Tuesday, June 13, 2006

more orgone stuff

The orgone enriched garden plants are doing pretty good, considering Mr. Groundhog and Mr. Deer mistook them as part of an outdoor salad bar. The kohlrabi's didn't stand a chance, but the beans are doing pretty damn good, compared to the non-orgonized plants. It got me thinking... Why not build an orgone blanket? It'll be portable, light weight, and won't take up too much space. I found a 5 lb roll of steel wool and a wool blanket and Mary and I proceeded to stitch together a small orgone blanket. We tried a few things with it but figured our opinions might be biased so I took it to work and let one of the girls use it. She has had back problems for quite some time and hasn't had a day free of pain for like, ever, so I figured she could be a good candidate. I told her to simply to fold it three times and keep it on her lap while she was working and to let me know what she felt. I refused to tell her what to look for. I didn't want my observations to taint the results. Later that morning she told me she felt very comfortable and warm. Not hot but more like a comfortable warmth. She also told me she was very surprised to be able to pick things up from the floor without any discomfort. This was coming from someone with years of chronic back problems who was considering a spinal block because the drugs weren't working well enough. I told her to take it home with her and try it out and get back to me. That was last thursday. We'll see what happens.