait to start.  And just as expected, the project was a sloppy, disorganized, chaotic, improvisational mess from start to finish.  Yeah, I make orgonite like I cook.  A pinch of this, a handful of that, a few last minute changes, some gravy stains, and a surprise every time.

This project was no exception.

This aint your regular bundt cake form.  This unit has a bottom half equal in mass to the top half and it took just short of two gallons of resin to produce.  The center of this thing is made from a thick slurry of polyester resin, black iron oxide and copper in a 6:1 ratio, some sand, and an internal mobius coil made from 100' of 24 gauge insulated solid copper wire.  The second layer is medium density orgonite made with a half teaspoon of black iron oxide, brass shavings, resin, sand, and about a dozen small DT quarts crystals around the perimeter. 

Kinda looks like a pumpkin, don't it?  If you can come up with a better name than punkin 1 I'm all ears.

You probably noticed a few light discolorations around the hemisphere and part way in the vortex.  Those used to be voids where the two hemispheres didn't quite form properly or where the resin cured too fast and produced cracks.
It happens.  The temps were in the mid 60's, there was lots of sand and powdered metals in the mix, and lots of resin poured at once, making this project much harder than I anticipated.  It doesn't help that this was my first big pour since last fall and I didn't have my act half together for something like this.
But, what the hell.  If everything was easy, we'd never learn anything.  In this case, I learned plenty.

Before I made any repairs to the voids I hooked up frequency and fired this thing up.  Twenty minutes later it just sat there, dead as a doornail.  Well, THAT sucks!  It took me a couple days and gallons of resin to produce a boat anchor.  And an ugly boat anchor, at that.

BUT...  (Yeah, I know that's a big but.  Everybody's got a big but, ok?)  At least I get to see if my edge theory works with a practical demonstration comparing a unit with a sharp edged bunch of voids with the same unit free from any kind of surface imperfections.  Some Bondo applied with a Popsicle stick and cleaned up with a dremel restored it's form.  I topped it off with a few coats of shellac as a sealant and organic layer and fired it up eight hours later.

It took about two minutes to charge up before I began to feel the energy field forming around this unit.  The smooth shape let the energy envelope the unit and concentrate in the hourglass shaped center vortex.
Unlike the other units I built, this one doesn't need a central core to put out the energy.  It runs great all by itself but way better with a big ass crystal.  It also does a good job supercharging orgonite and seems to display some pretty awesome manifestation capabilities.

Be that as it may, I still made plenty of mistakes.  This prototype may not be as kick-ass as I would like but I can use this unit as a learning tool.

For one, the inner core mass should have been more proportional to the medium density mass surrounding it, making it smaller and more powerful. 

Another thing that's been on my mind is the placement of the densities.  Do these units have to be extra high density in the center surrounded by progressively lower density orgonite?  What if the mobius coil fired up a medium density inner core that stimulated the extra high density material surrounding around it?

The pulsar I built earlier had the extra high density stuff on top to direct the energy flow like a laser.  Wouldn't a torus shaped unit like this be more like a hyper-dimensional, non-linear, inside out laser with the surface as the business end with the heaviest concentration in the center vortex?

Looks like the only way to find out is to build a punkin 2.

I'll keep ya posted.



Friday, June 13, 2014

comfortably numb

It seems my blog posts have been a little weak, lately.  An average of a post a month gives the impression I don't have anything to say or I may have slipped into a state of long term slothfulness.  Not so.  Well, maybe a little slothfulness with the excuse of R&R, downtime, or research so I don't take on the appearance of a total slug.

To be honest, I've been making orgonite as soon as the weather allowed, produced several gallons of high proof fuel in a colorful assortment of mind numbing flavors, managed to extract monatomic gold from sea water, developed a new design for a field generator, made some colloidal silver, produced some extremely cool extracts from 130 proof alcohol and herbs, and came to the conclusion our present form of government is a scripted reality show just as bizarre as Bob Dole in The Real World. 

"Bob Dole loves peanut butter! Bob Dole has never made a secret of this! Someone ate Bob Dole's peanut butter! If you want to chip in thats another story!"

The extracts came out of left field and opened the door to a level of herbal cures that border on awesome.  I thought the coffee bean extract made with 120 proof corn liker was the closest thing to legal meth but the antidepressant made from honey, vanilla, black pepper, aloe, and some homemade spiced rum totally blew me away with the first, and only, sip.  How can I describe it?  Imagine liquid black pepper smothered with creamy sweet honey and vanilla and hints of tropical rum leaving a comfortable capsicum burn from your mouth all the way down your esophagus.  The effect was the awesome part.  Within seconds after the first taste I could feel a distinctive endorphin rush I haven't felt since the last time I gorged myself on hot and sour soup, extra hot general tso's chicken, and an egg roll with real chinese mustard.  Sorta kinda comfortably numb.

That shit put me in a state of total bliss that lasted the rest of the day.  All I wanted to do was sit on the porch, watch the rain, and know full and well all's right with the world.  Doing it straight might not be everyone's cup of tea but I'll bet an ounce or two in a fifth of rum will alter the mood of any party.

If anyone's interested, let me know and I'll be glad to send a sample.

I would have included a few pics but that would mean getting up and doing something. 
How bout Polka Floyd instead?


Thursday, June 12, 2014

Saturday, June 07, 2014

Saturday, May 31, 2014

shane koyczan - beethoven

"...to know the man, all we ever had to do was listen."

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

gold digging whores

By now we all know about Donald Sterling and his racist attitudes about basketball players and because of that, Magic Johnson won't go to another Clippers game as long as Sterling is the owner.

Apparently, a conversation between the eighty year old billionaire and his girl friend was recorded by someone, given to TMZ who released it to the public and Sterling was banished from going to any games and fined a couple million bucks.  The question on everyone's mind should be, who set up the recording and gave it to TMZ to destroy this man?  Ya think his gold digging whore of a girlfriend might have anything to do with it?  Hmmmmmmmm?

I figured there must be more to this so I listened to the recording and read the transcript.  As usual, the mainstream media took liberty in placing emphasis on a few things Sterling said that raised the hackles of more black people than the Trayvon Martin killing.  Even Obama got on TV and said what an awful scum bag this billionaire racist is.  Doesn't matter that Obama was in Malaysia when he said this, as if Malaysians could give a rats ass about basketball or the opinion of an eighty year old rich guy.  They have their own problems, like a jumbo jet disappearing with American black ops fingerprints all over it.

Come to think of it, Obama seems to have direct involvement with damn near every tragedy on the news.  He was shedding fake tears on TV over the fake Sandy Hook shootings and even went there for a photo-op.  He got on TV after another staged operation involving a lone gunman shooting up theater goers in Aurora, CO., where he also went for a great photo-op.  He was right on the fake Gifford shooting, the Fort Hood shootings 2009 and 2014, and the Washington Naval Yard shootings. (staged event)  Obama also got on TV and told the world if he had a son he would be just like Trayvon Martin, the guy who was shot by Zimmerman in self defense.  Obama even got on TV after they found Zimmerman not guilty and implied it was a miscarriage of justice.  Gun control and race issues seems to be the only things Obama finds newsworthy enough to comment on.

I'll go so far as to say if it wasn't for Obama spouting his dumb ass opinions about Trayvon Martin and Donald Sterling, there wouldn't be any race issues to fight over.

This Obama race baiting is a diversionary tactic to keep our focus off what's really going on.  Forget about this racist crap and keep a look out for a war with Syria in 2014.

Anyway...  Why isn't Obama talking about gold digging whores?  Anyone?       

Thursday, April 10, 2014

cinematic intuition

I've learned a long time ago to pay attention to my intuition when rational thought seems to make more sense.  Brains work with available data to construct a rational idea.  Intuition is inspiration out of left field and more often than not, it's ignored by rational thought.  It's the difference between free-form art and coloring by numbers.  Sometimes your brain gets in your own way.

Last week I had three movies in mind I couldn't shake.  Dune, 1984, and Dr. Strangelove.  It's been years since I saw either of these flicks but for reasons I can't explain I had this burning desire to see them again.  What's more, my cinematic appetites required me to see them in a specific sequence starting with Dr. Strangelove.

We all know the plot line.  Renegade general goes off his nut and launches a nuclear attack on Russia triggering the doomsday machine the Russians developed to offset the ever increasing costs of the arms race, the space race, and the peace race.
General Jack Ripper saw the introduction of fluoride in our food and water as an international commie conspiracy to sap and impurify all of our precious bodily fluids and more than enough reason to launch a full nuclear attack.

Fifty years later... Endorsed by the American Dental Association, fluoride is now in every major water supply in the US as well as most canned food, processed food, tooth paste, ice cream, fast food, and the air we breathe.  All vaccines in the US contain fluoride and mercury and the CDC requires all American children to receive up to 23 vaccinations in their first 23 months of life, alone.

Before 1946 fluoride was an effective rat poison and was fed to Nazi concentration camp prisoners to keep them docile and accept their fates.  How does that fit into your international commie conspiracy?

Dr. Strangelove wasn't about the horror of nuclear war.  It was about the enslavement of humanity and one man's effort to stop it.

The next night was David Lynch's Dune and I couldn't be more pleased.  Just the idea of taking Herbert's pondering epic and transforming it into a two hour popcorn fest was totally impossible but this was David Lynch at his bizarre best.  Pre-cgi and green screen, Lynch used models, hand painted cells, individual thought narration, and the best craftsmen in the business to get the look he wanted.  He still considers Dune his epic failure because he didn't have final cut and an extra hour of run time.
I won't even try to summarize Dune in one paragraph but I'll focus on an important aspect of the film.

Critics were told by the powers that be to bury Dune because it was supposed to be an action film like Star Wars, but Lynch ended up making a spiritual film about consciousness and evolution.  Every once in a while Hollywood greenlights such a project but doesn't like it when they realized what they approved wasn't a shoot-em-up space western.  The studio's job isn't just to make money but dumb people down in the process.

The weirding way from the book was a concept far too complex for movie goers to comprehend so a weirding module was included in the movie as a bridge but the result is the same.  A devastating weapon used only by the righteous to conquer evil.  It had unlimited power, required no ammunition, with only the will and a word as it's trigger.  Directed consciousness to defeat a foe.  Did anyone notice the black pyramid on top of the weirding module?  Ya think it was made of orgonite?  Hmmmm?

Dune was all about spice, a substance found only on Dune that heightens consciousness, folds space, makes human computers possible, and without it society will crumble.
"He who can destroy a thing, controls a thing."

Dune was about the enslavement of humanity and one man's successful effort to stop it.
Clearly, this was the message from flick 2.

It was April 4th when I viewed 1984, the third and last movie I moderately obsessed over.
I don't know why I liked this movie so much.  It's bleak, dark, dirty, disgusting, and the epitome of an over-the-top Orwellian nightmare, but for reasons I can't explain, it always cheered me up when I was down.  And now I get to see it again.  Oh joy!

Winston Smith... What a loser.  This guy worked for the ministry of truth re-writing history for the masses.  A low level bureaucratic drone working for Big Brother putting out fake news.  He knows it's fake but does it anyway, just like our main stream media does.  And just like today's journalists, he sits at a desk and reports whatever crap his masters tell him to do.  Re-writing history includes making someone an unperson, erasing all evidence they ever existed, including co-workers and friends, as if Winston ever had any friends.  He knows what he's doing and knows it's wrong but does it anyway. He knows there's a movement against Big Brother, as well as everyone else, but no one talks about it because thought-crime is death so everyone tucks tail and goes along with the program until they cease to exist.  He meets Julia, gets laid, talks treason to the wrong person, and both of them spend a few weeks in the Ministry of Love where they get tortured in the most horrible ways imaginable and confess to every crime they're asked before they get a bullet in the back of the head when they least expect it.  At least he got laid.

As I was watching this film I couldn't help but wonder if I knew I would get caught and tortured for weeks and disappear without so much as a whimper, would I kick up a fuss first?  Maybe an impulsive kick in the balls and a fist in the face with a loud rebel yell for starters.  Did ya see that coming, Mr. thought policeman?
My guess is too much fluoride in the food turned everyone into docile slaves while the constant barrage of never ending war, increasing austerity, manufactured frankin-food, and the occasional missile attack broadcast on the Big Brother network 24/7/365 keeps everyone in a state of low level trauma, susceptible and accepting of any fate that awaits them.  Kinda like today.

The one thing that made me do a double take was the date in Winston's journal.  It was the same date I watched the movie.  April 4.   As enjoyable as it was watching Winston's wretched life go from bad to worse while he endured unimaginable torture and brainwashing at the hands of the thought police, I can't help thinking the only reason this flick was thrown in with the other two was to see the date in his diary.  Like saying, Yep, it's no accident.

I find it interesting that 1984 is the only movie in this group that doesn't focus on water as a constant theme.  The only fluids anyone drinks in 1984 is gin and the only scene involving water is when Winston tries to unplug his neighbors sink full of a substance better suited to the toilet in a dysentery ward.

Let's recap.
Dr Strangelove.   General Jack Ripper launches a nuclear attack on Russia to prevent the fluoridation of our water and precious bodily fluids to free humanity.

Dune.   Paul Atreides becomes the universes super-being and messiah by drinking the water of life and freeing humanity with spirituality as a weapon against evil.

1984.   Winston Smith has fluid exchange with his girlfriend and dies a useless death.  Water is unfit to drink.

In your opinion, which of these three movie scenarios is closest to your reality?

Bottled water anyone?



Sunday, February 09, 2014